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To answer a review I received that asked about the room situation at the manor….

During Seasons 7 & 8

1. Prue and Cole's Room

2. Piper and Leo's Room

3. Phoebe's Room (Became Phoenix, Persephone, and Pagan's Room when Phoebe got her own apartment.)

4. Paige and Richard's Room (Became Wyatt and Chris's Room when Paige and Richard married and moved back to the Montana Estate.)

5. Kids' Room (Became Wyatt and Chris's Room only when Phoebe moved out and Prue's kids got her room. Empty when Paige and Richard moved out.)

2007/Season 9

1. Prue and Cole's Room

2. Piper and Leo's Room

3. Phoenix, Persephone, and Pagan's Room

4. Wyatt and Chris's Room

5. Nursery (Melinda)

(It would be ideal for all the kids to get their own room, but it doesn't always work like that. The most they could hope for was their own bed. lol And I can't see them really minding. At least not until they hit the dating years. lol)

Prue has the powers of Spell Casting, Enchantment, Potion Making, Scrying, Mediumship, Advanced Telekinesis, Deviation, Agility, Super Strength, Telematerialization, Astral Projection, High Resistance, and the Power of Three/Four.

Piper has the powers of Spell Casting, Enchantment, Potion Making, Scrying, Mediumship, Molecular Immobilization, Molecular Combustion, Deviation, High Resistance, and the Power of Three/Four.

Phoebe has the powers of Spell Casting, Enchantment, Potion Making, Scrying, Mediumship, Premonition, Intuition, Astral Premonition, Levitation, Super Strength, Empathy, Power Channeling, Power Replication, High Resistance, and the Power of Three/Four. She can also share her visions with other psychic beings and create psychic links with other psychic beings.

Paige has the powers of Spell Casting, Enchantment, Potion Making, Scrying, Mediumship, Orbing, Telekinetic Orbing, Deviation, Remote Orbing, Sensing, Cloaking, Photokinesis, Hovering, Glamouring, Healing, Omnilingualism, High Resistance, and the Power of Three/Four.

Phoenix has the powers of Spell-Casting, Enchantment, Potion-Making, Scrying, Mediumship, Flaming, Remote Flaming, Flame Shield, Telepathy, Remote Telepathy, Clairaudience, Intuition, Telekinesis, Telekinetic Flaming, Psycho Warping, Sensing, Healing, Literary Manipulation, High Resistance, Regeneration, and the Power of Three.

Persephone has the powers of Spell-Casting, Enchantment, Potion-Making, Scrying, Mediumship, Flaming, Remote Flaming, Flame Shield, Empathy, Empathic Shield, Intuition, Telekinesis, Telekinetic Flaming, Projection, Sensing, Healing, Literary Manipulation, High Resistance, Regeneration, and the Power of Three.

Wyatt has the powers of Spell-Casting, Enchantment, Potion-Making, Scrying, Mediumship, Orbing, Remote Orbing, Orb Shield, Telekinesis, Telekinetic Orbing, Projection, Sensing, Healing, Literary Manipulation, High Resistance, and the Power of Three.

Pagan has the powers of Spell-Casting, Enchantment, Potion-Making, Scrying, Mediumship, Telekinetic Smoke-Fading, Sensing, High Resistance, and the Power of Three.

Chris has the powers of Spell-Casting, Enchantment, Potion-Making, Scrying, Mediumship, Telekinetic Orbing, Sensing, Photokinesis, High Resistance, and the Power of Three.

Melinda has the powers of Spell-Casting, Enchantment, Potion-Making, Scrying, Mediumship, Hovering, High Resistance, and the Power of Three.

Tamora and Kat have the powers of Spell-Casting, Enchantment, Potion-Making, Scrying, Mediumship, Twin Telepathy, and High Resistance. They can also sense each other's emotions.

P.J. has the powers of Spell-Casting, Enchantment, Potion-Making, Scrying, Mediumship, Beaming, Remote Beaming, and High Resistance.

Parker, Paige's son, and Peyton aren't around yet.


(Picture all actors/actresses the appropriate age, please.)

