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Marrying the Mafia

CH: 1 Arrangements

"God, Dad I can't believe you did this and without even talking to me first!" Kagome yelled. Her father sat in his desk chair listening to his daughter's banter and massaging his temples.

"Kagome, I didn't say yes. I am discussing it with you first, right now." Her father said slowly hoping that Kagome would hear it through all her hysterical babble.

That made Kagome stop in her tracks. "Oh." Kagome stopped to think. "Well, answer is no."

"Yes, I think you've made that very clear. But you haven't even met the boy." Kagome's father stood and walked over to her. He placed his hands on Kagome's shoulders and looked down into her eyes. He smiled at the fire and spirit he saw there. 'She's so much like her mother was.' "Look I have arranged with the Taisho family so that we will both be living in their summer home next week so that we can speak about negotiations and you two can get to know each other."

Kagome sighed. She knew her father really wanted to go through with this and she didn't want to disappoint him, but arranged marriages. Didn't those things die with the dinosaurs? Kagome nodded her head and left the room.

She walked down the hall passing multiple servants going about their normal lives. "Kagome?" Kagome looked up to see she had just passed Sango, her best friend.

"Oh, Sango! I have so much to talk to you about." She grabbed Sango's arm and ran to her room pulling her friend behind her. Once there she practically tossed Sango in and shut the door.

"What are you doing Kagome?" Sango panted as she caught her breath. Kagome dropped onto her bed face down into her pillow.

"You'll never believe what my dad wants." Sango merely sat on the edge of her friend's bed and waited for her to continue. "He wants me to marry some son of the Taisho family so that our families can form an alliance."

"Well, I know you're not going to like what I'm going to say Kagome, but it makes sense. I mean your dad is one of the strongest mafia families in the city, but lately with this new Gumo family around he's been having some troubles. The Taisho family is the strongest family in the entire state. If he were to alliance with them then there would be doubt that he would be able to take down the Gumo family."

"I know, I know. But come on Sango. I don't even know the guy and I'm supposed to marry him. Not to mention that I'm only a sophomore in college." Kagome complained.

"So your dad already chose the guy for you to marry, because I heard the Taisho family had two sons."

"Actually, he didn't choose. He said that I would atleast get to choose which son I would marry, but still that's not the point Sango."

"Who knows what will happen Kagome? For all you know you could fall in love."

"Right Sango. Will you come atleast?"

"Can I?"

"Sure. Dad told me I can take a servant, and you're my best friend and servant so I get two in one."

"Okay, then I'll keep you company. Maybe I'll give you some pointers also."

"What are you talking about? You're just as bad as I am with guys."

"Yeah right. I'm not the one who threw some one who has courting me into the pool from the second floor balcony."

"Hey he was coming on a little too strong. And anyway it was just Hojo. He came back the very next day like nothing happened."

"Well here's an up point. If you get married then Hojo won't bother you anymore."

"Gee, thanks Sango. Nice to know you're so optimistic." Kagome gave Sango a sour look.


"I can't believe you decided this without talking to us first! I am not going to spend time with some stupid wench. We don't even need to join her family in the first place, we have the most powerful family in the state."

"Inu Yasha, quiet!" Inu Yasha shut his mouth and stared at his father. "I have had enough of your complaining. You and Sesshoumaru will be nice to this girl and one of you will marry her. Do I make myself clear?"

Inu Yasha and Sesshoumaru nodded. 'Stupid little half-brothers. Why can't he just accept that we have to do what's best for this family. Dirty little runt can't stop thinking about himself.'

"Good now the tow of you had better start packing. We leave by the end of this week and I don't want anymore complaining." Tsuyosa Taisho dismissed his two sons and went to his chair. 'I wish those two will stop their bickering. Inu Yasha needs to stop acting like a child and Sesshoumaru needs to find something to care about. He's so indifferent. They would never have turned out this way if they had a mother.' He sighed. 'Hopefully this Kagome will do one of them some good. From what I've heard she is a very unusually girl. She'd have to be to put up with those two.'


"I can't believe this!" Inu Yasha yelled and tossed a book at the far wall of his room.

