Bendy was silent. When Frisk was looking straight at him,

"Um, don't worry, it's alright. Just lost my temper a bit.",said Bendy a little awkwardly.

It was necessary to try to find the right words to say to calm Frisk down. Frisk looked up at Bendy closely. Her sad look turned into a furious look.

"Yeah, right, you were about to kill Boris in front of me!",yelled Frisk sarcastically.

"Yeah I know! I'm the biggest "phony" here. I get it from a lot of people."whispered Bendy softly.

"Right,right! That's what you get if you have got to be mean to other people!",exclaimed Frisk.

"But at least I didn't killed Boris.",responded Bendy trying to be even more softer.

It was hard for him, considering he was always angry ever since what happened with Joey Drew those years ago.

The fact that Frisk's temper was really starting to bother him. He continued to calm her down. Frisk seemed to relax a bit.

" least you didn't.",said Frisk.

She pulled out a smile at him.

"Yeah, at least, I didn't.",finished Bendy, smiling back at her.