Main Characters

Shannen Doherty as Prudence "Prue" Halliwell

Holly Marie Combs as Piper Halliwell

Alyssa Milano as Phoebe Halliwell

Rose McGowan as Paige Montana

Julian McMahon as Cole Turner

Brian Krause as Leonardo "Leo" Wyatt

Victor Webster as Coop Halliwell

Balthazar Getty as Richard Montana

Recurring Characters

Vaylin Shinyei as Phoenix Darrius Halliwell

Gracyn Shinyei as Persephone "Seph" Amethyst Halliwell

Jason and Kristopher Simmons as Wyatt Matthew Halliwell

Chandler Riggs as Pagan Victor Halliwell

Maximillian Kesmodel as Christopher "Chris" Perry Halliwell

Clara Thomas as Melinda Prudence Halliwell

Selena Gomez as Tamora Lisa Montana

Selena Gomez as Katherine "Kat" Phoebe Montana

Sierra Paris as Prudence Johnna "P.J." Halliwell

Jack Fulton as Richard Scott Montana Jr

Bella Lotz as Parker Patricia Halliwell

Jennifer Rhodes as Penelope "Penny" Halliwell

Finola Hughes as Patricia "Patty" Halliwell

James Read as Victor Bennett

Scott Jaeck as Samuel "Sam" Wilder

Dorian Gregory as Darryl Morris

Chris Wood as Rennek

Nina Dobrev as Neena

Rebecca Balding as Elise Rothman

Alex Black as Tyler Michaels

Emily Bett Rickards as Bailey

Ryan Reynolds as Hogan

Timothy Webber as Montgomery Knox

Lucy Lawless as Glynnis

Peter Woodward (voice) as The Source of All Evil

Minor Characters

(Will be added as they appear.)

Jennifer Love Hewitt as Angel of Destiny

Christopher Gauthier as Weasel

Rachel McAdams as Jessalyn

Recap: In 2004/2005, after Gideon, headmaster of Magic School, died at Leo Wyatt's hands, the Elders stripped Leo of his powers as an Elder as punishment, making him mortal, and prepared to shut the school down. Paige Matthews stood against them, believing that young witches needed a place to learn how to use and control magic. The Elders decided to keep the school open and surprisingly made Paige the headmistress. Eventually though, Paige quit the job in order to become a full-time Whitelighter, while Leo took her place as Head of Magic School. Pagan and Chris Halliwell were given a Wiccaning.

In 2005/2006, Paige received a new witch charge named Billie Jenkins, who was searching for her older sister, Christy, who was kidnapped by a demon when they were children, and the Charmed Ones took her on as a protege. While under the Charmed Ones' tutelage, Billie met a future Whitelighter named Jonathan David "J.D." Williams, but he was killed by a demon named Vaklav, though Vaklav was vanquished and J.D. became a Whitelighter. Billie and J.D. then began a relationship. Billie eventually found her sister, but Christy, unbeknownst to anyone, had been brainwashed to evil. Christy eventually succeeded in turning Billie evil as well, and together they were the Ultimate Power, though they both believed that they were good while the Charmed Ones were evil. The Jenkinses teamed up with a demon named Dumain to kill the Charmed Ones, unaware that Dumain planned for them to die as well, his only loyalties having been to the returned Triad, as they had promised him a position as one of them if his plan to have the Jenkinses kill the Charmed Ones succeeded. Billie and Christy turned good, however, when they learned of Dumain's and the Triad's treachery, and they helped the Charmed Ones to kill Dumain and the Triad. In the end, the Charmed Ones and the Jenkinses became and remain very close friends. The Morrises moved to New York.

Prudence "Prue" Halliwell and Cole Turner are still married, with three children: Phoenix Darrius, Persephone Amethyst, and Pagan Victor Halliwell. Their family lives in the Halliwell Manor.

Piper and Leo got back together, are still married, and have three children: Wyatt Matthew, Christopher Perry, and Melinda Prudence Halliwell. Melinda was born April 9, 2007. Their family lives in the Halliwell Manor.

Phoebe met and fell in love with a Cupid named Coop. They married in late 2006 and Coop took Phoebe's last name. They have one daughter: Prudence Johnna "P.J." Halliwell. P.J. was born December 11, 2007. Their family lives in a condo, due to Phoebe moving out of the Halliwell Manor in 2006.

