Chapter 6

Beca was on cloud nine, she took her time on the way home and swung happily through the streets of New York. She kept an eye out for any crime and problems, stopping a few robberies and assaults on the way. By the time she arrived home, she was too high on adrenaline to go to sleep. She decided to work on her suit and web shooters, refining and fine tuning them to be more efficient and accurate. She had just finished her web shooters when a phone chime pulled her out of her work.

Chloe: Just checking in to make sure you got home okay!

Beca: Been home for a while, working on my suit. See you in the morning?

Chloe: Bright and early, can't wait to see what Chef Spidey cooks up!

"Dork," Beca said to herself as she chuckled at her phone.

Beca: night, Chlo.

Chloe: night, Becs xx

Beca grinned as she set her phone down and put her suit away before going to bed.

The next morning, Beca was up to walk her aunt to the subway. She took her back pack along so that she could change into her suit. As soon as May was out of sight, Beca ran to the nearest alley and changed into her suit. She put her other clothes in her bag and threw it over her shoulder before shooting a web out to the nearest building and swinging away. She was on her way to Chloe's and texted her to meet her on the rooftop. It took her five minutes to reach the building, and she could see the girl's red hair a mile away.

She launched herself over to the girl's building and was greeted with a smile, "hey there."

"Hey. You ready to go?"

"I can't exactly be seen swinging through the skies with Spider-Man, Bec."

Beca chuckled and reached into her bag, grabbing out her old mask, "I brought this, but you can wear this one if you prefer." She gestured to the mask she was wearing.

Chloe chuckled, "I'll just take your old mask." Beca smiled and handed the girl her mask. Chloe gladly accepted it and put it on. "Jesus, I can't see shit."

"Sorry, they helped me stay focused. Here," she wrapped her arm around the girl who quickly wrapped herself around Beca's torso. "Alright, off we go."

Chloe couldn't help but let out a squeal when they jumped off the building and began swinging between the buildings. They made it back to Beca's and were up in her bedroom. Beca was getting changed and Chloe did her best not to look, as Beca requested. But she couldn't help but steal a glance here and there when Beca wasn't looking. She admired the girl's physique and beauty.

Beca sighed as she finished doing her hair, and turned around to Chloe, "so are you hungry?"


"Good, let's go make some food." The two headed downstairs and Beca turned on the stove and got the pans out, "how do omelets sound?"

"Sounds delicious."

"What do you want in yours?"

"Uh, some veggies and cheese."

"Any meat?"

"No thanks."


Beca made the two veggie and cheese omelets and potatoes. Chloe was basically drooling by the time she finished cooking. Beca set the two plates down and they enjoyed a nice breakfast together.

"God, Becs. If this whole superhero or nerd thing doesn't work, you could totally be a chef."

"It's a nice skill, I guess."

Chloe chuckled and checked her phone, "oh, Bec, we better go."

"Shit, yeah." She grabbed the dishes and put them in the sink, and they grabbed their bags and headed to school. They made it just in time for the warning bell and Chloe walked Beca to her first class.

"I hope you have a good day, I'll see you in Chem," she said with a smile and kissed her on the cheek.

"Bye, Chloe." Beca said with a smile.

Beca was having a great day she felt like she was on top of the world, her first two classes flew by, and she made her way to the lunch table to sit with her friends, and suddenly Aubrey and Chloe waltzed over, making their table go silent.

"Hey, Becs."

"Hey, Chlo," Beca smiled.

"What's with the silence?"

"Amy is just in love with her food and the boys are shocked that there are two girls over here."

"But you two are here."

"We're different. You two are actually girls."

Chloe chuckled, "well can we sit?"

Aubrey scoffed, "I thought we were just coming to say hi."

"Well you can go, I'm gonna stay here with Beca." Chloe moved over next to Beca who made Jesse move over. Aubrey sighed and sat down next to Chloe. Jesse, Amy, and Benji looked over to the other three girls with a curious look.

"Guys, what's with the staring," Beca asked.

