Disclaimer: I claim no ownership over 'Moulin Rouge' nor am I profiting from this.

Pairing(s): gen.

Warning(s): none.

Word Count: 100.

Toulouse collects cigarette butts and dirty glasses rimmed with absinthe as he tiptoes towards the bed. Christian blinks but makes no other greeting.

"I don't have gifts today," he warns. "How're you feeling?"

His teeth probably have cigarette ashes stuck between them. A fuzz is beginning to form over his tongue from too much absinthe.

"I feel perfectly fine," he promises. "I even managed to get some writing done."

Satine lives in all three of his imagined alternate endings. The Narcoleptic Argentinian refers to his new works as unhealthy, obsessive.

Zidler demands he either pay or go away.

He's fine.