Author's Note

This is my first story, I'm new to writing and open to criticism but I can't incorporate ALL criticism. If I mess up at some points then, ( like my grammar ) please point it out. I want to improve my writing skills. I'm trying to avoid making my characters Mary Sues but if I do accidentally make one, then please tell me. Also, I can only make a new story when I feel like it. I do have high school problems and procrastinate a lot. Anyway hope you enjoy.

Episode 1: A New Legacy Part I

"You will not lay a FINGER on my children."

"Please... spare my children"


"I'm sorry. I'm-I'm sorry."


He had swiftly opened his eyes. As he lifted himself up, he let the pool of sweat drench down his face and let the distress leave his breath. The only audible sounds were his faint breathes and moaning from beasts in the distance. He grasped his head, bits of his jet black hair in his curled fingers. His chocolate-brown eyes darted around the room, looking at anything that could distract him from that WRETCHED dream.

In the room, there was a wardrobe that stood at his height, 5.8 ft. A coat rack that held a red coat that nearly touched the floor. And the most elegant of all, a long crimson red blade that was placed above his queen sized bed. It reflected the moonlight beautifully.

It was a comforting sight to see, but not comforting enough to ease his mind. Why did he have to go through that? Why again? Hasn't he been tortured enough? He had get rid of this feeling.

He had stood up from his bed entering the bathing quarters. Luckily there was still water in the bucket, enough to cleanse himself. But before he could dip his hands in, he heard a familiar voice.

"Dante? Up so soon?" He turned around, gazing upon a middle aged man supporting himself with the frame of the door. He had jet black hair that was starting to grey, a baggy face that had scars resting on his cheek, forehead, and one that covered his left eye. Leaving only one of his grey eyes untouched.

"Yes... I couldn't find myself being able to sleep properly" responding in a voice that was almost too weak to hear.

"Well then, be sure to go back to your bed. The moon is still above our heads." Said in a meek voice.

"Right, I will dad. It's just..."

"I know, today was the day."


The boy, Dante's voice started to crack. His eyes cast downwards to avoid showing the tears building up. And face struggling not to break into the largest of frowns.

"Again, it's not your fault what happened. Don't let that bring you down for their's, mine, and your sake."

"I-I know."

"Good, now be ready when the sun rises over the horizon. For we begin a new chapter of our lives." His father had limped back to his bed after giving his message.

He had wiped away the tears in his eyes before looking out into black sky. As he looked out into the sky the moans from earlier started to become slight shrieks of horror.

"Yes, hopefully we found our light in the darkest of times. And may the legacy of the Rangers be kept."



The alarm from her phone had caused her to jerk up from her dreams. Unfortunately, it didn't wake her up sooner! She had zoomed into the bathroom, putting on deodorant, changing her clothes, and quickly washing her hair in the sink. As she looked into the mirror, she realized that the orange dye in her hair had started to fade.

"Guess, I should dye it again... hmm, red? maybe yellow?" Oh why was she thinking about this, she's gonna be late! She snapped out her stupid hair problem and ran downstairs to greet her family at the dinner table.

She saw her mother next to the sink, presumably just finished up cleaning the dishes. And her father watching his favorite cartoon "King Arthur and The Knights of Camelot" alongside her two brothers. As soon as her feet hit the last step, her mother simply raised up a lunch bag with her back facing her.

"Thanks mom! Bye!" She exclaimed loudly as she sped out the door.

"Good luck on that internship, Izzy!" Her mother had shouted but unfortunately, she was already out of hearing distance.



"Hey guys, where are you?"

"Didn't we say, we would meet up by the bus station."

"I'm pretty sure we voted on Senior Smoothy."

"No, we aren't stopping for smoothies Tom"

"Aw! C'mon Link! It'll only take a few minutes!"

"Hehe, I don't think we have enough time thanks to Izzy's slow butt."

"Hey! don't sell me out Kris!"

Luckily for the four, it took about 10 minutes for them to meet up at the bus stop. One of them was a light-skinned boy with brown hair combed back, dark-rimmed glasses, a white collared polo and dress pants. Another light-skinned high school boy with spiked dirty blonde hair, a metal chain around his neck, black jeans, and a hoodie that said "THRESH" in bold letters. Stood beside them was a girl with pale skin who's auburn hair was tied up in a short high ponytail that stopped at her neck, she was wearing a scarlet bomber jacket, and denim jean shorts with a floral design on the hips. As for "Izzy" she ran here in a red blazer, white bleach jeans, and white t shirt, and blue hair that had looked like a crow's nest.

She was exhausted. DAMN was she exhausted. It's like they INTENTIONALLY picked a spot where she would struggle to get to like they wanted to TORTURE her.

"Well, glad you're here." Said the boy with glasses. "You know, we have been standing here for a while now Isabelle. We could have finished a marathon before you got here"

Oh yeah, they did. They totally meant to torture her. He even threw in her real name... like a prick.

"Well, Lincoln. Unlike you, I actually DID run a marathon. Not like you could actually run one yourself... Those twigs you call legs would snap before the first minute." She replied in an obviously exasperated tone.

Before Lincoln could get a word in. Thomas had to remind everyone the elephant in the room.


"Hey, whats-oH CRAP, HE'S RIGHT! WE HAVE 5 MINUTES TO GET TO THE INTERVIEW!" exclaimed Kristina in a sudden panic.

The four had rushed to the building where their interview for internship would be held. Luckily it was only about a block away from the bus stop. However, it seemed like Lincoln's legs WERE on the verge of snapping. Man is karma such a wonderful thing.


