~Percy's P.O.V.~

When father started to laugh I couldn't help but start to.

Their faces was so funny I couldn't help it. They where so shocked! No wonder that they got a threat down their throughts when they make it so easy to do a surprise attack, or any attack actually, on them. I could've killed at least half of them of not more by now if they don't start to get over their pathetic shock.

Hestia is the only one that has got over her shock yet. Hades, even my baby sister and baby brother is still in shock! What's with these guys? It's been five minutes already.

"Dad? Are you absolutely sure that we're gonna help them?" I say after yet another minute. "I mean look at them! If they get like this when they they get surprised, think of what they'll do if someone actually tries to kill them and they go like this again. I could've killed all of them by now, and go out on the streets and kill half of the other gods, goddesses, nymphs and satyrs that live here!"

Dad had materialized us each a chair by time they've been in shock for another two minutes and the both of us had stopped laughing. Hestia had done the same after the first minute, she's probably already used to that as they seems to get shocked by the smallest of things.

"Yes I'm sure." He says. "Or else Tartarus is gonna turn the Earth crust to be as hot as its core, and that means that all life on Earth is gonna die as the water evaporates and the plants and trees gonna burn because of the heat. And if that happens the atmosphere is gonna be so thick that nothing can penetrate it as there's nothing that can take up the carbon dioxide that's created when the plants burn. Mountains and everything that the humans have built is gonna melt and flood the surface and as the lava spreads on the land it's gonna burn all human and animals alive, if they've somehow survived the heat, which is very unlikely. To sum it up, the Earth is gonna return to how it was before Gaea filled the planet with her presence with every living thing dying painfully if they don't do suicide of course."

This is bad. Like really, really bad.

"Wait WHAT!"


'Ops. Forgot they're here.' Dad said in my mind.

Chaos' elit group had by this time gotten over their shock and was talking within themselves in hushed voices. I know that you shouldn't look into someone else's mind without their permission but I just couldn't stop myself.

Where's their names, where's their names, hmm... nope not there. Definitely not there! Not there either. Where, where, where... How hard is it really to find their name? Wait don't answer that! Aha! There! Thief = Luke Castellan, Beauty = Silena Bearegard, Bianca di Angelo = Angel, Arrow = Micheal Yew, Smith = Charles Beckendorf, Star = Zoƫ Nightshade... Leaf = Castor... Wait what!? They're alive!?

"...Have you even looked at them?" Dad said with deadly calm. 'About what?', you may think. But that is not something you're going to get to know right now.

But NOW you're gonna!

"No, I trust Hector." Zeus said arrogantly.

"Hermes, can you be kind and go fetch them for me?" Father asked with a little bit of charmspeak.

"Of course" Hermes said with a far away look as he teleported out of the throne room ina flash of blinding light for three seconds before he teleported back with a handful of.

Dad walked up to Hermes and took the pile from him with a "Thank you." before he walked back to his previous place. Once there he cleared his throat before speaking.

"Weaknesses within the camp:

"The woods; with the right equipment you can take yourself through the shield.

"Thalia's Tree; if you burn it down, the shield will fall.

"The shield: while monsters can't walk through without permission, you can still throw anything as well as shoot any distance projectiles (arrows, catapults, the likes) through it without a problem."

The throne room was in uproar by now as they spited and cursed my previous name with words a child shouldn't know or hear before puberty.

"I'M NOT DONE YET!" My father roared in fury.

It got so quiet that you should hear a needle if someone dropped it on the floor. I did it. Nobody heard. :(


"The woods; haven't got any yet, talk to the niads about it.

"Thalia's tree: have an enchantment placed on it so it can't.

"The shield: Look if you can change it's purpose so it stops both monsters and projectiles."

Suddenly Rachel hold her stomach and groans out in pain as green smoke comes out of her mouth to surround her before she straitens and speaks with a raspy voice:

"In the greatest time of need.

"Someone will answer your plead.

"Born from the sea and was forced to flee.

"Find the hero from before, you must do to end the war.

"If you succeed, you must ask him to lead.

"Or you will fall before the pit with greed."

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