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Fifteen Years Later

After spending most of his life in The Burrow, Harry had grown accustomed to yelling and commotion in the morning. Especially when his two oldest children were home for the holidays. So it did not really surprise him when he heard his daughter screaming at her brother this early in the morning.

"They are your children before ten in the morning," Harry muttered to Arthur, nudging the older man with his foot before rolling over in the bed. Which was rather difficult with his stomach swollen the way it was. He, when his hormones were out of control, believed that Arthur was trying to beat his record of children with Molly. It still boggled Harry that he had twelve children already, even if he disowned Ron and Ginny. It was still remarkable and everything he could have wished for.

"I have feeling they are going to be coming to us," Arthur whispered back, carefully pulling the blankets up to cover any part of them that they did not want their children seeing. Harry preferred sleeping naked, especially in the summer, and did not exactly want to flash his fifteen-year-old daughter. True to Arthur's word, three pairs of feet came slamming down the stairs before their door was flung open, revealing three of their children. Cedrella Marlene was their oldest, named after her grandmother who had been disowned by her family for who she loved and then made her own family with Septimus. She had been the one doing the screaming, as any teenaged girl is prone to. Behind her was their second oldest, James Sirius, named after Harry's father figures. He was like them in every aspect, having James and Harry's looks and Sirius' knack for getting in trouble and charming his way out of it. Right now his face was twisted in anger, glaring at his sister. The last to enter was their youngest Lily Luna, her little glasses askew on her face as if she was in a rush. She was still in her nightgown and her red hair a bit tangled. So they had woken her up. Or she heard James yelling. Lily looked up to James and was always following him around when he was home.

"What do we owe this visit?" Harry asked, knowing they would not be able to avoid the angry teens. They had to be at King's Cross soon, Harry was sure since they knew went anywhere without rushing. Harry slowly sat up, Arthur helping him sit up with his stomach. He saw a brief flicker of worry on both of his oldest faces, knowing that they had just remembered that their dad was very pregnant and they had disturbed him. Harry held his arms open for Lily who quickly bounded up on the bed, latching onto Harry's side. He held her close, careful she did not see anything she was not supposed. Arthur took over the fatherly duties, having much more experience than Harry and because he actually had clothing on. With the argument resurfaced, it did not take long for the anger to return to their faces.

"James keeps saying that Remus is going to be a Gryffindor! He started to change his clothing to Gryffindor colors!" Cedrella raved, Harry raising an eyebrow at the mention of his missing son. Remus Cedric, his shy little boy who was always found at his side or in the garden. He was eleven and this would be his first year at Hogwarts.

"It is better than slimy Slytherin like you Rella!" James hollered back.

"Don't call me that!" She screamed at her younger brother, going to strangle him when Arthur stepped in the middle. Harry held back his laughter at the situation. Anyone with eyes could tell that his youngest son would be a Hufflepuff, through and through.

"James you are not supposed to be using magic," Harry scolded, remembering all too well what happens when you do under age magic.

"I know! But Cedrella was doing

"Now James, Cedrella, you know that your brother will be sorted by the sorting hat, not his siblings," Arthur said sternly, keeping himself firmly between his children. Lily left Harry's side, wanting to be with her daddy. Harry could not hold back his snort of laughter at how Arthur's stern tone had been undermined by a seven-year-old girl.

"Where is my missing sunflower?" Harry asked, looking at Cedrella and James, even Lily, for an answer. The older children's faces turned into confused ones looking around for their brother. Lily perked up at the notion of being helpful.

"Remy is in his room! Said he had some more to pack!" Arthur beamed at his youngest and kissed her head before setting her down.

"Thank you love. Now you two," he said pointing at Cedrella and James. "Can we trust you to make breakfast for yourselves and your sister?" They nodded quickly, eyes darting to Harry before they were back on Arthur. "Go on, Lily do you need help getting dressed?" With a shake of her head, Arthur let all of his children leave before closing the door and helping Harry out of bed. "I thought having all boys was a challenge," Arthur laughed, helping Harry into a pair of boxers and some loose fitting jeans. Arthur believed they might have belonged to one of his sons before they belonged to Harry. Fleur was an excellent seamstress if that was the case.

