It was Saturday afternoon and Right now, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles where reunited in Sonic's house to react to a bunch of Videos.

''Why are we doing this again?'' Sonic asked.

''Cmon Sonic! I need some people to help me react at some videos before i do it alone, so i can become an amazing Youtuber'' knuckles said.

''Why didn't you call Shadow?'' Tails asked.

''He is too busy playing his shooting games to care at something that has no shooting or whatever, now let's get our faces at the computer screen and record our reactions. Bet you guys never have time to react to things like your own games or anything else besides that'' The red dude smirks.

"As long as i'm not reacting to Sonic 06, last thing I need is more nightmares and more days in therapy" Sonic said.

"Oh come on, don't be a buzzkill man! I promise this will be very fun! And if you behave, I might show a sexy twerking video " Knuckles said and promised.

"Well you got my attention there" The blue blur said, knowing that he likes watching sexy twerk videos and hoped that his red friend will keep his end after they get done reacting.

Knuckles then turned on the computer and clicked on youtube as the browser opened and showed a lot of videos to react to. There were so many to chose from.

"Okay Knucks, which ones will we be reacting first?" Tails the foxy wonder asked.

''Hmm..OH! How about the newest game? Sonic Forces'' Knuckles said already playing on the video.

Knuckles then plays the trailer for Sonic Forces, all three then gathered around and watched the trailer, the first thing they see is a giant robot walking on the city as Eggman shows up in his Egg Dragoon robot. Then it cuts to Sonic watching the city go down in flames as Eggman's robots attack it.

"Wow...the music really sets the tone of this trailer" Tails said.

"Yeah, looks like Eggman isn't holding anything back this time. He's going all in!" Sonic said.

The trailer then continued as it showed off more of Modern Sonic's and Classic Sonic's gameplay. It looked pretty cool although the way it looked made it look like a sequel to Sonic Generations.

''Did they really had to bring Your classic version again? i mean c'mon why not something else?'' knuckles said and asked.

''Maybe they think we don't care'' Sonic said.

The scene changes to a moment where shows a character being craeted.

''Oh hey! we can create ourselves a new character'' Tails said.

''Three heros mean Sonic,Sonic again and a Character you made. Hmm if i play this, i make a character that looks like me'' knuckle said.

"*Facepalms* Oh fuck...Now Sega is giving sonic fags a new way to make uninspired oc's" Sonic said disappointed. They then watched the rest of the trailer as it showed off more gameplay for the custom character, then the rest shows off Shadow who is standing with Metal Sonic, Chaos and Zavok! And then...a new villain shows up and the last image is a infinite symbol. Then the name *Sonic forces* Appears. Ending the trailer.

"Wow! that was so cool! who was that new character!?" Knuckles asked, excited for the new character that just showed up.

"It reminded me of Sonic Generations" Tails said.

"Yeah, back when Sega gave a fuck and not putting in a Werehog, saving aliens or being put on a planet to obviously cash in on Super Mario Galaxy" Sonic explained.

"And what did you say about fan characters?" Knuckles asked.

"Hey, nothing's wrong with fan ones. It's just that some are very uninspired. Look at Gyrohedgie453 for example" Sonic said, the two got confused about this Gyrohedgie guy.

''I wonder if Shadow is evil there, but of course he would be i mean look at that edgy look and pose. He is all like uhhh i'm so cool because i am a emo'' Knuckles said imitating Shadow Voice.

''Let's not be so tough on the game you guys, it has to have it's charms'' Tails said.

''I vote to see anything else, even other games'' Sonic said.

"OOHHH! let me pick! I got a good one!" Tails said as he took the keyboard and types in the trailer for another game for the rest to react to.

"What is it? the Dark Souls Remastered trailer? or the new Resident Evil 2 remake?" Knuckles asked, Tails said no to either as he picked one with a very touching and emotionally powerful song to it.

"Here, watch this. The song will make you cry" Tails said clicking on the game trailer.

"PFFFT! Men don't cry" Knuckles said.

"SHHH! it's playing" Sonic shushed his friend up, the trailer playing was the trailer to Gears of War 4 with the song, Sound of Silence covered by Disturbed.

The Trailer starts with someone running in the forest while being chased by some sort of monsters while the man shoots at them.

And the Sound of Silence cover song by Disturbed plays as it then shifts to the past where Marcus Fenix is planting a tree. Along there was his wife Anya Stroud and their son James Fenix. The trailer shifts between the past and present as it's revealed that the man is the son of Marcus and Anya.

Nearing the end, Marcus pulls out his knife and cuts the words JD right into the tree and picks up his son as his wife comes over. The way it's made and how the music is perfectly added in makes it a very powerful trailer all together.

