Full Moon Elementals

Chapter 7: I'm an Avatar and I know It

Rushing forward the flame induced Lynn charged into the beast with a trail of flames following behind her as she slammed her fist into the beast's gut. The glowing first burst into flames on contact with the blow dinging into the creature's flesh, while the second and third tore out larger and larger chunks as it was pushed backwards into the wall. Now the beast was pinned Lynn turned to her friends.

"Well come on! Run guys!"

Taking their chance Jake and Ryle fled out of the cafeteria as the beast slowly pulled its way out of the large dent the flaming Lynn had forced it into. It snarled at Lynn, its slathering bioluminescent spit dripping out from its multi fanged mouth, as it glowered at her with its sightless eyes. The two took a moment to glare at one another as Lynn smirked at her opponent as it dived at her slicing away. Lynn though bent her legs and jumped over the attack. But she had misjudged and soon found herself almost hitting the ceiling before falling back down into some chairs and scattering them in a pile around her.

"Okay... I am stronger... good to know."

The beast however took this opportunity to turn and dive through the double doors the boys had fled through, bounding down the corridors and leaving a trail of glowing bile as pursued its prey.


With the Boys

Jake a Ryle had managed to get a few class rooms away and were climbing to the second floor of the deserted school when they heard the slobbering and pounding footsteps, they had heard too many times that night.

"God dam that thing is still following us," cried Ryle as he hauled the crate after him and onto a small landing between the floors.

"Go," cried Jake as he took a step back down the stairs.

Ryle froze and looked at his 'cowardly' friend, as he was illuminated in the nearby window's moonlight. "What! You're crazy that thing will -"

Jake however shot Ryle a glare, "And give me the crate," he cried, his hands snatching the box's handle from Ryle. "Look that thing is after those marbles or whatever they are Ryle, it will be safer if you just run. I ain't letting it get you."

Ryle though held onto the box's handle he had been holding, as he wrestled with Jake for the box. "Dude I am not letting you get yourself killed over a bunch of marbles!"

"I'm not," he cried as he began to lose the fight against his friends' strength, "I am trying to save your life!"

It was than the beast rounded the corner, skidding into and scattering a few lockers from the impact. It charged, diving at Jake and tackling him and the crate. The full force of the titanic brute knocked Ryle away into a wall, and sent Jake and the crate flying into the air as he, the box and the beast hit the window, shattering it into a thousand tiny pieces. And then they were falling. The beast flailed as the time around them seemed to drift into slow motion, time moving more slowly for Jake as he fell.
'Is this the end' he wondered as he saw the white box burst open its multi-colored marbles beginning to fall around him, like rain. 'Am I going to die? Maybe I deserve it after all? We broke the law." But he smiled as a picture of Lynn reached his mind. 'I just wish I got to say goodbye to Lynn again.'

And he then felt it, the hard ground, as he slammed into it on his hip, his pocket making first contact, as he felt something within it crack and shatter. And then Jake was engulfed in a powerful light and his eyes went wide.

'The marble?!'

Jake opened his eyes and all he could see was an inky dark void surrounding him in all directions. He could still see his body; his arms and legs could still move despite the fact they should be broken from the fall. He hovered or fell, he was unsure which, in void, as some energy held him upright in the emptiness, he was now enveloped in.

And all at once he began to freak out.

"What is happening? What is going on? Someone please anyone! Tell me what is happening!" His cries seemed to echo against unseen walls, his pleas falling on deaf ears as he tried to move his arms in a futile gesture to 'swim' through the darkness.

It was then he saw small miniscule snowflake fly past his eye and down into the void bellow. He stopped as he watched the small piece of ice drift and fall in a gentle wind that now sent a trickle up from bellow. He shivered as he watched another snow flake fly past his head and slowly danced into the air above him, then he saw another, and another and then many more. It was snowing upwards? Jake gaze shifted down and deep bellow him he saw why, as a wall of white ascending towards him as the winds grew into a gale. The power of the wind hit him square in the chest and tore against his body, rocketing him upwards, only for him to feel like he was slammed into some invisible barrier that kept him in place. Jake tried to move his arms, but they were pushed back, and as he felt the wind and snow hit him like tiny razors cutting into his flesh. He watched, helpless, as the tiny ice tore away his clothes stripping the blonde down until he was bare.

And then the storm enveloped him.

The storm was all around him now running against his skin, the feeling of cold was all encompassing, the ice cutting into his skin. Jake opened his mouth to scream but felt the wind and the snow force its way down his throat and drown out his words. He felt something more than snow pour into his open mouth, a power, a force, something that touched his skin and began to travel through him. Staring in horror the boy then watch as his skin began to turn white and blue as the ice slammed into his body, the flesh beginning to freeze over and solidify.

Soon his arms were covered in ice, and then his face, his eyes, and then his vision began to fade, the image of crystal white enveloping his gaze as his hair began to fade from blonde to white. And as his chest and his legs froze over the ice and the body began to change. The arms grew larger, the definition of muscle seemingly appearing against the cold froze water. triceps, biceps, rounded shoulders and powerful forearms formed. His forearms swelled to that of a champion lifted, his arms slowly going from armature lifter to athlete, to professional body builder.

Then the legs altered, thickening and lengthening, as muscle seemed to pack on underneath the ice that made up the skin. The hard substance cut a hard contrast between the muscles, as the blues and whites mingled, highlighting every bit of 'flesh' coating it all in a smooth slippery surface which gave his almost 'stone like body' a marble like in texture.

There was a sudden crack, his chest widening and popping out as the muscles under his arms pushed out, his shoulders broadening and the two flat pectorals moving out into a pair of slab like pecs that looked as though they belonged on a Greek statue. His jaw would also crack, his head growing to match his swelling and growing form. His jaw squared off, his cheeks raising to compliment his appearance, as his closed eyes moved closer together to give a more focus look: his face twisted until it was almost unrecognizable, a male model with the body of god.

Then there was a second crack, the ice over his eyes shattering as he opened his eyes and they shinned a bright and powerful deep glowing blue.

Jake was now 7'4ft and being incredibly broad chested with a set of very impressive pectorals that looked like slabs of solid ice which moved smoothly into his broad rounded shoulders that connected onto incredibly muscular arms that surpassed all but the greatest body builders in size and astatic: this was even more impressive considering how thin his waist was and his impressive V-taper which led into the legs of a man who has squatted since he was born. Indeed, every inch of his body was heavily defined by smooth blue and white ice, his flesh hardening to the solid material yet flexing and moving just like flesh. His body had become much more muscular and was defined at every angle much like a Greek statue with every muscle swelling and standing out on its own accord. His facial structure also changed as he matured becoming older and gaining a squarer jawline and older appearance. He had three Ice Blue Orbs aligned on his collar bone, in the pattern similar to Orion's Belt.