"Ah, ah, ah. Damn, my aching legs..." Link whimpered as began rubbing his calves. This display left Izzy with a victorious grin that spread from ear to ear. The four were sitting in the lobby of the one-story building, waiting for their interviews. It had the scent of cinnamon around the room and the color crimson surrounded them.

"So are we the only ones for the internship?" Kris attempted to change the subject but it was clear she was struggling to keep a straight face seeing her friend's suffering.

"Hmm, seems so. Man just look at this guy's lobby. Can't wait to see his what's in his office." While saying this, Tom had begun looking at everything in the lobby. Statues, paintings, a bear rug that looked like it would actually eat you. But what stood out, as if it drew him in, was a portrait of 5 people in colored costumes that rose swords that held gems in their hilt to the sky in a prideful fashion.

"Hey, guys! C'mon over here!" demanded Tom.

The three had made their way to where Tom stood at his behest. Though Link had needed to be helped from the girls as his twig legs were still hurt.

"What is it? You find anything 'cool'?" Link asked with a face of irritation on it.

"Yeah! Check out the photo! This guy has a photo of the Power Rangers!" exclaimed Tom in a jovial tone. "Look how cool they are! FIGHTING FOR JUSTICE AND ALL THAT IS GOOD!" Tom had said in a voice akin to those 60's superhero cartoons.

This proud full display of fanboyism had brought slight smiles to their faces. However, something stood out.

"Hey, which team is this one?" asked Kris.

The rangers in the frame had 5 members, the Black, Blue, Yellow, Pink, and of course the Red Ranger. But the design of their outfits was unfamiliar. They had white crucifix shapes around the chest. A white coloration on the arm sleeves. And a visor that resembles medieval knight's helmets.

"Maybe, it's a recent team? I mean like a few weeks recent?" Izzy reasoned.

"No, if we had just got another team of rangers the news would be on that like Kris and those Skylight books..." jabbed Tom. Of this little jab caused Kristina's face to turn redder than the apple on the cover of said Skylight books.

"Sh-Shut up! We all have our things! Like you and your Power Ranger obsession!"

But before this conversation could spiral further. A bell had rung, signaling them to enter the man in charge's office.


As they walked into his office, they gazed upon a man who looked to be in his 40's with dark black hair that had bits of grey strands. His bagged face was cover in a thin veil of makeup, making him look almost unrealistic. And the strangest choice to his attire was an eyepatch that laid over his left eye.

"Please, take a seat." he said in a strong yet comforting. He gestured over to four bean bag chairs. black, yellow, blue, and pink. Tom, Izzy, Link, and Kris sat in those respective colors. As they were digging their butts into the bags, they started to see more of the decor in his office.

Above their employer, was a shield with two swords at its sides. There was a mounted head of a dragon behind them. It almost looked like it could breathe a devastating flame over them. And much like the lobby, the same portrait of the same Rangers had been hung up on the wall. And much like before, it had been the most prominent detail in the room.

"So, shall I introduce myself?" inquired the eye patched man.

"Uh, no need. We know who you are Mr. Aston." Kris responded with a timid voice.

"Then, let's get to the meat of things. Do you know want I'm hiring for?"

"You're looking for interns who can help you with your business," answered Izzy.

"Yes, that is true. Now I'm going to ask you something, why do you want work for me?" questioned Mr. Aston with the slightest of raise of his brow.

"We heard you could open doors for us... heard that you could lead us places," replied Link as he pushed up his glasses.

"Well, you've heard right. But I can only lead you to that door, it's your job to open it."

Aston had then gestured the Ranger portrait. When he did, it almost looked as if it started to glow with a slight aura.

"Do you know of the Power Rangers?"

This little inquiry had caused Tom to stand from his black bag faster than the speed of sound.

"OH HELL YEAH! You ARE a fan of them! See! I'm a fan, you're a fan..." This little burst of excitement had caused giggles from those in the room. But Tom still stood with the same grin.

"I wouldn't necessarily say I'm a fan, but I am associated with Power Rangers."

And just like that, the four had thrown anyway their smiles and held faces of confusion.

"Now, I am going to be straightforward. This internship...involves you four to carry on the legacy of the Power Rangers, will you accept?"

All that was heard throughout the room was silence... Then suddenly

"NO WAY!!"


"That's crazy..."

"Well, this guy's cuckoo for Choco Fluffs. I'll be leaving"

"I know it's an odd thing to say here, let me show-"

"Like I said, I'm leaving"

But as soon as Link stood up, a flash of white light engulfed the room. Blinding the four. But as it shined, Mr. Aston called out.

"Sorry but I need all four of you! Don't worry you won't be hurt!"


And as the light had started to fade away, they were no longer in the same office. Instead, they were stranded in a forest that cast little light. Everything had changed into black and white. No color was present.

"Wh-where are we?!" stammered Izzy.

"So much for that guy being crazy..." retorted Tom with the clearest expression of wonder shown on his face as he looked around their new location.

"Ok, maybe that guy did have something related to the Power Rangers " Link admitted. "But that doesn't mean that I want anything to do with them..."

As soon as Link's words left his mouth. A voice rang in the distance.

"You sure about that? C'mon... You're gonna miss out. Not everyone can say that they were a Ranger..."

"Huh? Is someone here? Hey, could you help us!?" Kris pleaded to the unknown voice.

"Sure... first you gotta prove to me that you mean business." the voice revealed himself, a blur of red jumping out from the trees.

As his feet hit the ground, the four were able to examine him. A white cross on his chest, sleeves that were white, a helmet akin to that of a knight, and in his arms were swords that held colored gems in their hilt.

"Heya, guys. Let's see what ya got.." the figure said with the most confident of nods.