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"You cannot be serious. You do not want Harry to get a medical exam because you think it is not necessary? Since when has the well-being of our family been anything other than necessary?" Arthur Weasley was not a man to mess with. Sure he was no Auror, but his temper could rival the unforgiveable curses. Specifically, when it came to someone harming his family. Hearing something had happened to Harry, his surrogate son, Arthur had been livid and even more so when his wife refused to have Harry checked over.

This all started when Arthur's third eldest son floo'd into his office panicking, the behavior putting the Weasley patriarch on edge. When Percy finally got out that Harry had fainted in the middle of the Auror office, Arthur was out of his seat and demanding where he was. With Percy's answer of St. Mungo's, the older of the two was already half way through the floo. He was met on the other side by his wife and his two youngest children. He found it curious that it had been Percy to come and get him, especially since Ron worked in the same office as Harry.

"What has the doctor said?" Arthur asked his wife, a little out of breath from rushing out of the Ministry. He heard the floo go off in the background, catching sight of Hermione Granger in the same state as distress as him and Percy. She had just been told as well it seems. What was going on?

"Nothing, I told them that Harry has just been overworking himself and needs time to wake up," Molly replied as if it was the easiest thing in the world. Ginny and Ron nodded with their mother while the other three stood dumbfounded.

"What do you mean 'overworked'?" Hermione questioned coming to stand at Arthur's side, her arms folding over her chest as she glared at Ron. Arthur was aware of their break-up that occurred shortly after the battle actually. Hermione had wanted to focus on her career and Ron had wanted to start a family. Despite not dating his son, Arthur still remained friendly with her since she was still friends with his older children and Harry. In fact, she was rather close to George, but Arthur was not going to tell his youngest son that.

"He has been working non-stop at the Ministry for the last two weeks! Of course, he would have to break at some point!" Ginny chimed in, Arthur noticing her defensiveness as plain as day. Something was going on here. "But you wouldn't know that so far up Kingsley's ass for the last three years in the Ministry. You are worse than 'Perfect prefect Percy'," Arthur did not have to look at Percy to know the comment had hurt. He had come back to the family officially just before Fred's funeral, but Ginny and Ron still did not accept him like the other Weasley children have.

"Enough Ginevra." Arthur said sternly, ignoring her red face in favor of staring down his wife. "Well, I still want Harry to be looked over. We do not know if that scar has been hurting him or not," he said, a sense of finality to his words as he went to go fetch a doctor. He missed the worried looks that Molly and Ginny shared, but Percy did not.

"Who told you?" Percy asked Hermione, tapping her elbow to get her attention. They worked rather close with each other under Kingsley and he did not think he told her as he was leaving.

"Draco actually. He said and I quote 'one of your weasels just took off running' and when I asked him why you would do something like that he said it probably had something to do with Potter and I was already running to the nearest fireplace," despite the situation, Hermione managed a soft smile at the thought of something always happening to Harry that they all raced here. Percy chuckled at Malfoy's comment, reminding himself that he would have to give the little punk some more paperwork.

"So you are conversing with snakes now, Granger? Knew you were always barmy," as always Ron stuck his big nose into places it is not needed or wanted, interrupting their easy conversation.

"Honestly Ronald. Grow up, we are not at Hogwarts anymore. You would know that had you actually gone back and finished your seventh year like Harry and I. Instead of free-loading in your mother's home," Hermione had broken up with Ron because he had insisted that with Voldemort gone, she could go to her rightful place as a house wife and leave the books alone. After all, Harry Potter did not need someone to protect him anymore. At least those were Ron's words and Hermione had almost hexed him right there at the memory. She was not Harry Potter's walking library. She was one of his best friends. Though in the last couple months, she appeared to be his only one.

"How dare you speak to me like that, you filthy little mudblood," two wands were pointed at Ron instantly, though it was another who actually hit him with a hex. Hermione and Percy turned to the right to see Bill Weasley, the eldest of all the Weasley children, wand in his right hand and toddler in his left. Percy, seeing the dangerous look on Bill's face, was quick to take Victoire from his brother and stepped out of his way. It was not a huge height difference between the eldest and youngest Weasley son, but with Bill's long hair and age, he seemed to tower over Ron.

