The Alpha Werewolf and his Mate

Part 1

Aaron Hotchner stared at Spencer Reid in astonishment as the young man had just become a new member of his BAU recommended by Jason Gideon who'd said that he was as smart as they come, a genius and Hotch had accepted the recommendation. However, what he had not expected was a slim young man who was also a werewolf like himself, although not an Alpha male, as his attitude was to timid for that. What really astonished him was that the second Reid's scent hit his nostrils he knew that this man, this boy really as he was only 23 was his mate. Reid looked up from under his long lashes, which were brown just like his hair, his eyes, which were golden brown, wide in astonishment and Hotch knew that this young man didn't understood that he had just been claimed, because there was confusion and no little fear in his eyes now. Reid's nostrils were quivering as he took in his scent and Hotch was astonished when he saw confusion and fear because didn't the young man know what his scent meant. Didn't he know that it meant that he, Aaron Hotchner was his mate?

"We will be talking about this after work," Hotch told him in a no nonsense tone and Reid nodded his eyes wide and still frightened. "Don't try to run away from me because I'll track you down," Hotch growled now being able to tell from the young man's body language that he was getting ready to bolt.

Reid gulped and nodded.

"Welcome to the BAU," Hotch said.

"Thank you," Reid squeaked and Hotch could smell the young man's fear.

The fear he smelled coming off his new teammate told him two things. One the young man was likely a virgin, which wasn't surprising, because from his demeanor no women would even notice him. If they did they were unlikely to give him the time of day, because it was clear the Reid was so shy as to be almost introverted. He likely tended to fade into the background whenever there were a lot of strangers around, especially woman as they probably made him nervous and tongue tied.

Two he knew absolutely nothing about his heritage and how werewolves only had one mate, which were determined by scent. He would worry about that later, but now they had been in here long enough and they didn't want to make the rest of the team suspicious so as hard as it was he was going to have to let the young man go. The rest of the world knew absolutely nothing about werewolves and in fact didn't believe they were anything more than fiction. However, werewolves were very real and they walked among humans never letting on what they truly were.

"I'll see you at five," Hotch told Reid who nodded gulping again. "Spencer, calm down, you don't ever have to be afraid of me, I promise you that," Hotch added gently and Reid looked up with such hope in his eyes not responding that it choked Hotch up.

Hotch made another assessment then and that was that Reid had absolutely no idea what was going on, which likely meant that he had been abandoned as a pup and that one or both parents. Hotch doubted that Reid had been told anything about his heritage so they were going to have to discuss a few things before they got to the fucking each other senseless part of the evening as there was no way that the wolf in his chest was going to be denied and there was not going to be a getting to know you stage. Hotch could see that Reid felt the same thing he did, but his struggle was clear in his golden brown eyes and Hotch knew the wolf in Reid was trying violently to escape the boy's control so he could attack him and mark him as his property, but it was clear that Reid didn't understand why it was happening.

"I'll explain everything after work," Hotch told Reid softly and the boy nodded, looking less afraid now, but still nervous.

He was going to have to be gentle at least until things were explained, but whether the boy accepted it or not he Aaron Hotchner was now Spencer Reid's and no one else's just as Reid was his. The mating would take place that night with or without the young man's agreement, because he knew the wolf in him would wait no longer to claim Reid and mark him as his and he was sure that the wolf in Spencer agreed, even if Reid's likely highly intelligent and logical mind was denying what he was feeling.

Hotch well knew that the humans he worked with or anybody else that wasn't another werewolf would call it rape, but werewolves had a different view entirely. As long as the werewolves in question were mates and over 18 then it wasn't rape at all. However, he knew that Spencer's case was a little different as apparently he had not been taught werewolf laws, history or traditions and probably, told nothing about his heritage from the way the young man had acted a minute ago. No, werewolf's mate would consider running away from the one meant for them, because the bond that was between them from the minute they had met would be understood by any wolf that had been raised with the same traditions and law that all werewolves were raised by. Hotch wondered why the boy's pack hadn't taught him anything about himself at all, because he should have been raised among other werewolves, even if his parents had died.

Hotch was suddenly extremely glad that they hadn't been called on a case and hopefully, they wouldn't be for the rest of the day because he didn't know how he was going to resist taking the boy if they were. He wanted to make Spencer's first sexual experience so spectacular that he wouldn't mind repeating it as often as possible.

"Has Gideon introduced into the rest of the team?" asked Hotch.