Paige and Richard Montana were married in 2006, with Paige taking Richard's last name. They have two daughters who are identical twins: Tamora Lisa and Katherine "Kat" Phoebe Montana. Tamora and Kat were born August 12, 2007. Their family lives in the Montana Estate, due to Paige and Richard moving back there in 2006.

Billie and J.D. were married in late 2006, with Billie taking J.D.'s last name. They have one daughter: Tara Williams. Tara was born December 22, 2007. Their family lives in LA.

This season takes place six months into 2008.

Charmed Lives

[Scene: A club named Luscious. People are dancing.]

Woman: You're sure he's coming?

Man #1: Relax, Neena, he's on his way.

(An Angel of Destiny appears to the man and woman.)

Angel of Destiny: You are not supposed to be here.

Man #1: We're on the list:

Neena: That's not him, is it?

Angel of Destiny: What you are planning is not part of the Grand Design. The enemies you scheme against have fulfilled their role in the battle.

Neena: It is not your-

Man #1: I control my own destiny.

Neena: Oh, no, let me.

(Neena fires something at the Angel of Destiny.)

Angel of Destiny: No! You can't do this!

(The Angel of Destiny disappears through a portal. The patrons of the club freak out.)

Man #2: Hey! What the hell?!

Man #1: Wasn't me. Where exactly did you send her, Neena?

Neena: I never quite know. Hopefully someplace nasty. You sure he's coming?

Man #1: He'll be here.

Neena: And he's got what we need?

Man #3: I got what you need. But the question is… can you take it?

Man #1: Classy as ever, Weasel.

Weasel: Now, Hogan, it wasn't exactly easy to get my hands on this.

Hogan: And you're being more than properly compensated.

(Hogan gives him a wad of money and Weasel gives him a scroll.)

Weasel: No tip?

(Weasel grabs Neena's ass and she blasts him over the balcony, killing him, scaring the patrons again.)

Hogan: Umm, Neena….

Neena: What? He grabbed my ass.

[Scene: Magic School. Teens are practicing magic. Paige and Leo are teaching a class.]

Paige: Appearances can be deceiving. Just like this isn't any old school, and I'm not exactly your average witch, this is not your typical textbook. (She holds up the Book of Shadows.) Now, I know most of you are familiar with this, but for the new students, this is the Book of Shadows. A collection of spells handed down through the generations of Warren witches. One of the most powerful books of magic ever created… and the reason for most of the grief in my life. But that's a story for another day. (One of the female students yawns loudly.) Am I boring you, Jessalyn?

Jessalyn: Another book? Is this a magic school or a magic library?

Leo: Jessalyn, Paige came here to-

Paige: No, Leo, it's fine. Clearly, Jess has something to say.

Jessalyn: I thought we'd be learning magic by, you know, doing it. Not being lectured at by some middle-age guest speaker who - hello - retired. I mean, how does a witch retire anyway?

Paige: Okay, one, nowhere close to middle age, thank you, and two, not retired, just taking a break, because three, seen any demons lately? And in conclusion, if you really want to practice magic… be my guest.

(Paige hands Jessalyn the Book of Shadows.)

Jessalyn: Now we're talking. "I call upon the ancient power/To mask me now and in future hours/Hide me well and thoroughly/But not from those called family." (The Book of Shadows starts glowing.) Umm, is it supposed to be doing that?

(A giant demon is manifested from the Book and the teens panic.)

Leo: Paige….

Paige: Hey, I expected it to backfire, but not that badly. If this is the future in the fight against evil… we're all doomed.

[Scene: Near the Golden Gate Bridge. A cave is blasted open to create an entranceway. Neena and Hogan enter.]

[Scene: Manor. Living room. Prue, Cole, their kids, Wyatt, and Chris are there. Prue is looking through sofa cushions. Cole is kneeling by the sofa watching her. The kids are playing.]

Prue: They have to be here somewhere!

Cole: Where's a camera when you need one?

Prue: It's not funny, Cole. I am so late for this meeting and I still need to pick up Phoebe. Elise is going to kill me, then she's going to fire me. Where did I put my… (Cole jingles her keys in front of her face.) keys?

Cole: Relax. The newspaper can't afford to lose you.

