Midoriya shot up from his bed, panting. His heart twisted in his chest and his mind felt muddled. Sweat danced across his skin and stained his shirt. In that single instance of waking up and recognizing where he was, the memories of the nightmare quickly faded. Though, some things did remain; he could remember the voices. Not what they said, but he did remember the pain they caused.

A round of knocks wrapped against his bedroom door, shocking him out of his own mind. His mother's voice followed, "Izuku? Are you awake yet?"

Midoriya shook his head, tossing his blanket off of himself, "Y-Yeah! I'm up…"

She replied, "Well, you should be getting ready soon, right?"

He blinked for a moment, "R-Right!" He took a breath, "Jirou…" He swung his legs out of his bed, "Heading out with… Jirou… Today…" A smile befell his lips as his cheeks flushed, scratching the back of his head, "Yeah." He pushed himself onto his feet as he shook and flexed his hand.


Jirou leaned forward, adjusting her bangs in the reflections of an advertisement's glass case. She stood in the elevated train station, waiting for the train to arrive and, in turn, Midoriya. She took a breath, looking at herself. Her outfit was casual: a black top and a jean skirt—though it did take her an hour to pick it out. Her purse was slung over her shoulder and her other accessories were punk in style. She straightened when she could hear the train rushing down the tracks.

Her heart was beating slightly faster than normal, "It's just a simple trip to get some clothes for a party… Just a trip…" She blushed slightly, "Definitely not a date…" She fished out her phone as the train pulled into the station, texting, "Hopping on the train—third car."

After a few minutes, the doors slid shut and the train jerked to life. The doors to the compartment slid open and Midoriya stepped into the car. He looked from his phone and smiled when he spotted her. His outfit was equally casual, thankfully, and his right hand was still bandaged. Though, his shirt was recognizable as the gift she had given him for his birthday.

Though, in her eyes, it looked a bit tighter on his torso than before. "E-Eh… W-Was he that muscular last time I saw him…!?" With that line of thought, a series of past thoughts and memories recalled from a certain rainy day after a certain study session. A dark blush crossed her face as her mind buzzed.

Midoriya blinked, confused, "J-Jirou?" He tilted his head, "Are you okay?"

She spun on her heel, facing away from him, "Y-Yes!"

He peeked around her shoulder, "Your face looks red. Are you sure you're okay?"

Jirou shook her head fervently, "I'm-I'm fine!" Her jacks flew instinctively, jabbing the green-haired teen.

He blocked the attacks, but still felt the sting of the jabs, "A-Ah! S-Sorry!"

She hissed slightly as embarrassment stung her pride, "Y-You fool!"

Midoriya gave a confused smile, tilting his head, "E-Eh?"

A bout of awkward silence filled the air between the two before she sighed, "S-So… We're heading to this little shop I know. It has all types of stuff. We should be able to get what we need from there."

He nodded, tucking his hand into his pocket, "Right." He rubbed the back of his neck, "Should we get something to eat first?"

She turned to him, whirling one of her jacks around her finger, "There's a café past it." She teetered her head, "It's pretty chill." She grimaced as she recalled, "Has karaoke days, though."

"That bad?"

"Just awkward."

"Well, is a Monday a karaoke day?"

"Thankfully not."

"Then we can head over after shopping?"

Jirou nodded, smiling, "Yeah, we can do that."

Midoriya smiled back, "Great." The pair stood side-by-side as the train slowed. His eyes slid over to her, "So…" Jirou raised a brow. "I'm a fool, huh?"

A blush flooded her face, "S-Shut up."

He chuckled in response.

Jirou raised her brow, "You rebuilt your original exo-things?" The pair had long left the train station and were making their way to the shop. The streets they walked down were semi-busy but were slowly increasing in population as they neared the shopping plaza in the area.

Midoriya rubbed the back of his neck, "Yeah, I just did it when I had the time." He shrugged, "I didn't use expensive materials remaking them. Basic metals and such."

She chuckled, suggesting, "Maybe you can set them up on statues and put them all over the dorm."

He made a face, "No thank you." He shook his head, "Creepy enough at night."

Her face contorted, "Oh, god. Yeah, oof, scratch that idea." She frowned, groaning, "Oh no! It's in my head now."

"Right, not good with scary."

She sighed, "What a pain…"


Jirou shook her head, waving it off, "Nah, I did it to myself." She nudged her date's shoulder as they stopped in front of a store, "Hey, this is it."

The shop seemed like foreign to the inventor. It had an English name that Midoriya couldn't quite read. Quiet (in-volume) rock music played for the customers. Instruments were hung on the wall opposite to the entrance. Racks of clothing and a fitting room took up the space in-between.