"Speak that word again, to anyone, and I will be kissing my daughter and wife goodbye before they take me to Azkaban," Bill's voice was low and held threat that they all knew was true. After the encounter with Greyback all those years ago, Bill's personality was almost wolf-like, feelings like protectiveness and anger heightened.

"William Weasley! You will apologize to your brother right this instance!" Molly Weasley stepped forward, stepping between her two sons. Bill scoffed stepping back from her and looking over to make sure his daughter was okay. Victoire waved when she had her daddy's attention, the redhead blowing her a kiss in return.

"I will as soon as he apologizes to Hermione," he shrugged, knowing damn well that she would not get an apology. His mother coddled his youngest siblings way too much. To the point where they thought they could get away with anything they wanted.

"Come on Bill!" Ginny laughed, knocking her shoulders with her eldest brother though Bill stood rooted to the spot. "You honestly cannot say that she did not have it coming! I mean she is a stupid little know-it-all and she broke up with your brother! You have to take Ron's side. He is family and she is just a mu," Ginny was leveled with three wands this time, Bill glaring down at her.

"Finish your sentence little sister," he growled, his shoulders trembling slightly although his wand hand was perfectly still. Ginny looked around the room before shaking her head. "Smart choice," he nodded, moving back to take Victoire from Percy and settling her on his hip. It was easier to keep calm with her in his arms. Victoire cuddled into her father's chest, oblivious to the happenings around her. Hermione and Percy smiled at their elder with his child, both knowing that he would take to parenthood easily and even had another daughter on the way.

"Now tell me what happened with Harry," Bill said, once he had his temper in check. Victoire perked up a bit at the mention of her favorite uncle, but deflated when she did not see him around. Hermione giggled at that before straightening up.

"Harry is fine. Just a little overworked," Molly said since Ginny and Ron were busy glaring at Bill.

"Bullshit. Vic don't repeat that in front of mummy," getting a nod from the toddler, Bill continued. "From the distressed patronus from Hermione, I know that Harry is in fact not okay. In fact, you might want to start talking now because I am sure George and some others will be here soon and want to hear it as well," Hermione blushed slightly at that. She only sent the patronus to people who were close to Harry, fearing the worst. Could you blame her? It was bad enough for Percy to abandon his post and race through the Ministry as if Yaxley had been chasing him down.

"Ms. Granger?" A nurse's voice broke through the silence, getting the attention of all of the occupants of the room. Hermione stepped forward since it was her name that was called. "Mr. Potter wants to see you and Mr. Weasleys," the nurse gestured towards Bill and Percy, the trio automatically following after the nurse.

"Wait! What about us? I am his best mate!" Ron shouted, his face almost a replica of his hair.

"I am his girlfriend!" Ginny shouted as well, already trying to walk past the nurse, but she was held back by magic. No one could go past those wards unless invited or injured. Not even Voldemort.

"This must be some mistake. My husband is back there; he must have forgotten in his rush. It is fine to let us back," Molly tried to get past the nurse but just like Ginny, met the wards. She huffed in anger, glaring at the nurse as if it was her fault.

"I am sorry Miss. Mr. Potter was strict with who he wanted to see," the nurse stressed, a bite to her tone that told the other three that there was something deeper than just wanting to see them. The nurse led them past the doors, leaving behind three rather livid Weasleys. Hermione walked in pace with the nurse, the boys walking just behind them.

"Is Harry okay?" Hermione asked, wanting to know how her friend was and why he did not want to see Ron. Sure, Harry knew their break up was bad, but he was still friends with Ron. And dating Ginny! Why did he not want to see them?

