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Supernova: Chapter 1- The catastrophic explosion

Was my biggest mistake not telling him?

Not telling him what really happened to me after James bit me?

I had broken my leg, but it healed, so I never told him. The bite on my arm healed, he noticed. I told him it was probably an effect of the venom. I lied. I had been a terrible liar, but somehow I have been able to keep this part of my self secret.

He left because he got bored of me. Because I was human. Because I wasn't good enough. But what would have happened had I told him that I wasn't human, at least not exactly.

I wasn't a vampire, I knew that. I didn't drink blood, I didn't smell like vampires, I didn't sparkle in the sun.

There hadn't been enough venom in my system that could have turned me after Edward sucked it out, but there was just enough for something to happen. Something strange, something that shouldn't have happened. I could move faster than any human, or any animal, I was insanely strong.

After Edward left, I felt awful for not telling him, but then all I felt was rage. All I ever felt for weeks was rage. I was getting fevers left and right, outbursts of anger, I was always hungry. I worried I was dying, that the venom hadn't been enough to turn me but it was enough to kill me, slowly and painfully. When Jacob began ignoring me that was what pushed me to the limit, I was beyond pissed, and then one day I simply exploded. Or that at least is what I thought had happened. I felt my bones breaking and an immense heat, and more rage as I burst.

I woke up several minutes later, curled up on the ground. I hadn't exploded...unless I was in the after life. I didn't think so, but there was no way to tell. I tried to stand up, but felt strange, very strange. I didn't feel like I was even in my own body anymore, or even a human body. I looked down at myself and realized that I had paws and fur. I was a wolf. Was I in the afterlife? It didn't seem so unlikely now.

I suddenly heard voices booming through my mind, the sound of loud, male voices. " Dude, did someone just phase?" I heard. " Who is it? I'm outside of Quil's place, and he was the only one..." I heard another voice say, I recognized this voice, this was Jacob's voice. " Jacob! Jacob, what's happening?" I mind-shouted. " Is that...that's a girl's voice." I heard the first voice say. " Bella? Wha..." I heard Jacob start.

" You know her dude?" I heard the first voice say. " Jared, that's Bella Swan. Chief Swan's daughter...she used to date Cullen..." Jacob said. " This is so messed up..." The first voice said, Jared was his name. " Jared, get Sam." I heard Jacob say.

" Bella, where are you?" He asked. " I'm at home...I think I'm in the woods outside.." I said. " I'm coming, hold on." Jacob said.

How could Jacob hear me, and talk to me through my mind? How did he know what to do?

I heard trees rustling behind me and turned around to see another wolf, a much bigger wolf, he was almost the size of a horse. " Bella it's me." Jacob said.

"'re. Why?" I asked. " Bella, you remember when I told you the legends, right?" he asked. " The cold ones..." I started, but then I started to remember more. I remembered him telling me about the wolves. The protectors of the tribe. " The protectors...but why did I turn into this thing? I'm not Quileute." I said. " I don't know." he stated.

I heard another booming, much louder voice in my head. " Jacob, what's happened?" I heard the voice say, it was full of authority. " Sam...Bella Swan phased. We're outside her house." Jacob told him. " What? Jacob, she's a girl, and she's not Quileute." He said. So this was Sam. He wasn't the leader of a gang, he was leading the protectors. How didn't I figure this out before? " I know that Sam." Jacob said.

A huge black wolf was standing in front of us moments later, towering feet over me, but only a few inches above Jacob. Sam must have been the alpha.

" I don't understand..." Sam started to think, but then stopped with a gasp. " She's white." Sam said. " Obviously." Jacob replied. " No, I mean her fur is white. Jacob, do you remember the legend of the white wolf?" He asked. " think Bella is...?" Jacob started. " Yes."

" Bella, the legend says that the white wolf is a female wolf, designed to protect the tribe even further. She brings guidance to the rest of the pack, much like an alpha, and she can defeat all creatures with ease, including cold ones." Sam said.

It was in the legends, I wasn't that strange. But there was one thing I was sure wasn't in the legends..." Bella, what do you mean? What isn't in the legends?" Jacob asked. I had forgotten he could read my mind. I guess there was no more escaping that. " I'm...I was bitten by a vampire." I said. Before they could say anything, I added, " Edward sucked the venom out, well, most of it. I didn't turn into a vampire fully, only sort of." I told them.

" I don't understand. How is that possible?" Jacob asked. " She doesn't smell like a cold one." Sam added. " I, I don't drink blood, I don't sparkle..." I told them. " So what, she's a hybrid?" Jacob asked. " Yes, I think so..." Sam said.

I was a hybrid. A cross-bread. How could that happen? How was it possible? How was any of this possible?

" Bella, do you want to phase back?" Jacob asked. " What?" I asked him. " Do you want to become a human again?" He asked. " Yeah...I think so.." I told him. "Just, think of becoming human again, forcefully pull yourself back." He told me.