Before any could answer Felicia strolled up to the table and sat down next to Amy, across from Beca, "mind if I sit?"

"You're already sitting," Chloe commented.

"Of course you can sit, Felicia."

"Thanks," she smiled. "So, Becs. I was thinking we could have a party tomorrow night as a celebration of sorts and a team bonding thing."

"Sure, sounds like fun, can I invite friends?"

"Wouldn't be a party without friends," Felicia winked.

Beca chuckled, "well you know I was just thinking of the Bellas and then my boys over here."

"Sounds good. So after practice want to stay after and organize it?"

"Sure, but only for like an hour, I was planning on going to Chloe's after," Beca nodded.

"Great." The two continued talking about the party and the teams, and the rest of the group observed.

Jesse leaned over to Benji and Amy, "this is awkward right?" The two nodded.

Aubrey leaned over to Chloe and whispered, "this is weird right?"

Chloe nodded, "a little bit."

Beca leaned over to Chloe, "what're you guys talking about?"

"Nothing really."

"Okay. Well tonight I was thinking we could go to dinner or something?"

"Sure, I'll look up movies and times and we can meet at my place."

"It's a date," Beca said with a smile.

Chloe chuckled and the two shared a quick kiss. When they turned back all eyes were on them. Benji was grinning, Amy and Aubrey had their mouths open in shock, Jesse was blinking unusually fast with a sly grin, and Felicia had a bit of a frown with her arms crossed.

Chloe and Beca's cheeks went red and Beca spoke up, "uh, enjoying the show?"

"When did this happen?"

"Last night," Chloe said.

"Really," Felicia inquired.

"Yeah," Beca smiled.

Felicia nodded and picked up her food tray, "well I gotta go. I will see you at practice."

"See you later, Felicia."

Aubrey sighed as soon as Felicia left and turned to Beca, "I'm happy for you, Chloe. Beca, we need to talk." She said as she stood up.

Beca looked over to Chloe with a scared look in her eyes and Chloe chuckled, "sure," she said as she stood up and followed Aubrey outside to the courtyard. "What's up, Cap?"

"You are dating my best friend."


"So for Chloe, I'm calling a truce."

"Wow, that's so kind of you."

"But I have my eye on you, Mitchell. I don't approve and I don't trust you. But I won't rain on Chloe's parade."

"Look, I'm not gonna hurt her. Instead of a truce, why don't we just try to be friends?"

"Fine. But you need to stop talking to Felicia."


"Yes, the girl clearly likes you, and it obviously makes Chloe jealous."

"Aubrey, we are co-captains on the basketball team. I can't just not talk to her. Besides, she's the one who told me to go after Chloe."

"So, she doesn't flirt with you."

"Not since yesterday."

"No one knew until today."

"Look I will talk to her tonight, okay?"

"Fine, but I'm watching you."

"As you said before. Friends," she asked while extending her hand.

Aubrey looked down at the hand and smiled and shook it, "friends."

Beca shook her head and rolled her eyes before heading back into the cafeteria and sitting back down in her spot.

"What was that all about," Chloe asked.

"I got the talk."

"Oh god, what did you say to her Aubrey?"

Before Aubrey could answer the bell rang and the blonde quickly got up, "I have to go to my locker before class."

"Saved by the bell."

Beca chuckled and the two got up and headed to their class, hand in hand.

The last two classes went by quickly for the two girls, and they were oblivious to everyone's staring and their two friends in the back debating their previous bet.

"Fine, Amy, you win."

"Alright, pay up, blondie."

Aubrey groaned and pulled out twenty bucks, "you know it won't last right?"

"No, Bloe is endgame."

"They'll be lucky if they make it to the end of the year."

"Why are you so against Beca and Chloe?"

"Because, Chloe is so open and welcoming to everyone. Beca just seems like she is hiding something."

"Well with the way people like you and Bumper have treated her, can you blame her?"

Aubrey couldn't even deny it. She knew Chloe had a thing for Beca, but she knew she was being mean to Beca when it came to trying to protect Chloe.