"Truthfully Ms. Granger, Mr. Potter has not woken up yet. It was Mr. Weasley who asked for you, and any other of Harry's friends to be brought up to the private waiting room," the nurse said, pausing for a moment outside of a door. She grabbed Hermione's hand and looked at the Weasley boys. "I do hope, for Mr. Potter's sake, that he wakes up soon," with that the nurse walked off, leaving them at Harry's room apparently. Hermione looked at the two Weasleys, her gaze drifting down to Victoire. She was only three, almost four, years old, but her face said that she understood the gravity of the situation and where they were. Merlin, she was going to be a smart kid. Maybe there would be a Weasley in Ravenclaw yet.

Hermione tentatively pushed the door open, taking in the sight before her. Mr. Weasley was sat on Harry's left side, holding his hand tightly as if Harry would disappear at any moment. Which was a reasonable fear with how pale Harry looked. "Oh Harry," she whispered, feeling the tears rise as she hurried to his free side and latched onto his hand. Arthur looked up at her and then his sons. Bill and Percy were struck when they noticed the tears in their father's eyes. Rarely, in all their life, had they seen their father cry. He did not even cry when he was attacked by Nagini. No, the only time they remembered seeing their father cry was Fred's funeral. No parent should have to bury their child.

"Grandpa!" Victoire wiggled out of Bill's arms, running to her grandpa when she was placed down. Arthur laughed at Bill's worried look, waving him off as he picked up his first grandchild.

"Oh! You are getting so big darling! Where is your mummy?" He asked, settling her in his lap before grabbing Harry's hand once more. Percy chose to stand next to Hermione while Bill went to stand by their father.

"At home! Daddy said Domi is coming soon and mummy no travel," the little blonde girl beamed, exicited to be a big sister. Bill grinned at his daughter and father before turning to look Harry over. He pulled his own wand out, casting a small diagnosis charm on him. It was usually used in curse-breaking, but it should work moderately on a wizard without harm. The charm came back a dull grey, Bill's eyebrows furrowing. There were splashes of color in the grey, but not much.

"What does that mean?" Percy asked, having recognized the spell from when his brother first got his curse breaking job in Egypt. Bill scanned the ball of grey intensely, having almost missed his brother's question. He did not know why Harry's scan had come back grey, they only did when the person was lifeless and he could see Harry's chest rising and falling.

"Your spell is very good Mr. Weasley," Hermione and Percy jumped at the doctor's voice, having not seen him come in. "Sorry for the fright," he smiled, nodding to them as he came further into the room to stand at the end of the bed.

"Are you sure? Grey means…" Bill trailed off, his gaze falling to Hermione and his father. He did not want to tell them the wrong information.

"Lifeless, yes." Hermione let out a soft cry, clinging to Harry even more. Percy rested his hand on her shoulder, both brothers' eyes trained on their father. Arthur was staring at Harry, his back straight and an unreadable expression on his face. They all willing to bet that Fred was running through his mind right now. Pale and lifeless on the ground of The Great Hall, George sobbing into his unmoving chest. "But as you can see, he is breathing. We ran a diagnosis test on Mr. Potter and found that a lot of his magical core is blocked by some spell. We need to break the curse and perhaps he will wake up," the doctor explained, nodding his head slightly. Bill stepped forward, pushing his sleeves up.

"When do we start," he asked, he was a curse breaker and Harry was like a little brother to him. He would do anything to see him better again. The doctor smiled at him, patting him on the shoulder.

"We will need your help Mr. Weasley, but first we must have a test done on him to see what we are dealing with before breaking the curse. We would not want to accidentally crack his mind or magic," that brought out another cry, though not from Hermione but Arthur. Who had done this to this poor boy? Had he not suffered enough in his life?

"Tell them the other thing," Arthur insisted, smiling sadly at Victoire who was wiping away his tears. The little girl was confused why her grandpa was crying, but her mummy always wiped her tears when she was hurt so she would do that for her grandpa as well.

"Other thing?" Hermione questioned, turning to face the doctor. Her face was stormy, as was Bill and Percy's. Harry was her best friend and she had watched him struggle for the majority of his life and now he had a block on his magic?

"Ah yes." The doctor's face even morphed to one of anger as he remembered whatever the other thing was. "While we could not test all of Mr. Potter, due to the block, we could test his blood. We found that Mr. Potter has been doused with a series of potions, for quite some time as well, among them being loyalty, friendship, and the most illegal love," A vase across the room exploded as the doctor finished listing off the potions.

