Fuji POV
I wanted it to be reality, I wanted to be with Tezuka, I've liked him since the first year. All he ever does is play tennis, he doesn't have time for a relationship. Even if I told him- it's wrong and I know it, I shouldn't like him that way. But I do. Eiji noticed this year and has tried to talk me out of confessing, 'Don't do it nya, your friendship. Think of your friendship Fujiko!' As he said. I can't help but think that he is right, I shouldn't confess, our friendship is too great to be ruined by some crush I have on him. Sometimes dreams can take us too far, as they did with me twice. The first time I managed to not confess, but in the second, which only happened yesterday, I did confess. I didn't really get to see his face because I ran off when I did it. Thank goodness it was a Saturday or I wouldn't have survived just looking at him. That weekend I started regretting what I had done. I hoped it was a dream, I didn't want it to be reality. But it was, there was nothing I could do, expect maybe just dread Monday and hope that he did not take it seriously. Monday came, slowly but surely. We had morning practice that day, Tezuka acted as if nothing had happened, which I am happy for, and nothing out of the normal happened. Until practice ended, Tezuka called me over. "Fuji.. about Friday..." my cheeks went red about halfway through his sentence. "What about Friday?" Tezuka took a deep breath, he actually nervous about what he was going to say. "I-I like you too." I open my eyes in surprise but quickly recover and give him a big, honest smile. "Tezuka," I hug him which takes him off guard, "I'm glad that this isn't a dream." He blinks at me and returns the hug, "I'm glad too..."

Short one-shot that I came up with in like a second. Probably gonna have a sequel, probably, just probably.