Prue: Still, can't be late. Bye! (Prue rushes out the door and Cole sighs. Prue suddenly smoke-fades back to Cole.) Okay, sorry. Forgot the goodbye kiss. No need to get all draconic and smoke-fade me back.

(Prue kisses Cole's cheek.)

Cole: Ummm. That wasn't me.

(They both turn to see that Pagan has stopped playing and is smiling.)

Prue/Cole: Pagan….?

Phoenix: (sing-song tone) You're in so much trouble.

(Persephone and Wyatt laugh, and Pagan looks sheepish.)

Pagan: I want her to stay.

Prue: Oh, Pagan. (She looks over at Cole.) Teleportation?

Cole: Well, he is half-dragon.

(Prue goes over and picks up a smiling Pagan as Phoenix, Persephone, Wyatt, and Chris go back to playing.)

Prue: I can't go back to work. I almost missed your first teleportation. How can I leave?

Cole: Call in. Elise will understand.

Prue: Which Elise are you talking about? No. I've got to go. (Pagan starts to look upset.) It's okay, Pagan. (She puts him back down.) I'll be home before you know it. (She leaves while calling out "Love you!" Pagan smoke-fades her back again.) Okay, sweetie. This is a problem.

Persephone: Momma's boy.

(Phoenix and Wyatt snicker.)

[Cut to the kitchen. Piper is holding Melinda while cooking.]

Piper: Yep. Definitely a problem. No white onions anywhere. (Piper sighs.) It's a small setback. Nothing Mommy can't handle. (Piper leans down and gets a small pot out of a cupboard.) Just need to come up with a…. Wait a minute. (Piper looks up to see potion bottles floating.) How did those potion bottles get up there? (The potions drop into the pot and thick vines immediately sprout out of it and attack.) Whoa! (Piper quickly puts Melinda in a high chair before trying to freeze the vines but it doesn't work.) Why won't you freeze? (Piper sighs.) Well, if my powers don't cut it. (Piper picks up a big knife.) Go with what works. (Piper starts cutting the vines.) Get the hell out of my kitchen! Hey! Watch the vines! (The vines tangle up Piper and take the knife from her.) It's okay, baby. I'll get us out of this.

(Prue, Cole, their kids, Wyatt, and Chris run in.)

Prue: What is going on in here?! Whoa!

Cole: That's something you don't see everyday.

Wyatt: Mommy?

Pagan/Chris: Beanstalk!

(Pagan and Chris high five.)

Prue: Okay, it's not funny, kids.

Phoenix: Yeah, it is.

Persephone: Yeah.

Pagan: Mel's laughing.

(Melinda was indeed laughing. Piper was now being held in the air.)

Piper: Okay, everyone, I could use a little help. So much for the food tasting.

[Time Lapse. Halliwell Manor. Living room. Piper's there. Prue and Phoebe walk in.]

Piper: Maybe now isn't the best time to open a restaurant. I think Melinda's coming in to her powers.

Prue: I know the feeling. Pagan has a new power. He teleported me today repeatedly. Was Mel the cause of those vines?

(Phoebe sits next to Piper.)

Phoebe: Vines?

Piper: Yeah. I'm not sure, but I think Mel attacked me with a giant salad.

(Paige orbs in.)

Paige: Juvenile delinquents! The next generation of witches will be the death of us all. Take my word on that. (Paige sits next to Phoebe.) Isn't life supposed to be easier now that we've beaten the demons into submission?

Prue: Just wait till the twins start using their powers.

Piper: Well, I'll still take this grief over fighting demons any day. Now that was hell.

[Scene: Cave. Neena and Hogan are climbing down.]

Hogan: Told you… it wouldn't be… too hard.

(Neena looks up at his butt.)

Neena: At least the view's not half bad.

(They reach the bottom and there's a cave-in.)

Hogan: Move it! The ceiling's caving in! Get 'em away, get 'em away!

(Neena shields them from the rocks until the cave-in stops.)

Neena: My hero. Are we there yet?

(Hogan looks at a map in his hand.)

Hogan: Looks like we're on the right track. (Neena sees a skeleton and is horrified.) I think we made it.

(They look and are both shocked.)

Neena: So… do we ring the doorbell?

Hogan: I don't think so.

(They are revealed to be in a place that looks like hell.)