"Calm down my friend. Who knows, the girl might be a looker." Inu Yasha's friend Miroku voiced from his seat on Inu Yasha's bed.

"Is that all you think about."

"I can't help it if I appreciate the female form."

"Lecher." Inu Yasha walked over to Miroku and sat on the bed. "I don't care if she looks like a goddess, I am not marrying someone because my father told me to. Sesshoumaru can marry her."

"Well, maybe you're brother..." Miroku paled when he heard what sounded almost like a growl from Inu Yasha. "I mean maybe your half-brother will actually like her and you won't have to worry."

"Yeah right, Sesshoumaru actually caring about something other than work."

"Well, technically marrying her is part of the job is it not? Tell you what, I'll come along and check her out. Maybe I could take her off your hands." Miroku said with a laugh.

"Like any girl would ever want to be with a hentai like you." Inu Yasha pushed Miroku of the bed and the two began to mock fight in the room.


Sesshoumaru sat at his desk looking down at some papers though his mind was not on his work. 'Stupid Inu Yasha. No, not Inu Yasha, it's that stupid wench of a mother that left him here. She was just a filthy whore that took money from our father and then left her son here. If I ever meet that woman...' Sesshoumaru nearly knocked the things on his desk to the floor.

'I will never be a fool like our father and fall for the tricks of women like that. How can anyone tell what kind of woman is good anymore? How can one tell between someone who is like my mother was or between someone who only pretended like Inu Yasha's mother? Perhaps marrying for the family would be better. I wouldn't have to deal with trying to see through the lies that some people hold.'

A knock on the door cut through his thoughts. "What is it?"

"Gomen Sesshoumaru-sama." Sesshoumaru sighed when he recognized Jaken's voice. "Dinner is ready and your father is waiting for you and Inu Yasha."

"Tell my father I am not hungry."

"Hai Sesshoumaru." He heard Jaken scurry off.

'I can't even get some privacy in my own room.' Sesshoumaru got up and grabbed a pair of boxers and went to the bathroom. Sesshoumaru's only solitude seemed to be long showers. His father complained that he would take hour long showers, but Sesshoumaru felt it was the only place to truly be alone and think.

The warm water pelted against his chest as he leaned back against the wall of shower. 'I hope this girl does not pretend to be anything she is not. I can deal with a bitch, but I will not stand for one in disguise.'


"I can't believe one week passed already." Kagome was just being hysterical. "I can't believe this. This is going to be so horrible. What if they are a bunch of jerks? What if they like me?" Kagome's questions were flying out as she paced in front of her house waiting for her father to finish telling the head maid all the things to do in their absence.

"Kagome please stand still. You're making me sick." Sango said. "Look, things are going to be okay. Nothing bad is going to happen." Kagome seemed to pause, but Sango doubted she was buying anything she had said.

"Okay, I'll calm down. Gotta do this for dad. Gotta do this for dad. Okay I'm fine." Kagome got into the limo once her father had and Sango entered after the two of them.

"You really should calm down, Kagome." Kagome's father said when he noticed her fidgeting in her seat. "From what I have heard Taisho's sons are very well bred. Tsuyosa also said that they have to fight off other women with a stick." Kagome's father laughed. "Though I'm sure they've never met a girl as beautiful as my little girl." He added.

Kagome smiled at her father. Sometimes he just tried too hard. He tried to make up for so much for the fact that she no longer had her mother. Also, because he spent so much time on his work that he over compensated sometimes when they were together. 'Poor dad. He really needs this to go through. Stupid Gumo just had to intrude on our territory.' Kagome sighed.

Sango put a hand on her friends shoulder trying to calm her nervousness. "How long are we staying again?" Kagome asked.

"Tsuyosa is a busy man, so he allotted you a month to choose who you want to marry. Then there will be the wedding and I suppose you will be living with them. Don't worry, you can always come and visit and trust me they couldn't possibly keep me from visiting you."

"A month? I only have a month to decide who I will spend the rest of my life with?"

"You should be grateful that he let you have time to choose or choose at all. He could have just said which one you had to marry." Sango whispered in Kagome's ear and received a small defeated nod.

