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"...Kabuto, you mentioned that the Leaf, Sand, Rain, Grass, Waterfall, and Sound had candidates here, but where is that girl from?" Tilting his chin casually, Sasuke darted a glance across the room. "The one with a leaf on her forehead protector."

"A leaf?" The white-haired gennin cracked a wry smirk as he turned to look, though he seemed slightly distracted. "Why Uchiha-kun, don't you know the symbol of your own village?"

Snorting, Sasuke quirked the corners of his mouth downward. "It's different, I've never seen it before. The redhead; she's been looking this way for a while."

"You don't say?" Kabuto's voice was amused as his gaze passed over Naruto and Sakura; the loud blonde boy had earned them the attention of the entire room, and Sakura was showing him how much she appreciated it with a big hug that just happened to look like a headlock.

The smile on his face faded, however, when his eyes found the girl that Sasuke was talking about. She was easy to spot; her hair was indeed quite red, but more importantly, Kabuto didn't recognize the village mark on her forehead protector either. She was walking their way now, practically oozing confidence with every haughty step.

"Would you mind repeating that, little boy?" The redhead demanded, hands on her hips as she glared down at the struggling, orange-clad gennin.

Finally shaking Sakura off, Naruto stomped up to girl, immediately deciding that he didn't like her tone one bit. It was a little awkward, as he was several inches shorter than her, but he glared defiantly into the challenging blue eyes of the smirking devil. "I said that I, Uzumaki Naruto, won't lose to any of you bastards! And that includes crazy girls who don't hear so well!"

Despite the fact that he was shouting right into her face, the redhead didn't flinch. "Oh, I heard you right the first time, I was just wondering if you were really stupid enough to say it again," she replied, turning and flipping her hair, incidentally catching Naruto in the face with it before she took a few steps away.

Oh, he's just that kind of idiot, Sakura mused ruefully, as the animosity directed their way increased another notch. But now she too was curious, and since the girl wasn't taking an aggressive stance, the others seemed ready to wait and see what she did. "So what does it matter to you what the idiot says? What village are you from, anyhow?"

Now it was Sakura's turn to be sized up, and she suddenly felt rather self-conscious. The other girl was probably a few years older than they were, and she had a much nicer figure than Sakura could lay claim to. Someday, dammit... Hey, don't look at me like that, bitch! Standing a little taller but not giving voice to the insults roaring in her ears, Sakura returned the girl's incredulous look with one of her own.

"Humph, fine. Since you kids don't seem smart enough to know when you're getting way out of your league, I'll say this just once!" Leaping to the top of a nearby table, the redhead posed almost exactly like Naruto had, though if anything she seemed even more arrogant. "I am The Great Genius Ninja Souryuu Asuka Langely, from the Village of the Hidden Angel, and if any of you losers can't remember those names by the time this test is over, it'll be because you died before you got the chance to be defeated by me personally!"

Across the room, two more gennins wearing the NERV half-trefoil leaf upon their foreheads blended a bit deeper into the crowd. Nobody had even noticed they were there, but they weren't taking any chances. Meanwhile, three others just stared in horror at the scene that was unfolding.

"Dammit, the Kraut's gonna get us murdered! Where the hell did Shinji go?"

"Shhh! Jeez, keep it down; you know how he and Ayanami are, and right now I think they've got the right idea. Horaki, you're her friend, think you could-"

"Not this time! Take off your forehead protectors you two, we have to wear them, but I think we can put them somewhere a little less noticeable until the exam is over..."

"Smooth, Iincho! You're sneakier than I thought..."