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Part 1

Chapter 18

"Serena.....Serena....." Serena heard distantly at first, but then the shouts became closer and closer until the light around her died down. Finally, she opened her eyes and found herself face to face with a small bald headed man.

"Gyahhh!!" Serena shouted and bolted upright, which caused her to feel a tad lightheaded. "Krillen?" She said as she placed her hand to her head. krillen gave out a small chuckle.

"Well it's nice to know your awake!" He said cheerfully. Serena sat on the cold floor of Kami's place and looked around. Nothing really changed, the whole gang was there, there was a dragon floating above everyone, nothing too unusual, but then it hit her. Serena's eyes widened and suddenly she felt av wave of terror flash throughout her body.

"Waitaminute...I'm dead!!!" she stated.

"Well, no......." The little man began, but was soon interrupted by the frantic girl.

"But if I'm dead, that must mean you're all dead too.....but that's not possible, I mean, Gohan did kill cell and everything..." she continued, rather oblivious to everyone around her.

"How do you know THAT?" Vegeta butted in.

"But then if we're all dead, where's Trunks?"

"WE ARE NOT DEAD!!!" Vegeta shouted and everyone, including the hysterical Serena, fell silent.

"Father, don't yell at her." came a voice from behind. Serena's face went pale. No, it couldn't be...could it? She thought as she slowly turned around and locked eyes with a certain lavender-haired man. Serena's eyes swelled with tears at the sight of him and she could only murmur one small "Trunks..." before she leaped into the air and against his body.

"It's...It's really you!" She exclaimed as she smelled his hair, felt his familiar embrace, and tasted his lips on hers. Trunks also nuzzled into her embrace, but just before they were about to go all out they heard a small "ahem" from the group. The couple blushed and let go, but then they realized the sound had not come from the other guys at all.

"Aww, c'mon! we didn't mean for you guys to stop." A femal voice said from behind the couple. Serena turned around with her mouth wide in surprise to find her fellow scouts in a bunch, all smiling at her.

"Guys!!" She yelled and ran to them, as if she was making sure none of this was a dream. She ran into the group, trying to embrace as many of the girls as possible. "This is too good to be true.." Serena muttered as tears streamed down her face. She finally had it all. Everything she ever wished for was right here, right in her grasp. It truely was one of the happiest days Serena had ever come across.

"But I don't understand," Serena said as she lifted her head to face evryone, "how did this happen, I mean, weren't you all dead?" Trunks spoke up,

"Remember how I told you that story about the mystical dragonballs?" He said in a fatherly tone and Serena nodded her head like the innocent child as Trunks pointed to the giant floating dragon.

"I was wondering what he was there for.." said Raye as the girls giggled at her sarcastic remark. Serena giggled too, perhaps the loudest of them all. Suddenly, the Dragon spoke, making Serena and the rest of her scouts jump in surprise.

"It seems we have one wish left..." Krillen said with a sort of distance in his voice.

"Please!" Shouted Gohan, "Bring my Dad back!" Serena felt a small pang of sympathy for the boy. She knew what it felt like to lose someone important to you......

So, after a long, joyus reunion, it was time to head down to Capsule Corp. Only there was a slight problem...

"And how are WE supposed to get down there?" Haruka stated as the men turned around quite stunned for they had not thought of that.

"Well, I could definetly take a few...." Yamcha said slyly and Krillen hit him in the leg.

"Pervert." Serena muttered and Trunks smirked. Suddenly, he grabbed Serena's hand and with a small chuckle he jumped off the platform.

"Good Luck!" He shouted above Serena's scream.

As they sored through the beautiful blue sky and through the clouds, Serena giggled happily.

"Don't you think they need our help?" She stated and Trunks chuckled.

"They'll figure something out," He said in a low voice that made Serena turn her head.

"What's wrong?" Trunks shook his head.

"I need to ask you something, it's important and unfortunetly I need an awnser right away." He said, his voice becoming serious as the wind blew through his hair. Serena's heart jumped and her voice became anxious. She nodded for him to continue, and with some difficulty, he did, "As you know from before, I am not from this time....."

Serena didn't need for him to continue to figure out what he was trying to say as ahe felt her heart drop and her face turned pale.

"Your leaving me?" Her voice cracked.

