July, 1969

The trip had not been kind to his body; he was forced to sit in economy next to a crying child thanks to his eldest brother. Elijah had ensured that everything was booked to his desires, but something told him that he purposefully 'made the mistake' of choosing the cheaper section. On top of that, the turbulence at times was dreadful to the point he had thought they would drop out of the sky mid-flight. Then there was the passive smell of cigarette smoke wafting through the plane. Although he was used to the smell –he occasionally enjoyed a smoke too–, the lingering smell started to give him a headache. All that there was to do was read the newspaper he had picked up prior to take-off. Some trite about Prince Charles being crowned Prince of Wales was plastered across the front page above a heading about John Lennon and Yoko Ono. He had met the Prince once or twice. He was a rather pompous fellow, although it was expected of from a son of the Queen of the United Kingdom.

He stood in the office of a much esteemed gentleman, whose shoes impeccably matched his tan suit. He hoped that the meeting would not take much time as he could only focus on getting a long sleep as he sat in an uncomfortable wooden chair.

"Mr. Mikaelson," a man entering greeted, prompting him to stand for a handshake, "Derek Bok."

"Sir," he nodded, reciprocating the firm handshake.

"Now," the gentleman started, allowing him to sit down as he, too, sat in his large office chair, "Niklaus, correct? Your brother has informed me of your tremendous work while trying to butter me up to accept you."

Klaus nodded with an embarrassed smile, "I hope his efforts were not too forward."

"Are you kidding me? If anything, it was just the icing," he answered, enthusiasm in his voice, "We are 'stoked', as the kids say, to have another Mikaelson studying with us."

The young man chuckled at the older man's attempt to sound 'with it' – not that he could say anything; he grew up in Oxford and went to a boarding school for the majority of his education. If he was dropped in the middle of the mods and rockers, he would surely stand out.

"The pleasure is all mine," he replied, shrugging.

"I just wanted to meet you before the academic year began in August, but I believe you will be a fine addition to this year's class."

"What a suck up," Klaus muttered to himself, rolling his suitcases behind him. Elijah had indeed warned him that Dean Derek Bok was a known brown nose among the more affluent students. He could excuse it, though; how could he have become the dean of Harvard Law School without that trait? Still, he made note to avoid the man at all costs. Playing nice was not his forte.

A town car was waiting for him at the end of the building's front stretch. The dean had graciously called a car for him despite his 'efforts' to humbly decline the offer. It was not too shabby of a car. The exterior was a maroon colour with a white hood. A Lincoln Continental if he was not mistaken. Back home, he would have insisted on a black car instead.

The driver opened the trunk of the car, stepping out to take Klaus' cases. No greetings were had. After shutting the trunk, the man began to make work of pulling down the front seat to allow passage to the back. However, Klaus immediately sat into the passenger's seat, not wanting to deal with crawling into back of the two-door car. The driver soon sat into his seat, looking at his passenger expectantly. Klaus fished a piece of paper out of his jacket pocket and handed it over lazily.

"Henry Street, huh? No problem," the driver nodded, flicking the paper aside onto the dashboard.

Klaus was going in blind to his accommodation. Somehow, Elijah was 'unable' to get Klaus a apartment within the time constraints and had found him what he could only imagine to be a hovel in the ground. He was given very little information about the accommodation: he would be living with other students, though he doubted they would meet his intellectual needs; it was further out from classes than he desired; and his stay would be brief. The last fact was most important. Most apartments in the area had contracts that would only start in late-August, so he was left with no other choice than to grin and bear the interactions with the common yanks.

It took a good twenty minutes for them to arrive outside of the home. It was a brown, three-story house with white frames around the windows and a grey roof that curved around and cut into the bottom of the top floor. Klaus pursed his lips at the discolouring and fraying of the house's exterior. Bloody Elijah.

"See? Pretty trippy, right?"

"Katherine…stop saying 'trippy'. It's not gonna happen," replied the girl with golden-brown skin, her large and fluffy, black afro pushing aside as she viewed the weird designs in the kaleidoscope.