The rocker looked through her purse as they entered, "I remember they got a shipment of some fancy clothes recently."

The inventor raised a brow, "Really?"


The shopkeeper behind the counter smirked and nodded towards the returning customer, "Hey, stranger." She was in her prime in age, and no quirk was evident on the surface. Her outfit was punkish in aesthetic and parts of her exposed skin was covered in tattoos.

Jirou gave a casual salute, "Yo."

"Who's the greenie?"

The rocker looked in between the two, "Oh, he's my…" She paused on Midoriya before blushing, causing him to flush as well. She then turned back to the shopkeeper, "D-Don't call him, greenie, ya jerk. You got some new clothes, right?"

The punk smirked, "Yeah, there's some nice-looking stuff in the back."

Jirou let out a breath, "Thanks." She gestured as she stepped deeper into the store, "Come on, Midoriya."

The shopkeeper raised a brow, "Midoriya, huh?" The inventor stopped short as the rocker left the conversation, "Aren't you that Quirkless kid that's been the talk of the talk?"

He chuckled, rubbing his arm, "I wouldn't know. I've been kinda avoiding Hero articles as of late."

She waved him off, "Don't worry about it too much. Most of it's good."

Jirou interrupted, "Come on, Midoriya."

The inventor waved, "S-Sorry," before following his date. "Most… she said…"

The shopkeeper's smirk turned to a grin, "No problem."

Jirou and Midoriya stepped towards the back of the shop. Their focus was on a rack of clothing, which contained formal wear of the suit and dress varieties. They looked amongst the items, stepping around the rack.

She raised a brow, not looking up, "See anything nice?"

He shrugged, "I'm not really good at this type of stuff." The hangers rustled as he made his selection, "Maybe this and this?"

Jirou looked up and saw her date's selection: a brown pinstriped suit, a Caucasian-colored dress-shirt with a bowtie. She gave him an incredulous look, shifting between him and the suit. "No."

Midoriya blinked, "What? What's wrong with it?"

She walked over to him, "Just no." She rehung the suit, "Let me help you out."

He blinked, stepping back, "Okay…"

She mumbled to herself, "A full-on suit would probably be a bit of a disservice…"

He raised a brow, "Huh, why?"

It would hide his build, though she would never say that aloud. So, she blushed, stammering, "S-Shush, ya… fool…"

Midoriya smiled, chuckling, "So, I'm a fool again…"

Jirou pulled a few hangers from the rack, "Hmm…" She extended her selection to him, "Here try these on."

He nodded, taking them, "Okay." He walked off to the fitting rooms with the items. She nodded to herself as he disappeared into the room.

The shopkeeper walked by, caring a pile of clothing, "Yo, Jirou."

Jirou nodded to her, "Hey, Kaede."

Kaede Aiko smirked, leaning into a whisper, "So… is this guy your boyfriend?"

The rocker blushed, "S-Shut it…" She crossed her arms, huffing whilst turning away, "That isn't any of your business anyway."

"One of my favorite regulars comes in with a boytoy? It is a little bit."

Her blush worsened, "B-Boytoy?" She could hear Midoriya rustling behind the fitting room's curtain, "Quit already."

The shopkeeper nodded, walking away, "Yes-yes."

The curtain was pulled to the side and the Quirkless inventor stepped out for her to see. He now wore a simple formal outfit: a black dress shirt coupled with a dark-green vest and similarly colored pants. His date smiled proudly as she nodded at her own selection. Her eyes narrowed for a moment before walking up to him, reaching up to his collar.

He blinked, "W-What?"

Jirou unbuttoned his collar, "When you aren't wearing a tie, you really don't have to button your collar all the way up." She chuckled as she laid out his collar, "Otherwise, you'd look like a stiff." Her face was close to his. He could feel her breath and, in turn, held in his own. Her eyes looked thoughtful as her smile curled warmly.

Midoriya coughed, blushing, as he looked off to the side, "O-Oh."

She coughed as well, stepping back, "W-Well, um… There you go." She rubbed her arm as he turned to a full-length mirror, "Maybe roll up your sleeves?"

He looked at himself, turning his body whilst doing so, "Yeah…"

She blinked for a moment, finally noticing the white bandages on his right hand, "Why is your hand still bandaged up?"

Midoriya blinked as he turned to her, looking at his hand, "Oh, I just…" He met her eyes before lowering his gaze and rubbing the back of his neck, "I just wanted to hide it."

Jirou frowned, "Oh…" She looked around, "Uh… Well, maybe you can pull off the asymmetrical look." She then tossed him a crimson glove.

He caught the accessory before pulling it onto his hand, "Okay." He looked at himself once more, "So… Does this look good?"

The rocker smiled as he looked for her opinion, blushing slightly, "Great."

