I sit back in my seat, my deep brown eyes behind the lens of my eyeglasses stared off at the screen before with a downcast expression as my shoulders were slump while my hands were on the keyboard and mouse on top of the desk. Headphones placed on the head and covering my ears, silencing anything around me, making me hear nothing other than the sweet-sounding singing voice of the Literature Club's President, Monika and the piano keys she is pressing.

I watched the credits of the game roll, with the background arts all being deleted as they show up one by one by none other than Monika herself. My full attention however was at Monika's song, taking every word of the song by heart.

"If I don't know how to love you..."

I took a deep breath as I know what will be next words with my heart wrenching at the thought the menu getting deleted, followed by the script and the last phrase of song being sung.

"...I'll leave you be."

There was that, those last heart wrenching words made me clench my fist and grit my teeth lightly. With the letter of the game's creator, Dan Salvato, appearing on the screen, then the error hub saying that the script file is missing and telling me to reinstall the game.

I took several deep breaths, removing my headset and gradually standing up from my seat then reaching out for the power button of my computer, pressing it and turning the computer off, with the screen flashing in a millisecond before going complete black. Then I unplugged the PC. I ambled towards my soft comfy looking bed and dropped myself down to the mattress of the bed. I swayed one arm over the top of my head as I bit my lip.

I completed DDLC again...for the 12th time already. Yet here I am as I still failed to grant those girls a happy ending they deserved...Especially Monika, after all they pain and despair they've been through. Why? Why isn't there any option to save them? Any option to at least grant Monika the route she deserved?!

My mind materialized the image of Monika in the void classroom, or rather what I like to call Monika's Classroom, the place where I, or at least my avatar and Monika stayed alone together after she deleted all the three other dokis. I reminisced to the moments where I did not delete Monika, and instead listened to all what she said after forty-minutes of staying in that classroom, the moments where my attention and mind was caught by Monika.

Just when I was able to find someone that I could relate to, someone who I could sympathize with, someone who I can see a part of myself, I couldn't save that someone, all simply because it was will of the script.

Just thinking of that was enough to make me scowl and clench the sheet of my bed. I took another deep breath to compose myself.

I am Katsuro Yamamoto, a Japanese-American, though my name would clearly make anyone think that I am pure Japanese. I have a jet black hair with an average length, deep brown eyes and standing at about a decent height of 5'9 or 175 cm, with a well-fitted body. I am already in my last year of high school with a part time job to help my own financial problems, obviously with the help of my parents, not because I wanted to but because they cared for me, which is something I will never complain about.

I took off my eyeglasses to rub my eyes before taking them back on as reached for my phone placed on a small desk beside the bed, grabbing it and quickly opening it. I went into the reddit page of Doki Doki Literature Club to look for some fanart, videos and of course, some memes that will bring a smile and lighten up anyone's mood.

I am actually just a casual gamer, playing from fantasy RPGs like God of War to First-Person Shooting games like Call of Duty or Fallout, though I actually prefer games with a good storyline, but that doesn't I mean I don't like multiplayer, in fact it is actually fun and exciting to play with people. Of course, one of my friends introduced me to Doki Doki Literature Club, while he told me about the game without saying any spoilers I was reluctant and doubted that I would enjoy it, saying to myself that is just an ordinary dating game with cute anime girls, until my friend pushed me to play it.

However, I found myself enjoying the game in the beginning, despite how simple it looked like I was captivated by the game's art-style and character interactions. I was interested on what it further stored for me, curious on what other things I might see in the game, which eventually led to one of most heart-wrenching experiences of my entire life. Yet, the insane plot twists only made me more invested in playing the game while suffering emotionally in the process. Good riddance.

Playing the game for the first time made my heart fall for the characters immediately, especially for the brown-haired Literature Club President, Monika. She was attractive, her long ponytail and captivating emerald eyes made me fall for her, though as the game progresses me somehow doubted her, especially when he learned she was the one that caused all the three others to get deleted, especially for Sayori and Yuri's suicide.

But after realizing that she was sentient the whole time, that she learned that everything around her is but a work of fiction, that her friends' feeling and emotions are artificial, her realization that the script forced her not to have any route of her own, made me feel so sympathetic for her to the point I wanted to hug her, comfort her, love her. But even after playing the game so many times, I he couldn't do anything. I couldn't comfort nor love her or any of the girls. All I can do is watch these girls suffer again and again, and it felt so insulting.

