"No Peter."

"Pretty please?"

"No Peter."

"Pretty please with a American flag on top?"

"Nooooooooo Peter!"

Dr. Strange sighed in annoyance by the voices behind him. Peter, also know as Spider-Man, and Steve, also known as Captain America, have been going back and forth arguing for the last 10 minutes...well, it was more like Peter begging and Steve continuously saying 'no' in just about everyway possible.

"What's with all the commotion?" He asked with a sigh, before someone started running towards him.

"Mr. Dr. Strange! You're magic, can you help me out? Pleeeeeeeeeease?" Peter begged, giving him his famous 'puppy dog eyes'.

"I-It depends on what you need." Strange stuttered, looking away from that accursed look. That look was Peters true power, not his super strength or spider-sense. That look could make any bend to his will.

"Don't do it Strange!" Steve ordered loudly.

"Why do you hate me?!"

"Son, I don't hate you, I'm just being reasonable. There's no reason for you to have a car!"

"That's what this is about?" Strange questioned, groaning in irritation. "I thought it had to do with the bullies at your school!"


"It is...kind of. Just about everyone at school has a car or motorcycle besides me! I'm tired of everyone bragging and making fun of me!"

"I'm sorry everyone's being rude to you over something very stupid and petty. But I agree with Steve, I'm not helping you with this problem."

"What problem?" A new voice asked after the elevator 'dinged'. Peter's eyes widened and he grinned before running towards the source.

"Mr. Stark! Can you get me a car please?"

"Do you even know how to drive?"

"No, but I've seen all three Cars movies, all eight Fast and Furious movies, and I've also re-watched Baby Driver approximately twice so..."

"...Good enough for me, lets go."