Staring down Jake ran his hands along his literal solid eight pack stomach, the strange marble like flesh altering and moving just like a normal humans flesh would: yet never losing its texture.

"W-what... what the heck has happened to me?"

The now living statue of ice had only a second to contemplate his change as the howl of an enraged beast signaled a charge.

He was back in the real world, standing upright, naked and on the grass outside the window he had fallen through. He locked eyes with the charging monster and froze.

The slavering purple beast raised its hands and bought its fists down and on instinct Jake raised his hands to stop them: and what happened next shocked Jake. His hands seized the beast's arms, just below the shoulder and somehow, he stopped it. The beast struggled and thrashed but it's blow was locked down in Jake's firm grip, the icy arms of Jake flexing larger from the mild strain he was feeling. It was not that Jake wasn't struggling, his arms began to shake, the new ice muscle grew and strained as Jake tried to force back the arms in a devastating grapple but rather it was… not impossible for him to win.

Within him Jake now felt something, an intense buzzing or feeling that permeated every being of his body. it supported him, lifted him up, he could look at the beast and see every detail so much clearer: he felt as though he was supercharged. "What... I am strong?" Jake looked at his slick ice arms and then at the beast that was snarling at him as it tried to step back, only for Jake to tighten his grip and prevent it from moving. Acting on impulse the ice like Jake pushed the now off-balance beast back and as it stepped away he bought his fist round into a powerful punch to its jaw, sending it up into the air and crashing down onto the school lawn: a good ten meters away

The beast landed amongst the scattered marbles that had rolled out of the white and now broken crate. It picked itself up and shook its head as it looked at Jake with intense rage. Then from above them both, from the broken window came a bright light, and then out of it leapt the flame haired girl who cried with joy as she soared high into the air with a single jump.

"Wahoooo," she cried as she tilted her body into a backflip, only to then land face first in the dirt next to Jake.

"Umm... Lynn?"

The fiery Lynn shot up, as she coughed out dirt, "I have no idea who you are talking to. I'm the superheroine… EMBER!" but then she blinked, seeing the big, strong, and ice like Greek god before her. Slowly her orange cheeks turned a brilliant shade of red as she raised a confident fiery blue eyebrow made of actual flame and laughed. "And um… who may I ask are you, handsome?"

Jake blinked as he opened his mouth in shock, the ice around his features twisting as like it was not solid to allow him to speak, "I... I... umm... I am Jake." His words were drowned out as a faint mist began to rise around his now dark blue cheeks.

The realization that she was flirting with her best friend hit Lynn immediately. Her eyes followed his body down from his head gazing at a body of literal ice that was sculpted to perfection, and as she travelled further south her flaming blue hair seemed to explode into a larger fireball and she turned away realizing three things. Jake was naked, she was naked, and he was… well-built.
"Gah! Sorry, Jake! I didn't realize it was you; this is awkward, and…" But then reality came back as she half covered up her now full chest, as her yellow eyes came into focus, as she looked at him again. "Jake? Why are you buffed out? Naked? And mostly… how are you made out of ice? And... and..." her eyes travelled downwards the yellow glowing spheres bulging in surprise as Jake's hands rushed to cover his private parts with much difficulty.

"I don't know," cried Jake in terror as he looked away as more steam seemed to rise from his body. "I just fell and wham I am like this!"

Lynn eyes lingered for a second before she shook her head, her flames from her head rippling like they were hair and turned back to the beast that was peeling itself out of the school turf. She however stood to her feet and raised her fists as she glanced at Jake who was awkwardly smile, trying to keep his front turned away from her. "Okay Jake stop that we got to deal with this bozo now!"

Jake blinked as he turned his now snow-white face to look at the fiery woman. "And how can we do that?"

Lynn smiled, "you're made of ice, I am made of fire... I think? Let's just do what's obvious."


"Duh use our -" Lynn raised her hands and put them together with her palms pointing out "-powers!"

A sudden explosion like a gunshot erupted and from Lynn's palms erupted a fireball that flew forward and landed to the right of the beast, exploding as it landed and showering the beast in hot dirt.

"Eh my aim may be a little off."

Jake blinked at that, as he spat out, "You can shoot fire out of your hands?!"

Playing along with it, Lynn puffed out her impressive chest with her hands on her generous hips, laughing, "Ha! It just shows I've got a natural talent in being a superhero! So says Ember!"

However, the creature was belting right after them, all gorilla style roaring at them, and not caring whether or not the Fire Elemental had lousy aim.

"Hey Jake why don't you try it and see what happens." Lynn turned to her friend with a side fiery grin as she ran her hands through her fiery hair, the fingers just brushing aside the flames as if they were actual strand of hair.

Jake looked at her as steam continued to rise from his body, only to then shake his head and hold out his defined muscular arms, holding his palms open and out as he aimed it at the beast. For a moment nothing happened, then from within a power rose up from the depths of his being and flowed down his blue white arms. From the tips of his fingers shot a stream of continues ice, the air around it turning to a faint mist as the beam of white snowy power zoomed towards the beast while Jake struggled to keep it aimed. His hands slid to the side, leaving a trailing of icicles where it hit, and as he tilted his palms the beam moved with it, siding along until it hit the monsters gigantic right arm, freezing it over with ice and causing it to fall and stumble.

Lynn went starry eyed and smiled, "Wow, Jake. That's awesome!"

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Jake screamed out.

Lynn looked around, as she frantically asked, "What? What is it? What's with the scream?"

"I'VE BECOME AN ABOMINATION," Jake freaked out, as he frantically freaked out, "Magic is the unholy forces that are against God. I have become a sinner, a demon, a child that has fallen down from the faith of God…"


Lynn smacked Jake in the back of the head, giving him a blue bump on the head, as she fumed, "Get over it, Jake."

Jake moaned at the super human strike Lynn had delivered to his skull, nursing the blue bump on his head, but quickly realizing that it was deflating between his fingers. As soon as it was gone, he looked up at the beast that was now struggling to free itself from the ice like trap he had formed as he, Lynn looked between him and it with a wide grin across her face. Jake then looked at his hands and they began to shake, only to stop when Lynn spoke out loud.

"Oh man this is awesome Jake! Do you know what this means!" Her hair seemed to flare growing larger with excitement.

Jake seemed to back away slowly as he looked down, running his hands across his literal rock-hard abs before turning to face her. "No... Lynn?"


"I am not calling you that."

Lynn eyes narrowed and got in so close her ne chest bumped against his slab like pecks. "Oh, really Mr. Giant Iceman?"

"Do not call me that," Jake then retorted as he tried to ignore the rising heat within his cold body.

