Linda-chan: Before we start with the story a fair warning and note. To start with the note, I own the story, not the original cast.

Momo: Can's you just hurry it up?

Me: Just zip it. The warning is that characters may seem out of character and it is for the good of the story. If my female character seems too strong to you, don't review I want to know anything BUT Mary Sue-ism. Besides, we can do anything we want. We've got girl power. Now let's read!

I walk towards the south entrance of the station and find a boy with a tennis bag.

"You're going the wrong way." I say and he looks at me before he stops a few feet away from me.

"How do you know?" He asks me and I check out his Fila shoes and cap before I shrug.

"You're clothes give of the hint and I came this way to go there myself." I say as my green eyes look at him through my sunglasses.

"Do you want to play or not?" I ask him and we hurry over, but we get there five minutes late.

"Sorry, I kind of hoped we'd manage a better time." I say and he shrugs it of as he walks away.

"Ah, where could he be!" I hear a girl yell frantically until she brushes past me.

"Why do I have the feeling that I'll find something good if I follow them?" I wonder before I slowly jog over and find the guy nearly paying for their drinks.

"Hold it, I'll pay!" I yell and they both turn around when I step it up a notch and pay for three drinks.

"For getting you here late." I say and the girl looks at me closely.

"You send him wrong too?" The girl with twin braids asks.

"I send him right, but we got here late." I say as I scratch my left cheek with my left pointing finger.

Not long after things get heated and the boy simply decides to play a match. I watch and I notice that he plays in the same manner as Echizen Nanjiro.

"Ah, so here he was." I can hear an elderly woman say and she goes on to name him the prince of tennis.

The guy states that he wants another game and I notice Echizen switching the racket to his left hand.