Emma, Donna, and Luis were at the arcade. Luis was filming Emma and Donna doing, "Dance Pants Revolution" while listening to, "Staying Alive" from The Bee Gees, "It's Saturday Night Fever here!" Donna shouted.

"You go girls!" shouted a black lady with a cap.

"That's "Helen Harris" Luis explained, "She's one of the workers here, she usually runs the prize booth."

As they sat down, they saw a boy with glasses and brown hair finishing his homework. His name was, "Wade Watts" "I just moved here with my aunt," Wade explained, "She wanted to get away from her abusive boyfriend, "Rick"

"Sorry to hear that," Donna replied.

She saw his magazine and noticed that it's the 25th anniversary of The Oasis, a virtual reality game where people can get away from their troubles. Also, for the past 5 years, Wade has been learning about their founder, "James Halliday" who died 5 years ago, he usually goes by his avatar, "Anorak" the wizard, he has been figuring out his life in papers and archives.

He showed a few of them. One was of him meeting his best friend, "Ogden, "Oggy" Morrow", the premiere of the game, and the day of the worst idea ever by a coffee boy, "Nolan Sorrento"

"Nolan Sorrento" Donna recalled, "The CEO Innovative Online Industries? I know him, his company is an internet protection service. Unfortunately, It's very expensive."

"I know" Luis replied, "I don't like him. He has no respect for us Dweebs. He only hires people by both looks and brains."

"I Am Groot(The nerve of him)" Baby Groot whispered.

"What was his horrible idea anyway?" Emma asked.

"He thought he could raise prices on stuff the players are buying and the reality equipment," Wade explained, "But all he said was, "What a heck of a latte" completely ignoring him. Nolan resigned and started his own business."

The 2 girls wanted to check out The Oasis for themselves. Luis told Emma, Donna, and Wade to meet him at his house in 1 hour.

Later, Emma, Donna, and Wade were walking to the Marino residents. As they walking to the crossroad, Donna saw a small Chinese boy with virtual reality goggles on him. A car was coming and Donna could bare see the boy get killed. She ran, pushed him out of the way and landed safely on the grass. The boy removed his goggles and saw Donna, "You should be more careful on the road," she said to the boy, "You could've been killed."

"Sorry," said the boy as he ran off.

Donna caught up with her friends and headed straight for the Marino residents.

"Myra," Emma said, "Your here."

"We needed help from the coolest girl EVER," Myra explained as she stares at Donna.

"I am Groot? (Is she talking to you?)" Groot whispered as Donna nodded.

Luis got out 5 virtual reality helmets, Donna wondered how could he afford all of this, "My dad use to work for the Oasis before we moved here." Luis explained.

Once they put them on, they were in a virtual paradise, where anything is possible. "My Avatar's name is, "Serenadia" and Luis's is "Cerebro D'Lagarto" that means, "Lizard Brain in Spanish," Myra explained.

"A reminder of Rex?" Emma asked.

"Of course," Luis answered.

"I go by Parzival here," Wade explained as he came out with white hair, blue markings, and a blue vest.

"Wade" Emma said, "You look like an elf."

"Thanks," Wade said, "In here, you can change your appearance."

Donna changed her hair similar to her grandmother, her clothes cross between a jazz and latin dancer, and her eyes similar to Groot. Emma changed her outfit into a cheerleader's uniform, her hair red, her eyes into an anime character, gained a waitress hat and apron, and tools around her waist. Donna decided to go as, "Padleia" while Emma decided to go as, "Hawkella"

Parzival decided to meet up with his best friend in the Oasis, "Aech", "He's usually on Planet Doom collecting coins." Parzival explained.

On Planet Doom, they were going around fighting off villains. As one with an ax was about to hit Cerebro, a giant black warrior came and destroyed the creature, earning coins, "Aech" Parzival shouted, "It's good to see you."

"Good to see you to Parzival," Aech replied.

"You never actually met Aech in real life?" asked Emma.

"Not really." Parzival answered, "But he had my back all the time."

"Are you going to go to the race?" Aech asked.

"What race?" Donna asked.

"It's the first quest to find the 5 keys to The Oasis's control." explained Parzival, "They need all 3 keys to pass. The first one is the Around The World Race. So far, nobody gets to pass King Kong. The only clue Anorak gave us was, "Always look back."

They didn't know what he meant.

Meanwhile, Nolan was heading to his office, thinking about Halliday rejecting his ideas. He showed a hologram playing his memories on the day he resigned. After he got to the latte part, he had an idea. He contacted his crew and said, "Commence Operation: Extended Halliday"

The next day, there was something strange going on at the school, "This is unacceptable!" shouted Principal Rivera, "Most of the students are skipping school due to some Oasis trouble."

Donna and Emma knew that something was up, so they decided to check it out after school.