After classes Beca and Chloe headed to the locker room to change for rehearsals.

"So any decision on dinner?"

"Yeah, do you like Thai food?"

"I love Thai food."

"Thai Cafe?"

"Only my favorite spot."

"Then how about dinner and a movie?"

Beca groaned, "why a movie?"

"What do you have against movies?"

"Nothing, Jesse has made sure I have seen every classic movie. But, they're just so predictable, Chlo."

"Come on, Bec. Please?"

"Fine, what movie?"

"They're doing a special screening of Grease. It's like my favorite musical."

"Sounds fun," Beca chuckled. "It's a date."

"Our first official date," Chloe beamed.

"So should I dress up? Get you flowers?"

"No," Chloe shook her head.

"No as in yes, or a no as in no?"

"A no, Bec, I just want to spend time with you. And get to really know you, the real you."

Beca nodded, "okay," she pulled Chloe in for a kiss.

"Come on, let's get to rehearsals."

The two walked hand in hand down the now empty halls and were glad to have a little time to themselves.

"Can I ask you something?"

"Sure," Beca nodded.

"Felicia likes you."

"That's not a question, Chlo."

"Does she?"

"Yeah, but I told her last night I only had eyes for you," Beca smiled.

"Do you think she will try to break us up? You know, out of jealousy?"

"No way, she is the one who told me to take a leap of faith with you."


"Yeah, after a practice of never ending flirting," Beca chuckled. "We ran into you, and she told me there was no way the feelings I had weren't mutual."

"Oh, I'm sorry," Chloe shook her head.

"No, it's okay. But just don't worry about Felicia okay? She is not a threat. I promise."

"If you say so," Chloe sighed.

Beca chuckled and stopped at the locker where she hid her suit, "keep a look out."

"What? Why?"

Beca looked around the hall and sighed before reaching below the lockers and pulling them upwards and throwing her duffle bag into the empty space.

"You keep your suit here?"

"No, just my back up. The old one. I took it out when I went to get my mask, but someone was coming so I had to just take it home instead of putting it back. So now I'm putting it back."

"You made this?"

"Uh, yeah. Me and Jesse."

"Jesse knows?"

"Yeah, and so does Amy."

"Anyone else?"

"No just you three," Beca groaned as she quietly set the lockers back down.

"Not even May?"

"Especially not her."

"Oh, so what are we like your secret team?"

Beca chuckled, "no, I don't have a team, just a secret between friends."

"Well, maybe we can be a team."

"No way."

"Why not? Jess is good with tech, I'm good with planning and stuff, and Amy is like all-knowing."

"Because it's too dangerous. I didn't even want any of you finding out. I don't want you guys to become targets or be put in danger."

"That won't happen, it's just one guy. You could use our help."

"No, Chloe. I will not let any of you. I'm doing this on my own."

"Fine, I'm sorry."

"Don't be. Look I'm sure it would be a great team, but I can't put you guys at risk."

"I understand."

The two shared a quick kiss, an smiled at each other, "come on, let's get to rehearsal before General Posen makes us run laps."

The two waltzed into to the auditorium hand in hand and they were suddenly the center of attention. As soon as they were spotted Amy screamed, "Bloe is here," making Beca and Chloe chuckle. Emily was wearing a giddy grin, Cynthia Rose and Stacie were looking on in envy, Jessica and Ashley were happily surprised, Flo laughed at Amy, and Aubrey rolled her eyes at the group's reaction.

Rehearsals went by quickly and the co-captains and Beca were headed towards the gym. Beca dropped Chloe off in the main hall where the cheerleaders were gathered before going to the gym to start her first practice.

"Mitchell, Hardy" the coach called them over as she walked in.

"Hey, coach."

"What's up, coach?"

"Alright, so today we are going to learn names, go through basic warm ups which is something we will do every practice, so come up with a routine of stretches and drills, then we will do a full skills assessment and you two will help me and the assistant coach. We will also be handing out practice jerseys, and uniforms, so today is going to be a little longer, and it will be mostly just going through the motions so we can get a set routine down, okay?"

