Arman jumped at the chance to help Thor and by extension Apollo. The Thunderer had sworn him to secrecy, even from his sister. The middle son of Arkyn rolled his eyes at the exchange.

"It needs to be of the utmost secrecy," Thor told him.

"You have met my sister, yes?"

Thor nodded grimly. "Of course, Arman, however this needs to be kept stealthy."

Amaliya's brother sighed, "I will do my best."

He went into the room that held all the supplies for healing. He gathered what he could without it being missing. He then dashed to the library to grab some books and tomes that might help in aiding this ultra-secret mission. He was putting a large and overused book of prophecies into his bag as he turned and nearly dropped it. Liya was leaning against the doorway, staring at her brother with a curious look which faded into a smile.

"Tell Apollo I said hi," she said cheerily before walking away without another word.

Arman smiled before taking off to find Thor. Liya had always been happy if her family was happy. He had only told her in confidence how he felt, in turn it pushed confidence into the young Vanir.

Loki perked up as Liya sauntered toward him and Adam. "Did I hear Apollo," his tone slightly worried.

"You did, Arman's just helping him out with a prophecy or a priestess, wasn't clear," she kissed him. It wasn't a lie but not the full truth either. Liya looked at the gazebo that her mother was so fond of. "How's she been?" Her eyes set on the sullen form of Andromeda.

Let me show you…

Destruction, ruin, chaos, death. Aurora saw it all. She saw Loki in a way she'd never previously seen, and she was starting to suspect that whomever was trying to contact her was bent on turning her against her brother.

Aurora cursed her predicament. Between feeling overwhelmed by the visions and the voice that tempted her, she was far, far away. Farther than any portal had ever transported her.

There was also the serpent-like dragon chewing on the roots of a tree.

Yggdrasil, the demigoddess thought, remembering it from the many lore books she'd read as a child. She knew that she needed to ascend the tree in order to reach Midgard, to return her astral form to her physical body. Easier said than done, she mused, eyeing the dragon that guarded the trunk.

Apollo is right about one thing…I know not my own power. She felt a pang of guilt for thinking she could have a normal relationship with anyone, let alone a god. Mortal boys were easy playthings and, once she was bored, she abandoned them to focus on her own pursuits. Thor deserves better, and Loki deserves the truth. Apollo…He deserves a kick in the ass.

"Apollo." Her voice came out as a whisper, nevertheless he heard it. He rushed to Aurora's side, folding his hand over hers.

"Aura…" Apollo murmured. "Aid is on the way."

No sooner had the words left his mouth than Thor entered the chamber.

"How is she?" asked Thor, coming around Aurora's other side. He searched her face for any sign of change since his departure.

"The same," Apollo sighed, then looked up, his bright gaze alighting on Arman. "Well, well, well," he drew out each syllable, "fine company you keep."

Arman felt a rush of color flood his cheeks before composing himself. "Apollo." His dark green eyes fell on Aurora. "This is her?" Looking at the girl, he had a flashback to when Liya had fallen into a coma. He shook the image from his head. "Where do you need me?"

"Here," said Apollo, quicker than intended, "right here," he repeated airily, shifting to make room.

Arman moved next to Apollo. "Amaliya sends her regards." This brought a smile to the Sun God. "What happened to her?"

Thor glared at Apollo, who offered up an innocent grin. "I invited her and her delightful new…I mean, you two are…" Apollo gestured to the God of Thunder and Aurora. As Thor continued to glare with arms folded across his chest, Apollo continued, "My cousin is a Seer in denial, and the power of the temple overwhelmed her." He threw up his hands. "Completely my fault. Happy now, Thunderer?"

Thor shook his head. "Not until she wakes."

"Is he always like this?" Apollo asked Arman quietly.

"Worse," Arman replied. "I can help her but it might take more than just me, Thor."

The Thunderer shook his head again. "Amaliya cannot know."

Arman gave an annoyed look. "I restate you have met my sister? She already knows. She let me go because I was going to see Ap…" He stopped himself. "Never mind." He turned to Apollo. "Have you tried broaching her mind yet?"

Apollo nodded. "I attempted to bring clarity to the disorder, but I found darkness." He frowned, a rarity for him. "She is the daughter of Hades," he added mostly to himself, shrugging it off. "Are you sure you know what you're getting yourself into?" He grinned at Thor. "She's a handful."

"Says the god who caused this in the first place," Thor returned.

"Thor," Arman began, taking on a very Liya quality to his voice. "This is not Apollo's fault. If anyone is at fault it's you," he said sternly, looking back at Aurora. "Your shortsightedness has caused a lot of harm, or do you not remember," Arman's voice became thick, "Odinsons thinking they are above the trouble they cause. I don't think this darkness is caused by her relation to Hades. There is something much more sinister at work here, I can feel it." His eyes once again found Thor's. "I wasn't talking about Amaliya."

Thor had opened his mouth to argue that Aurora offered to help him when he was struck by realization. "Andromeda." The ire faded from his features, leaving in its wake a grin. "I will go get her."

"At least my sister married the smart one," Arman scoffed.

"My cousin's standards seemed to have lowered since moving to Arizona," Apollo remarked. "I hope you will be able to help her." He found himself lightly caressing Arman's arm. "My cousin means the world to me, thank you…" He raised his head, eyes locked on Arman's. "After this you should consider visiting again, under less dire circumstances."

"Yes," Arman's voice cracked, causing Apollo to smile. Liya's brother cleared his throat, "Yes," his voice returned to normal. "That would be…" he was lost in the Sun God's eyes, "lovely."

When Thor returned to the Temple of Apollo it was with the telepath in tow. He watched from the corner of the room as the trio set to work. Arman's words weighing on him heavily. It was not Apollo's fault; if anyone's it was his for allowing Aurora to accompany him on his quest. He thought only of himself, of restoring Asgard—not the consequences or what should happen in the intermedium.

What about the remaining Avengers? He had not touched base with the team in many moons. Who knows whether they were any closer to undoing Thanos' snap.

Thor gazed upon Aurora's prone form. Perhaps it was all a mistake, coming to Delphi, involving a young woman he barely knew in such a task as the restoration of his people and homeland. He had not been able to juggle being the sovereign prince and maintaining a relationship with Sif or Jane. For the first time in his life, taking a step back to reevaluate didn't sound like a bad idea.