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Treasure Hunt

Chapter One

Hermione watched the first years with a lump in her throat. So innocent, so pure. She could see herself, Harry, Ron, and Neville, and so many other people among them. She could see Fred among the group of students laughing at something one of them had said. She could see Professor Snape sneering from his seat at the table. And sometimes, she could even see Lavender giggling next to Parvati.

This was a daily occurrence. She had come back to Hogwarts to complete her seventh year, and so had many others. Luna, Ginny, Padma, Neville- most of them. What had shocked her the most was the return of Draco Malfoy. But it was like he didn't even exist. No students acknowledged him, probably due to the aura he had around him. She hadn't heard him speak. Not even once. He came to classes, took down notes, and left. The professors never bothered him with any questions, and neither did he.

Yes, she had watched him quite closely over the first week, but now she didn't, not because she didn't want to- because she loved studying, but because he seemed to be noticing. He would shift under her gaze until she'd turn her head around, and then she'd feel goosebumps erect on the nape of her neck, because that's how intense his stare would be.

And so she had stopped.

Right now as she's walking towards the great hall, she skids to a halt right at the entrance when someone else walks up at the same time. She looks up and finds the most startling grey eyes looking at her through an invisible wall. Like always, she thinks.

Malfoy clenches his jaw, and gives her the barest of nods. She nods back and steps into the great hall, her back stiff. She can tell he's watching her. And she hates it when he does.

"Good Morning, children" Professor McGonagall begins to speak.

"Today, I'm very pleased to say that we have completed three weeks of this term without a single student having to serve any kind of detention.

I'm very proud of you all. Each and every one of you.

In the last meeting of Magical Congregation, the French Minister came up with the idea of leading our students towards normalcy, and eradicating fear. The idea was put forward due to the fact that in the last Tri wizards tournament, an unforgettable, and unfortunate event took place. An event that spikes fear in our hearts.

So to defeat fear and it's likes, the Ministries have come up with the idea of a Tri Wizards Cup this year."

Several goblets could be heard slipping, and muttering ensued in the great hall.


Once everybody was quiet again, she continued,

"First of all, six witches or wizards will be chosen today, at the very moment from our Seventh Year students. Those six will compete with each other, and finally a trio will be chosen. Three finalists from Hogwarts will be chosen for this tournament. "

"Those three will be known as the Hogwarts Trio, and will compete with the Dumstrang Trio and the Beauxbatons Trio. The winning Trio will be given special rewards from their school.

There is no criteria for the choosing- Mr. Finch-Fletchy, please place your goblet on the table."

Hermione sees Justin lower his goblet to the table, his face showing the panic he was feeling.

" Participants will be chosen after dinner. Dive in" McGonagall snapped her fingers and the dishes appeared.

Hermione saw Ron sitting across from her, munching on a drumstick. She let out a sigh.

"Everything okay, Hermione?" Ginny slid in beside her.

Hermione licked her lips.

" Yeah"

"What do you think?" She asks.

" About what"?

" This tournament. Because I bet on my life that you're in it" Ginny smiles at her.

Hermione smiles back, her eyes falling on the blonde. "I don't know," she says with an exhale as the blond looks up and catches her stare.

She looks around, mortified at being caught- again, and pretends that nothing happened.

Professor McGonagall steps up again, and the hall falls silent. She smiles gratefully at them before clearing her throat.

"Are all seventh years present"? She asks.

"Yes" reply the most of them- except Malfoy.

" Good. As you already know, six students will be chosen. So, I'd like the portrait of Professor Severus Snape to choose the first two participants of this tournament"

The veil was lifted from his portrait, and without any other words, he spoke, "Theodore Nott, and Pansy Parkinson"

Typical Snape Hermione thinks. But she's a bit shocked to realise that he hadn't chosen Malfoy. She turns her gaze towards the Slytherin table, and finds him already looking at her, his eyebrows hiked as if he knew she'd look at him. And then he raises another brow, gesturing her towards McGonagall. She looks back and finds all eyes on her.

" You've been selected, Hermione! " Ginny squeals beside her and hugs her side.

McGonagall clears her throat and continues, "Luna Lovegood, and Ginerva Weasley"

Hermione hugs Ginny to her side, as the redhead gets overexcited and begins to swear. " Oh fuck! I'm selected! Me? Me? I need to write a bloody letter!"

Hermione places her hand over her mouth to shut her up, and her gaze lands on the blond again. He's staring at the table- he does that a lot, his gaze unfocused and unmoving. She swallows and turns towards McGonagall, again.