The girl known as Katherine rolled her brown eyes, pressing one finger against her olive-toned forehead in annoyance, "I'm telling you, Bonnie Bennett: it's catching on."

"In what universe?" Bonnie asked flatly, placing the plastic gimmick on the circular, red table they were sat at, "Where'd you get the stupid thing anyway?"

"It's not stupid," Katherine frowned, smiling at the kaleidoscope as she held it close, "It's…trippy."

She grinned, earning a glare from her friend.

"It was also five cents at the flea market, and you know I love a bargain," she quickly followed up.

"You mean your five-finger discount?"

Her lips pursed to avoid a less than guilty smirk, but Bonnie quickly laughed at the girl's transparent nature.

"You stole from a flea market?" the Bennett girl accused disapprovingly.

"It was more of a…yard sale," she shrugged happily, twisting the two cylinders as she looked into the toy.


"I did pay five cents, though. I mean, I dropped it by accident and couldn't be bothered to pick it up…but technically I did pay!" she pouted suddenly, slotting the tube between her arm and chest, "And I wanted it…"

"One day, you're gonna get arrested—"

"And that's when you'll be my lawy—"

"And that's when I'll laugh at you and not do a damn thing."

Katherine glared and twisted in her chair as one of the men of the house entered into the kitchen, her wavy chestnut hair tousling, "Stefan! You'd defend me, right?"

Stefan stopped in his tracks, his yellow silk scarf loose around his neck, "Not in a million years. I'll visit you in prison, though."

"You heartless monsters…"

"No. What's heartless is a girl like me getting stopped in a grocery store because I 'look like I'm stealing'. Like I couldn't afford a darn apple," Bonnie countered, gesturing to her body.

"'Aint that just the way…" the girl with chestnut hair sighed, reaching across the table for her bottle of beer, and stuck the kaleidoscope in its place.

Their heads turned simultaneously at the disturbing knock at the door. Stefan took it upon himself to answer it, his tan, pointed oxford shoes clicking against the floorboards. He opened the door wide to reveal the grey flannel suit wearing Klaus.


Katherine and Bonnie watched from the kitchen table curiously. Katherine's feet were propped up on the chair as her lips curved upwards mischievously at the handsome stranger.

"Klaus Mikaelson," he greeted, holding out his hand.

"Stefan Salvatore. We're not buying anything."

He swung the door shut in the man's face as he smiled in a friendly manner.

Katherine snorted, "Poor hottie."

"A little harsh, Stef!" Bonnie frowned, getting up from her seat to open the door for herself.

"He was only protecting his spot within the hierarchy," Katherine defended playfully, "He's already been out-ranked by Tyler."

Stefan laughed sarcastically and walked to open the fridge, taking a good look inside whilst the door was knocked on once again.

"Hey," Bonnie smiled, leaning against the door as she held it open, "Can we help you?"

Klaus was stood on the doorstep, luggage at his feet, with an unimpressed eyebrow raise, "31 Henry Street? I'm supposed to be moving in today. My brother spoke with a Caroline Forbes?"

"Caroline got us a new roommate?" Stefan spoke up, head poking out from behind the fridge door, "Did she forget about Damon?"

"Uh…" Bonnie smiled uncomfortably, glancing at Stefan before facing Klaus once more, "Come in."

Katherine's ears perked up at the sound of the stranger's voice and the mention of Caroline. Her eyes gleamed as if an evil plan were festering away in her head. She jumped up from her seat, joining her friend at the doorway.

"I'm Katherine," she grinned, holding a hand out.

Klaus looked at her hand and scanned her up and down. The pretty brunette was scantily clad in an orange bralette that was paired with flared white and orange flower patterned pants.

"Mmm…" he nodded in acknowledgement, moving further into the room by the kitchen table.

Katherine shared an irritated glance with Bonnie.

"Don't…" Bonnie muttered to the girl before following Klaus to the table.

"He's rude… Let me have some fun," the brunette whispered.