"Sounds good, sir."

"Good, now let's get started." He blew the whistle and yelled to the other girls, "ladies, meet at half court please." The girls gathered around the circle at half court and the coach gave them a run down of the day. "Now, thank you for listening, I'm handing it over to your two captains, Beca and Felicia."

"Alright," Beca said with a smile as she stood up. "Let's get started."

The girls spent the rest of the practice working on their warm up routines, they ran laps, did some dynamic stretching, and ran through several more drills incorporating passing, shooting, and defense. Then the coaches ran them through more skill drills focused on dribbling and shooting. After completing the drills and skill tests the coach handed out practice jerseys and they spent the rest of the practice running through inbound plays and scrimmaging. Before wrapping up practice coach brought the uniforms out and the girls went and picked numbers. Beca chose number 15 while Felicia chose number 4. The coach let them go after they got their jerseys, but Beca and Felicia asked them to stay a little longer.

Once the coaches left, Felicia and Beca chatted with the girls, "so ladies, we are going to have a party tomorrow night, a bit of a bonding experience."

"Sweet, where," one of the girls asked.

"At one of my friends places," Beca commented.

"Everyone write your numbers down on this paper and we will start a group chat tonight and have all of the details to you later."

They passed around the notepad and the captains smiled, "awesome, we will see you guys tomorrow!" Once the girls left Beca yawned and Felicia chuckled, "how about we get some coffee while we plan the party?"

Beca shrugged, "sure, why not."

"Alright, let's go get some caffeine, we have a long night ahead of us."

"I can only stay for a little bit, I have a date tonight."

"Yeah, I heard, at lunch with everyone else."

"I'm sorry," Beca said.

"Don't be. I'm just glad she finally made a move."

Beca chuckled, "yeah me too, I just hope it works out."

"You're like fourteen, you're bound to have more than just this relationship."

"I'm fifteen, thank you very much."

"Whatever," Felicia said as they headed down the block. "I'm just saying, if it doesn't work out, let me know."

"You really think I would use you as a rebound?"

"Hey I wouldn't complain."

Beca shook her head, "you're a piece of work, m'lady." She said while opening the door.

"You're a huge dork."

"It's my trademark."

Felicia rolled her eyes as they sat down in a booth in the small coffee shop. "so where do we start?"

"Well I'm going to try to convince Chloe to get Aubrey to let us use her house for the party."

"Cool, and we can use my place if she says no."

"Awesome, now what is the nature of this party?"

"Think getting to know you, mixed with a night you'll never remember."

"Oh boy, so food and drinks what's the plan?"

"Food, pizzas."


"I'll take care of booze you get the other drinks."

"How are we planning on paying for this?"

"Booster club funds from last year, or we just ask for reimbursement next week."

"Guess I can convince May to give me a little cash."

"You don't have a job yet?"

"I couldn't have one until I turned 15."

"True, well I work over at Benny's so I'll get us a discount on the pizza."

"That's the place with the 28 inch pizza right?"

"Yeah but we also do normal sizes."

"Awesome, so you got pizza and booze, I'll get snacks and sodies."

"Cool, and hey if you're looking for a job, I can hook you up."

"How did you find a job so fast?"

"Just looked for the we're hiring signs, Beca."

"Nice, yeah I might hit you up on that offer."

The two had two cups of coffee each, and talked for about an hour and a half before Beca checked the time, "shit. I gotta go, I'm so sorry," she said rushing to get her things. She tossed ten bucks on the table and smiled at her co-captain, "thanks for the chat, I'll see you tomorrow."

"Bye, cutie," Felicia chuckled as she watched Beca rush out the door.