"The final candidate chosen is going to be very special, because it's going to be chosen by the portrait of Professor Albus Dumbledore. "

The hall erupts into applauds and whistles as the portrait is brought forth.

" Good morning, children" he greets and several people dab their eyes to rid themselves of the tears that come from hearing his voice in the Great Hall again.

" I hope you're all well. Congratulations to you all on being present today. I won't talk much, I'd just like to say that we are no better than others if we don't love each other, if we don't forgive each other. Forgive and forget; that's the key to happiness." His blue eyes twinkle.

" The person that I've chosen for this task is a boy. A wizard. Someone who had to do some things because he had no control over them" Hermione turns her head towards the blond, and he's watching the portrait with a curious look in his eyes.

" Because he had no choice. I believe in him, because I've seen the good in his heart. He deserves another chance."

Hermione's inhale is sharp through her nose because she knows who it is. Because she hopes that it is who she thinks it is.

And it is.

" Draco Malfoy "

And she jumps, her fist pausing in the air as she realises that all eyes are on her. Even his. She bites her lip "A fly was buzzing around me" she explains, and sits back down, her embarrassment crawling up her cheeks. Malfoy is still looking at her and she gives him her best serious face. The corner of his mouth twitches and she almost doesn't believe it.

" Draco Malfoy it is" McGonagall repeats, but the hall is silent. No applause, no whistles, except for Theodore Nott who applauds once and then claps a hand on Malfoy's back. And he is still watching her.

She looks away because she knows she isn't good at hiding emotion. But that's also a mistake because now she's facing a curious Ginny Weasley.

" What? " She tries to sound nonchalant.

Ginny cocks her head to one side.
"There was no fly, Hermione"

Hermione blushes in spite of herself, and Ginny's lips tug upwards into a tiny smirk.

She places a hand on Hermione's arm, and whispers, " He's hot, isn't he?"

Hermione slaps her hand away, but her lips are stretched into a stupid smile that had threatened to break her jaw if she hadn't let it out.

She was waiting in McGonagall's office, her eyes falling shut every now and then. She raises her hand to cover her mouth as a yawn passes. She sighs, and her head snaps up when she feels another presence in the room.

She looks up and finds Malfoy casually walking towards the seat opposite hers. She swallows and turns her head, because she really doesn't want to be alone with Malfoy in a room. Because she doesn't want him to open his mouth, and ruin the calm and gentle image of him that she has in her head.

But she can't help it, and her eyes analyse him from toe to head. He looks at her, an unreadable expression on his face, and then turns around, completely normal.

She clears her throat and then curses herself for it, because he might think it was a way to gain attention, or worse, start a conversation.

There is a knock on the door, and Ginny, Luna, Nott, and a very red looking Parkinson enter. She glances between the redhead and the blonde, raising her brows in a silent question.

Ginny falls into the chair beside her own and turns her head to whisper in her ear.

"Caught Parkinson and Nott in a broom closet. Want to know what they were doing?"

Hermione raises her brows even more, her lips threatening to break into a grin. " No thanks, Ginny" she replies smoothly.

Someone clears their throat, and they all turn their heads to see McGonagall enter her office.

"Good Afternoon, children. I guess I'm late" she smiles politely at them before taking a seat behind her desk.

"First of all, congratulations to all of you on being selected. Believe me, this wasn't a quick decision. Me and all the professors took every detail into account before choosing the six of you. Anyways, the competition between you all will begin from next week, and the actual tournament will begin after a month, in which only three from you six will participate"

Hermione inhales sharply through her nose, and all eyes turn towards her; knowing that she had probably said a prayer for her to be one of the three. A blush crawls up her cheeks, but she can't help but feel a little proud to be the reason behind the amusement that dances behind Malfoy's stone-dead eyes.

She shakes her head, and looks away.

" First task will take place on Sunday, and it will be between Ms. Granger and Ms. Parkinson. The second will be on Tuesday, between Mr. Nott and Ms. Lovegood. And finally, between Mr. Malfoy and Ms. Weasley on Thursday. The winners of these tasks will be chosen for the tournament, and will be the Hogwarts Trio... Your schedules, along with a list of do's and don'ts will be delivered to your common rooms by night. Have a good day"

Hermione stands up, and thanks the Headmistress before exiting her office. She turns around to look for Ginny, but instead her gaze meet his as he looks at her. She holds her breath, her eyes shinning because she isn't even blinking. And then he's shoving his hands in his pockets, and turning around to walk towards the dungeons. And then he's gone.

