"All right, so we have non pinatas that we're going to turn sour!" Professor Pester stated in his lair of pestering evil, with his stooges following him around as he rubbed his chin. "But how will we do it?"

Having various portraits of rare villains populating the walls of his lair, the professor of pester murmured as he was quick to think of a scheme, snapping his fingers as a villainous smirk appeared on his dastardly face.

"That's it! I'll just turn those freaks into pinatas, and then victory shall me mine!" Prof. Pester laughed as he pulled a lever that was nearby, falling down a pitfall trap he installed himself as he screamed. "I have no regrets!"

Back in the pinata garden, the pinatas were still curious at the new visitors they got, inspecting their armor and weapons as they weren't like anything they saw before.

"So you're a prince, huh?" Hudson stated as he stood up next to Chrom, wrapping his right pinata arm around him. "How fun can it be? Is it just boring?"

"Well... yes and no." Chrom responded as he pulled out a fish stick and munched on it. "There's a lot of royal BS that you have to go through and whatnot..."