Beca ran down the block and rushed to her house, quickly changing into her suit and packing her clothes in her bag. She quickly shot out the window with her bag on her back and headed to Chloe's. She noticed a few news headlines seeking out the lizard, and she paused when she noticed the daily bugle was offering a thousand dollars for a picture of the beast. And she was almost to Chloe's when she noticed a long line of lizards going into the sewer and decided to follow them.

She made her way down to the sewers, following the last of the lizards. She ended up losing them when she came across a large opening where four of the major sewer networks came together. She went through her bag and was happy to find her camera was still there. She then started shooting a series of webs throughout the four pipelines and brought them together in the center where she was. Once she had all of the webs set up she strategically set up her camera in hopes of getting proof of the monster.

She checked her phone and it was 7:45, she had fifteen minutes to get to Chloe's. She decided to stay down in the sewers for ten more minutes before leaving. Just as her time was running out she felt one of the webs begin to shake, she went to find the web that was vibrating when suddenly all of the webs began to shake. Beca was turning constantly and then found that there was only a small lizard facing off against her. She sighed and was about to take off her mask when her senses started going crazy. She turned around just in time to dodge the massive beast that lunged towards her.

Beca did her best to get out of the way but she was knocked into her own webs by the Lizard's tail. When she tried to get up, she was forced back down by the man's arm, his hand easily wrapping around her neck. The movement of the webs caused several flashes to go off, and Beca groaned as the Lizard pulled her up to him, bringing his other hand to her chest.

"You stopped me once," the Lizard growled. He extended his claws and Beca tried her best to push away from him, but he dug his claws slowly across her chest. She groaned from the pain as the Lizard continued, "you won't stop me again. I'm getting stronger everyday!"

Beca used the last of her strength to push the Lizard's face towards the camera while pulling the webs to cause the flash to go off. In a quick moment, he let go of her, letting her get a nice punch to his face before the two broke through the webs and plummeted into the water. They were both wrapped up in the webs, Beca struggled to get out, kicking the beast in the chest when she finally got free to push herself away from him. She went to shoot a web to get further away but found her web shooters had failed. She cursed in her head as she swam as fast as she could along with the current. He was right behind her as they reached a narrowing pipe, this was her last chance to get out. She punched through one of the the grates and slipped through the small gap.

Just as she slipped through the Lizard pushed his arm through, finding he was too large to fit through the gap. Now, the force of the water was much higher and pushed her faster through the pipeline. She tried to get into one of the side pipes but couldn't get a grip underwater. She needed air, but was pushed further and further down the pipeline until she was finally spit out of one of the pipes from a small waterfall of sewer water. She hit the ground and pulled herself up to the ledge to get mostly out of the water. She groaned as she flipped over and took a deep breath, "well that sucked." She went to look for her bag and shook her head. Making her way, stealthily back to where she met the Lizard.

Meanwhile the Lizard angrily trudged his way back getting wrapped in another web, still connected to the camera. He went to get his arm out and heard the flash go off, pulling it once more as he spotted where the camera was. He pulled the device off of the wall and turned it around to see the camera belonged to no other than Beca Mitchell. He growled and crushed the camera, throwing it on the ground as he made his was back to his lab.

Beca made it back to where it all started, moving slowly and quietly, trying to suppress the pain ringing throughout her body. She saw her bag and quickly grabbed it before running off and heading to Chloe's. Luckily the fight was quick, but Beca was much slower now without her webs. She checked her phone as soon as she got out of the sewers, 8:10, "shit. Chloe is gonna kill me." She put her phone in her bag and ran to Chloe's catching people's eyes left and right. She ran around the building to where she climbed up the first time, sighing and encouraging herself. She groaned as she jumped on to the side of the building and made her way up. When she finally reached the fire escape she saw Chloe, on her bed, frowning. She sighed, sat on the fire escape, and took off her mask, wincing as she realized she probably had a few cuts and bruises on her face. She leaned against the window and hit it with her head three times.

Chloe looked up, and at first she looked pissed, but the anger quickly faded to worry and panic as she rushed to the window to let her in, "oh my God, Bec what happened?"