Bonnie refused to encourage her behaviour, but she also refused to actively discourage the girl.

"I'll take that as the go-ahead," Katherine poked out her tongue through her evil smile. Even Stefan had taken a moment away from scouring the fridge to watch the imminent car crash.

"So, Klaus was it?"

"I did say that."

He looked around at the bright interiors of the kitchen. They were tacky to say the least.

Katherine skirted around, slipping back onto her chair as waves of hair ran through her fingers, "Mm… So, for what did we deserve to be graced with your...electrifying presence?"

Bonnie joined Stefan by the counter, folding her arms as Stefan muttered "Do you think she could go one day without making a boy cry?"

"Maybe…if this guy is incapable of crying."

"What's your deal?" Katherine asked the man who was still stood as she viewed him from her seat.

"My deal? Well, my brother thought it would be funny to see me squirm amongst the…riff raff before I started at Harvard Law."

Katherine laughed humorlessly, "Is that so? Wow…Harvard Law."

Stefan pushed himself away from the counter, "I'm Harvard Law too. Bonnie's at Boston Law."

Bonnie smiled a small smile, lifting a finger to present herself, "Second year."

"Really?" Klaus' eyes narrowed at the two of them.

The previously interested girl's smile faded into annoyance, "Surprised?"

"Partially. I just believe that most people here are not qualified for law school," he elaborated, taking a look at the clothes hanging out on a drying rack in the middle of the room.

"Most people here?"

"Americans. You're all too focused on putting on a show in the courtroom."

"Oh…Caroline is going to love you. You can sit down, you know," Katherine smirked, kicking the chair opposite's leg gently.

"I would prefer to stand. Once this Caroline shows me to my room, I will be out of your way."

"Well then, we musn't tarry," the girl joked sardonically, "Second floor –meaning first for you–, first door on the left. Caroline's in there. We'll watch your things."

Bonnie opened her mouth a little, "But isn't Caroline t-"

"Taking her sweet time with her makeup? Yes, she is. You better just go ahead."

"Right… Cheers," he bobbed his head in thanks, giving one suspicious glance before bounding up the stairs.

Katherine's naughty eyes watched him, her leg hanging off the side of the chair. Bonnie and Stefan shared a laugh, joining the brunette at the table.

"I feel like this will just be worse for Caroline," Bonnie said worryingly, stealing Katherine's beer for a sip.

"True, but at least Lord Douche-ington the Fifth will get a good telling off by Caroline."

"I will drink to that…once I get a drink," Stefan replied, making his way to the fridge to retrieve a cold one.

Klaus grumbled as he stepped up the narrow stairs. He had to remind himself that he would only be staying for a short period of time, and then he would be in his own private apartment with no one to bother him.

He found the room he had been given directions to, and after knocking gently, he could hear nothing on the other side, so he took it upon himself to enter without invitation.

The gentleman was welcomed with a hazy sight of the room. Smoke filled it almost like a sauna, and steam was arising through the smoke from the bathtub. It also, he noted, smelled like a hippie's den. The last time he had smelled the 'wacky tobaccy' was a good few years back. Of course, in the years he had been off the stuff, the usage among young people had gone up tremendously. It was something he had snuck into his halls very carefully during his first year at university, but his usage was sparing.

"Mmm...Tyler, if you want to come in the bath, you have to be a good boy," a sultry voice called out. The voice was light and rather raspy, the heat emanating off of her words.

Stunned, Klaus stared into what was now a hotbox of a bathroom. He saw a shapely figure and the flaring up of embers at the end of what he assumed was a blunt. Clearly, the American students were a lot more inclined to light one up than his classmates back across the pond. He quickly realised this would be a reoccurring sight...and smell. He supposed he would get used to it, especially if it came paired with voices as sweet as the one he had heard.

With the door open, the smoke cleared just enough for him to be confronted with a naked, well-endowed blonde. She, too, turned her head slowly, all the while sucking in a puff of smoke. Her blonde hair was tied up in a messy bun, and her body was relaxed with her legs staggered away from her chest.