The inventor smiled back, blushing slightly as well, "Great."

Jirou coughed as she turned back to the rack, "W-Well, let me pick something out."

Midoriya nodded, "Of course, let me just get out of this." He slipped into the fitting room as his date went to make her selection.

Kaede leaned against the rack, "He cleans up well."

The rocker jumped, "God!" She put her hand on her chest, "You need a bell on you."

"So, I've heard."


The shopkeeper raised a brow, "Are you gonna match up a little bit?" She waved her finger, "Couples dress alike, right?"

The rocker blushed, looking deeper into the clothing, "W-Would you drop it?"

Kaede tilted her head, "You don't want to?"

"Well…" The purple-haired teen mumbled to herself, "Green, huh?"

The shopkeeper teetered her head, "Goes well purple. Maybe a little pink?"


"A warm purple and a mute pink. In my humble opinion."

The rocker met her friend's eyes, "Why're you pushing this?"

Kaede shrugged, "Never had a high school romance." She smiled, "Your love life is my love life. I'm living vicariously through you."

"That's… just weird."

The shopkeeper spoke matter-of-factly, "I don't have a problem with that."

Jirou sighed, "I'm gonna stop coming here."

"If you want."

Midoriya stepped out of the fitting rooms with his suit draped over his arm, "Want what?"

His date answered, "Nothing," as her mind wandered, "Warm purple and a mute pink…"

The inventor walked up as the shopkeeper made a bow before leaving, "Sorry, I can't be much help."

Jirou shrugged, "It's no problem." She pulled a dress from the rack before making her way to the fitting room, "Let me go ahead and try this on."

He nodded, smiling, "Of course." As she stepped into the fitting room, she quickly grabbed a small leather jacket off another hanger.

Midoriya let out a breath, leaning against a rack. His blinks became slower as a wave of tiredness hit him. He stifled a yawn as he rolled his shoulders. His face contorted before he shook his head. He wobbled slightly as he began to nod off.

A sudden slam against the storefront's windowpane brought the inventor back to life. His eyes followed the sound to its source. A hooded stranger stood before the pane. The street was noticeably empty—vacant… almost abandoned. There seemed to be something rising in the distance: wave of blues and whites, crushing buildings and causing all kinds of destruction. The hooded stranger slammed a tentacle against the pane, cracking the glass. More tentacles grew from the single one, spreading across the glass and cracking it further.

Haruka Katashi raised his head, grinning a pitch-black smile. Midoriya stepped away from the rack, blinking; eyes wide and mouth agape. The wave of blue came forth, smashing into the storefront and allowing Cthulhu to charge into the building.


Midoriya's eyes snapped open, stumbling away from the clothing rack and dropping his clothing. He panted quietly before composing himself. He looked about the room and found it normal. His mind buzzed as he messaged his brow.

The shopkeeper's voice pierced his mind, "You okay, kid?"

The inventor blinked back into reality before crouching to pick up his suit, "Y-Yeah. Just… dozed off…"

Jirou's voice came from the fitting room, "Midoriya? You okay?"

"Y-Yeah… A… A bit of a nightmare"

She sounded slightly confused, "Nightmare?"

Midoriya forced out a chuckle, "Dozed off for a minute and had a nightmare." He then murmured to himself, rubbing his brow, "What's wrong with me…"

"What was it about?"

He wasn't sure about bringing up Haruka right now. "Nothing that makes sense…" So, he lied.

Jirou's voice seemed to rise in spirits, "Then I'm sure it's just some passing thing."

He looked at his hand, noticing a strange shakiness that seemed to disappear underneath his gaze, "Yeah…" He flexed his hand, examining himself as he turned it.

In the corner of his eye, he saw Jirou poke her head out of the fitting room curtain, "S-So…" She pushed the curtain aside and stepped into the open with a blush on her face, "How-How do I look?"

Midoriya blinked, "You…" She wore a purple and pink dress with a black leather jacket atop of it alongside black stockings. His face flushed slightly as well, rubbing the back of his neck, "You look amazing—b-beautiful."

She blushed as she lowered her gaze, "G-Great." She patted her dress, "W-Well, I'm going to get out of this, and we can head to that café."

He nodded, "Y-Yeah…" His date turned away and stepped back into the room, pulling the curtain back. He took a moment to look at his hand before leaning against a table and staring out the storefront. "I'll be fine… I am… I'm fine…"


AN: Midoriya and Jirou go on a date. Midoriya has stress dreams. Other stuff. Have a headache while writing this note. Next chapter might be a controversial one. Won't get into it now because things are subject to change, but still I'm pretty sure it's gonna cause some divide. Probably gonna have some tonal whiplash too.

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