"Whatever. But Jake we are super heroes now!"

"But we are monsters..."

Lynn pouted and frowned raising a hand and flicking Jake n the nose with her glowing hand. "No. We are awesome!"

"Dam straight!" A voice yelled from up above them. "What the heck happened to you guys?"

Turning around the duo looked up at the shattered window to see Ryle. Their first reaction was to smile at seeing him okay, but then both immediately and instinctively covered themselves up to the best of their capabilities. But without much to grab, all they could do was use their hands to obscure as much as they could, and that didn't help matters at all since they were so much bigger.

"Ryle, you're okay!" Jake spun around to face Ryle, both hands covering his tender area, but nonetheless happy to see his friend alive. Ryle however had his eyes locked onto the flame goddess at the moment, grinning from ear to ear.

"Dam Lynn you really grew, and I certainly mean grew." The black-haired boy laughed as he raised one hand to cover the lower half of Jake and leaned on the edge of the broken window. "And man, Jake what the hell have you been eating? Frozen steaks!? Also good luck covering that thing up, I mean I am finding it hard from..."

"Shut up Ryle!" Jake cried as his friend just kept howling with joy. "This is no laughing matter."

"Well I think it is!"

"Well I have to agree with the strapping young blue man I see before me." Came a fourth voice.

Instantly everyone looked up, and atop the roof of the school stood the green plant woman from the woods, looking down at them with narrow eyes and he arms firmly crossed under her impressive chest.

Before any of the trio could reply, vines the size of tree trunks shot upwards and out of the ground, wrapping around the half-frozen beasts' body, biding it to the floor. The three teens stared in awe as a lady then took one step forward from the edge of the roof of the school and set it down on a root which seemed to then fly from the ground and form a small platform to carry her down. She took a good long hard stare at the white and orange figures before her, one brow raised as she glowered at them.

"Do you three have any idea what you have done!" Stepping off the plant platform she walked past them and towards the box, reaching out with a wave of a hand as a vine wrapped around it. "If you had used your powers any more these elementals would have awoken and flown off to who knows where." She spun back to face the confused teenagers giving them a good look at her, and they all recognized her as the plant woman who had been back at the house: and she was pissed. "Do you have no sense of responsibility? Any sense of common application of magic? If you had used any more magic and these elementals may have activated!"

"Wha?" Lynn asked as her now glowing yellow eyes grew wider in shock.

"Elementals!" The plant woman yelled shaking the now empty plastic box, as she stood amongst the scattered marbles which littered the floor. "Crystalized remnants of the avatars of nature. The beings who keep the natural energies of the world in order. The guardians of ecological balance!" Her green face however beautiful was now baring down on them, her Amazonian figuring hiding no illusions to the power she possessed. "Do you have any idea what you have done!"

Lynn opened her mouth to answer but with another wave of the plant woman's hand a branch shot from her arm and molded itself around her face. "Silence! You three have caused enough harm, if I hadn't come here when I did there would have..."

Suddenly the field was alight with a bright glow, all around them the hundreds of small marbles littering the school grass seemed to illuminate the night. With the single gesture of the plants woman's hand the whole field had lit up like a Christmas tree as the hundreds of marbles slowly began to pulse with light up and powerful energies. The woman stopped talking as she took a step back and looked down at her hand, and then the magical branch like gag that Lynn was ripping off of her mouth.

"Oh no," she muttered as it dawned on her she had used her powers.

There was a sudden bang like a hundred gunshots going off, and the gems seemed to shoot up into the air. A loud buzzing noise like a thousand fireworks rocketing up as the small gems flew up and up and then zoomed around and around. They flew up, down, left, right, glowing bright as they lit up the night sky over the school. They moved like giant fireflies, crashing, moving altering and shifting, leaving a trail of multi-colored light as they zoomed around. And as they did the green woman ran towards them with her hands outstretched.

"No, no, no come back!" She cried as they began to fly around one another, going higher and higher. "I saved you! I can protect you! I can -"

A sound like a thunderclap rocked the air and the woman, Lynn, Jake and even Ryle in the building were knocked flat by the blast. The small glowing spheres of light shot away over the sky, like tiny shooting stars, zooming off in all directions and disappearing from sight.

The Green woman fell to her knees as she stared up at the now starry night sky. While Lynn and Jake slowly edged closed as Lynn pulled herself out of the grass and shouted over to her. "Mind tell us what the heck is going on!"

The green woman did not respond for a moment, still staring out into the night where small trails of light could be seen traveling across the inky black sky like they were shooting stars. Eventually she turned to look up at Lynn and then back down to look at the floor: she rubbed her arm and sighed, defeated and exhausted.

"That is a long story... you better come with me."

Jake then perked up as he looked back towards the window. "Wait... where is Ryle?"

Meanwhile inside the building Ryle was pulling himself off the ground by the foot of the stairs he had been blasted back down. His body ached all over, and his head hurt like it had been hit by a dodgeball during gym class. He shook his head as he rubbed his arm which ached the most as he had landed on it. But as he did, he noticed something lying a short way away from him - a tiny grey marble.

He ran over to them as soon as he got back onto his feet, "Sorry about that, guys. Got thrown off my butt, and…" but then ogled the green lady, as he acted smoothly, "Hello, Pretty Lady."

The woman held her hands up, as she stated, "First off, my name is Sakura Hinata. And secondly, I may be an 80-year-old virgin, but I'm not about to sleep with a sixteen year old boy. So kindly keep it in your pants please…"

Ryle just smirked and pointed to Sakura with a cocky smile. "Hey lady I ain't got to romance you to enjoy the view."

"Wait! Wait, wait a minute," Lynn interrupted as she got in between the two. She looked at the Green Woman, her glowing mouth hanging open as she spoke her realization. "Sakura Hinata? 80 years old? You're that crazy old woman from the lab we…?"


Lynn coughed, "I was gonna say investigated."

The woman crossed her arms, smooshing her impressive knockers into a deep valley of cleavage, as she shrugged, "Yeah, I was a bit surprised myself when I transformed into this when I was bonded with that plant Plant Elemental."

"Elementals? Possession? Just what's going on here," Jake asked, getting more and more confused by the minute.

Sakura once again rubbed her arm, as she sighed, "Like I said, I can explain… but only at my place."

They looked to one another, but then Ryle asked, "Well, what do we do about that thing?" he pointed behind them, as they all looked and saw the creature still trapped, but trying to free itself.

They all had the same question, but Sakura sighed, "That I can answer, here help me load it into my truck."

Time Later
Back at the Creepy House

The trip back was, uneventful: compared to how the rest of the evening had went. The only notable event was them managing to get out before a squad of police cars could be seen rolling up to the school as they drove away from it. As it was late and franklin existed near enough to the back woods, they only having to drive through a few back streets, meaning no one saw the glowing girl, plant lady or ice giant, accompanied by a teen who was holding a tapar over the 'berserker' as Sakura called it.

