Chapter 1

Beca hated school, not the academics, she had no issue with that aspect. But the social aspect of school was the cause of dislike for the brunette. It was bad enough that she didn't have a lot of friends, but she was also in an acapella group. The Bellas. She would never have joined if she hadn't ran into Chloe who persuaded her to audition. Unfortunately acapella wasn't cool at her high school. Luckily she still had the photography club where she met Jesse and Benji, two of her best friends.

It was her sophomore year and she was dreading the start of it. She walked into the halls and to her locker, stopping as she passed by the picture of the Bellas in the trophy case after their nationals win last year. She smiled as she looked at the picture from the performance. It was taken after they won all of the girls were celebrating, she was being hugged by the smiling redhead that often occupied Beca's thoughts. Her and Chloe weren't friends. They were on the same team, but the girl was older and her blonde friend seemed to make sure that Beca not have much contact with her. But at least she had Fat Amy, the third and final member of Beca's formed group.

Beca continued walking to her locker and had gotten it open when a ball was suddenly thrown against it, slamming it shut.

"Mitchell, how's my favorite munchkin?"

"Bumper," Beca rolled her eyes at the bully. They had been going to school together since kindergarten and Bumper had been bullying her ever since she stopped him from beating up Jesse on the playground in third grade. "Always a pleasure." Bumper jumped towards Beca and flinched away, getting the response he wanted bumper laughed and walked down the hall with his friends. "Dicks," Beca mumbled as she finished putting her things away. She made her way to her first class when she was stopped by a tall brunette.

"Hey its Beca right?"

"Yeah," Beca grinned.

"I love your photos," the girl said with a smile.


"Are you free Friday night?"

Beca looked at her confused.

"I wanted to know if you could take some photos of my boyfriends car. Its It's for his birthday."

"Wow, that's so nice, uh yeah I'll look at my schedule and get back to you."

Beca quickly walked to homeroom where she ran into her friends.


"Hey shortstack!"

"Hi Beca."

"Hey guys."

"How was your summer?"

"It was taking photos and trying to make money off of it. And trying to make mixes and stuff. How about you guys?"

"Well I went back to the homeland," Amy said. "I got to wrestle some dingos so my summa was great."

"I spent the summer with my mom in DC," Jesse stated.

"I went on a road trip with my parents," Benji said.

"Cool, well you guys should come over tonight, May is making meatloaf."

The other three nodded. Beca knew the boys were in, her aunt was pretty awesome, and surprisingly young to be an aunt. The boys always drooled over her.

The first bell rang signaling they get to their first class and the three quickly compared schedules.

"Looks like Benji and I have calculus together," Jesse said. "Becs you and I have gym together."

"Oh Beca we have history together," Benji pointed out.

"Hey shortstack, looks like we gonna be spending a lot of time togetha. We got cookin and chemistry together."

Beca smiled. She didn't want to take cooking but she needed a lifestyle class and figured it would be easy. She made her way to her first class with Benji, the class went by quickly, and then she was in gym with Jesse. The two goofed around the first day. She figured it would be lice like yo have Jesse in her least favorite class. The bell rang signaling the hour lunch. The group was going to meet out in the courtyard. Beca had gone to her locker to get her things for her last two classes.

She was walking into the courtyard when she noticed the fiery red hair across the grass. She was sitting in the grass reading a book, the sun bounced off of her hair perfectly, Beca couldn't help but grab her camera a take a picture. She was headed over to her friends when Chloe noticed her.


Beca looked over and waved, but the redhead waved her over. Reluctantly she walked over to the older girl and sat down.


"Hi! How are you?"

"Good, how about you?"

"Good! How was summer?"

"It was alright."

"Did you miss me?"

"Yeah, Beale, every day you were on my mind," Beca chuckled.

Chloe smirked, "I have that effect on people."

Beca nodded.

"Anyways. Are you excited for this auditions?"

"We have to re audition?"

"No silly, we get to do the judging. Well me and Aubrey."

"So I still stay on?"