If this was who he was looking for, he was most definitely amused. His brother had told him he had been put into contact with a well-respectable grad-student. Straight 'A's and dean's lists were abundant for the girl named Caroline Forbes. Clearly, lighting up was even popular with the 'well-respected' people at Harvard.

His lips curved into a crooked smile, his hand loosely attached to the bathroom door. He knew better than to intrude, but the enticing scene was something that tickled his fancy.

"I would, without a doubt, enjoy that, but seeing as I am not this 'Tyler' lad, I don't think you would be pleased," he replied cheekily to the stranger.

Her eyes were lazily scanning along him as her head turned to view his figure, but as the hazy view settled into clarity, her eyes widened as if they were pried open with clips. The woman choked out a cough and sat up dramatically in the tub, water splashing about. She frantically pushed the bubbles to cover her body, putting out her blunt in a tiny puddle on the edge, and exclaimed, "Oh my god!"

Klaus was shaken out of admiring her distracting frame and high, tied up hair, which only highlighted her beautiful face. He closed his eyes, body dancing between the open space of the room and behind the white door.

"Weird intruders to the left please," she squealed out and huffed.

"My apologies, though I did knock," Klaus said less confidently, covering his eyes. In the same situation, his brother Kol would have made his leering most obvious and taken comments to the extreme. However, Klaus knew to be a gentleman and wanted to make a sliver of a good impression with the person allowing him to stay at the house.

The girl released a heavy huff, "British. Is walking in on someone, like, a part of your freaking culture or what? I thought you guys were big on politeness?"

Her defiant tone had his mind on blank. Somehow, a situation like this would have always ended in him joining the woman in the tub and...well, doing things that would not be hard to deduce. So, when her sweet voice cut into that daydream, he failed to compose himself.

Klaus cleared his throat, "It's– I just– downstairs–"

He mentally lambasted himself for being unable to formulate a proper sentence. The more he stumbled, the more he looked like an awkward pervert.


"I am assuming you are Caroline Forbes? My brother Elijah Mikaelson spoke to you. I had believed you were expecting me," he quickly sputtered out, hand still covering his eyes.

"Shit...right," she nodded with an understanding sigh before abruptly standing up in the bath, "Of course."

Klaus peeked slightly through his fingers but quickly closed them shut in response to her naked body. The suds from the bath clung to her curves, sliding down slowly. He had not expected to see a naked woman on his first day, though it was a tantalising surprise.

"Can you pass me the towel behind you? The yellow one."

Klaus nodded uncomfortably and felt around for the towel, uncovering his eyes only to make sure he had the right one. Covering his vision once more, he held out the towel with an outstretched arm. She took it, wrapping it tightly around her body and tying the fabric in.

"I'm decent now," she assured him, stepping carefully out of the bath.

He cautiously removed his hand from his face, dropping it to his side once her words were confirmed.

"Sorry about that," she spoke with an embarrassed tone before smiling brightly, "Caroline Forbes."

Caroline held out her hand and he cautiously reciprocated, shaking it gently. Her hand was no doubt soft, having been sat in the mix of steam and smoke.

He took in her delicate features. She had pert lips and full cheeks with soft hints of pink. Whether the pink came from the heat of the bathroom or naturally, it was a pleasurable sight.

Klaus had taken a moment to reply, but shrugged himself out of the daze the blonde had left him in.

"It's quite alright; I enjoyed the show. Klaus Mikaelson," he replied, squeezing her hand as he held it.

She eyed him carefully as their hands slipped away from each other. The blonde cleared her throat momentarily, purposefully rolling her shoulders.

"I'm just going to be clear: I have been toking for, like, a whole hour– so I am very wavy. Also, this will never happen again," she warned him in an urgent manner, swallowing as she noticed his crooked smile.

He nodded as if to accept this piece of information. Despite her 'waviness' and the lack of clothing, she still managed present herself with an air of confidence and leadership.

"Do you all...partake in this often?"