Getting back to Sakura's house proved easier than expected, and using a secret elevator the trio and Sakura now lowered the tied up beast down into the basement, where they were all soon greeted to the recognisable faded white walls of the aging underground lab from the 1950's. Sakura guided them all inside after they had driven back in her decades old pickup truck, trying the best to use the back roads to avoid any trouble.

And soon they were all standing there. The green bombshell made of plants, a fiery vixen with glowing blue hair and an ice covered statue carved to the finest details of mankind. Sakura had taken the liberty of finding a sheet for Jake to wear on the way back, but for Lynn there was a different problem.

"I can't believe that you managed to burn all of the covers that the woman gave you," Ryle laughed as his eyes traced along the sharp curved of Lynn's hips as she used her arms to cover the most sensitive regions of hew prominent chest. Just about the only thing they could cover

"Can you please stop reminding me."

"Hey I'm not complaining," Ryle said calmly as he leaned against the back of the pickup truck, giving the bound and gagged beast a knowing glance. "See he knows what I am talking about."

"Hey I am not complaining," Lynn giggled as she did a little twirl, "I just wish I had some pants."

Walking over to a nearby box Sakura quickly checked the sealed container before flicking the straps that had it tied down and popping it open. She reached inside and pulled out a series of outfits, throwing them to both Jake and Lynn as she began to rummage through the crate herself.

The material was smooth and clear with a soft latex like texture that reflected in the light and seemed to fade in the shadow. It was divided up into a series of tiny shaped diamonds, that together looked like one smooth piece of cloth, and as Lynn tugged on hers it seemed to stretch - and stretch -and stretch.

"Swim wear," Jake asked as he held up what was essentially a pair of bathing shorts.

Sakura turned to him with a cold stare as she pulled her own set out and waved for them to follow.

"That still doesn't tell us what it is," Jake frowned at the material and then back at Sakura, "and this one is too small it won't fit."

"It stretches," the lady laughed, "And no its something of my own design. I'm sure I made a patent. Though I didn't get a chance to give to the military," Sakura replied. "It's a material that can stretch, be bulletproof to an extent, resistance to tearing, extremely low temperatures and is flame-proof. Its essentially a material made of unstable molecules, bonded on a atomic level in a diamond like atomic structure that I didn't put to use. Maybe it might be useful to make you guys some clothes." She then looked at her hand, and flexed her green fingers. "Until I can figure out a way for us to go back to our normal default forms and figure out how this whole works 'merging' works."

"You had these marbles in a plastic the box, and you never learned how they work or what they are," Jake asked, sounding worried.

Sakura shrugged and pulled her green outfit on, slipping her new strong legs through the bottoms as she said dismissively. "Hey I have had a lot of experiments going on, sometimes I have to set some aside as I peruse... more interesting work."

"Why are they shaped like bathing suits," Lynn marvelled, as she held hers up, revealing it to be a red one-piece.

Sakura shrugged, "No reason. Their easy to make and I'm not a fashion designer."

Still as Lynn pulled hers on and adjusted it, she found it clung to her body like a second skin, and she spun around lifting up her flaming air to look at her arse which formed a tight wedgie between her but cracks. "Wow, look at my arse!"

Ryle grinned "I ain't complaining!"

"Well neither am I," Lynn said proudly, putting one hand behind her head as she posed, her chest jiggling within its new confines. pushing them together to form clear cleavage. "But it could use a boob window… Sakura why does this not have a boob window!"

"Like I said: I'm not a fashion designer," Sakura replied dryly, as she slipped on a green turtleneck one piece, with the back showing and an upsidedown pentagon boob window in front. "Although… I think I got part of it from my mom, though my sister was better at this then me. I was more passionate with science."

Lynn struck a pose, making her boobs jiggle again, as she smirked, "You know if I had arm gloves and leggings, it'd make for a sweet superhero costume."

"You'd look like you'd belong in an 80s rock band," Ryle joked.

Jake slipped on sleeveless blue trousers. He looked at himself, and sigh, "At least it covers me up… but does it not have a shirt?"

"I was tinkering with materials, and I didn't get a chance to make one," Sakura explained.

Lynn walked over, sliding her hand on his back, making him shiver from her touch, "I like it. It's missing something though."

"Something to cover my body," Jake asked.

Ryle shrugged, "Maybe it's missing a utility belt." But then looked to Sakura and asked, "So what the heck do we do with that monster thing? We can't take it to the police, they're not equipped to do anything with that. And I'm not trusting the government; they'll probably make it into a weapon. And then they lose control, it spawns more, and then… BOOM! End of the World is happening."

Sakura just chuckled at the boys enthusiasm, and waved for them to follow her. "I think first we should all have a quick chat and discuss what you and I have just become."

"What about tall dark and glowy?" Ryle nodded to the monster.

In response Sakura raised on hand and gently closed a fist, the vines suddenly tightening.

"I do hope that answers your question dear?"

Ryle smiled his cheeks going red, as he patted his icy friend on the back and whispered to him, "So hot."

Later On…

As the three teens, well one teen, a herculean god and two amazons sat down comfortably, Sakura took up position in her comfy recliner… which almost fell apart once she sat down.

Jake was the first to speak up as soon as he sat down, popping the most immediate question in everyone's mind. "Okay, so what's going on?"

"Well that all depends... what were you doing in my house?"

The three shared an uneasy glance and Lynn coughed nervously as she rubbed her now long muscular legs together. "Well you see we had a dare and well..."

"It was my idea," Jake said seriously standing up, "I talked my two friends into coming here so we could seem cool to our new school. We broke in hearing you were a witch and well..." He looked around the room and then down at his own hands, he took a moment to look at the crystal-like fingers as he flexed them as if it was like skin. "I guess they were right, you do deal with satanic magics..."

Sakura laughed, laughed so hard that she was clutching her sides as she rolled around on the recliner, the seat buckling somewhat under her weight. "Satanic magics... oh god that's a good one."

Jake eye then twitched, "Well what else would you call this!" He waved his arm at her, flapping the ice carved limb at her. "I am not exactly human anymore! What else could it be. It has to be some unholy -"

There was a sharp whack as Ryle nodded at Lynn and the fiery woman stood up and with a sharp throw of her arm hit Jake in the back of the head. Yet as she swung she felt the effortlessness as she moved her arm, yet as she hit Jake was launched off his feet and into the lab beyond, his body crashing through the wall on impact.

"Ahhhh, what happened," Lynn cried as she stared down at her hand now. "I only wanted to make his shut up, and then, but then, and he..." she pointed down at her hand and then at the hole in the wall and then to Sakura who was still laughing.

