An Explosion of Violence

[A/N: I do not own Grand Theft Auto, but I do own the character.]

Liberty City, NY
Saturday, August 16, 1980.
5:17 PM

John had always been an angry person, but one day, it finally exploded into a national
incident. He had been planning, waitig for this day. He had a cache of ammunition,
armor, and medical supplies. Yes, this would be his final day of life.

He walked calmly to an area with stairs near his cache. "Yes, this is suitable for my
needs," He thought to himself, "And when the time is right, I commit suicide."

He started to fire down on cars. After two minutes, he attracted the attention of the
police. "Freeze!" the officers yelled. "No thanks!" John responded, retreating to his
hiding spot.

He ducked down an alleyway, dodged crates, ran out of the alley, where another unit
was waiting. He dodged both officers, and jumped onto the roof of the police cruiser.
He ran up a staircase, and down another, and finally ducked into a hole in an
abandoned warehouse wall. "Where did he go?" the police asked each other. He then
poped out of his hiding place, and killed three of the officers.

"Officers Down! Officers Down! Requesting Backup! I Repeat Officers Do-" Gunfire cut
the officer's voice off. John figured that he could use the PB radio to warn him about
That's all for now. Chapter 2 coming up.