"Merlin woman! You're quic- what happened?" Ginny asks.

Hermione shakes her head, her curls bouncing on her shoulders. " Nothing. Let's go"

Once in the common room, Ginny pushes Hermione onto the couch, ad plops down beside her, her elbows propped up on her knees, and her face resting in her hands.

"So, what do you think it is?" She asks.
Hermione chews on her lower lip, wondering what the redhead was talking about.

" The task, Hermione"


"I don't know." She whispers.

Ginny raises her eyebrows, pulls away, and then grabs her shoulders.

" You don't know. You don't know" she shakes her.

Hermione laughs, "I mean I don't know for sure, but we do have-"

"The library" Ginny finishes for her, and she nods.

"Library? Seriously, Hermione? What are we going to find there?"

" Oh, we won't be finding anything, but once we receive our tasks tonight, I'm going there" she grins.

Ginny smacks her forehead.
" Merlin help you! " and she laughs.

" What's up with Malfoy? "

And her heart picks up pace at some silly reason that flies over her head.

" What?" She asks, trying to sound as uninterested as possible.

"He seems...I dont know...different almost"

" War changes people. Nobody comes out unscathed" she shrugs.

" Yes, but he's still the same. I mean...kind of..you know...he still has that I'm a Malfoy, you're a cockroach kind of look" she grimaces.

Hermione giggles. " Cockroach? "

" Yeah...bugs, centipedes or milipeddes.." she pretends to gag.

"You're thinking too much into it. I agree...he has changed, but nothing too drastic that he'd show on the outside. His change was inside. In his heart"

And then silence blooms as Ginny gets the point.

"Ready to loose, Granger?" Hermione's head snaps up at the voice, her eyes narrowing.

" I assure you, Parkinson, I have no intention of losing" she replies haughtily.

" Oh? But you will" she sneers at her.

Hermione snorts, "Let's act like grownups and let fate decide who's going to win, Mmm?"

Pansy stomps her foot, angrily, and turns towards the exit.

Hermione leans back in her chair, muttering about no peace even in the library, when someone clears their throat. She groans and looks up to find Nott standing in front of her.

She looks around, making sure that his counterpart isn't in sight, and raises an eyebrow.

" What's your task, Granger?" He plops down into the chair across from hers.

She raises her eyebrows as if to say do you really think I'm that stupid?

" Oh come on, I just want to know if it's the same as ours" he says.

" It's not the same" she sniffs.

"Now that wasn't so hard, was it, Granger? Thanks" he says and he's out.

Just like that.

He came here for that?

She stares into the empty seat across from her, and shakes her head.

"Shit, Hermione! How am I going to do all of this? And that too against Malfoy? No chance! No fucking chance!" Ginny is rambling, and by the way she suddenly stops, she knows it too.

"It's going to be fine, Gin! You're.. You're a fine chaser, and well,...he's a good enough seeker" her ears heat up at the look she receives from the redhead.

" Good enough you say, huh?" And all anxiousness just seems to evaporate from her. Hermione laughs. " You were saying something along the lines of 'I can't do this', continue please"

Ginny huffs a laugh and then throws herself back on the bed. "I have no hope"

"Completely hopeless"



" How is practice going, Luna?" Hermione slides into the empty space beside the blon- No, the Loo-... Luna, just Luna. The blond was someone else, entirely. Grey e-

" Good enough. Charms has always been my favourite subject" she tells her in the dreamy voice that is so Luna -ish.

" Even Nott was always good in charms" she muses.

Luna nods her head, slowly, and dreamily.

" Yes, Theo was at the top of the class after you, of course. "

And she blurts it out before can stop herself, "And Malfoy"

Luna looks at her, but her eyes are not accusing or searching or even anything, instead, they hold warmth.

" Yes. Draco Malfoy was right behind you. Just like now" she pointed behind her.

Hermione's breath catches in her throat as she turns and finds the blond taking a seat right behind her, next to Parkinson.

She looks away when Parkinson throws a dirty look her way, and excuses herself from Luna, before leaving the Great Hall, and waking towards the library.

Of course.

3 October 1999, Sunday

"How are you so calm, Hermione?" Ginny whispers beside her.

"Layers" she replies.

The redhead gives her an incredulous look, and she elaborates.

" I have two layers. Outer layer and an inner layer. My outer self is calm, but my inner self is shaking and shivering"

Ginny shakes her head, a light chuckle escaping her.