"Yes, sir, Morgan, JJ and the Garcia, the teams technical analyst," Reid answered a little timidly.

Hotch really hoped that the boy wouldn't keep being so timid, but maybe once he got some solid ground beneath his feet that would change as it was very possible, because Reid had been through several shocks in the last few minutes.

"You may go," Hotch told him, "but remember you're not to leave when the others do."

Reid squeaked and nodded rising from his chair and heading for the door at such a fast rate of speed that he nearly vanished in front of Hotch's eyes.

Well, that boy sure can move fast when he wants to, Hotch thought in amusement looking forward to that evening knowing that Reid wouldn't dare go anywhere.

~~~The Alpha Werewolf and his Mate~~~

Reid tried to act normally while his thoughts were far away. He had so many questions and he was assuming that his new boss Aaron Hotchner would explain everything after work. His biggest question however, was what had been that scent that had hit his nostrils, as it had been mouthwatering and had made him want to attack his new boss and he had barely managed to keep the wolf in his chest under control. Why had Aaron Hotchner looked at him as if he was a piece of fresh juicy steak and like he wanted to attack him and ravage his body? He didn't understand why his werewolf instincts were suddenly screaming at him to do the same to the man that must be at least ten years his senior as his father had told him and his two brothers nothing about that part of themselves. All he knew really was that he was a werewolf and he and his brothers had to change on the full moon, although he knew that they could change anytime really, though he normally didn't do that and only did it when he absolutely had no choice. He and his brothers thought of themselves as basically human as that was the way they had been raised, although he knew that his two brothers enjoyed changing into their wolf form and not just on the full moon. The three of them had survived by hook and by crook and although he wasn't proud to admit they had become expert pickpockets as they'd had no choice if they wanted to survive, since their father had left when they were seven years old with very few resources. The pack that his father had come from had been no help whatsoever and it had been decreed that since the mother was human her pups had no place within the ranks of the other werewolves and that they were weak links that couldn't be afforded.

He, Trevyn and Dylan had had to survive someway, as they couldn't let any adults know that their mother wasn't taking care of them for they would've ended up in separate foster homes and considering the fact that they were mythical creatures that shouldn't exist that wouldn't have been good and in fact it would have been a disaster, since all three of them were forced to change at least once a month.

All three of them had gotten to be excellent thieves, although they never took very much just enough to feed themselves and their mother and to buy new clothes. All three of them had survived on cheap things like hot dogs and hamburgers and also squirrels and rabbits from the forest if they could catch them in their wolf forms, but it had not really been enough to stave off the hunger a lot of times. When all three had gone to college at 13 since all three were geniuses, although their IQs varied, from 175 to 210, with him being firmly in the middle it had gotten better as they had gotten into tutoring and that brought in enough money for decent food and clothes.

Spencer knew if the three of them hadn't been so intelligent that it was unlikely that they would have survived considering that mother had been very sick and she had killed herself when they had just turned 18 as if she had known that all three of her sons were of legal age.

"You okay, Reid?" Morgan asked his new teammate who seemed to be concentrating far more intensely than was required for mere paperwork.

"I'm fine, Morgan," Reid said calmly looking up from his paperwork. "I just have a lot on my mind that's all."

Morgan studied him, his expression and body language, but he couldn't tell whether his new teammate was being truthful or not.

Reid breathed easier when Morgan went back to his paperwork and was suddenly glad that he and his brothers had gotten to be such excellent liars, although none of them made a habit of it, and only did it was absolutely necessary.

Reid concentrated on his paperwork and before he knew it 5 o'clock rolled around, which meant quitting time and he watched as his teammates one by one hated for the elevator.

"Aren't you coming, man?" asked Morgan with a raised eyebrow.

"I'll be a few minutes," Reid said calmly, as he very slowly gathered his things and finally Morgan left with only one curious glance backwards.

Finally once Reid was sure that the rest of the team was gone, he waited as calmly as possible for Hotch to emerge and it wasn't long for the man himself strode from his office, causing Reid's pulse to leap to his throat as he watched the handsome man stroll confidently across the bullpen. Calm down, Reid told his racing heart, he's your boss nothing more. Reid had no idea where these reactions too Hotch's tall commanding presence were coming from, only that he had to get them under control or there was no way he could work with the man if he couldn't, as just seeing him made the pulse in his throat beat more rapidly than normal and his heart pound.

"Come with me," Hotch commanded his tone brooking no argument.

"Where are we going?" asked Reid tentatively.