"No! I want you to come with me!" Trunks shouted, but not in anger, for fear that she may burst into tears. They both paused in midair for a moment; Serena holding back her sobs. Trunks pulled her into his strong embrace and smelled her hair as Serena held him close, fearing that he may disappear right then and there.

"How long do I have?" Serena asked, choking on sobs. Trunks' embrace tightened,

"Until tomorrow morning," Serena's head shot up.

"No....." She whispered as fresh tears streamed down her face. Trunks cupped her face in his hands and kissed her tears away.

"Please come with me...." He whispered as kissed her sweet lips, a light sweet kiss that would forever linger on Serena's body, mind, and soul. It was that kind of love that she fought for, that kind of love she wished for. So, now that she had everything, why did it have to end so soon?

"CONGRATULATIONS!!" Bulma shouted as she popped the cork on the bottle. It was a small get-together, everyone either sat in silence quietly sipping on their bevrage or chatting with one another. Serena quietly observed from the balcony as her friends got aquainted with the mysterious warriors they had once feared and laughed as Vegeta complained about all the girls he had to carry. Not many men would complain about that... She thought. Usually, she would get in there with her chipper, clumsy self, but she had grown out of that. Especially since the news Trunks dumped on her was not helping her mood. Suddenly, as if on cue, a hand gently touched Serena's shoulder. She jumped.

"Lita! Don't do that to me!" Serena said and playfully smacked the taller girl in the arm. Lita giggled,

"So, it seems you and Trunks have gotten quite cozy since we where away." She stated and Serena bowed her head.

"Thats the problem, Lita." Serena said, and sat down on the balcony, "You might want to sit down for this," she said and began to explain to Lita all about the Saiyins, Cell, and her purple-haired lover.

Meanwhile, Trunks sat in his tiny room at Capsule Corps, listening to the ruckus Serena's friends where making. He had to admit, he was a tad envious of them, for they had nothing to lose. So he sat there on his tiny bed, awaiting an answer from his princess when he heard a quiet knock on his door. His heart jumped as he opened the door, facing his girl.

"Trunks," Serena said, "We need to talk." A single tear fell from her eye and Trunks knew the news was not going to be plesant.

"So that's my story," Serena faced the bewildered Lita. "He wants me to go with me, and I don't know what to do!"

"Just follow your heart." Lita stated, but Serena protested.

"But what about my responsibilities here? What about Crystal Tokyo? What will become of Princess Serenity and Sailor Moon?" She said, tears flowing freely down her face.

"Don't worry about that, me and the others will have that covered. Your happiness comes first." Lita stated, as if it where the simplest thing in the world, "think of it this way, what will the future of Earth be like if it didn't have a happy queen?"

"Yes, but I can't just thnk of myself."

Lita sighed, "I understand, so just do what seems best for you. Do what your heart tells you to." As she stood, she pulled Serena up with her. "Well, I'm gonna help Mina with the drinks, she seems to be having difficulty." They giggled as they saw Mina almost trip over the extended leg of Vegeta's relaxed form. "So remember," Lita said once more before she headed inside, "Follow your heart. That's what your best at, anyway." Serena turned her head to the now setting sun.

"I know what I must do." She said as she made her way to Trunks' room.

"Y..yes?" Trunks said nervously as he awaited his love's final decision. She let out an uneasy breath as she sat on his bed.

"I don't really know how to put this..." Serena said as Lita's words rang throughout her mind. 'Follow your heart, follow your heart....'

Trunks' breath became short as he held on to his last bit of hope...

"I can't go with you."

And it faded.

"Why not..." He said as his head lowered.

"I have so many responsibilities here, I can't just abandon them." She stated simply "I love you, I do, more than anything, but I can't only think of myself." Her own head lowered and she clasped her hands together in a folded position. "I must think of the other's happiness..."

"But what about MY happiness?!" Trunks' head shot up and fresh tears welled up in his eyes. Serena did not dare raise her head, for the look in his eyes might send her into more fits of sadness.

"......I'm so sorry..." She whispered a barely audible whisper, but he heard it and suddenly felt horrible for blowing up at her.

"No, I should be sorry. Now I'm thinking of only myself." He replied and his head lowered once again. A moment passed by, and then he heard the ruffling of sheets as he heard Serena rise. She walked by silently as she opened the door and her arm gently brushed his, a fleeting moment of touching flesh, a spark of electricity that sent Trunks over the edge. Suddenly he grabbed her and pulled her into his strong embrace. His tears flowed freely now as sobs wracked his entire body. He had lost everything important to him, and just about when he thought he had got it all back, she was going to leave him alone. All alone.

