Peter whistled as he strolled down the sidewalk, greeting everyone with a toothy smile and friendly wave.

When Peter wasn't web swinging, he often took strolls around the city. He loved interacting with the people of New York, and often offered help whenever possible.

What he didn't love was when it began to rain on his walk, and out of nowhere he felt a few drops hit his shoulders. Looking up, he grimaced as the clouds above began to darken. Thunder could be heard roaring in the distance like the Hulk.

Suddenly, he remembered something. With a grin he pulled out a card from his wallet, and held it towards the sky.

It was an Uno reverse card.

(Avengers Tower, an hour later)

"And that's why the rain's going up instead of down." Peter informed Tony as the two stood on the roof of the tower, watching as the rain, indeed, went upwards instead of downwards. They could very clearly hear it, but couldn't see it through the dark, gray clouds.


"WHAT THE EVER-LOVING FUCK?!" They heard Doctor Strange shout as he floated in the sky, attempting to undo what Peter had done. The wizard had been at this for the past 40 minutes, and was still unable to fix it.


Ever since the whole 'constitution' thing, Steve had grown weary of Peter coming to him for both questions and advice. But right now, with the kid looking so stressed out, he took a chance and decided to listen to him.

"Mr. America, how…do I get a girl to like me?"

Oh, was that it?


"Well son, for starters, it doesn't matter what you look like. What matters is what's underneath." Steve informed, causing Bucky, who sat next to him, to nod and hum in agreement.

"Right, muscles."

"That's not what I-"

"C'mon kid, I'll show you how to bench a truck." Bucky stated, standing up and grabbing Peter by the waist before lifting him up and over his shoulder.

"Bye Mr. America, Mr. Bucky's gonna teach me to bench a truck!"

"And maybe even Starks jet if we have time."

Steve sighed, knowing there was no point in arguing, and re-focused his attention on the history channel.

(Mii problem)

Tony sighed loudly, hands dragging down his face as his head pounded violently. He and a few of the others had played a drinking game last night, and he ended up winning. But at what cost? He was miserable, with a hangover. And it didn't help as a certain someone was blasting their music in the room.

"Peter, for the love of god, PLEASE turn down that music! I have a hangover!" The older Avenger begged.

Peter, who has been blasting the Mii theme music for the past 20 minutes, turned the volume up louder in response as he continued to nae-nae.

"That sounds like a you problem Mr. Stark, not a Mii problem!"


Sam often jogged to clear his head, and to keep his body in shape. He enjoyed it, mainly because it gave him free time and some peace and quiet. It wasn't always lime this sadly…

"On your left!" A voice shouted, causing Sam to sigh as he watched Steve rush past him on his left side.

Old habits never died apparently.

"On your right!" A new voice shouted, and soon Bucky ran past on his right side.

"Above you!" Peter shouted as he shot a web out and swung above him.

"Between your feet!" Scott exclaimed via headset as he, and an ant, flew between the bird Avengers legs.

"For fuck sake, leave me alone!"


Loki watched the child closely, as he held the glass Loki had given up to his face, studying it closely. The black liquid bubbled ominously. With a shrug he chugged it down with one gulp, causing Loki to smirk.

"It appears your 'spider sense' has failed you."

"Oh no, I knew it was poisoned. I just didn't want you to be upset." Peter informed with a bright smile, his teeth already turning purple.

"…Let me go find the cure, I'm keeping you around for now."