What if Zemeckis and Gale continuued the Franchise, directly after Part III, but as a Live Action TV Show?

I'm going to write it, as if the show started in 1991. The First Episode, will be classed as episode 1 of Season 1, but will start,

conlcluding Part III (trilogy) events. I don't know how many seasons I will write, hopefully as many I can before a conclusion to the series.


Each Episode Duration: 45 - 50 Minutes.

Episode 1: Back To Reality?

Sunday October 27th 1985.

11:30 am.

Marty and Jennifer arrive at the Eastwood Ravine Railroad, where the remains of the Delorean Machine lay scattered across the track. Marty is hurt to think Doc is not coming back. Looking at a broken photograph on the track, is probably the only memory he'll have left. Suddenly the train signals alarm, but no oncoming train, leaving Marty and Jennifer confused. SUDDENLY A TIME TRAIN APPEARS, created by Doc Brown, who appears to Marty and Jennifer. Marty is overwhelmed. Clara appears and greets Marty and Doc introduces his sons, Jules and Verne, while Einstein also appears. Doc hands Marty a gift. It's a picture of Marty and Doc stood next to the construction of the Clocktower in 1885.

"It's great Doc thanks," Marty smiles, shaking Doc's hand.

"Doctor Brown?" Jennifer asks, showing a FAX from PART II, now blank " I brought this note back from the future and now it's erased.

"Of course it's erased," Doc replies.

"But what does that mean?"

"It means your future hasn't been written yet. Knowones has. Your future is whatever you make it, so make it a good one -both of you."

Marty and Jennifer now know their future will be fine. Doc Brown and his family prepare to head off into the Space Time Continuum.

"Hey Doc? Where you going now? Back To The Future?" Marty calls.

"Nope already been there," Doc signals.


Approaching the Barriers , Biff is sat in his Car Waxing Company Truck and had seen the train take off.

"A flying Steam Train? That's twice in Two days -Three time in thirty years. Just what the hell is going on here?"

Marty and Jennifer head off to the lake for a few hours and Marty explains of his weekend adventures to 1955, 2015, 1985-A, 1955 and 1885. He then informs Jennifer, that he has a two way memory of his old timeline, where his family were losers and his new improved family timeline. He suspects the Ripple Effect hasn't kicked in fully, so his older memories disappear and his new one's entirely kick in. Marty tells the love of his life, that he wants the moment on the lake to last forever, even though it will be for a short while.

Monday October 28th 1985

8:25 am

Lorraine is shocked, that her son is late for school, something that the new imporoved Marty had a rare thing of doing. Before heading off, he discovers he was excepted by the record company.

"Too darn loud, my ass," Marty chuckles to himself.

Marty rushes to School, where Strictland claims, he is handing Marty his first tardy and Jennifer finds this odd. During Maths class, female teacher Harper classes Marty as a straight A student and asks him a difficult question and he is caught off guard, as he struggles to answer. Needles torments him and calls him chicken for backing out of the race at Hill Dale the previous day. Marty shrugs this off and Jennifer is proud no matter what. Jennifer suspects Marty is struggling to the new timeline.

Later, when Marty returns home, he finds an article on the Hill Valley Telegraph "AUTHORITIES UNSURE ON MALL SHOOTOUT."


Marty that evening goes to Doc's lab and finds it had been ransacked by the FBI. When Marty returns home, two agents are waiting, who then take him in for questioning, alongside his Mother and father as witness Guardians, due to his age.. They show Marty a photograph of a the stolen Minivan, that the Libyans turned up to the Mall in, where they tried to murder Doc. They also present a diagram drawing of the Plutonium that was stolen from the Pacific Nuclear Research Facility on October 12th of that month.

"I have no knowledge on any of this," Marty denies. "Anyway, Doc wouldn't do anything so stupid to get involved with Terrorists, let alone build a bomb for them, using whatever. "

"Well, the thing is, these Libyans claim a teenaged boy fitting your description, was present, when they turned up to the Mall seeking their Plutonium and escaped in a Delorean," Agent Simpson adds.

Lorraine defends Marty, claiming he was home in bed, in the early hours of Saturday morning. The agents then produce a photograph of the wrecked Delorean on the tracks and sware to statements by witnesses, that they saw Marty in a Cowboy outfit escape from the train. Lorraine and George feel uneasy about what, the agents are insinuating.