Beca grinned, "hi," was all she could muster was she fell into the girl's room. "Ow. Sorry I'm late," she groaned as she sat back up.

Chloe set her hands on Beca's shoulders looking a the claw marks gashed into the suit. She felt the wound and Beca winced again, pulling away from her, "sorry."

"It's okay. Can you help me take my suit off?"

"Yeah," Chloe nodded. She went behind and unzipped the suit, carefully moving it off of the girl, revealing the girl's toned body, along with the cuts and bruises she got from her fight. Chloe shook her head in awe, "I can't believe this. I'm so glad you're okay. But you smell like shit," she joked.

Beca chuckled, "well I was swimming in it to get away from the Lizard."

Beca finally got the suit off, and now she was just in her sports bra and spandex, and the gashes in her chest went from her collarbone all the way to her bust line. Beca finally tired to stand up, and Chloe held her up for support. Finally getting a good look at the wound, "geez, Beca. Go shower and I'll go get stuff to get you cleaned up."

Beca smiled and made her way to the bathroom, she took a shower and as she let the water run over her she watched the water at her feet, a small red whirlpool going down the drain. She sighed as she rinsed off and cleaned up. Ten minutes later she was back in her underwear that Chloe happened to sneak into the room, with her hair wrapped up in a towel and headed back out to Chloe's room. When she got back, Chloe had her clothes set out and she smiled, "that was refreshing."

"I'm glad, come on let's get that wound all patched up."

Beca smiled as she sat on the bed and Chloe helped her clean the wound up more and put some bandages on it. She smiled at Beca once she was done putting all of the bandages on, and Beca smiled back before leaning in for a kiss, "thank you."

"You're welcome. But you should be more careful."

"I know, but I need to stop this guy."

"Why, Beca? That's not your job."

"But none of this was going on before Spider-Man came to town."

"Can't we just leave this as a job for the police?"

"Police can't stop this guy. I promise I'll have a plan next time," Beca said as she began to get dressed.

"What are you getting dressed for?"

"Our date," Beca smiled.

"Bec, we don't have to."

"I know," she shrugged. "But I want to. Come on. I'm fine, I want to go out."

Chloe sighed and smiled, "okay."

The two made their way to the restaurant, walking down the streets of the city hand in hand. They walked into the restaurant that Beca was all too familiar with and sat down at the usual table Beca and her aunt usually occupy. Beca sat in her usual spot while Chloe occupied the chair across from her. They picked up the menus at the table and read through the options. The waiter came over with waters and set them down on the table before smiling at Beca, "hey, the usual?"

"Actually I'll go with the number 59, extra sauce and extra peanuts, please."

"Sounds good, and for you?"

"I'll take the number eight."

"Regular or large?"

"Get the large it's like fifty cents more but you get so much more."

"Okay, large."

"Onions, scallions, cilantro?"

"Sure," Chloe smiled.

"Cool, I'll be back."

"Thanks," Beca smiled.

Chloe chuckled, "he seems nice."

"Yeah, he always gives me and May free stuff."


"Because my aunt is hot, I guess."

"Well, yeah I guess."


"She is surprisingly young, like you said."

"Well whatever." Their food came up shortly and Beca laughed, "who gets pho from a Thai place? You got Vietnamese food from a freaking Thai place."

"I love pho. I think it's pho-king amazing."

"You did not," Beca laughed. "You're such a nerd."

"Whatever, you got cold noodles with hot shrimp."

"Excuse me this vermicelli is amazing, thank you very much."

"It is noodles, lettuce, shrimp, peanuts, and fish sauce. How is that even minutely appealing?"

"Try it."

Chloe rolled her eyes as she tried Beca's food, and she sighed, "fine. I guess it's okay."

"Oh, only okay?"

"Yeah only okay."

"Whatever, Beale. Enjoy your soup."

After they finished eating, they walked over to the movie theater and bought tickets to the last showing of the night, Beauty and the Beast. They sat side by side in the theater, Chloe put the armrest up so it was out of their way, and used the girl as a pillow while she watched the film. They kept things pretty PG at the movies, sharing quick glances, smiles, and a few kisses here and there. Once the movie ended the two were headed back to Chloe's.

