It was morning on a peaceful neighborhood. We see the house of someone everybody knows and that is Sonic the fastest thing alive who was sitting down on the couch of his home playing minecraft.

Sonic: I don't know why Tails like this thing, is so blocky

Knuckles: beats me, I play more hardcore games like gears of war and others.

He gets a drink from the fridge, a can of dr pepper, as he sits down he takes a sip.

Sonic: What the! What are you doing in my house? I did invite you?

Knuckles: I was looking for the master emerald pieces.

Sonic: Right on my house?

Knuckles: The chaos emeralds Like this drink

Sonic: Dint you just said master emerald

Knuckles: Oh hey look a green looking thing making fstt noises just show up.

He quickly picks it up and starts playing.

Knuckles: got any plans for today? I'm free.

Sonic: You mean free drinking my stuff and playing my games without asking first? Whatever i don't have much plans but maybe Tails has. He is upstairs on his room doing something.

Knuckles: So you guys are still roommates.

Sonic: yes, go see what he's doing.

He takes the control back and goes back to playing mine craft.

Knuckles: Geez what is his deal

He walks on the stairs until he gets on the second floor drinking the can of Dr Pepper.

Knuckles: "sonic needs to get laid" he whispered under his breath, he then reaches the top and knocks on tail's door.

"Knock! Knock!"

Knuckles: hey tails, you busy?

When he asked he hears some noises from inside. One minute later the door opens.

Tails: H-hey Knuckles i dint know you were here.

The red dude looks around and noticed that tails is nervous and blushing, like he looking at something... perverted.

Knuckles: what's going on here?

Tails: N-nothing!

Knuckles: *chuckles* come on tails, its okay we're all men here.

Tails: Stop being weird already i got nothing to hide, what do you want?

Knuckles: You got any plans *crashes the can on his head* because i am hyped.

Tails: well... I was working on something, but I could use a break. What'd you doing today?

Knuckles: I was doin-THIS!

He runs fast by Tails to get inside his room.


Tails trips on the ground, while knuckles were looking at his computer.

Knuckles: well, what do we have here?

Tails: NOOOO!

Knuckles: I know...wait a casual and normal picture of Amy?

He was surprised, he was expecting a naked picture of rouge the bat or other sexy females, but this was a normal picture.

Knuckles: tails... you got a crush on Amy? Aka sonic's stalker?

Tails: What? Pffff that's crazy she is just a friend.

Knuckles: Then why do i see a folder that says Amy rose?


He clicks on the folder and finds something unexpected.

Knuckles: WOAH!

Tails sank to the floor, embarrassed that his secret's been found out.

Meanwhile the two where upstairs, sonic was still playing a game he thought he would like more if he played a little more. Then someone slowly opens the door and gets inside the house.

*Cue the Saw theme song called- Hello Zepp*

Sonic looks, but thinks it was either his mind playing tricks or knuckles messing with him, he goes back, but is unaware.

Sonic: I think i should play something else.

He gets up to put a new game in, but with his back turned around...

A pair of hands is slowly approaching his shoulders. Sonic was looking at his games when he felt the hands.


Sonic: *GASP* AHNGH!

His games fly on the air and then fall on his head like some cartoon.

Sonic: ever heard of knocking!? You ought to try it sometime!

That in front of Sonic was Amy rose his let's say...stalker who still thought she could get Sonic to love her. Also over the years her body had changed quite a bit.

Her boobs were bigger and round and her hips and thighs were thicker. Like Realllly thick

Amy: hi sonic!

She said in that annoying voice. Her voice always sounded annoying and pitched to Sonic.

Sonic: Did you break into my house?

Amy: Of course not silly the door was open.

Sonic: damn it, knuckles always leaves the door open.

He gets up and stands up, brushing off any dirt off his body.

Sonic: what are you doing here anyway?

Amy: I came here to say hi and see you. Give me a hug?

Sonic: no way! You made me hurt my head!

Amy: Dont make me chase you for it *smiles*

Sonic: What?

The pink girl summons her hammer, from thin air. Sonic always wondered where Amy puts the hammer.

Amy: C'mon give me my HUG!

Sonic: Someone! I got some dangerous invader.

She walked towards sonic, lifting the hammer in the air in a striking position; she smiled with an evil grin on her face.

Amy: so what's it going to be?

Then suddenly Tails Comes rolling around the stairs holding his Notebook in his hands like the next treasure of a famous dungeon.

Tails: hey what's going on here?

Sonic: oh nothing, just a FUCKING STALKER THAT'S ABOUT TO KILL ME!

The fox with two tails look at Amy and for some reason he start hearing music on his head.

*Cue George Michael - Careless Whisper*

He sees her ten percent more beautiful as her hair goes left and right like the wind and every movement from her eyes and mouth looks the super sensual matter.

Tails: Ahnn...ahnn?

"I remember that song, it's my favorite"

Amy: what's wrong tails?

She said in a sweet voice, she drops her hammer and walks towards him, seeing his face blushing. She touches his cheek.

He blushes like a tomato as he took quick peeks at her boobs so big and jiggling.

Tails: I...i need to go to the bathroom real quick *runs away* DONT BELIEVE IN ANYTHING KNUCKLES SAYS HE IS A LIAR!

Both Amy and sonic were confused, tails never acted like this before.

Knuckles: where did tails go?

Sonic: Sorry gotta GO

Runs fast from the house and away from Amy.