"Once a Bella always a Bella," Chloe beamed.

Beca was about to respond when there was a sudden commotion coming from across the courtyard. Beca got up to see what it was while Chloe stayed on the lawn as she didn't want to get involved.

As Beca approached she heard the crowds chants, "Eat it! Eat it! Eat it!"

Once she managed to get to the front of the circle she saw Fat Amy and Jesse being held back while Bumper was lifting Benji up and forcing him down into his lunch.

"Eat your vegetables Benjamin!"

The crowd continued to chant. Bumper become more empowered by the crowd, "Eat them! Mitchell take a picture of this!"

Beca shook her head, "I'm not gonna take a picture of this. Put him down."

"Take the picture," he demanded as he pressed Benji's face further into the food.

"Put him down. Benji dont, dont eat it."

"Take the damn picture, Mitchell."

"Put him down, Bumper."

"Take a picture!"

Beca sighed and threw her arms out to her side, "put him down! Eugene!"

Bumper scowled and dropped Benji and quickly ran over to punch Beca. She fell to the ground and when she tried to get back up he threw another punch into her stomach.

"Get up, come on," Bumper challenged.

Beca slowly got back up and was met with a kick to the stomach. She looked around and saw Chloe looking at her with pity.

"I'm still not taking the picture," she said while she was gripping her stomach.

Bumper kicked her once more, "Stay down, Mitchell!" He turned to their peers, "who wants more?" as he was about to kick the small girl Chloe calmly walked in between the two.

"Bumper! Hey," she stepped in front of him and looked him in the eye. "We still on after school today? Three? My house? I hope you've been studying and doing your summer work. Last year I was extremely disappointed in your grades."

"Hey, listen-"

"No how about we go to class, go!"

Bumper stomped off just as the bell rang. And the other students quickly went to their classes. Amy helped Beca up while Jesse helped Benji clean his face. "I'm sorry Benji."

"No worries, thanks for sticking up for me, sorry you had to take all the punches."

Beca shrugged, "I'll have a couple bruises but I'll be fine."

"Well come on shortstack we gotta get to Chemistry."

Beca groaned as she got up and picked up her bag and camera, and the two headed to class. Once they got there the duo sat down. Just as the bell rang a specific redhead ran through the doors, "sorry Mr. Smith. I had to run by the office."

"Its okay miss Beale just don't let it happen again." He turned to the class and sighed, "well I hope no one is too comfortable because I am assigning you lab partners today, this will be your spot and your partner for the rest of the semester. The class groaned as the teacher read out the names.

Beca was pleasantly surprised that she got to paired up with Chloe. Not only did she have a crush on the girl, but it gave her a chance to get to know the girl outside of the acapella group. Beca smiled as the two sat down in the back. Chloe gave her a warm smile back and moved closer to the girl.

"I thought that was great, what you did at lunch." Beca smiled. And was about to respond when Chloe continued. "It was stupid." Beca frowned a little, "but it was great," the redhead continued. "It was also kinda hot," she said with a wink. Beca felt her cheeks heat up and laid her head down into her arm. "You should probably go to the nurse though. To make sure you don't have a concussion. What's your name?"

Beca turned her head and looked at her quizzically, "you know my name."

"Of course I do, but I want to make sure you know your name."

"Beca….Beca Mitchell."

Chloe looked at her longingly and smiled, "okay, good." The class went by fairly quickly, the teacher announced a fire strip that would take place at the end of the month and then went over the syllabus. Once the bell rang the two girls began to pack their things. "What class do you have after this," the girl asked.

"Cooking," Beca stated.

"No way. Me too! Want to walk to class together?"

Beca nodded, "sure."

The two girls finished packing their stuff and made their way to their next classroom, as soon as they got out the door Chloe looped her arm with Beca's. The girl was surprised by the action, but she didn't feel like pulling away, "you know, I think this semester is gonna be totes amazing."


"Because I have you in two of my classes, so I will finally be able to get know you."

"We're both in the Bellas. You could get to know me from that."