"Sorry we missed Grease."

"It's okay, this was fun."

"It was? I mean yeah, it was."

Chloe chuckled, "I had a great time."

"Thanks, me too."

"So what now?"

"We could go on a small tour of the city? Or just go back to my place and hang out."

"Hang out," Chloe teased.

Beca chuckled, "look, why don't we go back to your place. Grab my suit, and your school stuff, and then we will go back to my place and we can just talk. You know, get to know each other."

"Sounds like a great idea," Chloe smiled and kissed the smaller girl.

The two walked over to Chloe's and snuck in the way Beca normally does. Chloe was piggyback riding on Beca, wrapped around the smaller girl by her own limbs and some webbing for extra precautions, per Beca's request. Once they got back into her room, Beca quickly packed her bag and Chloe packed hers. Before they were finished packing, Chloe's dad's voice caught their attention. As he rambled about hot chocolate, Beca quickly threw her bag outside webbing it to the wall. And ducked behind the bed as Chloe peeked out of her room, "no dad, I don't want any hot chocolate."

"Okay, I just thought I remember you saying last week that you wanted to live in a chocolate house."

"Well that's impractical and fattening," she said slamming the door and turning around towards the bed.

Beca peeked over the bed and grinned, "chocolate house," she hummed while trying to contain her laughter.

Chloe rolled her eyes, "remember, I'll meet you downstairs after I tell my dad you are having a study session tonight."

"It's like ten thirty you think he'll believe that?"

"He knows I take my work seriously."

"Okay, I'll wait outside."

"See you in five," Chloe said giving the girl a kiss on the cheek.

Just like clockwork the girls were reunited five minutes later outside and made their way back to Beca's. When they got there, May was sitting in the living room, waiting for Beca. As soon as they walked in May stood up, "Beca, where have you been all night," she said as she was turning to face the two. "I have been worried sick- oh, hello, Chloe."

"Hey, May. Sorry. Uh, Chloe and I were uh," Beca tried to think of an excuse because she hadn't mentioned the date earlier.

"We were studying at Aubrey's," Chloe stepped in. "But then her parents said it was getting late, so we were looking for a new study place. We have a huge test tomorrow and uh, my house has two little brothers, so Beca suggested here. I hope that's okay."

"Of course, sweetie. Bec, can we talk really quick?"

"Yeah, you can head to my room, Chloe. I'll be there in a second."

"Okay," she said as she headed up the stairs.

Beca smiled at May who now had a blank face, "I'm sorry. I should have called. I had to stay late after practice. And then Chloe and I had this uh, study session."

"Cut the crap."


"What happened and what is going on between you two?"

"Uh I had practice, had to stay late for organizing some get together tomorrow, and then I went out on a date with Chloe."

"Oh, well okay. And you're bringing her here this late, why?"

"We just wanted to talk, get to know each other."

"Okay, well…no funny business."


"I'm serious, Beca."

"Oh my God, we aren't that serious yet. I promise, nothing is going to happen."

"Fine, but keep the door open."


May started laughing, "no it's fine. Just be safe, okay? And polite."

Beca rolled her eyes, "okay okay, thank you."

"Goodnight, Bec. And yes, Chloe can stay over," she said.

"Thanks, meant to ask but."

"It's eleven. You thought that I would have let her walk home?"

"Guess not. Can I go now?"

"Yes, Bec."

Beca gave her aunt a hug and a kiss in the cheek, "night, May. I love you."

"Love you too, Bec. Goodnight."

Once she got into her room, she closed the door and found Chloe sitting on the bed, "comfortable?"



"So, what did you want to talk about?"

"Would it be okay if we use Aubrey's for our basketball party tomorrow night?"

"Probably, lemme ask her." Chloe sent a quick text and was given a response almost instantly. "She said it's fine since the Bella's were invited."