"Super strength dear... I am unsure on the specifics, but these bodies are a lot stronger than you're old human forms."

Suddenly from beyond the hole Jake sat up blinking, as he looked around and the stood up brushing himself down. "Umm... what just happened?"

Sakura stretched herself and pointed lazily at Jake with a simple and slow wave of the arm. "We are also a lot tougher too."

As Jake wobbled back to his seat, Ryle had to ask, "Yeah, but… what are they? What are you? What were those marble things, that big Tall Dark and Ugly thing? And where have you been? This home's been abandoned for thirty years?"

Sakura blinked, as she sighed, "Thirty years? Wow, that has been a long time. And I was thirty when I disappeared, so I guess that makes me 68 now."

"Yeah, sixty-eight with a smokin' hot body and with a natural chest which puts Katie Price to shame," Ryle commented. "I think I might be going for older women now."

Jake spat at his direction, "God dam it Ryle! Can't you keep it your pants. Plus, she has to be a witch and-"

Lynn raised her hand to smack him again, but Jake relented lowering himself back into the chair in silence. Lynn let out a long sigh and sat down and looked at Sakura, "Can you please just tell us what we need to know? Before these two go after each other again."

Sakura gave a slow nod. "Okay then. Now I cannot promise a easy answer, because it is a long story. But I will tell you this, after each of us cracked those Marbles the simplest answer I can give you is that both of you... and myself have become elements of nature." She smiled as she said that last part.

For a second the whole room went silent as Sakura raised one arm and pointed to Lynn. "Fire." She then turned to Jake and pointing with her other arm said, "ice." And then placing her hands on her generous chest, "Plant life. Each of us now represents an element, we have bonded with it and become an avenue for the natural forces of the universe to flow through us."

"Yeah but how though?"

Sakura clicked her fingers and smiled. "That however I have not figured out. The Elemental husks I found were inert and..."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," Ryle commented raising his hands and pushing the air. "Slow the hell down gorgeous... what is an elemental husk?"

"Remember that box of small gem like crystals?" To which all three of the group nodded.

"You mean Marbles," Jake asked?

"Yes marbles. Well each of them was a dead elemental, a long dead creature and avatar for a force of nature long starved of its power and left to rot." She sat back down in her chair and tapped the soft like gem now embedded in her body. "And by coming into contact with a living being it has now latched onto us in an attempt to live again."

Jake then began to claw away at the gems in his neck, "oh my god they are parasites!"

Sakura smiled and walked over seizing Jake's hand and lowering them to his lap. Jake looked up into her glowing blue eyes and smooth face, lost in her eyes and the way her lips moved, "my dear, dear Jake. They are not parasites, have they in any way hurt you at all."

A million counter arguments sprung to Jakes mind, but as he watched Sakura's lips all he could mutter was, "no... no I don't believe so."

"I know for a fact they haven't hurt me in anyway," Lynn smirked, seeing her new literal hot body. "So where did you get these Elementals, anyway?"

Sakura shot Lynn a devilishly wide grin. "Would you believe another dimension?"

Now the three teens had their attention drawn to her, as Lynn asked, "A parallel universe? You mean like in that old sci-fi show, Sliders? Same Earth, Different Dimension?"

"Yeah," Sakura nodded. "Except for this universe… all life has fallen sway to a force trapping it eternal rot and decay, a semi existence between life and death."

Lynn just lay back in her seat and laughed. "Yeah right next you will be telling us we elementals are some form of cosmic defenders that drive back this 'enemy.'"

Sofia shrugged, "Well as far as my research has shown: Indirectly yes."

Lynn blinked. "What?"

"It appears from my research the world fell to this force as a result of its Elementals dying off. As something or someone hunted them down." She turned her hand over and now flexed it. "Although as far as my research goes these elementals were more like floating crystals and certainly were not known to be able to bond with humans... curious?"

"Very," Ryle responded. But then he asked, "But what about this Darkness that invaded this Earth… does it have a name?"

"The Rot," Sakura replied, the word falling like a heavy anvil to the floor.

Everyone was silent, as Ryle finally spoke up, "I shouldn't have asked. Sounds like a rotting carcass."

Jake then stood up, "this is all well and good. But please just tell me how I can get back to normal. As I don't want to spend on more minute as this cosmic defender junk! It goes against nature and gods plan! I am sure of it."

"But they are… Umm... okay." Seeing the determined look in Jake's eyes Sofia turned to look at Lynn and Ryle as she pointed at Jake. "What is his problem?"

Lynn sighed, "It's not him. His parents are kind of, um…"

"Uptight, close-minded, religiously crazy," Ryle put into context.

"HEY," Jake shot out.

Sakura thought on it, and nodded, "Ah, I see. His parents are weak, god-fearing individuals who use hate and fear to brainwash their kids into being what they want instead of encouraging their kids to walk their own path. Yeah, Charlie Manson was like that on the news."

"My family is not god fearing!"

"Jake this is the voice of god," Ryle joked in a deep voice, "You have disappointed me! As penance you must give Ryle free snow cones for a month!"


"Well, I don't fear God," Sakura flat out said, not caring what Jake would say. "I fear the Man in Black."

"Man in Black," Lynn asked, looking confused. "Who's that?"

"The emissary or herald of the R-rot itself," Sakura answered, her voice quivering as she spoke, her arm shaking as took in a deep breath. "And if it came between him and God that scared me the most… the Man in Black would make God afraid of him."

"Hey I'm not afraid." Lynn cried pumping her fists into the air. "We have got super powers!" Cheering she would point one of her hands away and out would fly a small fireball that would slam into a nearby roof, leaving a huge scorch marks.

Jake just crossed his arms. "Can you just change us back to being human already! I am fed up of being this thing." The greek statue of a man declared, pointing his hand at his very broad and muscular chest.

"Dude why are you complaining? You look like the cover of every male swim suit magazine and Mr. Universe contest, why are you upset?"

"Because Ryle I am made of ice! Made of magical heathenistic ice!"

Sakura just chuckled again and stood up. "Well then my dear Jake would it reassure you if I told you your powers are in no way unholy and are tied closely to nature?" Jake just frowned at that and lowered himself down into his seat his head in his palms. "Listen my dear," Sakura cooed walking up to him and placing a hand on his shoulder, "we can likely change back but I am sorry to say this power isn't going to be leaving you any time soon."

"What do you mean?"

"Wait they can change back," Ryle said loudly, his hand diving into his pocket?

Smiling Sakura nodded. "Yes. As far as I can tell it its possible for us to recreate our human forms after a fashion with our powers. Call it a happy accident, or maybe a deliberate plan by whoever left those marbles." She then turned to Ryle. "And yes we can... I believe anyway."

