~ Two Worlds, One Heart ~

                           Sequel to Evening

Disclaimer: I don't own DragonBallZ or any of its characters. I only own my plot line, and the story Evening.

Hello again! This is a taste of what is soon to come. The sequel to Evening, which according to you, my loyal readers, was a great successful story in which you wanted a sequel. This is the prologue, setting the scene for the first chapter.

   Prologue: A year has passed since Eve passed on. It was difficult, but Piccolo and Dawn survived   her loss. The hopes of one day bringing her back, helping them cope. But sadly six months ago Dawn discovered the truth of her birth, and of her true father. Now Piccolo lives alone again, unable to convince Dawn to return home yet. She stated that she was not angry with him, but disappointed that he had lied to her. Her other problem started further back. Piccolo started training Dawn in martial arts so she could defend herself. Piccolo knew that her appearance would cause her problems in the future and thought it wise to teach her to fight and grow strong. Dawn was strong for a human, but she never came close to Piccolo's strength, or even Gohan's so she wanted to live in the forests and become strong enough to hold her own.

Dawn promised Piccolo that in six months' time she would come home. Despite his attempts to keep an eye on her during this time, she has grown as illusive as an actual tiger. The last he had seen of her was by the lake miles from the mountain, she looked 14 years old. That was five and a half months ago. Gohan has also been helping Piccolo search, as well as spending time with him, helping him adjust to being without constant company.