It worked after a few tries, and soon enough I was a human again. Jacob and Sam ran off into the woods. " Wait, where are you going?" I shouted. After a few moments they emerged from the woods wearing cut off shorts. " Jacob looked at me confused. " Her clothes didn't get shredded..." Jacob said. I quirked an eyebrow at him in confusion. " When we phase our clothes get shredded, so we tie shorts to our ankles." Jacob said. I looked down and saw a leather anklet around both of their ankles. " Her hair isn't torn up either." Sam stated. " I guess it's just one of her own perks that come with hybrid-ness." Jacob said.

" We should probably tell the others." Sam said. " Bella, can you come with us to my house to meet the pack?" he asked. " Yeah, sure. Let me just go in and write a note to Charlie." I told them, before speeding swiftly into the house, writing a note and back out. They looked confused when I came back. " How did you do that?" Jacob asked. " I guess it's just one of my quirks that comes with hybrid-ness." I told him, using his own words.

Jacob and Sam went into the woods to phase, and then we all ran to Sam's house. I followed in human form, speeding.

We arrived at Sam's house within only a minute or two. It was a small wooden cabin tucked warmly into a small clearing in the woods. The driveway was long, as to make sure that nobody saw them phase.

I could hear everything so clearly recently, including the loud bantering and laughs coming from inside the home. Sam and Jacob lead me inside after phasing back to human form and putting on their shorts.

They swung open the screen door and a swoosh of air filled with scents of food flooded towards me. The home was mostly kitchen, a woman with her back turned to me was stirring something in a bowl, surrounded by loads of food she was making. In the center of the room there was an extremely large table, sat at it were three extremely large men, shoveling giant muffins down their throats as they teased and laughed at each other. It was so happy and alive.

" Guys, meet the newest addition to our pack." Jacob said. They all turned, mouths full of food and nodded their heads in greeting towards me. " Jake, you finally imprint on her?" Embry, the one I knew faintly asked. " Um, no, actually." Jacob said. " You told her Jacob? What the hell!" One of them shouted angrily. His voice was husky and deep, but filled with anger. " I didn't tell her!" Jacob stated. " So what, she just found out?" He asked sarcastically. " No, you asshole, she phased!" Jacob said. The man flinched in shock. " What?" he asked. " That's impossible." he stated. " No, no it's not." Sam said.

" You all remember the legend of the white wolf. Bella is the white wolf, sort of. She's also part vampire. She has speed when human, strength in human form that we have never known, and impeccable hearing. She doesn't drink blood, or smell like a cold one obviously, and she doesn't sparkle in the sun like the leeches." Sam told the group. They didn't say a word, they were all too shocked.

The boys' mix of anger, confusion, and disbelief looks on their faces were overwhelming me, so I looked over to the woman. I held back a gasp when I saw her face. Half of it was scarred immensely, following all the way down her right arm. She was watching me curiously with warm eyes.

" How is that possible?" the one I didn't know asked. " We don't know, Paul, but it happened." Sam said. Paul looked me up and down, before saying " Prove it." I sighed, raised my eyebrow and motioned for them to follow me as I went out the door. I leapt of the porch and gracefully phased into a wolf. The grace came as a shock to me, since I had never been graceful in my life.

I turned to face them, looking up at the group examining be. " Why's she so small?" Paul asked. " to be more discreet in the world, I think." Sam said. I phased back, and saw them all look even more shocked as they noticed my fully clothed appearance. " How?" Embry asked. " You saw how small she was, and how graceful her phase was, she was able to not rip her clothes apart in the phase." Sam said.

I licked my lips and smiled softly as I realized that I had forgotten another one of my hybrid quirks, I leapt into the air and jumped onto the roof without a sound. " Where did she go?" I heard from bellow, before one of them pointed up and they looked to see me up above them. I leapt back down. " Proved." I told them, before turning to go back inside. The boys followed me in, sitting back down at the table.

" Bella, why don't you eat with us?" The woman said, motioning to the table. " I'm Emily, by the way." she told me as I sat down in the middle of Jacob and Paul. Sam went over to Emily, gave her several kisses along her face before sitting down at the table and digging into his food.

I ate dinner with them as they told me about everything in the pack, the mind reading, patrols, cold ones, imprints, the amount of food they could eat, and more. I already felt so welcomed by them all, even though I was different from them.

I was talking with Emily in the kitchen when Charlie called me. " Go ahead, honey." she told me. I smiled and went out onto the porch to answer the phone. It was dark outside, but the porch light blinked on as soon as I stepped outside.

" Hello." I said into the phone. " Bella, I saw your note but I thought you'd be back by now." Charlie said. " Yeah, um I ate dinner down here with Jacob and his friends. I'll be home soon." I told him. " Alright. Not to late Bells, you've got school tomorrow." he said. " I know dad." I told him. I didn't know if I was going to school tomorrow. I still had to figure everything out. " Alright, bye." He said. " Bye. I told him, before hanging up. I sighed. What a crazy world this was.

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