Her declaration of love resonated in my mind and heart, the declaration was not meant for the avatar of my character, but to my real self. The fact that Monika, a character from a game would show so much love for me was enough to make me fall completely for her. She was a character- no, a person I can relate to, I person who I can feel so close to.

"I wish I could see her directly, have the ability to talk to her directly so I can tell her how much I love her, how much I want comfort her." I muttered particularly to no one.

I skimmed through the reddit page of DDLC, smiling and chuckling to myself whenever I set my eyes on some good jokes regarding the dokis, I would even save fanarts of the game, mainly fanarts of Monika. Apparently I fell in love with the game so much to the point I would even read fanfictions of the game, and so many of them are well-written. Those fanfics made my heart ache once again, but at the same time put a bright smile on my face. I can proudly say that I am happy that many people also wished to make the Dokis have a happy time they deserve.

All those things made me wish to like enter the game or at least find a way to drag them out of it, so they can have the happy lives they need and deserve.

But...I doubt that wish would even come true, after all, at the end of the day, they are just characters of a game, a twisted game. You can't expect a miracle like them getting outside of the game to happen, that will only happen in the imaginations of people. Those four girls of the Literature Club are bound to suffer again and again, trapped in an endless cycle of despair and terror. All the while the players of the DDLC, like me, are also bound to just sit in our chairs and watch them suffer. That is reality.

But that is also exactly why I wished I could comfort Monika, love her, feel her and protect her. I wanted to see her genuine and joyful smile. I wanted to hear her beautiful voice.

A message then popped out all of the sudden, breaking my train of thought. I quickly tapped the message and saw it was a message from one of my gaming friends, Yeeter101 or also known by his real name Daniel, another avid gamer but by the love of God also a heavy memer, there is no match in Fortnite or any other multiplayer FPS game where he did not referenced one meme or so.

Yeeter101: Hey Katsuro!

Yeeter101: I take it you are finished playing DDLC again...or not? Kek.

Ripper: Yeah, just finished it moments ago.

Yeeter101: Man, how lonely must it be for you that you can't touch your waifu. HAHAha

Ripper: Oh shut it, Daniel. I am currently an emotional wreck right now thanks to that game.

Yeeter101: Alright, I'll stop hahaha.

Yeeter101: Anyways, wanna play in Fortnite with me tomorrow? It's Sunday so I doubt there is anything hectic.

Ripper: Sure. Though is Craig and Albert going to join with us?

Yeeter101: Yup! I asked them if they are available and they said 'fuck yeah!' heh.

Ripper: Alright, but if we lose, we are going to play UNO.

Yeeter101: Fuck no! You keep spamming me with plus fours! How do even get so many of those anyway if every game of UNO?!

I let a small chuckle escape my lips as I recalled every UNO match with my friends, where I keep spamming them plus fours after stacking three or like four of them, making me win in the process. Remembering their angry screams and groans was enough to make a devilish grin spread through my face as typed my reply.

Ripper: Oh, just take it as my EX luck in UNO.

Yeeter101: Yeah no, you traumatized with all those plus fours. I'd take any game other than that game that continues to give me the middle finger.

Ripper: Alright, we'll just play Golf It.

Yeeter101: That's way worse! I can't even take a perfect shot in the holes for fuck's sake! What's up with you and games that makes people grind their gears?!

Ripper: Aahahaha! Maybe because I consider myself a patient man, which is true, have you ever heard or saw me rage in a game despite how many I got killed by our opponents or when Albert stack skip cards and use it all against me so I can't win?

Yeeter101: Sheesh, I envy your patience.

Ripper: Your welcome~

Yeeter101: Well, anyway, don't be late! We will play around 1:00 in the afternoon!

Ripper: Roger that!

Yeeter101: Goodnight then!

With that, he logged off. I let out a small sigh, blinking my eyes close several times as it threatened to shut completely. I tapped the Youtube App icon and scrolled down in the home page, skimming through the recommended videos. I saw the two of my favourite youtubers, Ohmwrecker and Mini Ladd, posted their new videos and I felt eager to watch their videos right away but the feeling of fatigue gradually overwhelmed by desires to do so.