"Well yeah but Aubrey is always keeping me occupied."

"She really doesn't like me does she?"

"She just thinks you're style is different and you have a bad attitude."

"And what do you think?"

"I think Aubrey needs to give you a chance. I think you're just not as outgoing as we are and that you're super cool."

"Well thanks, Red."

"Anytime. So are you excited about the field trip?"

"To Oscorp? Nah."

"What? Why not? I saw your eyes light up when he mentioned it. You don't need to act cool."

"Okay, so I'm a little excited. It'll be pretty cool."

"I knew it. There's a little nerd in there."

"Yeah whatever, I can't help it, it's just so fascinating."

"I guess, it's more confusing for me, honestly."

"Yeah but you're smart, you tutor Bumper, plus aren't you like the top of your class?"

Chloe chuckled, "I'm in the top like ten percent, but tutoring Bumper is kind of like training a dog, not too complicated, you need more patience than smarts."

Beca nodded, "well I mean if you need any help with Chemistry, I'm more than happy to help."

Chloe smiled, "awes! I'll probably take you up on that offer."

"Can't wait."

The two walked into class and sat in different seats, Chloe sat with Aubrey while Beca sat alongside Fat Amy.

"So what were you and ginga talkin about?"

"Just school stuff."

"She seemed awfully touchy today."

"Nah, that's just Chloe."

"That's not just Chloe, that's Chloe Beale. One half of Bloe."

"One half of, wait, what are you talking about?"

"I'm talkin about you and your crush on the redhead, shortstack, obviously."

Beca rolled her eyes, "shut up. I don't have a crush."

"Oh okay," Amy said. "Denial."

"I'm not-" Beca tried to defend herself but couldn't seem to think of something to say. "You're delusional."

Meanwhile across the room Chloe was in the midst of being interrogated by her best friend, "aca-scuse me? What did I just see there? When did you and hobbit become friends?"

"We've been on the Bellas together for a year now, we've been friends, Bree. And we were just walking to class together."

"Please, you guys had your arms looped together."

"It's a busy hallway, we were talking, I didn't want to get separated." Chloe said almost as if she were trying to justify her reasons to herself.

Aubrey sighed, "I don't understand why you even wanted her on the Bellas or why you want to be friends with her."

"It's okay to be friends with people that aren't like you. Beca is pretty cool. You just need to give her a chance."

Aubrey rolled her eyes and was about to respond when Mrs. McKadden spoke up to begin the class. "Alright, hello everyone, welcome back. I hope you all had a nice summer. Now, onto class specifics. I will be assigning you seats and these are your seats for the rest of the semester."

Chloe and Beca were happy to find they were once again partners for the cooking class. Meanwhile Aubrey was paired with Fat Amy. As everyone moved to their seats, Aubrey's disappointment was very clear to her new partner, "what's wrong Aubrey? It won't be that bad being my partna I swear!"

"I just was really hoping Chloe and I would be put together."

"Do you have a crush on the ginga too?"

"No," Aubrey rolled her eyes. "She's my best friend. Wait...who has a crush on her?"

"Sorry, my lips are sealed on that one, blondie." Aubrey sighed as she glanced over to her best friend. "You know your friend seems to really be taking a liking to Beca."

"Yeah she's friendly to everyone one."

Amy hummed, "well that's one way to put it. I think it's more than that."

"No way. They're barely even friends."

"Wanna bet?"

Aubrey's smirked, "sure. Twenty bucks says Chloe is just a friendly person. Nothing is going to happen between the two."

"Easiest twenty bucks I ever made."

The two shook on the deal before turning to watch the other two girls.

Chloe and Beca took their new seats and began grabbing their things out, "looks like it's my lucky day," the older girl beamed.

"You're hard to get away from, Beale," the brunette joked.

"Shut up, you love it," she said adding a playful hit to the small girl's arm.

"You caught me, I bribed all of my teachers to seat us together."

Chloe chuckled as they continued their banter, unaware of the new pair of eyes watching their every move.