"Back to my place," Hotch explained as calmly as possible, even as his mate's scent hit his nostrils. That enticing mouthwatering scent made it extremely difficult for him as all he wanted to do was rip Reid's clothes off lean him over the desk and fuck him senseless, but that wouldn't have been wise because there were cameras everywhere. "Believe me, we have a lot to talk about."

Reid gulped nervously and nodded somehow instinctually knowing that Aaron Hotchner would never hurt him or at least that was what the wolf in his chest told him and he had always trusted that part of him in the past and it had gotten him out of quite a few sticky situations.

Reid followed Hotch to the elevator and stepped inside with him and it was less than a minute later that they were in the underground garage.

"We'll take my car," Hotch told Reid not going to let the young man out of his sight until they discussed a few things.

"That's fine, since I took the subway," Reid said.

"What you don't have a car?" Hotch asked in surprise.

"I never learned how to drive," Reid told Hotch simply and Hotch stared at his mate as if he had grown three heads. What teenager didn't learn how to drive? And the mystery of Spencer Reid deepened.

Hotch strode to his car which was a full sized van which surprised Reid as he figured it would be SUV.

"So we're going to your apartment?" Reid asked a little tentatively not sure how Hotch would respond him asking questions about his personal life.

"No, we're going to my house," Hotch corrected. "None of my siblings will bother us."

"Your brothers and sisters are staying with you?" Spencer asked in surprise.

"They're only five years old, so yes. Technically, they are my half siblings. I'll tell you the whole story later."

Spencer nodded, although he was extremely curious how his boss who was in his 30s could have half siblings who were only five years old.

"So why don't you tell me something about yourself," Hotch suggested. "Any siblings or are you an only child?"

"I have two brothers, and we're fraternal triplets as you probably guessed," Spencer answered wondering why his boss was interested in his private life.

"So tell me why you reacted so fearfully when I told you that we would be having a talking why you looked ready to bolt."

Spencer sighed and looked out the window realizing that he was going to have to tell his boss exactly why he had been so scared as he knew that Aaron Hotchner wouldn't stop until he knew the truth. How he knew this he couldn't say, just that he did.

"As I'm sure you guessed from my reaction I know only a little about werewolves, even though me and my brothers are ones. Our father left when we were just seven years old abandoning his sick wife, my mother and his three sons without a word in the middle of the night."

Hotch digested that and felt a burning rage start in his belly, but his tone remained calm as he asked, "What about the local werewolf pack what did they do about this situation?"

Hotch knew what should've happened and that was that William Reid should have been severely reprimanded at the very least and if he refused to go back to his family or at least provide for them. If he didn't at last provide for them he should have been killed for werewolf laws were extremely strict and one of them was that you just didn't abandon your family for no good reason. Now if a werewolf had met their Lifemate it would have been one thing and well within the laws just so long as you provided for any pups, but he had a feeling that what his mate was going to say something he wasn't going to like one bit.

"Our mother was human," Reid began, "and because she was the pack Alpha decreed that we were flawed and that we were weak links that the pack could not afford to have and so he made all three of us outcasts. We were just seven at the time. Our mother was also very sick and though we were only seven all of us were intelligent enough to look after ourselves as we knew that we could not afford to end up in a foster home. Definitely not separate ones and so as ashamed as I am too admit it we got very good at pickpocketing only ever taking enough for us to buy food and clothes. Nobody ever discovered that it was us taking care of ourselves and when we were 13 we all got scholarships to MIT."

Hotch absorbed the story nearly shaking with rage. "So your father taught you nothing about your heritage? Our laws, history or traditions?"

"No," Spencer said shaking his head, "so are you going to arrest me now because I told you that I and my brothers had to pickpocket in order to survive?" asked Spencer afraid of the answer.

"No, because you had do what you could just survive, but there's some things you really need to know, that your father didn't explain to you," Hotch said shaking his head, his disgust obvious. "You're right, when you say that there's no way you or your brothers could go to a foster home, since we have to change on the full moon, even if the change is voluntary the rest of the time. What the pack did to you was wrong as you should have been taken in and supported and your father should have been killed if he didn't at least provide for you, although I can accurately guess that didn't happen, considering that you just told me you and your brothers had to become thieves in order to survive. I suspect that the pack Alpha expected you to die and not survive and persevere like you did. A wolf without his pack, well, it's usually tantamount to suicide, but I suspect that because you had each other that did not happen. In other words, you became your own pack, a pack of three, but still a pack."

