Chapter 1

It was the last day of the festival and she was excited. Harmony had been the reigning Dancing Queen. Right now the other contestants in the competition were dancing. Beside her was her best friend tuning his violin for their performance. Most of the dancers danced with a partner. Xeha was a good dancer more so with his violin in hand and they had been winning this for years now. She had always thought the judges liked that they never did a traditional dance. They always did something out of the box and this dance was no different.

Soon enough it was there turn and they got into position with him standing in the center of the stage. Harmony was off to the side sitting with her back to the crowd. Everything but the violin part was on an audio track. When Xehanort began to play she laid before turning so she was on her stomach. Her legs moved out into a split before pushed up so she was sitting. One leg came around and she was soon standing the movement smooth and graceful. Arms out and toes point she took two steps toward Xeha before going into a spin that lasted until the words started.

'Don't need a hero to save me/I'm not a girl to set free/It's nothing you did to me/ I've always been this way'

She came out of the spin her leg coming up and over her head. 'I might be strong, I might be weak/There might be a part of me that I won't let you keep' Her leg came down and she took the last few steps she was in front of Xeha with her back toward him. 'Been on this road, and come this far'

'I don't need a man to hold my hand/I just want one to hold my heart'

After the dance she was a bit out of breath and her face flushed. They soon left the stage to wait for the judges. The winner and runners up would not be announced until that evening. This left lots of time for her and Xeha to have some fun at the festival. It also meant changing into something more comfortable. " Let's head to my house so so can change out of this. We can also leave your violin in my room."

"You sure your father won't have an aneurism?" Xehanort asked as he put his violin into its case. The silver was rather fed up with how her father treated him. He got worse from his own father.

A sigh left her and she gave him a look that said how tired she was of her father treatment of her friend. Her only friend and protector. Harmony had tried so many times to get her father to see that Xehanort was not his father, but he refused to listen. " You know Mama will cover for us."

This time it was Xehanorts turn to sigh as he knew she was right. Her mother unlike her father liked him very much. " I suppose you are right about that."

" My dad is also out fishing for the feast later." Harmony reminded him as she held out her hand for him to take. She smiled when he slipped his hand into hers and they were soon off to her house. When they got there her mother was on the patio working on a piece of jewelry.

" How did the competition go?" She asked as she looked up at the pair and smiled. Khaya knew that these two were meant to be, she could feel it. They complimented each other in ways most couples never did. " I would assume you two will be the victors again this year."

" Most likely." Xehanort states a ghost of a smile on his lips. He was looking at Harmony in the way most girls dreamed about being looked at. She never seemed to notice though and that frustrated him to no end. He also tended to look at her like that when she wasn't look so that might also be the issue. " Harmony was amazing."

Khaya smiled wider as she watched her daughter turn and look at Xehanort. Harmony was just as taken with him as he was with her. The difference was that she was afraid to move forward because losing him at all terrified her. Not that her daughters fear was an unfounded one. Many friendships ended in ruin when the two involved decided to date. Not that Khaya ever thought that would happen with them. Xehanort was far to possessive for that to happen and so would push to work through any issues that arose.

" You were amazing too." Harmony stated pouting a bit as she looked at him. She noted how the ghost of a smile turned into an actual smile. A grin now appearing on her face as she so loved his smile. The really ones that reached his mysterious gold hues. " I wouldn't be the one winning all the time if I didn't have you up on stage with me."

" I think you would be just fine." Xehanort stated as he stared into her jade eyes. Her eyes were bright and vivid, full of light. He often wondered if that was why they were so balanced. She was light and he was darkness and together they kept balance. Yet something told him he would cease to be the person he was now if she ever left. His heart heart just to think about it and he hoped it never happened.

" No I wouldn't, because I wouldn't have you." The violet stated as she reached up and booped his nose. Harmony would be lost without him. She relied on him in many ways and she wasn't sure if he relied on her too. Most likely not as he was the one that was always protecting her from their shared bully. He also held her tightly during the storms that terrified her.