Caroline's eyes widened and she shook her head, "Oh no! No, of course not. I just like to chill sometimes– well..."

"I do not mind, if you are concerned about that, love."

"Love," she snorted, "Caroline."


She stared, hearing her name escape his plump, pink lips. The television had always pushed forward the charming British gentleman as a stereotype, and the man before her was not helping the cause by only further affirming those ideas.

"Anyway, let's get out of here, yeah?" she ushered him out, shutting the door behind her.

"Right. Would you prefer to change before the grand tour? Not that I have any problems being shown around like this, it's just I think that would be your preference."

Caroline's cheeks were pink in embarrassment at the smirk playing at his lips.

"Definitely. I'll just be a moment if you wanna wait outside here," she told him, wandering off into a room at the end of the hallway.

"Yes, ma'am."

Klaus smiled contently and tapped his foot as he waited for her to return in a fully clothed state.

The walls in the upstairs were a wooden panelling and the floor was an oddly patterned, yellow and brown carpet. The walls were also covered with eclectic items such as a tapestry with a peace sign. It was something his father, especially, would have indulged in ridiculing. He felt, though, that it had a weird sense of character to it. It was rather enjoyable to look at.

A few moments passed and Caroline revealed herself, opening the door and brushing off the dangling beads that hit her on her way out. Her wet, blonde hair was dried to a slight dampness, ringlets of it sticking to the corners of her cheeks. Now clothed, the girl was in a flowery, over-sized chiffon dress. Although the fabric was loose, he could still make out her delicious figure through it.

He brought his attention to her eyes once she spoke.

"So, that's mine and Katherine's room. Bonnie's is across the hall. I'm gonna apologise for the decorations… Kat has been on some sorta…'trippy' bender."

"I see you got the short straw," he commented as she met him by the bathroom door.

"Literally. We picked straws on who would have to share," she laughed softly, tousling her hair, "Anyway, your room is upstairs. You'll be sharing with Stefan."

"Sharing?" his eyebrows knitted in an unamused confusion.

"Your brother said you would prefer a roommate?" Caroline blinked.

"Bloody Elijah," he muttered before presenting a fake smile, "Fantastic. My bags are downstairs. I left them with the rough bunch downstairs."

A laugh escaped Caroline's lips, a sound which Klaus was finding highly enjoyable.

"They're a little…weird, yeah. I'll get your bags for you."

"I can get them," he stopped her from getting to the stairs, "They're heavy."

The inner corners of her eyes narrowed, "So, I'll have to use what little strength I have then. I'll be right back."

Caroline rolled her eyes as she brushed past, hopping down the stairs to meet her giggling housemates, who shushed as they noticed her approach.

"I'm guessing you guys sent him up?" she placed her hands on her hips firmly.

"It was Katherine!" Stefan blurted, raising his hands up.

"I'm going to have to get that lock fixed," Caroline sighed.

"Snitches get stitches, Stef," Katherine warned flatly.

"Did you learn that phrase the last time you were in prison, Kat?"

"Yeah. From your mom," Katherine glared at Stefan before smiling sweetly at the blonde girl, "Did he enjoy the view?"


"Hot blonde lighting it up in the tub? Pure rocket shooting material," she smirked unapologetically.

"Katherine!" Bonnie scolded, slapping the girl's arm.

Caroline simply tapped her foot impatiently, "Guys."

"Yes, sweetie?" Katherine tilted her head.

"Klaus will be staying with you, Stefan," she informed him, ready for comment.

"Stitches, Stefan, stitches," Katherine sang quietly.

"What about Damon?"

The other two girls collectively groaned, and Katherine threw the kaleidoscope at Stefan's head it was a near miss.

"Booooo!" shouted Katherine.

Caroline sucked in a breath, sighing through her nose, "Your brother stopped living here once he stopped paying his share and skipped town. Besides, this is only for two months."

"Thank god," Katherine said in a relieved manner.

"I was thinking we could make him a meal as, like, a fun welcome?" Caroline suggested, excitement in her intonations.