Ryle whipped his hand out of his pocket and held something aloft. "AWESOME." In his palm rested a small grey black marble that he threw down on the ground where it shattered in a burst of light.

"Ryle, what are you..." Lynn asked, but it was too late. The marble had been shattered, and it had already begun for Ryle.

Surrounded by eternal darkness Ryle was suspended in the empty void, rotating as he floated in the lightless room. He attempted to glimpse the entirety of the sudden emptiness he found himself within, yet could not see any end. "Huh?" He commented, taken by surprise. Looking down past his now kicking feet as he tried to find something to stand on, only to find himself standing 'upright' as far as his body told him. "Did something go wrong? Hello!?"

A dull thwack suddenly hit his shoulder, like a golf ball hitting you at high speed. Letting out an instinctive cry, Ryle's hand flew to the spot as the aching impact began to grow into an intense burn. Screaming out in more pain, he gazed now at his hand, as he saw it was covered in an glowing sludge: red hot with the consistency of molten metal. It ran over his fingers and shoulder, burning the skin and seeping down his flesh. Ryle waved his fingers in a vain attempt to remove the fiery red mess: yet it stuck to him as another great droplet of the stuff fell onto the black hair of the terrified teenager. He went to scream but the sludge dripped down over his eye and into his mouth.

He tried to gag, yet as it did something about the molten metal changed. The burning sensation dimmed and around where he had been the intense heat changed, switching from a scolding burn to a feeling like every cell came alive. Shaking his hand with the intense energy Ryle single eye which had not been covered went wide as he watched the sludge almost seem to disappear or rather seep into his skin. Indeed, as it seemed to be absorbed by his flesh he could feel the red hot material begin to slide beneath his skin and Ryle watched as his body drank in the metal. He tried to open his mouth to gasp as he saw his fingers and palm swell in size. And as the last of the goop peeled away a gleaming silver hand could be seen underneath, connected to a powerful forearm.

Now looking to his shoulder, he saw the shoulder and arm appear out from under the sludge, gleaming a bright metallic grey, formed like hard tank plate into that of limb of a bodybuilder. As the now torn sleeve of his clothes fell away Ryle felt another drop of glowing red goo hit his chest, which caused him to look up.

Above him lay a giant ball of glowing molten metal: And by the way it quivered it looked as though it was ready to fall. Ryle grinned as he understood, holding out the arms of his partially transformed body, he grinned.

"Bring it."

Suddenly the mass of molten metal toppled down upon him, spewing down liquid steel that glowed an eerie moonlight white, which cascaded over him, smothering him whole.

Feeling the metal now run over him, Ryle breathed, or tried to. Instead of inhaling it he felt the metal seep through his skin, into his nose, and down his mouth. It slid along his bones, and down every artery and vein, the metal congealing and slipping over his skin as it formed around him. It was then the rush hit him as he felt every cell in his body convulse as something began to push out, reforging his whole body. An intense white-hot pain that seemed to make every nerve of his being stand on end struck him one instance, but changed to pleasure the next. Ryle welcomed it, he felt his arms tense over and over again, and with each tense they seemed to grow larger. The same with his legs, his chest and arms: his whole body seemed to tense, as Ryle feelt his spine shoot up in a feeling he could not quite describe.

He could tell his was taller, the lengthening of his spine told him that, and by the cracking he could hear from his legs, he was only getting taller.

Still his muscles, bones and organs would move, reshape, his collar bones snapping out, his shoulders rounding as his whole from seemed to feel as though he had been placed In a seven year training program in just twelve seconds. He tried to move his limbs and head under the sludge yet in spite of the strength he could sense now within his being he could not move. Yet the effort made his heart pump faster driving him into a frenzy of adrenaline.

And then he could see again, the molten metal sliding off and his now metallic face reflected back at him on his new steel body.

He now stood a whopping 8 feet in height, his heavily, no insanely muscled frame glinted in the darkness as if it was reflected some unseen light. His whole body was a reflective silvery grey, while his hair was a dull metallic black; his eyes now glowed a bright white; while parts of his skin seem to be broken in fine line sectors, almost looking more robotic than man, such as his toes had fused to his foot, making it look like he was wearing shoes on his body: while others parts of his body were almost liquid like in how they were formed, looking as though his new outrageous muscles were painted with liquid metal. Much like Jake, his facial structure also changed as he matured becoming older and gaining a squarer jawline and older appearance, his eyes shone brightly with his contained power, and his features would twist in a smirk as he stared back at his new appearance.

'Oh man' Ryle thought as he remained fixed in place. 'Oh yeah!' His eyes then looked down past his chest to his now metallically made ten pack. 'Oh wow!' He almost cried as he saw the monster between his legs. "Oh yes," he cried as he flexed his arms, his movement returning to him as they exploded in size, the liquid metal distorting as though it was actual muscle.

And then with a single flash he was back in the real world, the entire experience for him having been only half a second for his friends.

Jake's mouth fell open, "Ryle?"

The metallic man grinned as he flexed his arm, the 'organic steel' shifting until its circumference had almost doubled. Now pointing his free hand at the air, he flicked his head back, the strands of metal on his head shifting like real hair as he opened his glowing white eyes.

"I am the muscle terminator," he declared in a robotic eastern European accent. "And like a heat seeking muscle missile I will seek out all who oppose me and make all woman who will bow before me!"

For show Ryle flexed his arms downwards and bent forward just to show how insanely sculpted and huge they were.

"Yeah, speaking of missiles, at least your's is flaccid at the moment," Sakura commented, pointing to the six-inch trouser snake below Ryle's waist. She then commented, "Do yourself a favor, Lynn: don't look down."

"Oh, you mean don't look at this," Ryle smirked, as he thrusted his hips forward, causing movement.

Jake shielded his eyes, "Dude! Seriously!"

"What? You're hung too," Ryle shrugged, not giving a fig. "What's the deal?"

Lynn however was walking around Ryle, taking slow steps around him as her eyes seemed to travel up and along every line and contour of his body.

Only one sound left her lips, "wow."

Jake however just blinked as he flailed his arms angrily. "Is that all you can say! Our friend messes with eldritch forces beyond our universe and all you can say is wow?"

However, Lynn did not seem to hear him, instead running her finger across the reflective almost mirror like flesh of Ryle.

Sakura giggled and simply walked over the ice man and began to lean on his shoulder, smiling at the giant iron golem who seemed to be enjoying all the attention. "Oh, chill out... do people your age still say chill out," to which Jake looked at her blankly.

Ryle however grinned as he flexed for Lynn to watch, his metallic flesh seemingly moving in the same way all of theirs acted. Acting flesh like even while appearing solid or malleable. "Impressed Lynn," he asked?