"How dare they!" Hermione shouted, making a break for the door, dodging Percy's arms that tried to hold her back. She was going to give Ginny, Molly, and Ron a piece of her mind. Hermione flung the door open, only to run into a sturdy chest.

"Where's the fire love?" George asked, just as Percy called for him to "Hold her!" George did not need to be told twice, lifting the witch off her feet and carrying her into the room. He sat down, pinning her in his lap, looking around the room. After George came, surprisingly Charlie, and Neville and Luna. Their significant others could be seen outside the door, but deciding to stay out of room. "Now are you going to tell me why you almost ran me over?" George questioned Hermione once she stopped struggling in his arms. The young witch relayed what the doctor had said, the man confirming everything when he was looked too. George's arms tightened around Hermione, looking at Harry. His gaze resembled Arthur's and all of the Weasleys could feel the sorrow in the air. Only three years had passed since they lost Fred and the loss was still fresh with his twin.

"I will leave you all to converse and will return with the goblin. My name is Dr. David Nolan, if you need anything just call for a nurse," Dr. Nolan nodded, walking out of the room to give the family space.

"Blimey, I did not think Ron could be so cruel," Neville said, taking a seat on the floor, near the door. He was not family like the Weasleys and Hermione and there were no more chairs.

"We do not know if he was involved yet," Charlie chimed in, not wanting to believe that his mother and youngest siblings could do this to Harry. He was not the closest to Harry, but he was still family and he had been harmed.

"We know Ginny is however, meaning your mother is involved as well. With how Ron acted with Hermione, it would not surprise me if he was in cahoots with them," Arthur said, standing up from his chair, passing the sleeping Victoire to Bill. The curse breaker simply laid her down next to Harry, knowing that even in his unconscious state his daughter was safe with him.

"Where are you going dad?" Bill asked, placing his hand on his father's shoulder. He did not want his father to go and argue with his mother over something like this. Arthur sighed, turning to face the room, all attention on him.

"Boys, you are all grown up now with your own lives," Arthur began, looking as if the weight of the world was weighing on his shoulders. He had been looking much like this for the last few years, having to still support his youngest children. Sure it was not all seven children, but it was still a toll when he thought he would only have needed to be grandpa Arthur now. "I know she is your mother and they are your siblings, but this is inexcusable. Dr. Nolan said the potions have been in Harry for a long while, probably even during Hogwarts, meaning Molly has been helping Ginny make these potions to poison Harry," all eyes turned to the pale boy on the bed, who looked way younger than his twenty years. Hermione would even add that he looked like that little boy who lived in the cupboard again. "Besides, with the use of Amortentia, Ginny will be taken to trial, and surely found guilty. I have to look after you boys," Arthur said, Bill squeezing his father's shoulder reassuringly. The brothers look around at each other, all coming to a census together. It was Charlie's nod that settled it.

"Dad," Bill said, getting his father to look at him. Sure that he had his attention, Bill continued. "They were not Weasleys the second they decided to harm Harry," Bill said, the other boys nodding in agreement. Arthur looked at his sons, his eyes sticking to Harry for a second when his gaze drifted over him. "We cannot have them ruin our name," Bill said, thinking about not only his job, but all of his brothers'. The second it came out that Ginevra Weasley used a love potion on Harry Potter, the Weasley name would never come back from that. "We stand with your decision," Bill concluded, Percy and Charlie moving closer as well to hold onto their father. George gently shifted Hermione off his lap and moved to his family. He hugged his father, whispering that Fred would have stood with him as well. Arthur cupped George's head, cradling him close to him. Three years ago he lost one son, now he was losing one and maybe another. He was not at all sad about losing Ron. These last few years, he had been a snotty boy, almost as if he had been raised by Lucius Malfoy and Arthur had no clue where it had come from. Hearing that he called Hermione a mudblood had been the final decision factor for him. George would be his youngest now, besides Harry. He really hoped Harry understood why this had to happen.