The hour and a half class went by rather quickly. They discussed the course outline, the rules in the kitchen stations, and the safety precautions. As the final bell rang, everyone packed up. Aubrey and Chloe stayed behind to talk for a while as Beca and Amy were slowly packing up while catching up on their day. Just as Beca was leaving she made eye contact with the redhead who smiled and waved to the girl. Not expecting to have been noticed Beca quickly nodded and grinned before she walked away. In her efforts to leave as quickly as possible she rounded the corner too short, slamming her shoulder into the doorframe.

Chloe tried to contain her laughter as Aubrey was droning on about auditions, "Chloe? Chloe! For real focus, this is serious!"

"I was listening, Bree."

"No you weren't you were gawking over that munchkin."

"Stop making fun of Beca," Chloe insisted. "And I'm not gawking," she mumbled.

Aubrey rolled her eyes, "yeah, yeah whatever keep telling yourself that."

Beca made her way home with Jesse and Amy after class. It was a short walk and before they realized it, they were walking up the steps of the house. Beca opened the door and smiled, "hey, May."

"Beca, how was your first day?"

She shrugged, "it was alright, I guess. I brought Jesse, Benji, and Amy."

Her aunt walked into the living room, "oh that's great," she said before she looked up and gasped. "Honey, what happened to your face?"

"Oh just a gym accident, you know dodgeball and all."

"Does it hurt?"

"No, not at all."

May was about to question Beca again when Jesse spoke up, "it smells amazing in here Mrs. Mitchell."

"Oh thanks honey, it's my famous meatloaf."

Thankful for the change of subject, Beca sat on the couch and relaxed until her uncle walked in with his pants rolled up, and feet leaving water all over the floor, "woah where's the flood?"

"Come on, I'll show you."

Beca quickly excused herself from her friends before going downstairs. "Jesus," she said as she stepped into the basement, her shoes splashing as she walked around. "You think this will be an easy fix?"

"Yeah I got the guy coming tomorrow to fix it. In the meantime, help me get stuff out of here. And put this on your eye," her uncle said as he threw her a pack of frozen peas. Beca looked at him bewildered. "I know a left hook when I see one."

Beca sighed, "it's not that bad."

"How's the other guy look?"

Beca chuckled, "you won't tell May?"

"No, but what happened?"

"Bumper was trying to force Benji to eat some random shit."

"Language Beca. Now look over there and see if there is anything worth saving."

Beca looked around at the boxes and noticed a briefcase is one of them. "Hey what's this?"

"Oh my," Ben said as he looked at the case. "That was your father's. I forgot we still had that thing."

"Can I have it?"


Beca nodded as she headed upstairs and quietly made her way to her room. She sat down on the floor and examined the briefcase. Her fingers ran over top as she opened it. Inside were a pair of her father's glasses, his oscorp badge, some old newspapers, a calculator, and some writing utensils. She shook her head as she found no clues to her parents disappearance. Disappointed, she threw the briefcase under her desk when she heard something move in it. Knowing she had emptied all of its contents, she picked it up and shook it. Hearing the same noise she grabbed her knife and looked for a hidden compartment.

As she slid the knife along the top edge she heard a clicking sound and noticed a small zipper. As she opened the smaller compartment she pulled out a folder labeled with 2 null symbols on it. She opened it up and found various equations and notes on several topics she assumed her father was working on. The most interesting one she found was labelled the decay rate algorithm. "Sneaky son of a bitch."

As she was skimming the notes there was a knock on the door and she hurried to hide the folder, "one second." seconds she scrambled all of the stuff that was in the briefcase and hid the folder in her desk. She sat back down and looked at the paper with a picture of her father and his coworker. "Come in."

Her friends smiled in the doorway as they opened the door. "Hey! We didn't even realize you came up here, Becs."

"Yeah shortstack, you were like super sluethy to get by us."

"Sorry guys, I just found one of my dad's briefcases and I was so curious about it that I forgot to grab you guys."

"So what was in it," Benji asked.