I grumbled as I closed the Youtube app, where I was greeted by the Monika Valentine's art Day by DDLC's official artist, Satchely. Her lovely yet seductive smile along with her mesmerizing emerald-green eyes staring at me, catching my gaze completely despite it is only artwork. I really couldn't believe myself that I would fall completely for a video game character and I wished I could really talk to her, love her and all other stuffs a couple does...It sometimes kind of felt weird.

I shook my head slowly in dismay, knowing those wishes won't come true and that I won't be able to save Monika or the other dokis. But that's a fact, they aren't real, they are fictional. It is a bitter pill to swallow, no matter how much I convince myself. Sometimes it is best to face reality, telling yourself it is useless and a waste of time to fall in love with video game characters, or fictional characters as a whole, when you have other serious matters to deal with.

Don't get me wrong, my love for Monika is genuine, but is it really worth it to fall in love with something you can never reach, both literally and figuratively? I wouldn't want looking weird in the eyes of people when I tell them that "Oh I love this video game character by heart" that will be laughable. I can't afford to have my feelings and emotions get over my logic and common sense all the time, it's best to be realistic, reality won't bend your wishes after all. My mother even told me not to get too attached to some fictional character. But even this reality is so frustrating.

If only saving you, comforting you and loving you is possible, I would not hesitate to do so. But...My reality is also cruel and twisted in more ways than one. Sometimes I wish I could always escape it.

"Katsuro, I made some pastas, your father and brother are already eating." My mother's voice came from the other side of the door.

"No thanks mom, I feel like sleeping already." I replied lazily.

"Alright, I understand. You did wake up too early this morning. Goodnight, Katsuro."

"Goodnight mom."

I heaved out sigh then groaned, turning my phone off and slid it back on top of the desk right beside my bed as I stretch my arms up and sat up from the bed, I took off my eyeglasses and set it beside my phone. Looking at the time to see how early still it is, it was still 8:30 PM, yet I'm already sleepy. I partly blame my habit on waking up too early whenever I sleep late. I reached for the lamp and flicked it on before ambling towards the ceiling light's button placed near the door. I continued on to flick off the light of the room, leaving only the lampshade to provide a dim light.

But before I could go back to bed and have good night sleep with my head lying down on the comfortable pillows...

The monitor of my computer flickered on revealed nothing but red ominous glitches, the glitches of the screen emitted a faint distorted sound that no being can identify caused my heart to pound on my chest from fear, and the sight of it was enough to make me shiver and I felt like the hairs around me stand up slightly. I stood in silent horror as the screen emitted a bright glow of red amidst the darkness and the distorted sound eerily echoed from the walls of the room then a few seconds, the screen flicked off.

That was it, nothing else happened, it was all silence...But...

What the actual fuck is that?!

I stood frozen, I look at my PC to see if it's on because I was sure it turned it off and I even unplugged it, I frantically darted my eyes on my PC then back at the monitor. I take my glasses off, rubbing my eyes to make sure I wasn't seeing things as I shut my eyes for a few good seconds before opening them up.

Nothing was there, the monitor looked normal and the PC looked normal. I took a deep shaky breath, regaining my composure and chuckling nervously.

Yeah, I just need to sleep so I don't have to see such creepy shits. I do have a tendency to imagine scary stuff at night after all.

I went back to my bed, laying my body down on top of the bed's soft and comfy mattress, I pulled the cover up and covered most of body with it. I darted my eyes back at monitor of my computer to make sure there really isn't anything wrong with it. Seeing that the monitor is normal and all, nothing weird is happening. I let out a small sigh of relief. But I cannot help but feel a chill run down my back with my hairs standing up again.

No, no, no, ghosts and all don't exist, so stop being scared and stop imagining them.

I shake my hand frantically, attempting to remove any scary thoughts or imaginations that might prevent me from sleeping. I curled my body into a ball while tightly wrapping the covers of my bed around even further to prevent from getting cold from the air emitted by my A/C as I relieve my thoughts with some moments with my gaming friends.

Slowly, my thoughts drifted off as I fall asleep, losing consciousness with an empty yet peaceful mind.

I groaned as rubbed my eyes after feeling a weird sensation flowing through my body which felt so itchy. I attempt to roll my body around to shift position but I noticed...I can no longer feel the sheets of my bed or the pillows where I laid my head on, if anything, I feel like I am touching absolutely nothing. I also no longer felt the cold air of my A/C, hell I don't hear the rumbling sound of it.