Spencer stared out the window again not willing to tell Hotch that his scent was driving him absolutely bonkers with lust and desire and the werewolf in him wanted nothing more than to rip his boss's clothes off and he was fighting off that part of him by sheer force of his stubborn will, although he wasn't sure much longer he could last, considering that his boss's scent was only about 2 feet away.

The rest of the ride was silent, but Hotch kept turning over in his mind Spencer's story and shaking his head. Three pups had been abandoned, basically just because their mother was human and William Reid hadn't cared one iota about his family or that he was likely sentencing his sons to death. He really wished he could get his hands around William Reid's neck and strangle him, but that wasn't the werewolf way so he would have to openly challenge him not that he had any doubt that he could beat Spencer's father and then legally rip him to shreds

"Here we are," Hotch finally said, as he pulled into a driveway of a nice two-story house.

"Nice place," Reid said looking around. "Huge though."

"Thank you, I bought this place when I had to adopt my half siblings," Hotch said, "as an apartment is no place to raise eight children."

"Eight?" Reid asked blinking in astonishment.

"Yes, eight," Hotch said looking at Reid and smiling a little at the young man's astonishment. He was sure that Reid knew the statistics of how rare eight children at one time were, in the human world as well as the werewolf one, although they weren't as rare among werewolves, but still it was rather unusual to have 8 pups at one time, even for their species.

"You'll meet them sometime, but not tonight as it's past their bedtime and the nannies I hired should already have them bedded down for the night."

Which was a good thing because Hotch didn't want to have to deal with his five brothers and three sisters at the moment even if he loved them dearly he had other more important things on his mind like fucking his mate senseless for what remained of the night.

"But it's only seven," Reid protested looking at his watch.

"And that's their bedtime, as dinner is about 5 or 5:30, then they have their baths, which always takes at least an hour, with so many of them and then they brush their teeth and then it's straight to bed," Hotch said. "When they turn six in a few months time they'll be allowed to stay up until eight and when they turn eight they will be allowed to stay up until nine."

Hotch unlocked his door and unset his alarm and then strode Spencer following looking around.

Everything was pretty nice, but also made to be easily cleaned because of eight pups.

"Sit down," Hotch suggested gently pointing to the den. Spencer looked at Hotch still incredibly nervous then obeyed, folding himself down into one of the leather chairs.

"Would you like anything to drink? Or to eat?" Hotch asked suddenly remembering that neither one of them had had dinner.

"I'm fine," Spencer said sitting on the edge of one of the very comfortable chairs done in a nice brown leather. "Could you explain to me why you ordered me to come home with you and why you made me wait until after our shift was over? I freely admit I know nothing about our kind, but I know that some kind of reason that you brought me back to your home and considering you just met me today that makes it even more strange."

"It's not really strange at all and you'll understand why it isn't as soon as I explain a few things to you," Hotch said wanting nothing more than to rip his mate's clothes off and make love to him right there on the very comfortable leather sofa.

"Would you care to explain, as I'm a stranger to you really and you know absolutely nothing about me, except what's in my personnel file." Spencer felt nervous about making demands considering that Hotch was his boss and also an Alpha male, but the mystery of why Aaron Hotchner had wanted to bring him to his home was driving him absolutely batty as was his mouthwatering, luscious scent.

"Do you believe in soulmates?" Hotch asked bluntly not about to dance around the issue.

"No," Spencer answered immediately, "they're nothing more than a device created by writers to sell more books."

"That's true for humankind, but not for us," Hotch countered immediately. "A werewolf knows immediately when they meet their soulmate, or what is known as a Lifemate to our kind. If you had grown up in a pack and been taught our laws, our history and traditions as pups then you would know that soulmates exist among our kind. Only a very few of us ever find the one meant for us and it's always another werewolf, but it doesn't matter whether they are male or female."

Hotch studied Spencer's face and saw he looked disbelieving, which wasn't surprising, because from what he got from Spencer's personnel file the man was extremely logical and practical and therefore, wasn't one to believe in something like soulmates, which to most people were pure fantasy.

"Tell me my scent isn't driving you bonkers?" Hotch asked finally. "Tell me, that the wolf in you isn't struggling like crazy trying to get free from where you have him imprisoned to attack me and rip my clothes to shreds. Tell me, you don't trust me beyond any reasonable measure considering we just met, boss or not, as it normally takes time to build trust between people who work together, but I know the wolf in you is telling you that you can trust me, despite the fact we haven't known each other even 24 hours."