"You also had raise Fred and George at the same time though," Harry teased, moving to put on a shirt when his bottom half was mostly dressed. Arthur would have to help him with his shoes as well, but his husband still had to get dressed himself. Harry pressed a hand to Arthur's chest, moving as close as his stomach allowed and pressed a kiss to his lips. "I'm going to go check on Remus," Harry said, patting Arthur's chest and walking out of the room. He heard Cedrella and James arguing in the kitchen on whether they should make pancakes or waffles. Harry leaned over the bannister and called "Waffles!" James cheered in triumphant and there was a clang as if Cedrella had thrown something at her brother. Harry shook his head at his children and began to climb the stairs. "Looking good babe," he smiled when he passed Lily's room, seeing she had gotten herself into a blue dress with a white cardigan. Harry traveled up another flight of stairs, eyebrows furrowing when he saw Remus' door closed. Harry rubbed his stomach absentmindedly before knocking on the door.

"Go away James!" A shout came from the other side of the door. Harry flinched back in surprise and shook his head slightly. What exactly had his oldest son done?

"I am, thankfully, not James," Harry replied carefully. He heard shuffling around in the room before the door was flung open and Harry found a young boy pressed against his stomach. Harry easily ran his fingers through his youngest son's hair, taking in the sight of his room. All of his ties and cloaks had been charmed red and gold, with a few being green and silver. He shook his head, waddling into the room with the eleven-year-old boy and closing the door so none of the other children could eavesdrop. "Do you want to tell me what happened here?" The raven haired man asked softly, sitting on the bed so he was about the same height at Remus. The redheaded boy sniffled as he fixed his glasses, nodding. It broke Harry's heart to see Remus like this. He had always known that his second son was more sensitive and shy than his other siblings, but Harry was well versed in why he was sensitive. He wanted to fit in with his siblings, but could not seem to fit in with them. It did not help that he was the only one who needed glasses and had the Weasley fiery red hair. Cedrella and Lily also had red hair, but it was more of his mother's color than Arthur's.

"James came in and kept telling me not to be nervous about my sorting, that Potters and Weasleys only got sorted in Gryffindor," Remus begun, Harry silently berating his eldest son. James was like his grand-father, full of himself and confident, never thinking before he said anything.

"Ced's in Slytherin and she is a Weasley," Harry reassured, Remus humming in agreement.

"She came in next and said that Blacks were sorted solely in Slytherin, with the exception of Sirius. Any others were removed from the family tree," the insecurity on his son's face almost made Harry curse his children. How dare they say this to their sibling and think it was okay! Cedrella was fifteen after all! Harry would be having a stern word with them. Especially since they brought Remus' name into it. Harry carefully lifted Remus into his lap, a difficult task with his stomach and Remus' age but he managed.

"Do you know why you are named Black?" Harry had never really talked about why Remus and James had different names their parents and siblings. Remus shook his head, resting it against Harry's shoulder. He also traced absentminded shapes over Harry's stomach. "When daddy and I got married, I took his name, but I had the responsibility of carrying on two other lines; Black and Potter. So you and James each will carry on the names, James will carry on the Potter line and you will carry on the Black line," Harry explained slowly, knowing that his son was smart, but he was currently in an emotional mindset.

"What about the Weasley line? Do James and I not get anything?" Remus asked curiously, his face a mix of terror and anger. Harry could understand how the two of them would feel left out.