Neither of them slept that night. The memory of last night kept sleep from consuming them entirely, so their fifteen minute naps where a luxury. Serena, being the chipper girl that she normally was, couldn't even stand the perkiness of everyone around her (except Vegeta, of course). Trunks was no exception as he tried his best to pack his remaining items into his bags and stuffing them into tiny capsules. He even snapped at Bulma when she tried to offer him breakfast, and apologized profusely when she smacked him over the head. That morning was long, knowing that he only had a few mere moments with Serena. It was even worse than when he was in the Time Chamber. At least there he knew when he came out Serena would be awaiting him with open arms.

As he exited his room to load his things in his bags, he saw the girls crowded around the table happily giggling as they sipped their morning coffee. Only Lita saw him as he glanced over to see if Serena was there, then seeing that she was not present, tried to slip away unnoticed to pack his Time Capsule. Lita frowned,

'Gee, that didn't look very promising...' She thought as she sipped her coffee.

The hot sun beated down on the group as they all said their goodbyes to their purple haired wonder. The scouts, wishing they could've gotten to know him better, gave him warm smiles and nice goodbyes. Bulma gave him an extra kiss and Gohan stood there in his suit as he gave Trunks a hearty handshake. Finally, Trunks made his way over to Serena, tears slowly starting to form in both of their eyes.

"So, this is it..." Serena said quietly. Her blue eyes turning crystal with tears. Trunks nodded. He wanted to say more, but the words would not come out. He wanted to remind her of al that she was giving up. All the memories, the flying lesson, the game of tag in the woods, that first of many kisses, the way he comforted her the night she dreamt of him dying. He wanted to hold on to her forever, but he couldn't. It was the worst feeling in the world, being close to someone you love so much and having to leave them...

"Goodbye..." Trunks muttered as he turned his back on her and walked with unsteady steps to his capsule. As he heard her sob, he hesitated but kept walking.

Serena, having been through with trying to control herself, suddenly flung herself at him.

"NOOO!!!" She screamed as she wrapped her arms around his torso. "Don't leave me...why can't you stay?..." Tears now flowed freely, making small rivers down her pale cheeks. Sobs could be heard from all around now, Bulma blew her nose loudly and the scouts could only watch in anticipation as their eyes became red and puffy. It was if they where watching their favorite soap opera, but it was a lot more real.

"I would, believe me I want to, but the people in my time are in great danger." He explained and Serena nodded her head against his chest.

"Now I'm only thinking of myself...I suppose this is for the best..." She said as she lifted her head and released her tight grip. Trunks lifted her head up with his hand and Serena smiled as he lowered his head for their final breathtaking kiss.

"I will always be with you..." His final words where as he entered his capsule.

"Always..." Serena muttered as he disappeared into the clear blue sky.

So ya think its over......................ha!!!

Trunks breathed a sigh of relief as he safely landed on his home turf. He sat there a minute, looking at the desolate ruins around him.

"First things first," He said to himself, "I must find out if mother is okay." With that, he took off landing in front of his home. There he found her quietly sipping tea and watching the t.v.

"Hello, mother." Bulma's head shot upright. She smiled at her son, a smile that showed that a tremendous weight had just been lifted off her aging shoulders.

"Welcome home, son." She said and embraced him. "Please sit down and have some tea. We have so much to catch up on."

As he sat there in his kitchen quietly sipping his tea, he was bombarded with questions by his mother, none of which he really paid attention. Except for the one of Vegeta, in which he went into the story of him going berserk over his death. Then his mind fogged up once more until his mother asked,

"So, did you meet any girls?"

He hesitated as a faint blush rose to his cheeks and he thought of his blond haired sweetheart.

"Um, well, there was just one..." he said with a shakey voice as Bulma's eyes grew fifty times their normal size.

"Oh! C'mon, spill!" She said as Trunks was just about to tell her, they where interrupted by the t.v. The androids where, yet again, destroying what was left of their city.

"Alright, it's payback time!" He said as he bolted off into the distance, leaving his mother to hide until he returned.