"Gross. He is so not my style."

"You just met him?"

"Yeah, and I am good on that front."

Caroline looked at Bonnie for some backing, but the girl shook her head.

"Going to have to agree."

"Well then," the frustrated blonde huffed, picking up the two pieces of luggage near the table. They were a little heavier than she had anticipated, but she hardened her face and made her exit.

"You can all starve tonight."

"Aw, Care," Bonnie called out, slumping in her chair as the blonde disappeared.

They sat there in a moment of silence, Caroline's frustration looming over them like they were guilty children.

"So," Stefan sat up, "Takeout?"

Katherine grinned, "Pizza."

The blonde's face strained as she struggled up the last two steps. Klaus immediately took one of the bags once he had noticed her arrival.

"I've got it—" she tried to insist, but he proceeded to take the other bag, his hands grazing hers.

"Easy, love," he pulled the cases away from her grasp. She frowned at him, and his amused smile had her heading straight for the second set of stairs in frustration.

"Follow me."

Klaus chuckled to himself as he did as he was told, stepping up slowly onto the top floor of the house. The top floor was identical in size to the second floor, but the style was a little less outlandish.

"So, this Tyler you expected to join you in the tub? Boyfriend?"

His words were teasing, and whilst she found the accent paired with them very attractive, she was in no mood for flirting with the new guy. She stopped dead in front of a corner door, turning to bump into his chest.

"Of sorts," she answered, folding her arms over her front, "His room is opposite."

She nodded to the opposing side of the hallway, but he did not bother to look.

"So you aren't spoken for?"

His gaze held rather intimidatingly on her beauty, and she scoffed gently to which he looked away insecurely. It looked like the old Mikaelson charm was not to work on the plucky blonde girl.

She reached from behind to turn the bedroom doorknob, letting herself into the room backwards. The inside of the bedroom had wooden panelling for walls, as did most rooms Klaus had seen in the house, and a hideously designed, yellow shag flooring. There were two beds on either side of the room. However, both beds had items beside them, making it hard to decipher which was his.

"That's yours," Caroline pointed to the bed with a blue lava lamp sitting on the side table, "Damon–Stefan's brother–left a couple things behind, but most of his stuff is gone. I'll get Stefan to sort it out. If anything's in the way, just put it on his bed."

"I'm assuming only you were aware of my staying here?" Klaus concluded, stepping to drop his luggage in front of the bed.

The blonde hummed, pacing a little, "Pretty much. They're not very good with new people."

"I noticed, but neither am I," Klaus replied, turning to face the welcoming blonde.

Looking at him in full view, Caroline's eyes wandered over his tailored suit. Most of the Harvard guys were jerks with sticks up their asses that she had no intention of mixing with, and Klaus seemed to be no exception. The only exception was Stefan, but his friendship and clothing advice were the sole reasons for keeping him around. Still, the newcomer was undoubtedly attractive, and she would sneak glances in the coming weeks.

"Apologies for the formal attire," he smiled guiltily, "I had to meet with the idiot dean earlier. I have been sweating since I had stepped onto the plane."

Caroline laughed softly, "No judgement zone here. There's a bathroom on this floor, as well, next to this room if you wanted to strip off and get a shower now."

Klaus grinned knowingly, and she blushed, clearing her throat, "Right now? I believe this is your second proposition since we have met."

The blonde groaned, holding her palms to her forehead, "Wow… Anyway," she shook her head as she moved to the door, "We're having dinner at eight if you would like to join us – a kind of welcome dinner of sorts. You can meet Tyler, as well."

His crooked smile was on full show as he watched the girl carefully and set himself onto the bed, "I think I will pass on that, love."

A frustrated breath released out of her nostrils, but she kept a smile plastered on her face as her hand came into contact with the door knob, "Well, it's not really an option. I'll see you tonight."

With her orders set, she left the room with a tight shut of the white, wooden door. He laughed incredulously to himself at the girl's demanding nature. It seemed he was now attending dinner.