Beca shrugged, "just some of his old stuff for work. And a couple newspaper clips."

"Oh cool, Becs you gotta try on his glasses."

Beca laughed, "why not." She put them on and her friend smiled. "Why is everyone looking at me?"

"They look good!"

"Yeah you should wear them more often."

Beca shrugged and grabbed her contacts case, she took out her contacts and tried the glasses back on. She was surprised to find that the prescription was the same as hers. And she decided she would wear them more often. She looked around at the items on the floor and picked the picture back up, "hey do any of you recognize this guy with my dad?"

Amy shook her head while the boys nodded, "isn't isn't that Dr. Connors?"


"He works at Oscorp."

"Clearly, like the badge and lab coat didn't give it away."

"Well I'm pretty sure he is giving us the tour on our field trip."

"How do you know that?"

"My engineering professor wouldn't shut up about it," Benji stated. "He kept going on about how lucky we are and how we better not embarrass the school."

"Well I guess I'm going to have to ask him some questions."

"Oh and I think I overheard Aubrey and Chloe talking about how there is an internship they are applying for too," Jesse added.


Jesse nodded.

Before they could continue their conversation, her uncle knocked on the door. "Bec?"

Beca looked up and grinned at her uncle, "what's up?"

"God you look just like him," he smiled. "Anyways, dinner is ready."

Beca nodded, "okay we will be down in one second." she waited for her uncle to leave before turning to her friends, "I need to meet with Connors."

"I mean we can wait until the field trip."

"Okay. But how can I get him alone?"

"Maybe you can wait and see if Chloe or Aubrey get that internship."

"Yeah maybe. Well let's go eat."

The friends headed downstairs and sat down at the table. They talked about school and Beca's aunt pressed her about getting a job.

"I'm going to get a job May, I promise."

"Well that pizza shop downtown is hiring."

"Okay I'll grab an application."

After talking about jobs the kids finished their dinner and went back upstairs.

"Well I would love for you guys to stay, but I gotta get some work done."

"Aw come on, Becs."

"No for real guys, you gotta go."

"Okay, text me."

"Bye, Beca."

"See you guys later."

"Don't do anything stupid, short stack."

The month went by quickly, the Bellas held auditions, and Chloe and Beca looked forward to their classes together while Aubrey and Amy watched over them in their last period. Beca and Chloe hung out after practices occasionally, Chloe even asked Beca to study with her even though it was obvious that older girl didn't need any help on the subject. The two quickly became friends at school, neither girl could help but feel drawn to the other. The time finally came for their field trip to Oscorp. Beca was with Amy, Jesse, and Benji while Chloe was with Aubrey. In the middle of the tour they met with Dr. Connors.

He was in the middle of explaining cross species genetics when Chloe moved to stand next to Beca. "Pretty cool right?"

"Yeah," Beca nodded distracted by the thoughts in her brain. "Fascinating."

"Yeah I'm super excited to work with him."

"Yeah," Beca nodded again. "Wait what?"

"Oh, Aubrey and I got an internship here to work for Dr. Connors."


Chloe nodded, "we will be working alongside him."

"Wow that's really cool, congratulations."


Another month passed and Beca continued her research into Dr. Connors. She asked Chloe questions about her internship every day. And managed to find out how she could sneak into Oscorp. There was another group of interns starting today after school, so Beca decided she would pretend to be one of them in order to get to Dr. Connors.

"How can I help you ma'am?"

Beca wasn't paying attention, she was amazed by the Oscorp buildings size and innovation.


Beca turned and faced the woman, "sorry?"

"What can I help you with?"

"Oh I'm here for the internship."

"Okay you'll find yourself to the left."


"You'll find your badge to the left."

Beca modded and scanned the names.

"Are you having trouble finding yourself?"

Beca shook her head and grabbed the first badge she could find, 'Jessica Stanley'. She held it up and smiled.

"Have a nice day then, Ms. Stanley."