What the fuck?!

Distorted noise abruptly whispered into my ears which startled me completely and weird electric-like spasm shocked through every inch of my nerve system then into my brain, giving off a feeling similar to a brain freeze, except much worse.

"Ow fuck!" I spread my eyes wide open, immediately sitting up from whatever I am laying at. I grabbed the side of my head all the while gritting my teeth to suppress or at least endure the pain jolting through me. I darted my eyes at-

Wait...What the hell is going?!

All I could see around me are red eerie glitches, no matter where I turn my head, red glitches appeared and it was making my mind hurt so much I squint my eyes and shut them to prevent getting dazed. All I could hear are simultaneous distorted sounds of computer data and codes beeping, but the way they came off sounded like they are whispering and echoing right in my ears, it was maddening.

"Make it stop!" I screamed but no sound actually came from my mouth, like I have no vocal cords as I felt like my throat was utterly empty and my throat was dry as a barren desert.

I started to panic, darting my eyes at any direction to see a path where I can escape this hellish place. I reached my hand out yet my movement felt so sluggish, I attempted to take a step but it felt like legs are attached to a ball and chain, I took deep breaths but no oxygen or air came to my lungs.

I don't care where I am or what this is! I want to get the fuck out of here!

However, the distorted sound diminished, and the red glitches halt into an abrupt stop, everything went still and quiet. Yet, I can still move myself, but the sudden change only made my heart pound in my chest from fear even more.

"NoW, YouNg mAN, don't pANIc tOo muCH, yoU WIll oNLy hUrt yOUrSelf FUrtHer." A demonic sounding voice echoed followed by a sinister chuckle that sent my body shivering from fear.

Who the fuck is this? Who was talking? I can't see the person, or thing. Is the thing talking God or the devil, no way this is God!

But I felt too frightened to even utter those questions out of my mind, because I do not know where I am and whose voice is this, but I do not want making a sudden move that might actually become my grave mistake.

"DoN't FreT, yOUng MAn, it wILl onLY take ABOut a fEw gOoD SEcOnDs." The voice chuckled sadistically.

What about the few seconds? What will happen? Will I die? No. No! NO!

Before I could attempt to protest or lash out at wherever or whoever's voice is that, an immense wave of intense and agonizing pain flow through every inch of my nerve systems as I was launched into lightspeed, causing me to shriek out in pain, along with the pain in my nerves I felt like my skin was getting peeled by the air due to my speed, but the way how I feel my skin is getting peeled off is by a crude cutter or a scissor, and I feel my nails getting pulled off slowly along with the tissues.

The pain was maddening. I wouldn't be able to endure my sanity if this continues for even a few more seconds. I felt like every single atom of my body was getting separated as I continue to launch into the unknown in lightspeed. I gritted my teeth and prayed to the heavens that I could at least be still alive once this fuckery is over. Tears formed in my eyes from the agonizing and nightmarish pain.

Then a flash of blinding light appeared right before my eyes, before the hellish pain can continue to rid myself of any sanity, it abruptly diminished and gradually, I lost consciousness.

I felt like I was laying on something soft and comfortable underneath me, white noise deafened my ear for a moment before disappearing, allowing my ears to get some rest from the abominable sounds. However, a sharp pain shot through my head, making me groan as I feel like I have a migraine. But the pain gradually dissipated, I felt my whole body relax and I could breathe in a normal way again. I gradually open my eye-lids and I was greeted by a bright white ceiling, too bright.

Wait a minute.

I notice the texture of the ceiling was so different, it looked smooth and clean.

This isn't my ceiling! No way it's this clean.

I jolted upright from the where I am lying at. I darted my eyes down to see a grey bed covers and white mattress. I slowly turned my head around to examine the unknown room I was in. The walls were pure white, I saw a wall mounted wooden wardrobe, a large cabinet with numerous shelf and a TV in the center of it. In front of the bed where I was on was a desk with a desktop computer, and a black swivel chair, then between the wardrobe and the bed is a small drawer with greyish-colour. Then I draw my eyes into the floor to see green floor mats. The entire room look so neat and tidy save from the books on the cabinet's shelves.

Then it clicked into my mind, my heart pounded in my chest and my breathing slowly became ragged and shaky as it dawn me.