"Daddy loves you very much and should anything ever happen to him, Merlin forbid, you will get a share of the Weasley line. But Bill, as his oldest, will be Lord Weasley when daddy decides he does not want it. You have to understand Rem, it would not have been practically to have you two named Weasley and let the Black and Potter lines fall extinct," Harry paused, reminding himself that his son was eleven and could handle this conversation, but not the full legal side of it. "It is likely that you two would have never gotten to hold the title Lord Weasley. After Bill is Charlie, then Percy, then George. It was better to have you two be a Potter and Black," Harry explained, rubbing his son's back gently. He could see that Remus did not understand fully, but understood enough. "And no matter your name, daddy and I, all of your brothers and your sisters, will love you as a Weasley for you are one in all by legal name," Harry smiled, helping him off his lap and brushing his tears from his face.

"Even if I am not in Gryffindor?" Remus asked gently, not looking up from his feet. Harry chuckled softly and tilted his son's chin up to look at him.

"Even if you are not in Gryffindor. Have I told you I was almost in Slytherin? I asked the hat to put me in Gryffindor however. The hat does take your choice into consideration, if you are truly afraid of not being in the house of lions," Harry explained, smiling when Remus' eyes widened at Harry's secret. The pregnant man slowly got up off the bed and flicked his wand to return Remus' clothing back to their plain back color and another flick to repack the trunk.

"What about Hufflepuff? James said that's where all the kids that don't fit in go…" Harry stiffened at the words, turning to see the defeated look on his son's face. Ah, so there lay the issue. Harry sighed and moved back to his son, this time sinking to his knees in front of him. He held Remus' waist to steady himself before searching the young boy's eyes.

"You are worried about being in Hufflepuff?" The slight nod from Remus was all the knowledge Harry needed. He sighed again before tilting Remus' chin up to look at him. "You are named after two of the bravest men I knew, one of them was a Hufflepuff," Harry said, watching the boy perk up slightly.

"Uncle Remus was a Hufflepuff like Teddy?" He asked, seemingly piecing together a puzzle in his head. Harry laughed softly, wondering if Sirius and Tonks would ever let Remus live this conversation down. He had a feeling that it was a no.

"Remus, no, but Cedric Diggory was the finest boy I had ever known. Top of his class, popular, brave, friendly, loyal, handsome, but don't tell your dad that," Harry said, grinning as Remus laughed back at him. "You were named after Cedric who was my dear friend. One who lost his life because he was fair and just. He was in Hufflepuff," he could see the light returning to Remus' eyes, suddenly looking more excited than he did during their conversation.

"Really? I am named after him?" Harry nodded, glad that his son had finally come to some kind of peaceful solution in his head. "And I can be like him?" Harry nodded his head again.

"But I want you to be Remus Cedric Black, not Cedric Diggory remember that. You are and will be an amazing wizard and I am sure you will make both of your namesakes extremely proud," Remus' eyes lit up once more and Harry was glad to see that this morning's argument had been cleared. "Now go get some breakfast before your siblings eat it all," Harry laughed, leaning forward to press a kiss to Remus' forehead. The boy nodded vigorously, heading towards the door. "Oh and Rem?" The boy paused, turning to look at his father. "Can you get your dad? I cannot get up," Harry laughed, watching his son return the laugh before taking off to get Arthur. Harry loved his family, it was everything he could have ever dreamed of.

It was customary in the Weasley family home that every morning after the children went back to Hogwarts, the remaining members would come to the Burrow for breakfast. So they were all there when Arthur and Harry got Remus' letter and found out that he had been sorted into Hufflepuff, much to Teddy's pleasure, and had already made a friend with Alice Longbottom. Harry smiled from where he was sat to Arthur's right, their home filled with the Weasley boys, their spouses, and their children. Anyone under eleven was found in the backyard, having their own little picnic breakfast away from the adults. Charlie and his husband Myles had been elected to watch over the children outside, not that either truly cared. All the brothers had simply agreed that Harry would be sitting down instead of walking around and serving everyone. In George's words, Harry was 'fit to pop any second.' Hermione had smacked his head, but Harry just shrugged off the comment. He was bigger this pregnancy, but it was for good reason that him and Arthur had kept quiet. They wanted it to be a surprise in November when Harry gave birth.