When they arrived Kagome's father exited first. Tsuyosa and his sons were already standing out front. "Ruan, nice to see you again." Tsuyosa greeted Kagome's father.

"Tsuyosa, always a pleasure." The two shook hands.

"So where is this daughter of yours?"

"She is coming along. I'm afraid her servant may have to push her out of the limo." The two laughed.

"Well, these are my two sons. The taller is Sesshoumaru and the younger is Inu Yasha." The two of them nodded to Kagome's father. "The one next to them is Inu Yasha's friend Miroku. I greatly suggest you keep your daughter away from that one."

"I am hurt from your harsh words, Taisho-sama. It is very nice to meet you Higurashi-sama."

Just then everyone looked at the limo to see a girl be pushed out. "That wasn't funny Sango." Kagome yelled back into the limo. Kagome then turned around and blushed seeing she had an audience. She walked over and stood by her father. "It's nice to meet you Taisho-sama."

"Aa, you must be Kagome." She nodded. "Well, these are my two sons Sesshoumaru and Inu Yasha. Hopefully you will find one to your liking greatly, I must say they both have their good and bad points."

"Like all boys." Ruan said. He and Tsuyosa walked into the house or rather mansion talking about business.

"Umm...hi, I'm Kagome it's nice to meet you." Kagome said to the two boys staring at her. She got a little nervous when it seemed neither of them had any intent to do anything but stare at her.

Inu Yasha and Sesshoumaru had been expected the normal mafia daughter. They usually wore too much make-up, high heels that could kill a person if they fell, and were very slutty. They were very surprised when they saw this girl come out of the limo.

'She's...beautiful.' Sesshoumaru thought. He had never thought such a thing of any girl before, but this one seemed different. The sun played of her soft curls and when she smiled at them his breath stopped. 'It's just another stupid trick. Father though Inu Yasha's mother was beautiful as well.'

"I'm Sesshoumaru. I'll take you to your room." Kagome was relieved when one of then finally spoke.

"Great." She said she went over and grabbed her bags. Sango was still inside the limo talking to the driver and said she would catch up later. Kagome ran back over to the three boys. Miroku was basically waving his hand in front of Inu Yasha's face.

'She looks like Kikyou.' Inu Yasha thought. Kikyou had been a girl he had been seeing, but found out she was only dating him in the hopes of joining her family with his and that she was actually cheating on him. This was no different he reminded himself. Kagome was only here for the family not because she wanted to be. He turned around and went into the house without a word to anyone.

"Forgive my friend. Inu Yasha does not act himself when in the presence of a beautiful lady. I'm Miroku. I hope to be seeing you often." Kagome noticed his hand on her back side.

"Hentai!" Kagome yelled and hit Miroku with one of her suitcases. Sesshoumaru was actually impressed with the girl and found the scene most amusing.

"He does that to any girl." Sesshoumaru informed Kagome and took her bags from here. "This way."

"Ummm...thanks. I can get those, they're kind of heavy." Sesshoumaru just continued to lead the way. "Are you sure you don't need help?" Kagome asked.

"It's fine." Sesshoumaru answered. 'What is with this girl? No girl would ever want offer to help with carrying things.' Finally Sesshoumaru brought her to her room. "Lunch is in about an hour."

"Okay, umm...what am I supposed to do here?" Kagome wondered.

"Anything you want I would suppose." Sesshoumaru had actually expected her to go off and do something girly like her nails. Or complain about her accommodations seeing as though that's what all the other women that had ever had to stay here before had done.

"Well, do you have a library?" Kagome asked. 'I guess I could always just read. They really don't seem that friendly, but he's really cute.' Kagome thought. Sesshoumaru nodded and led her to the library. He was about to leave when Kagome stopped him. "Don't you want to talk or something?"

'Why is she trying to get to know me? Then again I probably should talk to her seeing as though I might be marrying her.' The two sat down on the couch and began to talk.


'I can't believe this. Why did she have to look like Kikyou?' Inu Yasha sighed as he sat on his bed. 'But she is beautiful and I was pretty rude. Ah man, I should go introduce myself properly atleast. I'll do it after lunch.'


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