This is! This is the DDLC's Protagonist room! As shown in Act 1 with Yuri!

I immediately stood up and ran out of the room. I quickly darted my eyes where the bathroom is after finding the room I was looking for, sprinted towards it and barged inside, I hastily walked over the mirror to see myself. Guess what? Before I look at the mirror I already expect myself to look like the protagonist of DDLC, short dark brown hair and perhaps black...

Wait, what?

I looked at myself in the mirror, instead of having the Protagonist's hair and eyes, I...retained my current hair and eye colour, jet black hair and deep brown eyes, and it seems I also have my height, I even still have my fine built body. But what's so different is that my lips are almost if not completely non-existent, the shape of my eyes looked like it was straight from an anime, and of course sharp nose like most anime characters. Hell my entire feature looked like I am an anime character, the texture and colour of my entire body looked like from an anime.

I reached out one hand to my face to feel it, the touch felt so weird, I took a deep breath and released it into the mirror, making an evident moist that blurred my reflection slightly before going back to normal. I looked at the water faucet before grabbing the handle and felt the metallic, cold texture of it, then turned the faucet open. Water streamed down and gradually slipped my hand to it. I felt the cold water from my hand and the low temperature of the liquid substance making me shiver slightly from the cold.

I looked at my clothes to see I am wearing a blank white shirt and a pair of black boxers. I stared at the mirror to see my reflection once more. I couldn't believe it, I won't believe it. I cupped my hands together and held a good amount of water then splashed it into my face to make sure I am not dreaming or hallucinating. I splashed water into my face about like five times before looking back at the mirror, the anime style-like features and textures of me and the room around me was still there.

"This is a joke, right?" I asked to no one in particular.

To make sure this isn't really a dream or hallucination, I raised one hand...And slapped the side of my face with full force and a loud slap, sending a wave of stinging pain into my nerves, causing me to yelp and wince. I groaned in pain and mocked myself inwardly for looking like an idiot by slapping myself.

I heaved out a heavy sigh, grabbing the side of my head as I walk back towards the bedroom but before I could step out of the bathroom, I halt into a stop with my eyes peered into the distance as I got occupied in my thoughts

Wait a minute. If this is indeed the DDLC world, how come the bathroom came in? There was never an art showing the protagonist's bathroom, there also isn't anything in the game files.

I looked back at the bathroom and took my time examining it. The room was rather clean, too clean for a bathroom for there was hardly any dirt or smudges of anything that can come off disgusting. It was an ordinary bathroom though with the walls and floor pure white, the only different thing is bathtub was covered by a grey curtain. I looked at the bathroom sink basin and beside the faucet was a cup carrying one toothbrush and toothpaste. I did not notice that before though.

I let out another long sigh as I grabbed the toothpaste and toothbrush before proceeding to brush and rinse my teeth before washing my mouth with a good amount of water. I decided to take a short bath. I went into the tub and turned the shower's faucet, and water streamed down from the shower head. The feeling of cold and fresh water flow down my skin felt so real, it is so identical to whenever I shower. I didn't take long before I closed the shower and wrapped a towel around me.

I went back into the bedroom to start getting some clothes. I opened the wardrobe and saw a school uniform identical to the girls of the DDLC, warm gray blazer of a white collared shirt with a brown sweater vest. Except, instead skirts I have a dark blue slacks and red tie, and a pair brown dress shoes.

Oh wow, I really am in the world of DDLC...

I suddenly find myself wearing the uniform and strangely enough, it fits me completely, it wasn't too small or large, just the right size to fit me. It was, for the most part...felt weird. Not only I retained my hair and eye colour, all the clothes in the wardrobe appears in a size that would fit me. As far as I know the Protagonist of DDLC appears to be around Monika or Sayori's height, which would make me much taller than the Protag.

"Grahh...There are so many things I can't comprehend." I whined out as I ran a hand through my hair. I looked at the desk in front of the bed and saw my eyeglasses.

I almost forgot that I wore eyeglasses. I picked it up and wear it on. My vision became much clearer and sighed in relief.

How convenient.

Then I saw my phone near the keyboard of the computer.

Even more convenient

I sighed, grabbing my phone and shoved it inside the pocket of my pants. I'll check my contacts later.