"You know what I think? I think you were trying to conceal evidence, by destroying that Delorean, so there wouldn't be any link to Doc Brown, who I assume, has left you in deep trouble," Simpson suggests.

Marty profusely denies this and is let go under caution, that he doesn't leave town. Marty fears for his personal future, as well as his Music career.

Tuesday October 29th 1985

10:28 am

Marty is over two hours late for school, he dreams of Doc last departure from 1985 and that he had already been to the future. Marty is convinced his future is under threat from somewhere. He fears his old memories from his old timeline will linger to a point, where the future, will be as bad, as what they were, originally or worse, like 1985-A.

Later Marty shares his concerns with Jennifer and he considers admitting to his parents of his first trip to 1955 and the rest of the time travelling over the October weekend. Jennifer warns Marty, not to do anything hasty, as the Mcfly's are already seeing signs that Marty is acting out of his new timeline character, aside from his connection with Doc's participation with the Libyans.

Later, that night, Marty abruptly blurts out about the Time Travel. Lorraine, George, Linda and Dave are agasped.

"It's true Mom-Dad," Marty starts to explain. "I was there at Twin Pines Mall."

"Twin Pines Mall?" George frowns.

"Uh- sorry Lone Pine Mall."

"What happened Marty?" Lorraine asks.

"Doc showed me his new experiment- Time Travel Experiment. - It worked."

The family look at one another, suspecting Doc has turned their loved one into a loonatic.

"And it was true. Doc ripped off that Plutonium from Libyans, they showed up at the Mall on Saturday looking for revenge. They shot him and I got away in his Delorean Time Machine."

"Oh my God that explains you dumping the car on the tracks," George gasps. "Too much pain after seeing your friend killed. You felt guilty. Weird, it said in the paper, there was no body found at the Mall."

"No Dad, Doc didn't die. I wrote him a letter on November 12th 1955 to warn him about the future. And that Delorean on the tracks, I didn't dump it there, I just returned from 1885. If you notice that Ravine was named after me -well the name I made up."

The family are getting more horrified of Marty's behaviour by the minute. Marty tells his family, the reason they find his behaviour odd, is because he is not from their timeline originally and claims his family were losers and that his trip to 1955 changed everything.

"I was Calvin Klein. I brought you two together. I had to, or, neither, Dave, Linda and myself wouldn't have been born. I'm not crazy. I've even seen the future, with Hoverboards and flying cars."

"My God Marty, you sound as Delusional as Biff," George adds.

That was the last straw. Marty goes to his bedroom to calm down and calls Jennifer and tells him of his stupidity to inform his parents of what he did. Lorraine and George discuss Marty's mental state and Lorraine points out, that his delusion is almost as bad as Biff's, claiming of seeing flying cars, back in 1955 and on October 26th. George states that he will not allow his son forever, have the mental state of either Doc or Biff.

When he goes back in to apologise, two men in white uniforms arrive to have Marty taken away to a Sanitarium.

"You need help son," Lorraine cries.

"We're sorry son," George insists. " But it's for the best.

Marty manages to escape being encarcerated and runs to Eastwood Ravine in the middle of the night. Then out of knowhere, a Delorean Time Machine appears. Out gets Doc from 1895, he asks Marty to go with him through time, to search for his family.

Marty is shocked to find that the Delorean he's got, is an earlier version from 1985. Doc 1895, tells Marty that he borrowed it from his earlier counterpart in 2015.

"Why Doc, what's happened?" Marty wonders.

" Clara and the boys have been kidnapped by my Doppelganger and gone into an unknown time," Doc states.

"Explains why, I was starting to worry about my sanity after you left in the train Sunday Morning -Wait a minute-that wasn't you?"

"When I realized you were committed in 1985 and you all become assholes, it was too late. I was knocked out, with a Sleep -Inducing Alpha Rhythm Generator and my family was taken. I waited until October 26th 2015, for my earlier self to arrive and I borrowed the Time Machine."

"This new counterpart of yours, who is he?"

"Question is, who created him and what does he want?"

Doc refuels the Plutonium chamber and both he and Marty head off back to 1895, hoping that's where Doc's Doppelganger has taken his family.

TO BE CONTINUED Appears on the screen.