I Was Having a Good Dream, Then a Plane Blew Up


I never thought my first quest would involve saving a worm, but what can you do? I was honored to be chosen to save the worm queen, and who better to send me on this quest than Wormes, the all powerful god of worms? The fate of the world rested on me; saving the worm queen was the only way to save the world from the evil dirt demon. Wormes believed that only the greatest child of Apollo would be able to succeed in such a quest, and apparently, that was me. I wasn't sure I was the greatest, but I would certainly believe it for Wormes' sake.

I was so close to saving the world. Riding on the worm queen to fight the dirt demon, a few yards, and I could finally kill this awful creature. Once I was within range I raised my slingshot, taking aim right for the head, when the monster roared.

The sound was unfathomably loud, and it woke me immediately. My first thought was What was that dream about? There's no such thing as dirt demons. My second thought was What is that noise? I pulled myself out of bed, rubbing my eyes. It couldn't be later than 3 am. I looked around, and saw that my half-siblings were waking up, too, and all of them seemed just as confused as I did. Then, the rumbling overhead turned into a loud explosion in the distance, making me run outside to see what was happening.

I saw heaps of flaming metal around the pine tree on Half-Blood Hill. Kids from the other cabins began to crowd around the tree, looking at whatever was there. I felt compelled to do the same, so I sprinted across camp towards the fire. When I arrived, I saw that there was a lot more damage than I'd suspected. Great, now we're going to have to clean this up, I thought.

An entire commercial airplane lay destroyed just outside the border of camp. I knew that there were no survivors. This was too much damage; no one could have possibly survived. I noticed a group of my fellow demigods surrounding something on the ground. I walked over, wondering what could have possibly fallen through the border. As people parted to let me through, I heard whispers, and saw people with wide eyes and open mouths. I looked down, finally seeing what fell.

It was a teenage boy. He was unconscious, of course, but it was surprising enough that he was alive at all. He had shoulder-length, flowing, brown hair and light olive skin. He was fairly short and frail, but his face made him look much older. Although he was asleep, he seemed to be talking quietly, as if he was dreaming.

"Huh. He's cute." Several people turned their heads at my observation. My face grew warm, and I corrected myself with, "I mean, he's a demi." I saw my half-sisters, Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy, snickering at me. My face grew even warmer, but I looked the boy over. "We should get him to an infirmary, or our cabin at the least. He needs help." I pointed out.

After struggling to lift the boy's body, a small group of people eventually trudged to the Big House with the boy between them.