" Tell your inner self to relax, because Mr. Oh Why So Hot is walking towards us" she whispers.

Hermione's head snaps up, her eyes widening for a second before narrowing as The Blond walks towards them.

She holds her breath when he's right in front of them. He looks at her, his eyes travelling between her and Ginny, and then he's walking away- hands shoved deep in his pockets, and hips almost swaying.

" What the fuck was that? " Ginny curses.

But Hermione is too busy trying to tell herself that it was nothing. Absolutely nothing. Malfoy is a slimy git. What else did she expect from him? A bloody good luck? He was probably-no, he was rooting for Parkinson. She tries to bury her disappointment somewhere deep within her, but it keeps emerging. What if Ginny hadn't been here? Would he have talked to her? She can't help but wonder how he'd sound. Because she wants to hear him. She's that desperate to hear it. His voice.

"That was his way of wishing good luck to Hermione" Luna came to stand next to them.

Hermione looks at her. " What?"

She smiles, her gaze focused on a random point at the wall. "His head was full of benedixies." She reasons.

And for once in her life, Hermione wants herself to believe in what she was saying.


She doesn't know.

"Good Afternoon, children. Please return to your seats and do not cross the boundary lines that have been laid out. Ms. Granger and Ms. Parkinson, would you both please step up"

The Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs, and Ravenclaws cheer for Hermione as she makes her way towards the centre of the room where four cauldrons are lined side by side, two with her name. She takes a deep breath, and her eyes are searching for him before she can stop herself. He isn't here.

Pansy steps up beside her, her face blank, and posture rigid. " You have three hours to brew the two potions listed on the sheets on your tables. Professor Slughorn will be checking them. Are you both ready?"

They nod their heads. Hermione too quickly, Pansy too stiffly.

"And your time starts...NOW!"

Hermione grabs the sheet from her table, her eyes scanning the potions.

Amortentia and Felix Felicis

Okay okay. She can do this. She has brewed them before.

She pulls the ingredient list for amortentia from a pile of other things which she thinks were placed to confuse them, and her eyes roam over the ingredients, and then she's crushing the moonstone to powder. She gathers everything she needs, her heart beating fast as she, very carefully, brings the ashwinder eggs and places them on the counter beside the first Cauldron.

She takes a deep breath, and gathers a spatula full of peppermint before dumping it into the Cauldron, and it roars to life. Purple sparks shoot up as she intensifies the fire at the bottom of it. She then adds a spoonful of the powdered moonstone, and that's when her eyes catch a flash of blonde.

Her breath hitches in her throat for an unknown reason as her eyes roam over his form. He's not wearing his robes today, just his white button up shirt, and his sleeves rolled up to his elbows. She turns her attention back to the potion, willing herself to stay calm, but it's hard when she sees his fist clenching tightly. She glances up, grey meeting brown, and he looks away, but his fist clenches even tighter. She thinks is just to distract her, until she realises that he's actually trying to help her.

Shit shit shit

She chants in her head as she grabs a fistful of Pearl Dust and adds it into the Cauldron. She breathes out shakily. How could she forget? One more minute and the potion would've failed. God!

And now she can't even concentrate properly because she can see him through her peripheral vision. Goosebumps erect on the side of her neck that's facing him, and she knows that he's watching her even before she glances to her side.

He shifts under her gaze and turns his head towards Nott, who is looking at Luna Lovegood. She lights fire underneath the other Cauldron and gathers all the ingredients for Felix Felicis.


She's working, sweating, working, and sweating some more. She doesn't know how much time has passed or how much time is left, she's just working. Her Felix Felicis is ready, and only a last ingredient is left to be dropped into the other Cauldron and then her amortentia will be ready as well. Her gaze darts towards her left as the blond brings a sandwich to his mouth. She swallows when his eyes meet hers, eyebrows rising, and sh-

" Uh" she gasps as the rose thorns prick her fingertips. She curses herself for being so distracted, and then curses some more when she feels her heart telling her that the blond had winced too. She shakes her head, but his face and thoughts remain, and so she just carries on like everything is normal- when nothing is. She's at war with herself. Consta-

"30 minutes remaining" McGonagall's voice rings through the hall.

Hermione grabs the tongs and uses them to transfer the rose thorns into the amortentia. She stirs it clockwise, and then counterclockwise- twice, before she wipes her forehead with the back of her sleeves, and raises her hand.