Allright, here's where I forgot what happened in this episode (I haven't seen it in over a year!), so I'm just gonna wing it (meaning the dialogue is way different). Therefore, you hardcore fans cannot get mad at me...

Trunks flew through the dusty sky and scanned the area for the large flashing lights of the android's blasts. He finally found them not to far away from his home, terrorizing the remaining citizens.

"Oh look, it's him again!" One of the androids said as Trunks landed. Trunks looked at them in disgust for a moment, then his lips curled upward into a smirk that only the son of Vegeta could carry.

"What are you smiling about?" Android 18 mocked, "Happy that we're going to beat you into a bloody pulp?"

Trunks just kept on smirking as he formed his battle stance and powered up.

"It seems I have a little more tricks up my sleeve then when you last saw me," Trunks finally let all of his power out and transformed into Super Saiyan. The looks of the Androids where an mixture of surprise, fear, and the realization that their plan was through as they where pounded into the ground by the boy who once stood by and watched his whole world collapse into fear and dispair.

"This one's for Gohan!" He shouted as he gave one final blast. Finally, the two things he hated above all else where gone; floating through the air as particles of dust.

"And Serena, too..." He thought as he made his way back home to his mother.

I waved my hand to your back

as you disappeared into a crowd

Until yesterday,

this all seemed so unreal...

hitogomi ni kiete yuku

senaka ni mukatte te wo futta

kinou made ga

uso mitai ni mieru

Laughing so hard that we could cry,

when we held hands and gazed into each other's eyes,

as always, (your) fragrance would (ever so faintly)

tug at my heart-strings.

namida deru hodo waratte

te wo tsunaide mitsumeaeba

itsumo (anata no) nioi (kasuka ni)

mune wo setsunaku shita

Even though we've acted selfishly,

and we've had our petty quarrels

I never knew the day would come when

we couldn't see each other.

wagamama mo shita shi

tsumaranai KENKA mo shita

aenaku naru hi ga kuru koto mo

shiranai de

I'm chasing after that day

when we could open up all of our feelings to one another

The wind, and the sky, still

wrapped around just the two of us, alone together.

ashita no koto omottara

kimochi ga sukoshi mae wo muku

kitto (dokoka ni) tsudzuku (chiisa na)

michi wo aruite yukou

Now all my lines

about the nights when I'm alone

but want to see you

won't reach you anymore.

hitorikiri ni natta

aitai yoru ni tsunaida

kotoba no RAIN mo ima wa mou


That day, we held each other

Don't ever forget that happiness

I fell so in love with you

Let's stay as we were back then

ano hi dakishimeta

shiawase wo kesshite wasurenai de

totemo suki ni natta

ano toki no jibun de iyou

That day, I had a dream

I will not forget the look in your eyes

The wind, the sky, surely

will blow away all my pain.

ano hi yume mite-ita

anata no hitomi wo wasurenai de

kaze mo sora mo kitto

kanashimi wo keshite kureru

"Where are you going?" Trunks asked his surprised mother as he landed at his doorstep.

"I just came out to wait for you. I couldn't help but worry so I came to see if I can see you." She explained. "So..."

'They're gone." Trunks said simply and Bulma let out a sigh of relief as her face relaxed and her lips curled up into a smile.

"I'm so proud of you!" She squealed as she hugged him, then suddenly her eyes became wide as she looked over her son's shoulder and her body became stiff.

"What's the matter?" Trunks asked as he turned around to see what had frightened her. As he laid his eyes upon the hideous green beast, he pushed his mother away.

"Get inside" He whispered and motioned for his mother to get indoors as quickly as possible. Then, as soon as he saw that his mother was safe, he turned to face Cell.

"If you're looking for the Androids, they're not here." Trunks stated. Cell only laughed.

"NOOO!!!" She screamed as she wrapped her arms around his torso. "Don't leave me...why can't you stay?..."

"Your lying." He hissed, "Now tell me where they are!"

"I would, believe me I want to, but the people in my time are in great danger."

As Cell began to move towards him, Trunks readied himself as he stood in his fighting stance.

"Now I'm only thinking of myself...I suppose this is for the best..."

"Sorry, Cell, but I'm afraid that a perfect stage is not possible for you, the Androids are already destroyed."

"I will always be with you..."