"Thank you." Beca made her way upstairs and was surprised to find Chloe and Aubrey standing in front of the new interns. "Shit." Beca made her way to the back of the group, making sure to not be spotted. She kept her head down as Chloe and Aubrey introduced themselves.

"Hi my name is Chloe and this is Aubrey, we're juniors at Barden High School, and we are the top interns here at Oscorp. We will be giving you a tour today."

"Stick with us," Aubrey affirmed. "You do not want to know what will happen if you do not follow the rules."

"Where we go, you go, is that clear," Chloe asked the group. Everyone nodded and they headed over to lab where they ran into Dr. Connors. He went on to talk about the same thing that he did during their field trip.

"Does anyone know any species that has the ability to regenerate limbs?"

No one answered, but Beca couldn't help but speak up, "there there are multiple." Everyone in the group moved out of the way so that Connors could see who was speaking. As soon and the two girls saw Beca's face they searched the list for her name. "But the most common are uh, lizards, some fish, and spiders."

"Yes that's correct," Connors took a better look at the girl and grinned. "Sorry have we met before?"

Beca was trying to think of an answer when the redhead spoke up, "she's one of Barden's best and brightest, sir."

"Is that so?"

"Yeah she's in the top percent of her class."


Chloe nodded and smiled. Connors excused himself while the interns walked around the lab, Chloe and Aubrey approached Beca. "Hey, Jessica," Chloe said with a smile. "What are you doing?"

"I work here?"

Chloe looked at her with a frown, "are you really trying to lie to me?"

Beca shook her head, "I don't work here. You, in fact, work here, so you would know that."

"Yeah, are you stalking me?"

"What's your game here Mitchell," the blonde scowled.

"I just love science so much. I figured I've been trying to sneak in since we came to visit that one time."

Chloe chuckled, "you could've just asked us. I would've given you the private tour," Chloe said with a wink.

Beca grinned. "I'll just keep out of the way and enjoy the tour."

"Yeah that'd be best, I've got my eye on you, Mitchell."

Beca nodded and gave the girls a thumbs up as they walked away. She wasn't paying attention and managed to run into one of the other workers. "I'm so sorry." She apologized as she tried to help the man pick up his things.

"No worries kid, just watch where you're going."

Beca picked up a folder with the same two null symbols that were on the folder she found in her father's briefcase. Shocked she handed it back to the man who got up and left. Curious, the girl snuck away from the intern group and followed the man. She watched as he keyed in the password and once the coast was clear, she went to the keypad and entered the same code, granting her access into the room.

Walking in she saw a room full of spiders, and a room filled with machines that are manufacturing webbing from these spiders. Curious, she took a case of it that was lying around and put it in her bag. She walked into the room of spiders and was amazed, usually bugs disgust her, but these ones were different. They were all black, red, and blue. She touched one of the webs and pulled it, it made a sound similar to when one plucks a guitar string.

She chuckled at the noise, but then the walls of spiders began to move, almost as if they were trapping her. She stood still as hundreds of spiders came down, some falling, some spinning from their web, and some jumping at her. When the walls finally stopped spinning she quickly shook all of the spiders off of her and walked out of the room. She was in a rush to get out without being caught that she didn't realize the spider on her jacket that slowly made its way up to the base of her neck. She ended up getting kicked out by Chloe shortly after. And as she was leaving she felt something pinch the back of her neck. Thinking nothing of it as the pain was minimal, she walked out of the building and hopped on the subway to go home.

NOTES: Wow another new story! So recently I watched all of the spiderman movies including the trilogy, the amazing spiderman, and homecoming. (My friends and i are nerds) then i remembered that you know beca the awkward alt girl would be a perfect version of Peter parker, so here we are. I know this has been done multiple times but stick with me. While this follows various storylines. I ultimately want it to fall into the MCU timeline when it comes to the spiderman aspect of things. Anyways, this is your usual Bechloe, spiderman crossover. I hope this isn't too repetitive of all of the others out there, it may be at first as there aren't many origin stories to work with, but hopefully this one gets more interesting as the story goes on.