"Oh my god...the song's beautiful" Sonic said, his jaw opened as he never heard such beautiful music.

And then the trailer ends with James next to the tree that Marcus used his knife to cut the words JD on it. And the words in red show up in a cloudy background, saying "The nightmare reborn" And it fades away with the logo of Gears of War 4 showing up.

As the trailer ended, both of Tail's friends were shocked after seeing that trailer.

"So guys, what did you two think of it?" He asked them both.

Knuckles was sniffing as he look in the screen. ''Beautiful Armor and guns''

''Really Knuckles? I mean sure it's awesome but try to read the mood'' Sonic Said.

''Hey i know what it's important to calm down ok? I don't know every single detail about a shooting game timeline'' He said.

"Hey guys, let's not get ourselves all uppity and such. Let's just focus on trailers and having fun reacting to them. Is there any trailer you guys want to pick? Game, movie, or whatever?" Tails asked, Knuckles then got an idea and picked a movie trailer to react to.

"I know a good one, and it's movie related" He said, he then types in the trailer to look for it. Meanwhile Tails decided to ask his blue friend something.

"Hey Sonic? when you mentioned that Gyrohedgie453 dude, I was wondering. Who was he?"

"Ehhh, it's a long story. But to sum him up, he was a sonic recolorer who recolored sonic pictures with me spray painted red and used Speakonia to replace his real voice because he didn't want to use his own voice. And he made crappy videos with an intro that lasted almost a minute" Sonic explained.

"Damn, that guy must really suck at life" Tails said.

"Okay, enough about online users who suck at life. Here is the trailer to my favorite movie Baywatch with Dwyane Johnson.

He clicks the trailer to Baywatch and it plays.

The trailer starts on the beach where a big muscled guy who is bald is show doing a bunch of awesome things.

This bald guy who is a lifeguard says "Welcome to the beach" as clips of him and others show up, including a scene of two fine looking ladies boxing, one running towards the screen and the lifeguard jumping in a big pool of fire.

"Damn! is that guy crazy!?" Sonic said, seeing the lifeguard jump into the fire pool was just too dangerous to do so.

"I wouldn't do that even if I was offered $10,0000000" Tails said, stating that being paid a lot of money wouldn't get him to do that in real life.

"I would take the money and leave Hahahaha" Knuckles said, the three then continued watching on as it then shows him saving someone and talking to a guy about that sand statue. Then the company names roll in as it plays a catchy tune, the next scene shows a overhead view of the beach then a shot of three hotties walking.

"Damn...I wish I had a girlfriend like that" Sonic said.

''Hey, the scene is showing this guy who appears to have won two gold medals'' Tails said.

''Bet he feels really cocky about it'' Sonic said.

''Oh Fuck! look at that, are they lifting two refrigirators while walking? Some nice mad training session man'' knuckles said.

"Oh please! I can lift two monster trucks while i'm in my super form" Sonic snarkly commented.

"Oh sure you would, cause that's cheating. Lifting heavy objects requires SKILLS!" Knuckles said.

"Come on, let's watch more!" Tails said as they looked back at the trailer, it then showed the guy getting elbowed in the face trying to save a drowning victim.

"OHHH! He's gonna feel that one in the morning!" Sonic said and laughed a little, more talking happens with that gut grabbing a bottle right before he falls into the pool.

"Now I wanna go see this movie!" Tails said.

''I mean that girl obvious is either freakish scared of water, or she just have some cramps. While being in a total scary situation is normal to act like your beating up someone...kind of annoying though'' Knuckles said.

"Yeah, it is kinda annoying" Sonic said, the rest of the trailer has them watch parts of Drug Dealers, murders, parties, comedy and so much in it.

"Damn, they put a lot into this trailer. You're basically watching the whole movie for free, especially ones who spoil what's going to happen" Tails said.

"Yeah, I kinda agree. I remember when Terminator Genisys was coming out and they revealed the villain to be John Connor as he's a terminator in one of the trailers. And I heard that pissed a lot of people off" Knuckles said.

"Oh yeah, not to mention that the movie kinda sucked at the box office" Sonic said.

"Why are we talking about other movies while reacting?" Tails asked.

''Because that's how we f-Oh god dead people, fat is dripping on that guy's face! Ughh! I'm gonna throw up" Knuckles said.

"Please don't! I just took a bath today!" Sonic whined as he didn't want Knuckles to puke all over the computer or him...or both.

"Do it outside man!" Tails said, the trailer was almost over as it then showed the main title called "Baywatch" and it's release date of May 26 with the hashtag #BeBaywatch.

After that funny and awesome trailer, now it was time to commentate on the whole thing.