"Bill, Charlie, will you do this with me?" Arthur asked, carefully removing all of his sons from him and turning to face his two eldest. Bill nodded, stepping up to his father. They clasped left arms, both grips bruise worthy. Charlie casted the charm over their hands, a blue light wrapping around father and son arms.

"I, Arthur Septimus Weasley, of sound body and mind hereby remove Molly Prewett, Ronald Billius Weasley and Ginevra Molly Weasley from the House of Weasley. Never shall they carry the Weasley surname or hold any Weasley money, property, or artifact. All belongings under the Weasley name are to be return to the vault and any titles held with the Weasley name stripped from them. I declare my marriage to Molly Prewett, null and void, so mote be it," the blue magic turned lighter as Arthur finished speaking, looking up at Bill.

"I, William Arthur Weasley, of sound body and mind witness and recognize the removal of Molly Prewett, Ronald No-Name and Ginevra No-Name from the House of Weasley." Charlie repeated his brother, the magic turning white with the final word.

"It is done," Charlie said, moving forward to hug his father close, noticing that he looked a bit pale. The sons crowded around their father once more. Hermione joined in this time, realizing that Mr. Weasley had just lost his wife and two of his children for her best friend. Arthur held all of his children, Hermione was good as one like Harry, close to him. His mother had once said that strength was found in family and he had never felt stronger surrounded by his family. Now they just needed Harry to wake up.

"I am sorry if I am interrupting, I just wanted to inform you the goblin is here now," the Weasleys broke apart, Arthur moving to listening to the doctor. Hermione and George took her previous seat next to Harry, leaving the other chair for Arthur. Neville and Luna stepped out of the room to let the significant others know what had happened. Bill nodded at the goblin that had walked in to meet with them. He knew him from work since he worked at the Diagon Alley Gringotts branch now to be closer to his family. "And that your wife and kids had to be removed from the building," Arthur nodded his head, knowing why they had to be excused.

"They are no longer Weasleys," he informed the doctor who nodded as well, a small smile on his face.

"As they rightly should not be. Now to more pressing matters, Rodnuk here says that all we need is a drop of Harry's blood and we can move on with the curse breaking," the goblin bowed slightly at his introduction, moving to Harry and pricking the young man's fingers. Arthur felt a strange protectiveness course through him when Harry, even unconscious, winced at the pricks to his finger. He just put it down as him not wanting Harry in pain.

"With these drops, we will see Harry's lineage, ailments, potions used on him, etcetera," Rodnuk talked as they waited, his voice rough, but he looked more approachable than Griphook had ever been. It took a minute for everything to appear on the parchment, Rodnuk handing it off to Dr. Nolan, who glanced over the information. His eyes widened at one point and further as he went on.

"What is it?" Arthur asked, taking the seat next to Harry once more. He had a feeling that he would need to sit down for this information.

"I'll just read it out for everyone, if that is alright Mr. Weasley?" Dr. Nolan asked, sounding a bit nervous, but quickly regaining his posture.

"That's fine," Arthur said, confused why he was asking him for permission, but then again he was the oldest in the room and probably looked at as Harry's guardian.

"Okay. Harry James Potter, son of Lily and James Potter. Half-blood. Godfather, Sirius Black. Heir to the Potter and Black line. Needs glasses, some damage from the horcrux left behind by Voldemort. 70% magical block placed on him by Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape. Friendship potions administered by Ronald and Ginevra We... No-Name. Loyalty to Molly Prewett, administered by her. Love Potion, Amortentia variation, administered to Ginevra No-Name for her." As Dr. Nolan read, the others in the room grew paler. So that confirms it then. Ginny would be taken to Azkaban when this got out. She would be lucky if she got a trial. Harry was, after all, beloved by the wizarding community.

"Is that all?" George asked, holding Hermione close as the younger girl cried silently in his arms. He could not understand why someone would do this to Harry.

The doctor shook his head, looking up directly at Arthur. "Soulmate bond, a hundred percent blocked by Molly Prewett and Albus Dumbledore, to Arthur Septimus Weasley,"


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