Then my thoughts whirred back to strange and horrifying dream I got last night. Just thinking at it back made by body shiver and causing me to breathe deeply, anxiety waved through my thoughts just by thinking at that nightmare. I never got to ask who that voice was, I didn't even see who was even speaking. I highly doubt it is one of the girls. But whoever that voice is, what are their intentions? Why the fuck he was sent here?

Those are the questions I want answered, but I'll be a fool to think that would be answered right away, given how sadistic and malicious sounding the voice was, it will probably toy with me.

"Oh my god..." I groaned, heaving an anxious sigh. "This is like one of those fanfics of DDLC where someone gets dragged into a game, and gets toyed by some all-knowing god...Or devil, to be fair."

The thought and reality of being in that situation alone was to make me panic a bit in the inside.

"Heeeeey! Katsuro!" A familiar voice called out for me.

My breath hitched for a moment, realizing who will be the only one to know the character, or me at the beginning of the game.

"Sayori..." I whispered, I grabbed my school bag which was lying just beside the desk, walking out of my bedroom, passing by the living room then towards the main door of the house. I reached out for the door, grabbing the knob, turning it then gently swung the door open, where I was greeted by a cute looking girl with a short coral pink hair, and those innocent blue eyes staring at me.

"Hey, Katsuro, did you overslept, normally I would be the one to oversleep but even so..." Sayori pouted at me, her voice tinted with worry. "I was wondering where you are so I decided to knock on your door to see if you were still here. I was worried, because I thought something happened to you."

I scratched the back of my head while giving a sheepish smile. "Sorry if I made you wait, Sayori. I won't do it again."

"Mhmm, it's okay. But don't tell me you are getting influenced by me, getting late and oversleeping." Sayori let out a giggle.

Wait, this isn't part of the script, because the start of the game shows the Protagonist is already in the streets and waiting for Sayori who overslept. What she is saying right now is not part of the script.

I waved the thought off for a moment as right now I need to interact with Sayori, to see how she will react and if her next words will be in the script. I genuinely chuckled at Sayori's words.

"Well, I've been pla-" Wait, the Protagonist watched anime and read manga, not playing games, unless...I can respond in a different way. "I've been playing games lately." I responded, walking out of the house and closing the door behind me.

"Playing games? I thought you only watched Anime and read Manga?" Sayori exclaimed, surprised at my answer, walking beside me as we head out for the streets leading to the school, ambling at the sidewalks side by side.

I noticed that there are different people walking around, some wore the same uniform as me and Sayori, then there are a few cars driving down the streets and I can hear the engines of nearby cars running on. I momentarily glanced up in the bright blue sky, seeing the sun shine brightly with the clouds hovering around the sky. This world, despite being a not-so-simple dating game from the outside of the computer, looked and felt so real right now.

"I wanted something else for a change." I chuckled.

Sayori hummed. "I see, I see!" She smiled brightly at me which almost made my heart melt into a puddle.

I decided to smile back at Sayori. "I'm glad you waited for me, Sayori." I said to her with a soft voice.

Sayori's cheeks turned red, batting her eyes away slightly. "Y-You're welcome, Katsuro."

Yeah, that worked quite well at least. The closer we get into the school the streets became more specked with students, unlike in the game where said students are just mentioned. Here I could clearly see and hear the students. Students ranging from different year levels, different hairstyles and even eye colours, hell I could even hear their different voices, ranging from deep to even high pitched ones. Everything felt so surreal.

"Anyways, have you decided which club you will join in?" She changed the topic.

Ahh, that question, same one from the game.

"Well, I feel like joining the gaming club...But I feel like also joining the Literature Club." Yeah, that's not a bad answer, is it? Unlike how the Protagonist answered that he isn't interested on joining any clubs and then recalling that he just went along with past conversations with her, what an asshole.

I saw Sayori's face lit up brightly and beamed a happy smile at me. "Really?! You'll join the Literature Club?"

"Yep, you are the club's Vice President, right?"

"Yeah! Though, you aren't really that much of a reader or writer, are you?" She questioned with a quirk of her brow.

I chuckled nervously. "Well not really. But like I said, I want to try something new." I answered.

I am quite careful and at the same time nervous at my choice of words, even though by the looks of it the script is more or less isn't being followed anymore, but it's still too early to make conclusions.

"Do you...Do you mean it?" Sayori pressed another question. She obviously wanted to make sure I wasn't lying.