"Cool." Beca smiled. There was a short pause before she spoke again, "I really like kissing you."

"I like kissing you too."

"I wanna show you something," Beca said going to her desk looking for the spider. She grabbed the small jar and sat down next to Chloe on the bed.

Chloe gasped at the spider, holding the jar up against the light, "wow, so beautiful."

"Yeah it's got a bite though."

"And only Jess and Any know?"

"Yeah they weren't meant to find out. You're the only one I have willingly told. They found out from unfortunate coincidences."


"You don't really believe what the police say about me do you?"

"No, of course not. Aren't you scared though?"

"No," Beca shook her head. "No I have to stop this thing before he hurts anyone else." Beca tries to kiss Chloe, but she pulls away, "what's wrong?"

"I just. I know what this is."

"What do you mean?"

"Everyday, for as long as I can remember, my father has left every morning and put a badge on his chest, and stopped a gun to his hip. And everyday, I haven't known if he was going to make it home."

"Hey," Beca held Chloe's hand and squeezed it. "It's gonna be okay. Look at me. I have to stop him, but I will be okay, alright? Don't worry about me. I'm doing this to make sure the city is safe."

"Why can't this be a job for the Avengers?"

"Maybe they have bigger things to worry about. Like aliens and stuff, they fight those guys that attacked us a few years ago. Maybe they know I'm out here protecting the city."

"Who gave them the right to make that decision?"

"I made this decision myself. Just like the Avengers, and just like your dad. Okay?"

Chloe nodded, "just promise me you'll be safe."

"I promise."

"And promise you'll always come back to me."

Beca knew she shouldn't promise her things like that, but she swallowed her pride and smiled, "promise."

Chloe smiled, "good, let's get some rest."

The two got changed for bed and cuddled for a while before falling asleep in each other's arms.

The next day, Beca and Chloe walked to school together, shortly after the first bell, Beca snuck out and went to Oscorp to get more information from Dr. Connors about the Lizard. When she arrived, she found the offices and building empty. She walked around for a few minutes and was about to give up her search for clues when she noticed the rat cages on the ground in the lab. She walked in and saw one dead rat and the other very much alive. Mutated between rat and lizard. Shocked, she quickly ran out of the lab and headed to the police station to talk to Captain Beale.

"Ms. Mitchell, why are you not in school?"

"I had a free period, sir."

"Well I don't, so make this quick."

"Okay, so there is not a giant dinosaur running around Manhattan, but there is something more dangerous."

"Do you know what or who it is?"

"Dr. Curtis Connors, he is-"

"Of Oscorp?"


"Okay," he said. "So you're telling me, Dr. Connors, the mentor of my daughter, who is already writing glowing recommendation letters for her, might I add, is running around dressed up as a giant dinosaur?"

"Not a dinosaur, a lizard. And he isn't dressing up, he is transforming. He is using lizard DNA to help with the regeneration of his limbs to grow his arm back. Cross species genetics are his life, and he finally cracked the code. But he is now this horrible, dangerous beast, and he is planning something horrific. I know he is!"

"Alright here is what we are going to do, I'm gonna continue to protect this city, while you go back to your life with the citizens of Tokyo."

"Please sir, just call him in. Please listen to me, he is dangerous!"

"Go back to school, Beca."

Beca sighed and stormed out of the building, and headed back towards the school.

Captain Beale watcher her leave and took notes of the distress on her face before going over to one of his agents, "get me everything you have on Dr. Curtis Connors, please."

Meanwhile Dr. Connors was down in the sewers in his secret lab, sitting at the computer, fuming over the past days events. He began to talk to himself, "Beca Mitchell, Spider-Man! I don't need any help. With my help, there will be no loneliness, no outcasts. Species wide distribution would enhance humanity on an evolutionary scale! I can save them," he proclaims as he injects himself with more serum. He quickly turns into the lizard and storms down the sewers towards the school. "You're not going to get in the way of my plan, Beca Mitchell!"

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