"What the hell is this?"

"Now now dear, don't be like that, you knew you would be going to a new school, it is very nice".

Annabel is your typical teenager, moody, too much make up, mouthy but now she isn't very mouthy. Her parents are moving to Spain and she is moving to St Trinians, the school for delinquents that's what her friends call it.

"Why are you going there?, "You will either end up dead or or or ... well dead, rather you than me" said Jenny. Jenny is my no was my best mate until she said that. "Oh thanks Jen".

The day arrived and the bags are in the car and we are at the school. I know what you are thinking, why couldn't i stay with Jenny and go to school with her, well Jenny's parents are a bit odd, nice but odd, but now looking at this I think I prefer odd.

"It is a very nice school" said my dad "Brian, said Penelope loved it when she was here". OMG, Penelope is like the toughest girl you could ever meet, no wonder she liked it, now I'm scared really scared. "But it's a girl school, that's hardly healthy is it, all those girls together, you know what if i want to talk to someone about football or ... other stuff". "Don't be ridiculous, there are male teachers here if you want to talk about football with". Is my dad serious.

"It looks like a prison, I'm not staying here". Samuel and Jacqueline look at her, my parents are so annoying. "Why can't i come with you, why do i have to stay here". "We've been through this, you know why". "You know daddy and I have to go to Spain". Yes you heard right my mum said daddy, don't know why i have to call them mummy and daddy I am not three but I do.

Just then the bell goes and about two hundred girls come out of the door, I swear they are all staring at me. Now I can stand up for myself, well I thought I could.

One of the girls walks over, she looks a bit like a teacher's pet, we all know those ones, the ones that sit in the same seat in class even when there is a sub teacher, seriously the sub teacher doesn't know who you are or even cares, just sit where you want. The girl has a name badge on, it says "Beatrice, head girl". Oh brilliant, a head girl, lucky me.

"Come on Annabel, i have heard all about you, my name is Beatrice and I will introduce you to all my friends". It can't get any worse can it, her friends are all sat down on the grass reading books. "Nah you are alright, I think I will go over there". I see another bunch of girls all on their phones, books are for class not break time, I'm off.

I head over to my "new friends". From a distance they looked ok, now I am closer to them, they look scary. Ok, I look round and Beatrice is still looking at me like I'm her new best friend. Suppose I could hang out with her and her mates for today, like just today.

She opens her arms to me, seriously, I don't even know the girl, here goes.

"You don't want to hang out with them, we call them the chavs, not very nice". "look alright to me, what's up with them". Beatrice looks away and pretends she didn't hear me.

I grab my bags out of the car, my parents don't actually want to help me and can't wait to get away. "Oh good you have made a friend Annabel, well me and daddy are going now, goodbye". And that was that, my parents drove off and left me here.

I look around and see a teacher, from a distance it kind of looks both male and female. Nope, it's definitely female, looks like a man but female, this place is weird. He, sorry she walks over to me"You must be Annabel, do come in dear". I look at the teacher very close, did I see a moustache, I'm sure I did. "I think you are going to like it here ..."