Lynn didn't answer and just ran past him and back to Jake, grabbing his hands and grinning into his glowing blue eyes. "Jake! Come on you! Me! Ryle! Super hero team! Come on!"

Jake stepped back, as he shook his head, "No way! That's a childish idea! And these aren't powers; they're aggressive physical mutation that eventually we're going to cure."

"Well then," Sakura said seriously walking past all three of the teenagers. "Can you please use those mutations to help me?" All three of them looked at her and then at one another, and Sakura let out a small laugh that she covered her mouth with, "I mean with the Berserker?"

Moments Later
Back in the Lab

Having headed back to the bound Berserker the now transformed trio had under Sakura's instructions tried to lift the creature together. However Lynn who had gotten underneath had found herself able to life the creature on her own; and without even breaking a sweat, so she had hauled it herself after Sakura as she guided them through the lab.

Hauling the creature through the doors they walked back to the same portal, they had accidently messed with only hours ago. The beast seemed to struggle as they entered, but Lynn simply flicked it in the head and the was a sudden thwack like a gunshot as the creature's head shot back sharply, leaving a large bruise where she had hit it.

Lynn just grinned. "Oh man I love being strong." With her free arm she flexed, causing noticeable bicep to rise up.

"I think I might be falling for stronger women too," Ryle declared casually as he watched Lynn, his metallic cheeks growing a dark black as he blushed.

Lynn rolled her eyes back, as she sighed, "Keep it in your mouth, Ryle."

Shifting himself away from Lynn Ryle gave raised his hands in a shrug. "Well you were looking pretty hard a moment ago. But dam, I guess that sucks." He then looked at Sakura who he walked towards. "And what about you poison ivy? What are we going to do with big bad gorilla-thon here?"

"You mean you or our out of world friend here," Sakura teased, running a hand over a blushing Jake's shoulder.

Ryle sighed, "The creature, of course."

Sakura smirked, "The same thing I had planned the whole time before you kids showed up: Send him back to the Rot."

"And I guess we are using... that thing," Jake pointed slowly towards the nearby ring in the cavern bellow. To which Sakura nodded. "Well... let's get this over with." And with that the ice man walked towards it.

"Easy, Ice Boy," Sakura assured him, as she walked past him. "You and the others keep the beast in check, I'll activate the portal. No sense in messing with something you don't know how to work it."

Letting Lynn lift the creature into the centre of the room, the trio were left to watch as Sakura began to activate the portal. The whir of machinery and sparks of electricity pulsing through the walls, now mixed with an unmistakable sense of a deep pulse cutting through the air.

Ryle gulped, "Is this thing gonna blow up?! It sounds like it!"

"Not quite." Sakura began to turn some dials as the energy seemed to spark around the portal, the lightning hitting the centre with a hug bang, the portal suddenly erupting with a noise like a canon.

Stepping away the trio watched as a now translucent portal, the colour of blue stood before them: its surface rippling like a vertical body of water.

The creature writhed and struggled, almost knowing it was being forced to go back home. As Jake and Ryle got near him, it snapped at them, shooting out glowing snake tongues that snapped at them as well.

Ryle grumbled, "Okay, this thing's making it hard for us to shove him back in."

The mouth snakes continued to snap at them, until Jake got angry. his eyes glowed blue, as he shouted, "Stop that!"

Suddenly, two ice blue beams shot at him, freezing the beast's head in place. The whole thing made Jake and Ryle, as well as everyone else stare at him in shock. Jake paled, as he looked at his hands. "What the...? How'd I do that?"

"We can figure that out some other time, Arnold," Sakura said with a whimsical smile. "Just pick him up and throw him back through."

Lynn turned back to look at Sakrua, "Arnold what?" Just as the beast began to writhe and try and free itself one last time. Lynn replied in kind lifting the beast over her head and with two hands hurled it through the portal which it hit like a massive pebble would water, making a sound like a soft plop.

"Huh... expected more..."

Lynn now turned back to Sakura who was wearing some plastic goggles as she powered down the machine and took the riveted stair case down to them.

"Now then... who wants to get back to being human?"


Five Minutes Later…

All sitting down on the rather old or rather vintage furniture, the iron, fire and ice-based beings all gathered around the plant woman who was now standing in front of a large full-sized mirror. Striking possess and looking at herself with almost childlike enthusiasm.

"You know I never realized the marbles would do this for me. Even after studying them I just thought they would give people powers... but this!" She spun around clutching her chest and mashing them together as the great green globes bounced between her hands. "I mean come on! I would have used them as soon as I got them!"

It was then Jake raised his hand. "Umm... Mrs. Sakura... Can we maybe focus on becoming human again?"

"What...? Oh, of course," Sakura gave herself a gentle tap on the head as if it was obvious and then touched her hand under her chin. "Well I theorize that it is possible..."

Jake raised a single frozen eyebrow, "You theorize?"

Giggling the green plant lady just shrugged but Ryle grinned widely as he slapped a metallic hand on his friends' ice-cold shoulder. "Hey, Jake. We don't need to rush - why not relax and just enjoy the view." He nodded towards Lynn who was even now looking at the side and marvelling at how perfectly thin her waist was.

Jake sighed and turned away, "Ryle, for God's sake!"

"Hey man, don't start that again."

Jake groaned, "what I mean Ryle is its already three in the morning! And we have school tomorrow and moreover our parents will be worried sick and... and..."

Ryle shrugged, his metallic frame altering only slightly as he did. "Dude just calm down. And plus do you feel tired because I-" he flexed his arms causing the metal to swell again, as his various muscles grew with the slightest action. "- feel incredible."

"Oh, that would just be the magical energy transfer." Answered Sakura. "I have found that magical creatures typically are partially sustained by magic. Meaning they have to eat less, sleep less and can do a lot more and stay active for longer. To what degree we are effected I am unsure."

"Well, yeah, I get that," Jake replied, but then grew concerned. "But I'm concerned about changing back to human form. I mean, it's not like we can stroll down Moss N Ave like this without causing a scene." He then looked at Lynn, as he pointed out, "And I seriously doubt that Lynn wants to stay on fire for the rest of her life, right?"

Lynn had her arms behind her head, as she smirked, "Is that a trick question?"

Jake just groaned, "Oh, grow up, will you?"

Sakura raised her hands and laughed. "Okay, okay. Geeze calm down will you." She walked behind Jake and placed her green hands on his rounded muscular shoulders and ran her hands along the marble icy surface. "Okay Jake. Now think warm thoughts, think of the opposite of your element and you should change back."

"And how does that work!"

Sakura shook her head and walked in front of him. "It should cause a mental change that triggers the opposite of your first transformation. Just try it it's a running theory I have."

