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Author: Melovinharrypotter

Summary: Harry jumps in front of Draco, so he won't get hit by the Adava Kedavra from Voldemort.

A/N: I just quickly came up with this idea, so if it sucks then don't worry; I think I am a bad writer anyway. There will be a sequel to this story.


Voldemort raises his wand ready to shoot a curse at me, determination in his eyes. I, as a traitor to the dark side have responsibilities for the light side. I, just as Draco Malfoy have a responsibility of going back home to my love one as I promised. Voldemort takes aim and yells "crucio", the pain floods me as well as memories flowing into my mind. Memories of Harry Potter and me, like our first kiss, the first time we made love, the first time he told me he loved me and the first time we told the world that we loved each other.

Harry's face powered over the pain until it was gone, Voldemort looked surprised at the fact I stopped screaming, I wipe the blood and sweat off my forehead with the back of my hand and smirked. "Voldemort, you will never win" I say my smirk growing, Voldemort was getting more irritated and again he took aim. Suddenly I smell a scent behind me, the scent that I recognize, the scent that that I come home to every night, the scent of Harry. I spin around amazement in my eyes and sure enough Harry was there.

"You will not win Voldemort" he yells, I see he has cuts and bruises on his face and his clothes were ripped, I could faintly see a deep gash on his chest. "Ahh, exactly what your boyfriend said, my dear Harry, you came here to save him didn't you?" Harry never answered, he glared at Voldemort.

"Well I could kill Malfoy and use you as my fuck toy" says Voldemort amusment in his voice. When I was in 6th year I had heard father say to my mother that Voldemort admired Harry and wanted him as a toy, but I would NOT let Voldemort touch MY Harry.

"NO" I yell "Voldemort as the shriveled up mole you are, I would be surprised that anyone would even consider it". Voldemort was furious now and he once again pointed his wand at me and shouted "adava kedavra" I hear a yell behind me and I close my eyes ready for death. I heard a "Thump" and I slowly opened my eyes, voldemort was gone and in flont of me, Harry lied there eyes opened. "No" I yell and drop to my knees, I take Harry in my arms and cuddle him, he is dead. I move closer to kiss his frozen lips when I hear…


He is alive. But how or why I don't know. I have to get him to the hospital wing at Hogwarts. I pick him up in my arms and start running out of the forest we were in.


A/N: This is very short, sorry, the sequel will be longer, I hope you liked it. Please REVIEW. Here are some ideas for the sequel you tell me which one you like…

*Harry has a secret about Voldemort and what Voldemort did to him

*At the end Harry goes has a fit and dies with his lasts words to Draco, "I love you"

*Voldemort takes Harry from the hospital and does things to him and Draco must save him.