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When They Were Soulmates

Chapter 3

When they were both still fifteen, they had an epic battle. Midoriya crushed through Todoroki's ice attacks, breaking his fingers and arms in the process, but he refused to back down, not when his friend was hurting so badly. He screamed at the dual user that his quirk was his alone, and not his fathers, igniting the boy's fire side.

When all was said and done, just before passing out and losing the match, Izuku saw the small broken heart that had become visible when Todoroki burned off a portion of his own shirt. "My… soulmate…"

After he woke back up in Recovery Girls office, he almost didn't pay attention to her warnings. As he looked down at the now scarred skin of his arm, he felt his heart flutter. He'd been in the same room as his other half for months, and not known it. Not that it was entirely surprising. He'd gone out of his way to never turn around when changing, so he'd never actually seen Todoroki's chest before.

Thinking back, he remembered that his mother had told him that a pairs soul mark signified a shared experience, he understood why his and Todoroki's was a broken heart. What kind of childhood he must have had to have his own mother hurt him so badly.

Izuku ran to catch up with Todoroki after the sports festival, his body just about to drop from fatigue and pain. "Hey! Wait!" he shouted, stumbling forward.

The icy-hot teen caught him, however, and held him upright, his normally blank face almost remorseful as he took in Midoriya's damaged state. But, there was still hesitance in his eyes, proof that he was still struggling with letting down his hard-fought walls.

"What is it? Is something wrong?" He questioned, glancing around quickly to see if there were villains.

Midoriya sucked in a deep breath, but shook his head, staring at Todoroki's left side with a huge grin. "You didn't tell me you had a soul mark!"

The mossy-haired teen could feel Todoroki tensing, his finger's tightening painfully around his sore arms. But Midoriya bit through it, waiting patiently for the taller boy to say something, anything. He was so close to finally being with his soulmate, so he could wait just a little longer.

The seconds ticked by, but finally, the dual user replied, his voice coming out low and threatening. "What. Of. It."

Midoriya winced and bit his lip nervously, still staring in the same place he had been since his arrival. "It's… just… You didn't say anything during that one day in class, and you seemed so irritated after everyone wanted to see mine… you called our marks stupid… Do you want to talk about it or…"

It was time for Midoriya to tense, waiting to see how the boy responded to his 'our marks' phrasing. Initially, it didn't seem like Todoroki noticed, and his arms were released. But then he felt a shadow cover him, and looked up with hope, only to see Shoto's eyes glaring down at him with a hatred he'd never even seen Bakugo give him.

"First you hound me about my quirk and now some stupid mark that means nothing? What's with you? Do you like cutting into people's private lives and messing up the way they view the world? Do you get some sick satisfaction? Fine, if you're so interested I'll tell you. Soul marks are nothing more than ink on skin. Who cares if you feel someone else's pain or happiness. I couldn't give a damn who my soulmate is. I know one thing for sure though, whoever is unlucky enough to be yours will probably never get a moments rest with the way you constantly cry, fail at using your quirk, and stick your nose where it doesn't belong. That arrogant prick Bakugo was right, you are just an annoying deku." He seethed, shoving Izuku to the ground before turning on his heel.

Midoriya was too shocked to feel anything when Shoto was practically screaming in his face, or when he stomped away leaving a trail of frost behind him. It wasn't until he was completely alone in his room that the words settled deep into his bones. He dropped face first into his pillow and wailed with as much force as his spasming lungs could muster. For the third time in his life, Izuku felt his heart break.

Todoroki was angrily throwing off his clothes and getting ready for a much-needed shower when an incredible surge of pain tore into his side, leaving him clawing for breath as he bellowed in agony. Fuyumi was kneeling at his side not long after, her eyes widening as she realized what was wrong.

"Shoto… it's okay! You have to breathe, alright? The pain will stop eventually like it always does, just… oh my God…Shoto…your mark…" she trailed off, her hand covering her mouth in horror.

Through the tears that were starting to leak from his eyes, he saw the small heart beating wildly before seizing and breaking almost completely in two, little speckles of black dust in between the two halves. Then the intense ache stopped altogether, leaving him panting to catch his breath.

He felt exhausted, drained of all energy. In the past, especially when he was young and still close with his mother, he'd run his fingers over the heart and feel a pulse of warmth and comfort. That continued every so often, even up until he'd started at UA, the action giving him strength when he felt most vulnerable. But now, as his hand clutched the symbol, there was only a numb, hollow feeling coming from it.

"What… the fuck…" he gasped, rubbing his sweating forehead on the floor as he tried to get himself to stop shaking.

Fuyumi was crying above him, petting his hair softly. It didn't even occur to him that what he'd said to Midoriya was the cause, after all, he'd not seen the mark on his ribs during their changing period for PE. He wondered what could have possibly hurt his soulmate so badly that it crushed their connection, only leaving the very tip at the bottom still holding the mark together. But darkness started pooling in his vision, and he passed out before he could think anymore.

