Ladybug and Chat took their ready stance as Hawkmoth stepped toward them. Ladybug's whirling yoyo and Chat's tight grip on his baton combined with their looks of deadly concentration had startled many an akuma victim into hesitation, but not so with Hawkmoth. He calmly walked toward the heroic pair, his cane clicking on the floor and echoing through the lair.

"So, we finally meet face to face, Ladybug and Chat Noir. I had hoped this would happen soon, although perhaps soon isn't the right word with Mystic running around."

"You will never get our miraculouses!" Ladybug declared. "And Mystic will fall with you."

Chat nodded vehemently, but said nothing.

"What's wrong, kitten," Hawkmoth sneered. "Chat got your tongue? Where are your clever quips? Your witty comebacks? Your quick insults? What has got you tongue-tied, little hero?"

Chat snarled and glared at Hawkmoth, but managed to hold his tongue. Ladybug, on the other hand, became a fiery ball of fury.

"Have you ever thought about what consequences your actions have for us? For the people of Paris? Have you ever thought about someone other than yourself?"

Hawkmoth chuckled darkly. "I have no doubt you saw who I was, so you should know that I care for and concern myself greatly when it comes to my son."

"Liar!" Chat could hold himself back no more. "You trap him. You do not let him do what he wishes to do. You force him to be a puppet for your brand. You meddle in his affairs far too much. Your concern for him is really just selfish concern for your own image. When you delude yourself into thinking that he matters to you, you are just masking another manifestation of your total selfishness."

Ladybug swung her yoyo to act as a shield for the heroes as she stepped back to put a hand on Chat's shoulder. Her touch calmed the leather-clad boy enough that his mind refocused on the battle. However, Chat's words seemed to strike a nerve with Hawkmoth.

"Who are you to pass such condemnation on my actions within my own family. Who are you to say how I should treat my flesh and blood?"

Chat looked down and whispered, "Your flesh and blood."

Ladybug looked at Chat sympathetically before turning back to Hawkmoth. "Prepare to meet your doom."

Hawkmoth had continued to advance throughout the conversation so that he now stood not three feet away from the heroes. reaching back, he prepared to strike with his cane, but Ladybug was faster. Her yoyo zipped out and snagged the villain's cane right out of his hands. With an equally quick movement, Chat snatched the moth miraculous from Hawkmoth's throat. A brilliant flash of purple flooded the room as Hawkmoth detransformed for the last time. However, the brooch still retained its active form.

Gabriel fell to his knees. Ladybug and Chat looked at each other and the brooch.

"I don't think that was supposed to happen," Chat murmured.

"You don't get it, do you?" Gabriel Agreste looked up at the heroes. "The miraculous has to remain active if an akuma is active. I can - or rather could detransform while an akuma was active, but the brooch stayed active too. That's why I hid it under my tie."

"Great. We defeat Hawkmoth only to be back at square one with Mystic," Ladybug groaned. "Some plan that was."

"One of us could wear the miraculous and remove the akuma," Chat suggested.

Ladybug shook her head. "You forget, she has control over people."

"About that," Mr. Agreste interjected. "She really only has control of time, the rest was just the power of suggestion."

Ladybug and Chat Noir stared at him in disbelief, exclaiming in unison, "What?"