If anyone is trying to look for an idea for a good crossover, than I have an idea for a Phoenix Wright and Danny Phantom crossover. It follows Phoenix Wright being reborn as the twin brother of Danny Fenton. In his new life Phoenix doesn't remember his previous life until he was zapped by the Ghost Partal along with his brother Danny. Even though that he has forgotten about his past life he still has some of his old personality and even when he remembers he doesn't tell his brother until the episode Ultimate Enemy. Aside from wanting the fan fiction from following through the series I would also like some plot twists. For expample, in the episode Splitting Images I would like to see Phoenix's Ghost half to act like a lawyer only more exaggerated. As for pairings, I would like to see Phoenix and Star together.

When Phoenix gets his ghost powers, I would also like him to regain his old powers like the ability to see physic locks. I don't know if he has any offensive abilities but in case he doesn't I would like to have one made up because there is nothing that annoys the reader more when a character has too much of one thing. Also, I am begging you, please do not make Phoenix Wright a Gary Stu. I would also like you to try and sneak a trial in one of these episodes. If you want Phoenix can either live in the same world as Danny or it can be two separate worlds. I think that this would be a cool idea because there is not enough of Phoenix Wright self insert stories and I think that this would be a cool idea so if you are interested please PM me because I would really like to see this idea happen. If you do, I will also follow you.