"Okay, so first impressions" Tails said, wanting to get their opinions out on the whole movie trailer and what they think of it so far.

"Well, excluding that fat eating scene...*Burps* I have to admit that the trailer is well made and the movie looks like it'll be an excellent watch. I love the characters so far"

"(And this is coming from a dude that still drinks that nasty drink mix with that playboy prank) Tails thought. "I agree! This looks like a cool movie, I think i'm gonna enjoy the comedy" Tails said.

"I'm gonna watch and enjoy seeing the ladies, did you see that one dark blonde woman with the dark greenish bra and panties? man, i'd motorboat those boobs for hours...*Drools*" Sonic said as he was acting like a pervert and was drooling on the floor.

"DUDE! Don't get spit on the floor, that's nasty! Have some self control. Jeez!" Knuckles complained.

''OH I SO! don't want to hear that from you Knucklehead'' Sonic said.

''Ok guys, how about one more trailer to finish this up and good?'' Tails said.

''OK fine, but this time Sonic picks one'' Knuckles said.

''Fine then, how about you guys react to this?'' Sonic said clicking on a video.

The last trailer to react to starts off with a area of grass and it shows a giant T-rex for some reason, it then roars but upon closer inspection. There appears to be Mario's hat but it has eyes and Mario jumps out from on top of the T-rex to surprise the audience.

"Woah! Mario riding a T-rex? That's so cool! never seen that before!" Knuckles said, surprised to see something like that in a Mario game.

"I don't think I recall seeing actual dinosaurs in a Mario game, there's Yoshi but-"

"Look! there's more!" Tails said, interrupting Sonic as more footage played, including him driving in a city, coming down a mountain of sorts at night and in a desert area. This appears to be much different than any Mario game shown before, it looks like it's being taken in a new direction.

"I think this one's gonna be open world, Like GTA 5 expect no strippers, no guns, no cussing or whatever" Knuckles said.

"Oh! so it's Nintendo's child friendly version of GTA 5! *Laughs*" Sonic said and laughed at his own joke.

Then it shows many footage of the stages Mario will go around with his new friend.

''Is that desert fill with ice? And who are those weird looking rabbits?'' Knuckles said.

''Really? The ghost looking hat is posessing Mario hat and he can use it to posess other people? That's creepy!'' Sonic said.

''I bet the other characters are angry because they are not playable here'' Tails said.

Then the scene of Bowser with peach shows on the flying ship.

''Hey, Bowser is looking fancy over there and he gave Peach a boquet those flowers have teeth'' Knuckles said.

And the last is more gameplay, one part where you can have Mario wear different clothes and more of the city where Mario gets into a Taxi to go somewhere.

"Never thought i'd see Mario getting into a Taxi, i'd think he'd use Yoshi" Knuckles said.

"And I love the singer they got here singing! Reminds me of songs i'd hear in Fallout 3. I think her name is Pauline. She's beautiful!" Tails said.

"Hmm, wonder why Mario doesn't date her instead of Peach who gets kidnapped everyday. And why does she let herself get kidnapped by Bowser?" Sonic said and asked as to why.

"Maybe she's got a fetish for being kidnapped Hehehe, or whatever the case may be" Knuckles said as the trailer then ends with the title Super Mario Odyssey with the release date of 10.27.2017. After the last trailer was watched, now the guys can talk about how good that trailer was.

"Okay, so what did ya guys think?" Sonic asked.

''I think their games might be a little better then ours because of all the beautiful places you go to explore and also kind of posess them? Those graphics where so amazing'' Tails said.

''Gotta ask yourself though why don't they bring Luigi or someone else to be playable?'' Sonic said

''That is so ironic coming from you Sonic'' Kunkcles said.

"Oh fuck you Knuckles, you're not even playable in Sonic Forces or even your classic self!" Sonic mocked, this pissed off Knuckles a little.

"You know, I was gonna show you a very sexy twerking video of a lady with a big booty. But now since you said that, I changed my mind and instead gonna throw a pie that I somehow had been saving to throw in your face" Knucks said, picking up the pie in question.

"Yeah, well I got my fanservice from that Baywatch- Wait, what do you mean by-*SPLASH!* MMPH!? KNUCKLES!" Sonic screamed, getting a full face of strawberry pie to the face.

"AHAHAHAHAHAHA! That never gets old! Chase me if you can! *Flips the bird!*" The big red dude said as he ran away, leaving Sonic to chase him.

"I'M GONNA FUCKING KICK YOUR ASS!" Sonic screamed, the two duo then left the house to deal with each other. Leaving Tails all by his lonesome, now what was there for him to do?

"Looks like I got the house and computer for a while, let's watch some jacksepticeye" He said, typing in his favorite youtuber's name in the search engine.