"THAT'S NOT TRUE!!" Cell yelled and as he lunged at Trunks, then suddenly a bright golden pink light hit him in the side, throwing him to the ground.


Trunks looked up at a nearby roof to see where the mysterious light came from, and what he saw shocked him. It was a silouette of a young girl, her long pigtails waving in the light breeze as she held her scepter high above her head. Trunks stood there, unable to move as he stared at the girl in the ultra short mini skirt with the wings that spread out elegantly from her back. He stepped foreward to get a closer look, and as he did his suspicions where confirmed as his eyes grew wider and small whimpers emitted from his throat.

"S...SERENA!!!!!" He yelled at the top of his lungs and ran over to her as she jumped down from the building. They ran into each others arms, unable to find the words to say as they embraced each other. Suddenly Trunks let go and grabbed her face, as if to make sure it was really her. Tears misted his eyes as he gazed into those familiar crystal blue eyes he loved so much and he could hardly find the words to say to her.

Yet, even as they enjoyed their happy moment, they still had a job to finish. Serena let go of her lover and held on to her scepter tightly.

"Lets go, Trunks," She said as she was about to charge up to Cell, but trunks stopped her.

"No, we must take this outside. We can't fight in the city." He stated and Serena nodded in agreement, then turned to the crippled green monster just before she took off.

"Come and get me!" She shouted as she lifted off into the clear blue sky. She didn't notice the look of sheer resentment Cell had as she flew, but she figured it was there. They landed not far from the city, but just far enough that any blasts they made wouldn't damage anything. Serena held up her scepter protectively and Trunks stood in his fighting stance as Cell landed in front of the couple.

"Do you really think I can be defeated by some girl with a toy?" He mocked as Serena gripped her scepter tighter and began her dance.


She began as Trunks began a powerful blast-


They both shouted as both of their attacks merged into one, creating a brilliant light of gold and pink. Their light filled the sky as Cell was blown into absolute nothingness, and the small sparkles from Sailor Moon's attack slowly fell from the sky like fireworks; surrounding the couple in a golden light as they faced each other.

"You have no idea how much I missed you..." Serena began as they moved in closer to one another.

"I think I have an idea..." He whispered as he kissed her underneath the golden sparkles.

Serena landed on the downtrodden ground of the desolate city. Suddenly she found herself to be quite nervous as she gripped Trunks' hand. Trunks, noticing her nervousness, chuckled.

"Don't worry, mother is going to love you. You're exactly her type!" He reassured her and embraced the frightened girl.

"I guess I have been through worse, huh?" She stated as she released her grip and began walking. As they where walking around Trunks thought about something.

"Hey Serena," He began, "How did you get here?" Serena stopped for a moment and smiled as she ran ahead and took off into the air. Trunks, feeling a bit puzzled, decided to follow her. They flew quite far until she landed in front of what looked like a church. 'Now what would be inside a church?' He thought, but followed her inside nonetheless.

It was an old church which looked like it hadn't been used in years, yet looked untouched by the android's destruction. Trunks marveled at the building's architecture, for it was made out of all wood unlike the substance they usually make building's out of today. It had a large ceiling and many wooden beams criss-crossing across the top. The pews filed neatly to the front, but instead of an alter there was a patch of green with only a few flowers blossoming out of the light grass. They seemed to glow as the sun reflected off the grass from the huge gaping hole in the left side of the ceiling. Serena was in the front digging out something that seemed to be buried underneath the destroyed wood.

"Ta Da!" She announced as she showed Trunks her brand new time machine.

"How did you...." Trunks muttered as he examined the bright yellow machine. It was a little smaller than his own and didn't have the word 'HOPE' across it, but other than that it didn't look any different. Serena giggled.

"Bulma was working on it in secret. She said she was studying yours and wanted to make you another one in case yours broke down," she explained, "but since yours is fine she decided to let me experiment a bit." Trunks smiled at Bulma's generosity and thanked her as he moved in closer to Serena.

"Does that mean you have to give it back?" He said as he embraced her again.

"Nope, mine for keeps!" She said excitedly as she leaned in for another kiss. As the two broke apart, they left the old church hand in hand, and began on their journey home.

"Are you sure your mother's going to like me?" Serena asked once more and Trunks sighed.

"I'm posotive!" He reassured her once more as they began to laugh together, a laugh that would cross time and space as they walked hand in hand to their future.


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