" Complete "

And she's probably imagining it all in her head, but she thinks she just saw Nott pat Malfoy's shoulder as the blond's lips twitched.

Yes, she imagined it.

"Complete" Pansy raises her hand.

" Excellent excellent" McGonagall says as she steps down the few stairs, and walks towards them.

"Now since you both finished within the time limit, time won't be a judging factor. Professor Slughorn, if you'll please"

" Of course, of course" the round-belly man walks towards them.

"Let's start with Ms. Parkinson, shall we?... What do you have here Ms. Parkinson? "

Pansy clears her throat, "Amortentia and Felix Felicis"

" Ahh I see. Of course...of course. I'm the one who chose these two potions after all" he chuckles to himself and peeks into her cauldron, inhaling slightly.

His tongue darts out to wet his lips, and he moves towards Parkinson's second cauldron.

He nods his head. " Very well. Now, Ms. Granger"

"Professor" she greets him with a nod.

He smiles at her before examining her potions. She holds her breath as he opens his mouth to speak.

" Ms. Granger, please tell me what your amortentia smells like to you"

She leans over the cauldron, and frowns when the smell is... familiar...but not something she definitely knows.

She clears her throat, "Old books, parchment, rain...and...aftershave"

Slughorn looks at her with a smile on his face. " Excellent! "

" And Ms. Parkinson" he says her name like he knows something that they don't.

Pansy's face turns a bright shade of red, and she leans over her cauldron.

" Step down, Ms. Parkinson. Even you know you've created a mess. Merlin, why would you even lean over to inhale whatever toxic you've brewed"
Slughorn shakes his head.

And Hermione holds her breath.

"The first person to qualify as a member of the Hogwarts Trio is...Hermione Granger" he announces.

The hall erupts into applauds and whistles and she's jumping before she can know what's happening. "Hermione! " Ginny yells as she runs towards her and envelopes her into a hug.

And when the adrenaline in her body dies down a bit, she glances around the hall to catch a glimpse of the blonde, but he isn't even in the Hall anymore.

She buries her disappointment deep in her heart, and embraces the still enthusiastic redhead- Ginny Weasley.

5 October 1999, Tuesday

The Great Hall is in chaos when she enters. Hushed whispering reaches her ears, and a scream snaps her attention towards the centre of the hall. Her eyes widen as she sees Pansy Parkinson palming her extremely red cheek, and then her eyes land on a furious looking Ginny Weasley.

"Insult my best friend again, Parkinson, I dare you!" Ginny hisses.

Hermione elbows her way through the crowd, heat rising up her ears for an unknown reason. She reaches Ginny and sees that Parkinson is standing in the middle of two blokes. Nott and his counterpart. Hermione refuses to meet the counterpart's eyes, and grabs Ginny's arm.

" What are you doing, Gin?" She whispers harshly.

Ginny pulls her arm away, and glares at Parkinson one last time before storming out of the hall. Hermione swallows thickly, and glues her eyes to the floor, avoiding eye contact with everyone, and follows Ginny out of the Hall.

" Ginny! Ginny!" She yells after her.

Ginny pauses mid stride, and turns to look at her. Her face is red with rage and her nostrils flaring.

" Are you alright? " She asks.

Ginny scowls at her. " That bitch! Parkinson...She...She was saying shit about you!"

"That's nothing new, Gin. Although I have to admit that I expected her to be a bit more mature"

"That shit she was shitting was huge, Hermione!"

Hermione chuckles in spite of herself. "What kind of shit?"

"Let's go to the common room first"



"Gin, wait!" Hermione slams the door to the portrait hole shut, and jumps onto the couch beside Ginny.

" Yes, now speak" she says.

Ginny takes a deep breath, and Hermione prepares her ears for the worst.

" She fucking called you a slut" she hisses.

Hermione's ears relax and her eyes widen. Because this isn't something anybody would've said about her. Why wo-

"Why would she say that?" She asks.

Ginny shrugs a shoulder. " Said something about you eying other people's boyfriends"

And for a split second, her heart sinks. Because there's only one man she eyes. Were Malfoy and Parkinson...?

" Hermione" Ginny snaps her fingers in front of her face.

Hermione shakes her head, and cranes her neck to look at the redhead.

" So you just slapped her?" She asks with a smile.

And then Ginny is smirking.
" I have something interesting to tell as well..." she trails off, a naughty glint in her blue eyes.

"What is it?" She asks, but she knows it wouldn't be so simple.

Ginny's smirk only widens.

