By the Donna, Wade and their friends went back to Rosewood, they saw that everyone was back to normal. "Apparently, the bomb turned everyone back to normal," Emma suggested.

"Are Myra and Luis okay?" Caleb asked.

"They'll be fine." Jyn answered, "Using the Memory erasing serum will make them forget all about the real aliens."

"So they'll only remember the crazy video game challenge we went through?" Donna asked as Jyn nodded her head.

When they reach Berry High, they were greeted by every citizen in Rosewood. Principal Rivera came up to them, "Principal Rivera" Donna said, "We can explain, everyone's been duped into finding the easter eggs in the Oasis."

"No need." Principal Rivera, "Everyone saw it on Oasis TV."

"I've been wondering something," Toshiro said, "How did Sorrento get into all those goggles?"

"He must've used my father's hacking skills for it," Samantha suggested.

Principal Rivera told him that he needs to see Donna, Wade, Toshiro, Samantha, Helen and Zhou in the principal's office.

In the office, they saw Aunt Alice and an elderly man, he was, "Oggy Murrow" former CEO of Gregarious Game.

He explained that he was watching the contest close, as the curator who's been aiding them. Jim told him about the contest, and the biggest regret in the world, losing his only REAL friend. "You know Jim used to say the OASIS was never supposed to be a one player game, he made the High-Five so they can learn about working together.

Alice was proud of him for figuring it out for himself, she also told them that her sister, "Loretta" who was also Wade's late mother would've been too.

For the next few days, The High Five took over the Oasis. They sign Oggy to a non-exclusive consultancy, ban any Loyalty Centers from accessing the labor camps, shut down IOI for good, and close down the Oasis on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so people can spend more time in reality.

One day, Donna was taking animal for a walk when she stumbled upon Berry Elementary. There she saw 2 familiar faces it was Jamie and Adam from America's most eligible, Season 10. Suddenly, the kids were coming out of the school, one of them was Zhou, "Mom, Dad" he shouted as he embraced Jamie and Adam.

Donna walked up to them and said, "So, the 2 contestants from AME Season 10, are the parents of the youngest CEO of Gregarious Games."

"We are." Jamie answered, "You haven't changed a bit Donalie."

"I can't believe that you've remarried to Adam," Donna said.

"We're pleased to see that Zhou is now growing up. Plus he gets to run Gregarious games on Saturdays, just so he can continue his education."

"School, school!" Animal shouted.

"Easy, Animal," Donna replied.

"Wanna play, Ninja?" Zhou asked.

Donna nodded her head and they rushed to the playground to play.

The end.