Spencer couldn't deny it at least not honestly and he doubted very much that Aaron Hotchner would believe him if he did and so he answered with the truth. "I can't say I'm not struggling to contain the wolf in me. However, we are boss and subordinate and you should not be in a relationship with me."

"Normally, I wouldn't even consider it," Hotch told him honestly. "However, there is no denying the connection between us and once a werewolf meets their mate that's the end of the line."

"What precisely do you mean by that?" asked Spencer a little nervously.

"Just that if you had been raised in our history and traditions like you should have been we'd already be upstairs in what is now our bedroom and I'd be fucking you senseless and this conversation never would've taken place. However, I'll tell you now that you and I belong together and you can't deny the connection that flows between us. I'm trying to explain to you what exactly is going to happen, because you can't deny what is between us forever and if you try it will only drive you insane and me as well. Even if you quit the BAU and the FBI entirely and try to run away you won't be able to stay away for very long as you will feel the pull to me, even if you are 500 miles away. The urge to mate with me will get stronger and the longer you deny the connection, the worse you and I will suffer. You'll stop being able to sleep, because of the very intense sexual dreams, you'll wake up shaking with such intense desire and lust every night with your bedsheets soaked in sweat and semen that you will desperately yearn too go back to your mate and to stop running."

"What happens if I don't give into the bond?" asked Spencer thinking rapidly, "and say I go to Italy or France or somewhere even farther away?"

"Then I'll track you down no matter how long it takes," Hotch told Spencer fiercely. "Even if it took me the next 10 years I would track you down, although after awhile you and I would stop being able to function without each other. You're thinking processes will slow down and become extremely sluggish, you will feel depressed and when you are in your wolf form you will howl at the moon, because you miss your mate so much and other wolves would recognize how lonely and desperate it was. Eventually, even if that wasn't for a year or even two you would commit suicide and I would to, although I would make provisions for my siblings before I did that."

Spencer gulped, as he listened to his boss and knew that Hotch wasn't lying as he had said it in a very matter-of-fact voice, as if it was something he had learned as a child, which come to think of it he had, because hadn't Hotch just told him so? Spencer's mind raced rapidly as he tried his best to figure out his feelings for his boss. Could somebody, even a werewolf fall in love at first sight? Or in this case, first smell? Spencer knew that real wolves released pheromones to attract the mate of their choice and could he and Hotch be the same and be releasing pheromones even when they weren't transformed into their wolf forms? They were human as well as wolves and so it was very possible that in this way they were just like their real wolf counterparts. Spencer hadn't known that he could even do that and he assumed that the glands that released the pheromones were in the same places, which were on the tip of a wolf's tail, at the corners of the mouth, behind the ears and at the top of the anus.

"Spencer, stop thinking and simply feel," Hotch told him as gently as possible even though his patience was wearing thin. "Listen to the wolf within you, what does he tell you? Isn't he panting in eagerness ready to let me fuck him senseless and for us to become one? Isn't he trying desperately to get to me, ramming himself against the bars of the cage that you have him in, metaphorically, of course. Isn't he whining desperate to get out? Doesn't he look furious that he is trapped and that you won't release him so that he can get to me?"

Spencer had closed his eyes and he listened to Hotch's voice and just let himself feel. Yes, he was feeling everything that Hotch was describing, things he had been denying until that moment. The wolf in him looked and felt desperate and it was indeed ramming itself against the bars of the cage he had created within his chest to contain it, even though he wasn't entirely sure how he had done so, as all he had done was just thought about needing a cage to contain the wolf within him and it had appeared, surrounding that part of him cutting it off from taking over his body. Spencer had felt each blow to his body as if it was real.

Finally the wolf in his chest just laid down within the cage that surrounded it and seemed to look up at him all sad, depressed and of course, furious that he couldn't get out.

"Yes," Spencer said his tone also dreamy. "I feel everything you are describing and more."

"It's time to listen to that part of you," Hotch said softly. "It's time to stop overthinking things for once and simply feel. You know what you truly feel for me, even though we have just met and I know what I feel for you. I want to mate with you, I want to feel my knot grow inside your body until we are locked together, unable to break apart until the knot shrinks back to normal in the morning. I want to secrete my semen inside you that if you were a bitch you would soon be pregnant with a whole litter of pups. Now open your eyes and tell me what you feel, not what you think."