Lynn then leaned in, leaning against her friend as her new chest smooshed into his arm. "Oh come on Jake what's the worst that could happen."

Jake opened his mouth and a few course noises came out. "I-I-I..." He gulped. "I suppose it could work."

Jake tried to concentrate, but nothing seemed to click. He groaned, "Nothing seems to be..." But then suddenly, Lynn sat on his lap, and brought her toned fitness modelesqe arms around him. This caused him to blush fiercely, as he stuttered, "Um, Lynn... what are you...?"

"This might help out a bit," Lynn smirked. "Just think warm with me."

Sakura smirked, "That might actually work."

Jake face then seemed to shift, the new ruggedness and square jaw softening and rounding out as it shifted from that of a mature adult to that of a young teenager. Very similar to his old face: yet it had its differences remaining sterner, clearer and it had a few changes such as larger eyes and higher cheekbones and smaller forehead, changes that still made him look incredibly handsome. He now looked less like a handsome sports star, and now more looked like a hunky teenager.

Still this softening was only the beginning as Lynn felt herself lower a little as Jakes whole Frame seemed to recede. The bulging muscles the size of tree branches shrinking to a more manageable size, and his outlandish sculpted form shrinking ever so slightly, to a sill muscular but less extreme body more typical of a average bodybuilder. From there his skin turned from blue and white to grey and then with a shake of his head he had regained some pinkish colour to his cheeks. However his hair had remained a snow white.

Jake opened his eyes, which while still blue no longer glowed, and he shook himself down as some small shards of ice flew out of his hair.

"Woah... so did it work?" The now muscular teenager asked.

Lynn hugged him, smiling, "You did it! and you look great, Jake! Really handsome. just the man I knew you would become."

But for Jake he was looking his body over with a worried look as he flexed a singular arm and then shook his head in blind panic. "No, no, no! My mom will kill me when she sees this."

"Who cares - you look hot," Lynn giggled as she tapped one of his two impressive pecs.

Now stepping forward Ryle pokes Lynn in the back s he grins from ear to ear. "Now it's your turn hot stuff - let's see how you have changed?"

"Okay Lynn, now cold thoughts."

Lynn looked back at Sakura, and then down at Jake her hand on her friend's bare powerful chest, before looking back and giving the plant woman a whimsical smile. "Oh, you don't make it easy."

Climbing off the former ice man's lap Lynn stood up: Jake noticed that Lynn had always been the tallest of the three of them, and yet after the change he had realised now he was taller then her. Would this stay the same in their human forms? Jake did not have time to answer as he heard Lynn clap her hands as she began to mutter to herself.

"The artic, smoothie machines, ice cubes penguins."

Jake and Ryle looked at one another, Jake getting a slight feeling of unease as he looked into the steel humanoids glowing white eyes. He tore his eyes away and looked back to Lynn awaiting for something to happen, and after a full minute it began.

Lynn's orange fiery skin began to turn more of a light pink, then to a nature tanned brown. Slowly her whole form shrank, her legs becoming long, toned but slender rather then strong and powerful. Her muscle tone on her stomach turned from a clearly defined array of feminine abs into a soft and sexy two pack with a line running up the middle. The blue hair on her head suddenly flashed and disappeared a shimmering main of brown silky hair appearing from underneath. Her chest shrank a bit back to a more manageable size, but stayed no less large and no less perky and round. Her formerly yellow eyelashes fluttered open as she looked around with her now large crystal blue eyes stared around the room, and she looked down at the new her.

Her transformation into an elemental had renewed her appearance filling her body and giving her a natural muscle tone, granting the young girl a healthy toned appearance. Moreover her hips had widened dramatically, and her bust had jumped forward two cups sizes from a small A to a very, very! perky C, add that with her waist pinching in and her legs stretching out causing her to grow to 5'8" ft she was a very tall and slightly muscular girl now with a deep tanned skin, long toned legs, defined stomach and an arse that was to die for. Facially she had stayed very much the same but her new beauty had only accentuated her natural cuteness, although her eyes had brightened and her hair had gained a natural luster she always wanted.

"Oh my god!"

Lynn ran to the nearby mirror Sakura had been using and ran her hands up and along her body.

"Oh my god!"

Again she trailed her hands through her hair, marvelling at its silkiness as she grabs whole handfuls and stared at it: the hair bouncing in a way that only described quality and luster.

"Oh my god!"

Lynn arched her back and did another turn, trying to look over her shoulder and at her perfectly sculpted rear.

"Oh my god!"

She arches her back again, allows her chest to bounce as she looks at them one at a time, shifting her gaze from one breast to the other, and as she touches her lip and smiles.

Ryle lets out a low whistle, and the now human Jake turned very red as he turned away. Lynn however giggled as she rolled her new hips and smiled,

"Guys check me out! I am hot!"

Ryle smirked at Jake's blush. "You got that right, sweetie."

"This is so not right," Jake groaned, while holding his stomach, "What am I going to tell my parents?"

Sakura arched an eyebrow, as she asked "With what? Your body progression or the fact that you obviously don't know that your hair has turned snow white?"

"BOTH!" Jake covered his face with his hands. "My dad would constantly be nagging me for the truth, and my mom would shave my hair!"

"They sound like awful parents," Sakura said casually earning another glare from Jake.

"Either way my fabulous pair of knockout superheroes'," Ryle took a deep breath in, "It's my turn."

Suddenly, the metal on his body began to fold back, like metal plates folding back into one another and then into his skin. The soft clattering of steel of steel revealed the powerful flesh which existed underneath, Ryle's eyes slowly fading as they turned back to his natural brown: only this time alight with energy and power. He stroked his chin which unlike his superhero form could be taken to be Ryle, if only older and more mature. The newly minted sixteen-year-old looked down at his body and ran his hands along the clear eight pack which now graced his stomach, one hand gripping the powerful arms he still possessed, although now at a more realistic and body builder size. Once it was all done, Ryle looked to be a cross between an astatic body builder and a teenage athlete, with defined muscles which were tight and close to his form, highlighting every muscle group in immaculate detail, yet did not drown his body in a wall of flesh. He seemed lither and more manageable, taller as well now standing at 6 feet tall, with his former messy black hair, now no less messy but shimmering and silky as through he had taken care of it all his life.

Ryle was quick to run his hands along his new pectorals which were square and powerful, while another graced the clear quads on his legs. As he finished, he flexed his now muscular arms, performing dozens of poses for his on looking friends. "Oh yeah! Next Mr. Universe right here. Girls will not get enough of me! Time for us to rock this world!"

Jake let out an audible sigh, "Well, at least one guy is getting a kick out of this."

Next Chapter: Shopping for a New You; Attack of the Mall Bots