Class 1-A were just told about the U.A sports festival, before a black light flashed throughout the entire building. When the light dissipated 11 the teachers from the hero course and class 1-A disappeared and everyone else got frozen in time.

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Class 1-A and the pro-heroes reappeared in a room that looked like a theater room. The room had about 6 rows of seats. 5 rows of them had about 4 seats in each one, and 1 row had about 11 seats. All of which had name tags on them.

A snack table was located on the right side of the room and bathroom doors were located at the left side of it. There were no doors or windows (other than the bathroom doors of course) and the only thing close to either of them is a small rectangular hole perpendicular to the ceiling.

A huge screen similar to the one at the theaters was located in the center in front of all the other rows.

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When they first appeared in the room All Might took the chance and discreetly changed into his 'Hero Form'. Thankfully, no body but the teachers and Midoriya noticed, and for that he sighed in relief.

It took everyone a minute to process that they weren't at school anymore before chaos, absolute chaos began.


"Where are we?!"

"What is going on?!"

Everyone, except the teachers, was either screaming, running around searching for an exit, cursing, or sweating and looking around nervously. The teachers were more calm and collected but even some had worry etched on their faces and body language.

The chaos went on for my five minutes before Nezu decided to speak up "Students, please calm down"

I'm media all the chaos stopped as all the students stared at the principle in confusion.

"Principle Nezu? When did you come here?" Asked Kirishima.

This time All Might spoke up "He has been here the entire time Young Kirishima! In fact, we all have been here the entire time"

"Oh..." Said Kirishima

"WAAAAAAAH WHY ARE WE HERE?! WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO NOOOW?!" yelled Mineta strating everyone and starting the panic in the room yet again.

Aizawa sighed and decided to use his quirk as he had enough. He glared at his students with his now red eyes as they all quieted down and stared at him.

"Alright" he said as his hair and eyes turned back to normal "now that you all calmed down. We still need to find out why are we here."

No response. His blank expression turned mildly irritated as he glared at his staring students.

"What?" He asked

Midoriya seemed to be the only to snap out of it "O-oh Mr. Aizawa y-your bandages are gone!" He exclaimed nervously.

Aizawa's eyes widen and he found out that, indeed, his bandages are gone and that his injuries are healed.

Suddenly a voice of someone, clearly female, clearing their throat rang through the room scaring the ever living shit out of everyone.

The voice chuckled "Well, at least I managed to scare you" she said in glee.

"W-who are you?" Asked Kaminari slightly sweating nervously.

"I'm JH a-" the voice, now identified as JH began only to be cut off by Bakugo.

"JH? What kind of name is that?" He asked rudely.

JH growled a bit "Yes, JH. And that's not my actual name it's an abbreviation of it. Not that YOU would know asshole" that statement made Bakugo turn red in anger and sent the class into fits of uncontrollable laughter.

After they regained their composure a bit JH talked again "Alright, now that you're calm let me tell you why I brought you here"

"Wait, you were the one to get us here?" asked Mineta in shock.

"Well, duh of course. I was about to tell you that before Mr. Asshole interrupted"

Bakugo growled a bit before losing his temper "Shut up!" he yelled trying to fire explosions on the ceiling. Of course his quirk didn't work "W-what?!" He asked staring at his hands.

"Oh nothing much. Just took away your quirk. Can't have you destroying the theater now can I?" JH said

The students stared at the ceiling in fear, some even trembled, why would she take away their quirks? Is that even possible?

Only one was brave enough to ask the million dollar question "How can you take away or remove our quirks?" asked Midoriya.

The students stared at him as if he's crazy. "Shut up you stupid need" hissed Bakugo.

"You shut up Bakugo! Also, Izuku that's what my quirk is. Unlike, Eraser head/Mr. Aizawa I don't have to stare at people to take away their quirks. Anything I write on paper happens. So, for example, if I wrote 'Bakugo's quirk will disappear' it will happen. It has a limit but meh. Does that answer your question Izuku?" She explained and ended her explanation gently.

Midoriya put a finger at his chin in thought, before nodding. "Yes, thank you Ms. JH"


"HEY! How come do you speak with Deku politely and call me an asshole?!" Yelled Bakugo

"None of your business asshole" JH sassed making Bakugo fume.

"Anyway you're probably wondering why did I get you here." The class and adults with them nodded.

"Well, it's because I have something to show you. Something that will help you a lot, especially you Izuku, in the next few months. Someth-" said JH but got rudely cut off by Bakugo.

"JUST GET ON WITH IT!" he yelled still pretty pissed off.

