Recap From Closing Moments Of "Back To Reality?"

On Tuesday October 29th 1985, Marty escapes being taken to a Sanitarium and goes to Eastwood Ravine, where Doc from the future appears to him. He is informs Marty that his Doppelganger had taken his family away in the time train, stranding Doc in 2015. Marty learns that the Doc that visited him on October 27th in the time train was in fact, not the real Doc. The real Doc had borrowed his earlier versions Delorean to return to 1985, after Doc learnt Marty had been committed by this point.

Doc and Marty jump into the Plutonium powered Time Vehicle and head to the past.

Episode 2: Brown...Tannen Kidnap.

Tuesday September 3rd 1895

8:00 PM.

Doc and Marty arrive ninety years into the past, but this time is currently Doc's present. Doc drives the Delorean to Doc's Farm. Nobody is home and he checks the downstairs Lab. No sign of the Time Train. Doc is beside himself with stress and this concerns Marty too. Marty and Doc are then fading on and off and begin to wonder if their fate has ended at some point. They are caught off guard by a different owner to the house and are ordered to leave. The duo head off into 1890's Hill Valley town centre on foot and ask around if Clara, Jules and Verne have been seen around anywhere? A drunk Seamous Mcfly is shocked to find, Doc and Marty still alive in the Saloon.

"My god - Emmett Brown?" Seamous gasps. I don't believe it, you're still alive."

"Why what happened?" Marty interrupts. "To Doc?"

"I heard you were shot off that Ravine - My God Mr Eastwood. You're still alive too. I thought you died, after Buford Killed you both at Shonash Ravine ten years ago."

"Killed me?!" Marty gasps.

"That's what I assumed. The same day that lady from New Jersey fell to her death. Ever since September 7th 1885, Buford has ran this town. He's the new Sheriff, he has been for ten years."

Marty and Doc feel pain, as they are slowly disappearing and have minimal time. 'Friday September 4th 1885,' is the date believed Doc's family were taken to. Doc is horrified by the coincidence of the date. It's the day Doc met Clara and the day after Marty arrived from 1955. Marty suspects none other than Buford Tannen. Doc agrees, and figures Buford is using Clara and the boys existence, to prevent Marty being victorious on September 7th 1885. Doc then informs Marty, that Buford has been a recluse since his release from prison in 1890, although he did father a child, Biff's grandfather. Doc is unsure, how he managed to replicate his appearance. Marty and Doc feel pain, as they are slowly disappearing and have minimal time.

Marty and Doc are spotted by Buford Tannen who is now back to his original appearance, but with scarring. He gives chase, as he opens fire on the two time travellers. But, then Buford is spooked by a Rattler and falls head on into manure. Doc again refuels the Delorean, with Plutonium wearing thin. They head ten more years into the past.

Friday September 4th 1885

Marty and Doc arrive around an half and hour before Clara's cart is spooked by a rattlesnake. Marty and Doc hide the Delorean and head off in the direction of Shonash Ravine, where they spot their earlier selves arriving at the scene of a dead end rail crossing. Doc is horrified to see his wife, Clara strung up on a post, as his sons are tied and gagged. Einstein is even strung up by his paws. Buford appears as Doc and Buford tells Doc, how he managed to fool everyone.

"I stowed away in the time train and you brought me to the future. While you were busy upgrading the Train to Hover Conversion and discovering Eastwoods or should I say Mcfly's fate, I successfully robbed a bank, and despite the advanced armory the law had in 2015, I still managed to be too quick for them. I went to have plastic surgery and forced them to replicate you by showing a picture. Then I waited for you to appear and I zapped you out with this sleep machine and fooled your family to to join me. I was going to come back here straight away, but I thought I'd lap it up and fool this yellow belly into think his future was perfect by going to 1985. Keep the suspence going. Looks like your quite hard to throw off the trail," Buford tells all.

Buford threatens Marty for a trade. Either be forced to be his slave forever, or a dual to the death. Marty and Doc's earlier versions will be shot, which will result in Doc, Marty, Clara, Jules and Verne to be erased from existence. Marty says he cannot go up against Buford, as he hasn't got a gun, so insists he will be Bufords slave forever.

In the distance, 1885 Marty and Doc, seeing Clara's earlier version in trouble with her horse and give chase to save her, while Marty kneels down before Buford and goes to kiss his boot, but Marty headbutts Buford in the groin and beats him until he's out cold.

Both Marty and Doc tie him up and release Clara, his sons and Einstein from captivity, saving their future. Doc tells Marty to return the family to 1895 in the train, while he takes Buford to 2015, to return him to his normal state and will erase any incline of his threats to the Space Time Continuum, plus he wants Marty to fetch him and Buford in 2015, so he can return the Delorean to his earlier self.

"Doc, how come we didn't fade straight away, after Buford altered the past?" Marty queries.

"I think, due to my option of borrowing my earlier counterparts Delorean in 2015, allowed enough time for us to alter the course of time. You still existed in 1985, because you're a time traveller, that's my theory. If we had failed this mission to this point... we would have faded from existence or worse a major paradox would have occurred," Doc said.

Marty has no idea how to drive the time train, but Doc claims it's just like riding a bike. To Marty it's anything but.

Later, after Marty drops the Browns back to 1895 and fetches Doc and reluctantly brings Buford back to 1895.

Doc returns Marty to October 29th 1985, about a minute after Doc arrived from the future. Marty asks Doc if he, Clara and the boys would consider living back in 1985. Doc states that it would weird Clara out, living about a hundred years into the future. Doc informs Marty that he will have to clear his name in the Plutonium Theft, before he and the Browns can move back to the future. Suddenly Marty's family turn up out of the blue and see the time train. Doc knocks them out using the Sleep- Inducing Alpha Rhythm Generator and insists they won't remember a thing. Doc encourages Marty to drive them home. Marty and Doc place them in the car and Doc leaves for the past, not before Marty warns him to be more careful and keep the train under lock and key, especially where Buford is concerned as Marty made the same mistake, leaving the Delorean unattended in 2015, when Biff took the Almanac to 1955.

Wednesday October 30th 1985

Next morning, the Mcfly's awake in their car, with no memory, that their son had brought them home. Two police officers arrive claiming of a disturbance the previous night, as they suggest they wanted their son committed. The Mcfly's laugh this off. Marty heads off to fetch Jennifer bright and early and Jennifer asks how his parents took to Marty's confession on the time travel. Marty assures Jennifer it's been taken care of. Jennifer asks Marty if he's gong to the Halloween Party at her friend Melissa's house? Marty is happy to. As at a cross roads, a jeep and minivan surround Marty's 4x4 and out gets four Libyan Terrorists who kidnap Jennifer at gunpoint. It appears there were more in the terrorist cell and want him to locate Doc Brown, to return the remaining Plutonium and to release the two terrorists, that tried to kill him at the Mall, or Jennifer will meet a tragic end. They take Jennifer, leaving Marty helpless in the street. How can he reach Doc in the past, with no time vehicle?