"Cross my heart." I cheekily said to her. "Besides, I'm actually happy being with you, seeing you cheerful all the time, it also brings me to smile."

Sayori's eyes went wide and her cheeks went red again, she couldn't help but smile although she attempted to glance away from me. I couldn't but find her reaction so cute, a smile etched up in my lips, not able to contain the happiness I felt while being this kind and comforting to her. I have no doubt she deserves all the happiness she receives.

"W-Well, what's important is that as long you are happy, I'm happy too." She stated.

That sentence made the scene of Sayori hanging flash right before my eyes. I resisted to make a scowl on my face and decided to bit my tongue instead.

"Don't worry Sayori, and that's what I love most about you. Always backing me up whatever situation, or whenever I am, you didn't do those just to me but also to other people. So I will do the same to you, alright?" I smiled genuinely at her. I do not want to see her getting depressed and die again.

Sayori's face exploded in redness again and chuckled nervously. "Oh? Ahahaha...You didn't eat or drink anything unusual did you?"

I grinned brightly. "Nope~ But I just thought that it would be best not to be mean towards people and be nice and kind to them instead. Being so makes this world brighter, doesn't it?"

Sayori laughed merrily. "That's so cool! And yes, being nice and kind, It does make this world more brighter!"

It didn't take that much long for the both of us to reach the school, and what do you know, it is much like one of those schools in Anime. It was large, about having four floors and I can guess a rooftop where there are fences barricading it and some benches for students to sit in, the school entrance has a metal gate which is obviously opened. But another thing that caught my attention is the beautifully made school garden, with lines of shrubbery and trees, all seemed to be trimmed by the gardeners quite neatly. I raised a brow at some random food booth in front of School's walls and the owner or vendor can be seen selling different foods to some student buying. Said vendor has a genuinely bright smile.

I glanced around to see numerous students entering the school, some came in pairs, groups or just alone, most of the pairs appeared to be couples. All the students wore the same clothes as me and Sayori's. But what surprised me is that some of the students have unique hair colours and hairstyle, ranging from simple and plain looking hairstyle to bizarre ones like long silver white hair. Oh and some of the students looked like Goths or something close to that.

Since DDLC is a visual novel, like a dating-sim except it is in Anime style. Shouldn't the major characters be the only ones to have such bizarre features?

I snickered at the thought.

"I'll be going to class now, Katsuro. And after class I am going to introduce you to the members of the Literature Club, they'll be so glad to see you!" Sayori exclaimed in a buoyant manner.

"Wait!" I interjected before she could even run off to the building. "What classroom am I?" I was lucky I still managed to ask that, because I am completely ignorant on what class I'm in. And it was never mentioned in the game what are the classes, or at least the Protagonist's.

Sayori blinked then she stifled a giggle. "Oh you don't know? Well, you're class is just on the first floor, I believe it is Class-105."

"Ah, I see, thanks for telling me." I nervously smiled.

"Aww~ don't worry about it, Katsuro." Sayori then run off to the school building without saying another word.

Huh, this world is more descriptive than I thought. Sayori even knows what classroom I should go. I played DDLC so many times but I feel like I am walking right into uncharted waters, unless my presence alone changed a lot.

After the coral pink-haired girl has gone off to the building, I took a deep breath, closing my eyes for a moment before opening them again. I could feel the wind calmly blowing through the school, the feeling of the wind kissing my cheeks and ruffling my hair slightly felt so real, as if this isn't really an anime-esque world. But this is not the real world, the features of every person I could see right now, the texture of everything, all those proved that this is not the real world.

But whether this is all real or not, the fact that I am able to interact with Sayori willingly and say anything I want and making her say things that are not in the game proves I can change everything. I can save them, give them the endings they deserve, and give Monika the route she deserves.

I can learn from the mistakes the MC did in the game. Of course, I shouldn't feel too confident, since I can change the events, doesn't mean I won't make my own mistakes. And there is still that thing that brought me here in the first place.

I could already feel the burden weighing down on me just by thinking all of it. But by the looks of it, whether I like it or not, it would seem I have to take action.

Sayori, Natsuki, Yuri...Monika. I'm here, I would set things right and give you all the happiness you deserve.


And there's the first chapter of Artificial Reality, a Doki Doki Literature Club fanfic. This is my first fanfic on this site, I'm still getting used to how things work apparently. However, reviews are appreciated~

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