"Ginerva Weasley, spit it out!"

Ginny chuckles and hops on the couch, facing Hermione, her legs tucked under her as she leans closer to Hermione. " When Parkinson called you a slut...Malfoy-"

"What?!" Hermione asks, suddenly breathless.

Ginny giggles like a teen, and continues, "Malfoy stopped her. Said something along the lines of Granger is a prude, but Mione, there was no bite in his tone! No sneer. No smirk."

Hermione tries to hide her smile, but she can feel her lips curving at the edges.

Come on Hermione, it's not like he defended you or something. He probably didn't want any drama

But her lips curve all the same.

"Hermione Granger, you're not eying Malfoy, are you?" Ginny raises her brows suspiciously.

Hermione laughs, a nervous one, but says, "Not a chance. Beavers and ferrets don't add up"

And Ginny laughs, while Hermione let's the truth behind her words sink into her heart.

"Mr Nott, Ms Lovegood, if you'll both please step up" McGonagall calls.

From her peripheral vision, Hermione watches the blond as he claps a hand on Nott's shoulder, her eyes lingering on his pale, long, slender fingers for far too long than she would have liked.

"Good luck, Luna" Ginny yells beside her.

Hermione smiles at Luna, and holds her thumb up to wish her luck.

Luna smiles back at them, but her eyes are glinting in a strange way.

Professor Flitwick walks down, and towards the two participants. "Your task consists of three parts. In part one, you'll be required to transfigure a feather into a pot. With the right spell, the transfigured pot will contain a part from your second task which will be explained to you later. Please take your positions behind the desks."

Ginny clasps her hands together and places them in her lap. Hermione can feel the tension radiating off of her, and she places a hand on the redhead's shoulder. Ginny turns towards her and whispers, "I have a feeling Luna is going to do something bad"

Hermione scoffs "Luna and bad? These words don't go together, Gin."

Ginny twists her lips. " I'm telling you" she mumbles.

Hermione shrugs and turns her attention back to the participants, her eyes fighting hard not to stray and land on Malfoy.

"On the count of three.
GO!" McGonagall yells. The Ravenclaws and Gryffindors begin to cheer for Luna. Some of the Hufflepuffs, too, are wearing blue to match with Luna's house, and the Slytherins are quiet. As usual.

" Flick it towards the right. Right right right" Hermione mutters under her breath.

Luna flicks her wand towards the left and then swirls it towards the feather. There is a blast, and the feather catches fire.

Ginny gasps, and Hermione narrows her eyes at Luna, because she doesn't look apologetic at all. In fact, she looks quite pleased with herself.

"Aguamenti" Professor Flitwick points his wand at the feather, and the fire dies out.

He looks pointedly between Luna and Nott, who is eyeing Luna curiously.

"Ms Lovegood, I believe it was just a misunderstanding on your behalf. Let's start all over again"

Other students in the Hall begin to cheer again.

" -yes, professor"

" -it was a mistake"

"-may be Luna's feather was jinxed"

"-bloody Slytherin must have done it"

"Silence!" McGonagall hurries down the stairs.

" I'm afraid, Professor Flitwick, we cannot allow that. Rules are rules, and must be followed."

Professor Flitwick sighs and nods. " Very well, Headmistress"

"Theodre Nott wins!"

And Luna's grin widens.

" What the fuck was that, Luna?" Ginny snarls.

Luna shrugs, "what?"

"You lost on purpose, didn't you?"

Luna's lips curve into a lopsided grin.
"I didn't lose. I won" she says.

"Won what?" Hermione asks.

"This," she says, her eyes pointing towards the end of the corridor.

And Malfoy and Nott are walking towards them. Hermione holds her breath, her nails digging in her palm. She doesn't know why Malfoy has this effect on her, but she does know that whatever the reason, she doesn't like it.

"Luna" Nott greets.

And Hermione's jaw almost drops, while Ginny's mouth actually drops open.

"Theo" Luna smiles at him.

Hermione looks between the two of them, confused as to why they were looking at each other like they were- " What th'fuck?!" Ginny screeches.

Because what th'fuck actually. Theo's hands were holding Luna's head as he kissed her. Hermione shakes her head once.
And then once again.

He pulls away, his lips stretching into an excellent grin. " Same time. Same place" he whispers in her ear.

Luna smiles at him, all big, bright and so Luna.

" Okay" she says.

" Let's go" Malfoy says, grabbing Nott's arm.

And Hermione is sure she stopped breathing

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