" Go on inside so she can change." Khaya stated as she went back to weaving the wire for the circlet she was making for her daughter. It was simple, a triangular piece of Lapis Lazuli with a clear Quartz point sticking up. She would give this to Harmony before she left. How she knew her daughter would be leaving, but she would be. It was time for Harmony to fly and find her own way in the world.

" Thanks Mama." Harmony smiled as she lead Xeha inside and up to her room. It was full of hanging plants and the window was open. The window was always open allowing the breeze to flow in from the sea. It also allowed the sun in unfiltered for the plants that hung from the ceiling.

Xehanort put his violin on her bed while she went over to her closet to pick out her skirt for the day. Would she actually wear it as a skirt or a dress. A soft smile touch his lips as he turned to watch her. He liked to watch her, she was graceful and her movement were always smooth and fluid like. " Having issues choosing what you want to wear?"

" Yes, short or knee length?" She asked as she showed his two short skirts and one that was knee length.

He tilted his head as he looked at the skirts. One of the short one caught his attention immediately. It was silver and green, his favorite green the same color as her eyes. The pattern was swirling and there was even glitter on the second layer. " That one."

She smiled as she looked at the one he picked as it was the one she had been leaning toward. " Now I just have to find a top that matches." Harmony stated as she went over to her dresser. The girl soon pulled out a silver tank top that stopped just under her bust line. " Alright, I will be right back."

Xehanort watched as she left the room to go down the hall to the bathroom. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. When would they tell each other what needed to be said? The silver had the issue that her father was an unholy thorn in his side. He really did hate her father, almost as much as he hated his own. Her father however was different then his. Harmony's father cared for her and his animosity came from a desire to protect her. Everyone here in the village knew his father and what kind of man he was. Her father was afraid that he would be the same as his father and he didn't want that for his daughter.

In that regard Xehanort could respect the man. However the other refused to see that he was not his father. The silver would never hurt Harmony. Just thinking about hurting her made his whole being ache. The sound her coming back into the room pulled him from his thoughts. She was beautiful as always.

" So, what do you wanna do first?" Harmony asked as she looked at him. She was barefoot as was normal for her as she hated shoes. If she had to the only thing she ever wore were sandals. " We could do the games first?"

" Or we can skip the rest of the festival until the feast tonight." Xehanort stated as he crossed his arms over his chest. He wasn't much for socializing and she knew it. Unless he was high, then he could do it as his anxiety wouldn't bo on overdrive. " Unless you are getting me high before we go anywhere?"

" I would say let's just stay here, but when my dad does come home he will flip shit." Harmony stated as she went over to a shelf with jars of dried plants in it. She pulled one down along with a pair of pipes. One was all black and had a skull carved into the end of it. " I got you a present."

He blinked and tilted his head having not expected her to get him something. Xehanort was not used to getting gifts and when he got them they were usually from Harma. " What is it?"

" It's a pipe." She smiled as she showed him the black one with the skull. Harmony had her own moon stone pipe as well, a gift from her mother. " It made of Obsidian."

He took the pipe and smiled widely as the craftsmanship was amazing. " You really gotta stop this. My dad gets mad when I come home with new things." That was true too and he was likely to get a beating for hiding the pipe. This was the kind of thing his father would take away and never give back.

" Then keep it here." Harmony stated as she opened the jar and smiling. She loved the smell of weed after a performance. Pulled some out she packed her pipe before handing him the jar. " Your dad won't dare come here. Hence why you hide here all the time."

" That is only because your dad will string him up by his hamstrings." Xehanort chuckled as he packed his new pipe with some of the dried plant. Harmony always had the good stuff, the strong stuff, she also went out and foraged for it so she knew were the best spot where to get it. " Where is the lighter?"

" I have got it here." Harmony stated before she light up. She exhaled smiling as the smoke billowed from her mouth. The violet handed Xeha the lighter and watched as he light up as well. A few minutes later all the tension had left his body as the weed mellowed him out. After they were done everything was put away and they headed to the festival.