Spencer's golden brown eyes opened slowly and he stared at Hotch. He looked almost sleepy, as his lids were half closed, but there was also a sharp intelligence in his golden brown orbs as well as an amazing wonder as he stared at Aaron Hotchner.

"I feel the wolf in me so clearly for the first time in my life," Spencer said softly, his voice amazed. "I've always known he was there, but I never paid attention to him except when he sensed danger and then I skedaddled, since I knew that part of me was much better at sensing danger that the human part of me. I've always thought of myself as human, because that's the way I was raised and I didn't really consider the wolf as a part of me, except when I absolutely had to transform on the full moon."

"You were never taught the lessons that all pups are taught and not just our history, laws and traditions, but how to hunt, track, sniff out a trail, move silently in the forest and everything else that a wolf needs to know for when they are in their wolf form. A werewolf finding their Lifemate is a pretty rare occurrence as only about 30 or 35% do. Sure they marry like your father did, but as you can see that doesn't always work out."

"That's the understatement of the decade," Spencer snorted. "So what happens now?" Spencer asked his golden brown eyes looking into Hotch's dark brown ones.

"Well, I take you upstairs, rip your clothes off you and then fuck you like I've been wanting to do since I met you at 8 o'clock this morning," Hotch said his voce gruff with suppressed need.

Spencer blushed at that, which Hotch thought was incredibly endearing, though he didn't let Spencer know that. "But what about the rest of the team?"

"Well, we'll do our best to keep our personal lives private at least for the moment, since we've just met, but perhaps, in a year or so we can tell the team that we've fallen in love. Perhaps, have a wedding ceremony. None of them can find out about the werewolf thing as I know you're aware."

"No, and they'd never believe us anyway," Spencer said shaking his head.

"Not unless we actually transformed in front of their astonished eyes, which we could do if it wasn't against our laws," Hotch said.

"Would you teach me everything I should have learned as a pup?" asked Spencer hesitantly.

"Of course, I will," Hotch promised him knowing that Spencer was likely not going to like some of it, but he wouldn't think about that at the moment. "I would enjoy doing that at a later date, but now whether you agree or not we are going upstairs and completing the bond even if I have to put you over my shoulder. I've been extremely patient because I realized that you weren't raised with werewolf laws, our history, our traditions, but my patience has just about ended."

"It's considered rape if you force yourself on me," Spencer pointed out thinking he made a very logical point.

Hotch burst into laughter and when Spencer looked at him confused, Hotch explained, "Yes, I will admit it is considered rape among humans, but not among werewolves. This has happened in the past where one mate was confused or was in an arranged marriage and that always ended in suicide, usually of both. Making love to your Lifemate, whether one consents or not is not considered rape among our kind, but simply what's right. Once we have sex for the first time you will know what I already do and wonder how you ever did without it and why you were so determined to not agree to it.

"Once we are done you'll be thanking me and wanting me to do it again and again and again until we are both so exhausted all we want to do is sleep like hibernating bears in order to recuperate. We will make love throughout the night and I will be locked inside you for all that time. In fact, you won't be able to get enough of me spurting my seed into you and want to make love constantly, even when we are working I guarantee it. Despite how sore and tender you'll be after I've been locked inside you all night, you will beg for me to do it again and again, throughout our years together and Spencer don't doubt for a single instance that we'll be together for the rest of our lives as this is definitely not a one night stand."

Spencer gulped and knew that this was his fate and he had to admit that he was looking forward to it, because when he had been in that relaxed state with his mind shut off for a change and all he had been able to do was feel, so he knew that he loved Aaron Hotchner despite the illogic of it, since they had known each other less than a day.

"I…I…I know now that I love you too, as when you made me close my eyes like that and made my mind shut off if only for a few minutes, all I could do was feel and all the feelings I'd been suppressing ever since we met this morning came to the surface. I kept telling myself that I just had a gigantic crush on you from the minute I walked into your office and that it would fade with time. I told myself that there was no such thing as love at first sight or in this case, first sniff and that I was deluding myself. My very logical mind kept coming up with reasons why I couldn't have fallen in love with you considering we had just met."

"Good," Hotch growled rising to his feet quickly. "Let's go upstairs and get started. Don't make me throw you over my shoulder, because I will if you resist and this is the only warning you are going to get."

"I… I…" Finally Spencer seemed to gather himself and said, "I won't resist, because as I said I love you too, even if it's extremely illogical."

"Good, upstairs then," Hotch said in a satisfied tone leading the way out of the den and into the hallway where the stairs were located.

~~~The Alpha Werewolf and his Mate~~~