annedey said: Reylo 14 lab partner au please? (I love all the prompt you have written yet)

there is no doubt in my mind this is not what you intended. hope it works anyway. 300 word drabble courtesy of tumblr numbered AU prompt post. Embrace ALL the tropes!

Ben hears the crash all the way from down the hall, followed by a very British: "Damn!"

He storms towards the lab, stripping off mask and goggles in the process. Holdo should never have hired someone right out of grad school. "All right," he growls, opening the door, "what have you destroyed?"

Then he frowns. In between shards of broken glass, there's yellow dust all over the floor – and all over Niima. It's even hanging in the air. "Since when are you–"

"It's Dameron's project," she says breathlessly. (Breathlessly?) "I'm taking readings while he's out of town."

Dameron's a botanist, which Niima is most assuredly not. He must have been desperate. "How much of his work have you managed to ruin?"

(She's pretty, and courageous, and much too young, and anything but hostility will destroy Ben's hard-fought peace of mind. He's self-aware enough to know why he's an asshole.)

This should be where her eyes flash and she tells him to leave.

And, well…

Her eyes flash. "You should leave."

But it's…


Against all scientific judgement, but with full approval of evolutionary instinct, Ben inhales deeply.

Then. Everything. Is…

"What was Dameron working on?" he manages to say.

"I don't know." Niima – Rey, she's Rey – is unbuttoning her lab coat. There's a high blush in her cheeks and she hasn't taken her eyes off him. "But there's some… um… side effects…"

"Yeah." His blood is three hundred degrees. "I feel it, too."

Then she is in his arms and he is licking a stripe of yellow dust off the side of her neck. "Help," she gasps, fisting her hands into his hair so tight it ought to hurt. (It doesn't.) "Please help… I want…"

Ben sweeps the lab table clear.

So much for his peace of mind.

A/N: Did I just do sex pollen? You're goddamn right I just did sex pollen. I regret nothing.