JH growled a bit but went on with it anyway "I'm going to show you the future" she continued in monotone.




JH cleared her throat quieting them down "Anyway as I said the future. It will be in a TV show format which means that there's also a main character that the events will be around. Also, that character is here with you in the very same room." She continued and gave them a few seconds to absorb what was being said.

"A main character?!"

"I bet it's me"

"No it's me!"

"I'm sure it's me"

"Guys, you're missing the main point!" Exclaimed Midoriya worriedly already figuring out what that meant.

"Well, what is it Midoriya?" Asked Iida

"It doesn't matter if there's a main character! If this is in a TV show format then that means that this person will be exposed to the most danger and have a lot of secrets revealed about them." Izuku explained as the class paled. They haven't thought about that.

JH sighed, "Never missing a point Izuku, but in order to watch the future you ALL have to agree on watching it. Also, you'll have to watch a few 'episodes' of your past first."

The group nodded. "How many episodes will contain past events?" Asked Asui.

"About 13 episodes"

"If we ALL agree and then decided that this is a bad idea can we break the deal?" Asked Thirteen strating the students. They forgot the teachers were here.

"Sorry, but no. Once you make the deal you can't go break it"

Thirteen and the rest of the teachers nodded in understanding.

"Who is the main character?" Asked Yaoyorozo.

"Hmmm..." Hummed JH in thought. "The main character, also my ultimate favorite character and one of my cinnamon rolls is Izuku Midoriya"

Everyone's jaw dropped and stared with wide eyes at Midoriya who also had his jaw hit the floor, but when he registered the part about him being her favorite he closed his mouth and turned beet red.

"WHAT?!" yelled everyone, except the teachers of course.


"Well, you're probably not the main character due to being an arrogant asshole, asshole" sassed JH

"So Midoriya is the main character, but why is he your favorite?" Asked Iida curiously.

"Well, he is smart, a great strategist" some teachers nodded at that "does what he can to help anyone like a real hero would, but I guess the main reason is because... HE IS SO GODDAMN ADORABLE! I mean, where does he get all that cuteness from?!" JH explained but couldn't help her fangirling in the end making poor Izuku discover a new shade of red.

"Well, I guess that about right" agreed Uraraka.

"U-uraraka!" Stuttered Deku with a red face.

"Well, Midoriya she is right about the cute part" said Jiro making the whole class nod and Midoriya cover his red face and groan.

"Anyway" JH giggled "this is a really important decision that will help you a lot in the next few months, especially you Izuku, it will help you determine how to act in life and death situations. In that case a lot of them. The only downside to this is that you will have your secrets exposed. I advice you think this through wisely." She finished.

"Alright" said Nezu "Since Midoriya is the main character how about we ask him about his opinion?"

All the teachers and students immediately agreed and looked at Izuku for confirmation.

Midoriya had a hand on his chin in thought and, to their absolute dismay, started muttering.

Everyone stared at him before All Might called his name in a futile attempt to snap the kid out of it "Hey, Young Midoriya"

No response.

All might sighed and walked towards the kid before putting his hand on his shoulder snapping the boy out of it.

"What do you think we should do?" All Might asked gently.

Midoriya said nothing and looked at All Might as if asking him what do. All might gave a very discreet nod that nobody noticed but Recovery Girl and Nezu who understood what he exactly meant.

Midoriya sighed and said "I think we should agree. If there is some life and death situations included then I think it's more important than keeping secrets" he finished in determination making the teachers smile. This kid was something else.

The teachers nodded and disscussed the situation a bit further before announcing their decision.

"We think we should watch it. As Midoriya said if there are life and death situations involved then it's more important than keeping secrets" Aizawa stated.

"Very well then" JH began, the grin was easily detected in her voice "everyone please take your seats. As you already noticed there are name tags on each seat. Take the one with your name on it. And don't hesitate to take anything from the snacks bar. Just be attentive to the show. I don't want anyone to miss anything." She continued.

The group nodded and everyone quickly took their seats.

Iida, Uraraka, Midoriya, and Todoroki took the first row. (A/N: the order of their names is the same order their seats will be in.)

Bakugo, Kirishima, Kaminari, and Mineta took the second row.

Yaoyorozo, Jiro, Ojiro, and Aoyama took the third row.

Tokoyami, Shoji, Asui, and Sero took the fourth row.

Sato, Kōda, Ashido Mina, and Hagakure took the fifth row.

All the teachers took the last row which contained 11 seats.

When everyone was seated JH spoke again "Alright, now that everyone is seated let's start the show. Everyone, without further ado I present to you 'Boku no Hero Academia' " and with that the screen lit up.

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