"So Teddy what's this I hear about you 'snogging' my daughter?" Bill's voice rang out in the room, George and Fleur giggling at the petrified look on the teen's face. Harry just snickered at his godson. The daughter in question was standing next Percy, having just came out of the kitchen to hear the beginning of the interrogation. She quickly glared at her father, moving to stand at Teddy's side. That did not bode well for the situation, causing Teddy's hair to turn pink and Bill to growl.

"Well you see Mr. Weasley," Harry, and quite a few others, snorted at Teddy's stammering. He felt bad, but he knew that Bill most likely meant no harm. He just wanted to scare him a bit. Admittedly Victoire could do a lot worse than Teddy and his bad jokes.

"Mr. Weasley is my father," Bill said, his lips quirking in a wolfish grin that still look quite dangerous. At least from what Harry could expect from Teddy's point of view.

"Actually Harry is Mrs. Weasley," George chimed in, dodging a pancake that went flying at him from Harry's direction. "Just stating facts mum," he replied cheekily, holding up his hands at the raven haired man.

"I'll show you a mum," Harry sneered, standing up from his seat, with a bit of trouble, and waddling after George. He was not really imposing with his stomach and waddling, but George played along, running out into the yard and snatching up his daughter.

"Roxie protect me!" George cried, holding his daughter in front of him as Harry walked outside.

"George Weasley! Unhand our child!" Hermione laughed, chasing after her husband. Somehow she had gained their son Fred in the chase and the little boy was organizing an attack on George. The other Weasley brothers joined in, their spouses shaking their heads. Harry laughed happily as he watched George get taken down by Lily and Roxie. He was shouting about his daughter betraying him, but he had a wide grin on his face. It was nice to see George so happy after the loss of Fred. Hermione had done him a great deal of good. Nineteen years felt like a lifetime and a blink of an eye at the same time.

"Lost in your thoughts?" Arms wrapping around him had him snapping out of his thoughts, turning his head to grin at Arthur. The man was greying more than he had all those years ago, but he was still handsome and all that Harry had dreamed for. Harry hummed, leaning back into Arthur's hold.

"Can't believe this is all mine, that this is my family," he said softly, watching Bill and Fleur gang up on Teddy and Victoire, soaking them with some charms. It turned into a full water fight, George and Charlie helping the children fill buckets will water or water balloons. Harry was a bit concerned about the appearance of water balloons, hoping they were not charmed like the ones in the joke shop.

"Hmm, you are stuck with us love. Even George," Harry laughed, turning to face Arthur and leaning up to press their lips together. Arthur hummed into the kiss, one hand moving down to support Harry's lower back, while the other held his shoulders. Harry smiled in the kiss, reaching up to run his fingers through Arthur's hair. Both pulled back with a gasp when they were suddenly hit with something, Arthur shifting Harry could he took more of the damage. Even if it was just water. Both turned to glare down at Bill who was grinning back at them.

"No kissing in front of the children!" He called, sticking his tongue out at Harry's sneer.

"That includes us!" Charlie and George shouted from across the yard, Percy nodding in agreement from where he was holding his youngest Lucy to ensure she would not get run over in the water fight. Harry rolled his eyes at all of them, shaking his head in exasperation.

"I'll still put you lot in timeout if you throw another balloon or charm at us," Harry growled playfully, watching the boys laugh off the 'threat' before going back to their water fight. Harry shook his head again, leaning into Arthur's chest. "Are you sure we have to keep them?" He asked pouting softly. He was only playing; he would never give them up. Not any of them. Not even with all the mom jokes George made about him.

"I am positive love. Especially these two," Harry smiled when Arthur pressed a hand to his stomach. "I have already raised a pair of twins and I barely escaped with my hair, these two are sure to make me bald. If they are anything like their brothers," Harry chuckled softly, ready to meet his twins. They would be his last children and he was not too upset with that fact. He had enough love around him with the oldest Weasley boys and his current children, along with his grandchildren. Harry was surely living his dream life. The life that a little boy had once dreamed about and had never believed it would be reality without the aid of magic. A dream come true thanks to a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day


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