A/N: So this is a totally true story. I auditioned for Drum Major this year and I absolutely love Marching Band.

Did I get it? Well... no. But I should've. If there had been one more open spot... I would've gotten it. I've been told by the people who were the judges. So... yeah. I only lost because of seniority.

But hey! Enough about that! This is one of my favorite experiences from Drum Major training. So hope you enjoy!


"Two steps forward, eight steps backwards, four steps forward."

I stared at the Drum Major who had given me the instructions. She looked up at me, giving me a comforting smile, as if telling me that I could do it. I don't know if she really believed it, though.

I don't remember if she was in the room last time we had practiced field commanding: the other Drum Major had given me the instructions. He had to comfort me, tell me that it was fine, nobody was going to judge me. Truth was, it was the most anxious I had felt in my life.

It took me minutes to do it. He had asked me if I needed the instructions again. I told him no, I had already memorized them, which I had. I just couldn't bring myself to say them at loud, to shout at the fellow candidates for Drum Major.

But that time, I hadn't been on a chair. Now I was. I had to do this. It was the day before auditions.

And I was scared as hell.

"Just imagine that they're fifty yards away from you on the field," Jade — my girl Drum Major — said, bringing me make into reality. She walked over back to Leo, the one who had given me instructions last week, and shushed the others who were talking amongst the makeshift block they had made in the back of the room. I still heard whispering as I exhaled, clenching and unclenching my fists.

I had to do this.

"Standby!" I shouted. All the whispering quieted. "Two steps forward, eight steps backwards, four steps forward. Set!"

Their hands went into horn position. I stood, scared that my legs would give out and I would be left on the ground with only the sound of my pumping blood in my ear. But I didn't fall. Jade started the clapping. They recited my commands. I took in another shaky breath.




I looked over at my Drum Major, grinning nervously. I could feel my smile wavering as I shook. Both the Drum Majors stared at me, their mouths slightly open.

"Honestly, I'm impressed," Jade said, and my adrenaline spiked. I had just impressed my Drum Major in the thing I was terrified of.

I had impressed her.

"Thanks," I said, returning to my normal voice. And as I walked back into the block, letting someone else do the commanding, I could almost hear the other people wonder how such a tiny girl could make that much sound.