The following school day, Shoto dragged himself to the campus. He'd tried to rub his soul mark a few times to get a rise out of it, but that empty feeling remained, and he couldn't help but frown at the sensation.

"Todoroki!" Ochaco beamed, bouncing over to his desk after he'd sat down.

The dual user really wasn't in the mood for her bullshit peppy attitude right then, but never let on, gazing at her with his usual deadpan expression. He'd yet to see Midoriya, the green haired boy having apparently not arrived yet. After giving it some thought for the rest of the weekend, he figured he should apologize for being so cruel before. Midoriya was just curious, and the boy had broken his body just to help him…

"Sooo…" Ochaco continued, giving him a suggestive wink.

"What?" he asked, trying not to let his irritation flood into his voice too much.

"Well, are you and Deku a thing now? He was so excited to speak with you after the festival and I haven't heard back from him yet!" she chirped, sighing romantically at the end.

This time, Todoroki didn't have a good hold on his face, and he let his confusion show.

The girl rolled her eyes and pulled out her phone, showing him the picture that Midoriya had sent her a couple of weeks ago. "I just think that little heart is so sweet. Could you believe that he hid it with my make up during changing times so that no one would see it? Bleh! He was so worried that his soulmate wouldn't want him even though I told him no one could possibly be that cruel!"

Shoto felt his blood freeze in his veins, opening his mouth to speak when the door opened again and he saw Midoriya slink through it. The boys head was hanging low, his eyes lacking their usual sparkle, lip firmly between his teeth as he gripped his backpack straps tightly.

Ochaco went to wave to him but then stopped short, noticing how he sat down at his desk without a word or glance at anyone, and pulled out his books. She looked back to Todoroki and her face paled in horror.

"You bastard." She seethed, pulling out her phone and typing quickly as she went back to her seat.

Uraraka [Monday; 7:58 AM]: Deku, I'm so sorry. I couldn't have imagined that he'd turn you down and I showed him the picture you'd sent me. I'm SO, SO, SO, Sorry… What an asshole… He doesn't deserve you. Let's talk after class okay?

Todoroki heard the small vibrating alert and gulped when Midoriya took out his phone and read over whatever was sent before putting it away without a response. He nearly choked on his own freezing breath when the boy wrapped his arms around himself for comfort, his body caving in on itself.

"I… What have I done…" he thought, clutching the spot on his ribs desperately, moving to get up and try to fix his wrongs.

"Alright class, sit down. We have important work to cover today. Internships and hero names." Aizawa stated, giving Todoroki a look.

The dual user sat down but kept eyeing Midoriya, barely able to keep his panicked breathing under control as his last words to the boy replayed over in his mind, guilt pooling in his stomach like a ton of bricks.

"What! Midoriya! You didn't get any offers! Probably because of that gross way you were fighting against Todoroki that nobody wants you!" Mineta exclaimed.

If it was possible, the mossy haired teen sunk lower into his chair, a weak, defeated whimper coming from his lips. Todoroki concluded at that moment, that this was the absolute worst day of his life, and he had to guess that it was probably the same for Midoriya, who was still trying to stifle the gentle shake of his shoulders as everyone started talking excitedly about who they might want to intern with.

When it came time to display their names, Midoriya got up and weakly showed his, 'Deku'. Todoroki's heart clenched again, overwhelmed and desperate with guilt.

At the lunch bell, Todoroki got up quickly, intent on going over and apologizing profusely to the teen, only to be not so discretely blocked by Ochaco. "Back. Off." She growled, giving him the deepest glare her chubby round face could muster before turning sharply and flipping her hair at him.

All Might came crashing by the door next, calling Deku away to speak with him before either student could do anything more. Almost as soon as he turned the corner, big brown eyes were trained on him, an expectant tap of her foot pounding in his ears.

"What on Earth did you say to him?" she finally asked, her usually soft, cheerful voice dripping with disdain.

He shook his head, unable to form words any longer. She seemed to take that as him just being a coldhearted ass though, and walked away, leaving him to wallow in his shame.

Todoroki paced back and forth in his room, trying to think of anything he could do. Every time he got near Midoriya, Ochaco would step between them. If he tried when she wasn't around, the boy would back away and find someone else to stand near, knowing that it was enough of a deterrent to keep him away. Now they were separated because of their internships.

He'd gotten ahold of Momo, who eventually gave him Midoriya's cell number, unaware of the events that had transpired between them.

Todoroki [Monday; 8:47 AM]: Midoriya, it's Shoto Todoroki. I'm so sorry for what I said to you. I had no idea that you were about to tell me that we were soulmates.

Todoroki [Monday; 12:22 PM]: Are you okay? I was just upset. I didn't mean those things I said.

Todoroki [Monday; 5:34 PM]: Midoriya, I know I hurt you, but please respond to me. How can I make this right?

Todoroki [Tuesday; 9:58 AM]: We don't have to talk over the phone if you don't want to. Just name a place and time and I'll be there.

Todoroki [Tuesday; 12:17 PM]: Izuku… I swear I didn't mean it when I said I'd hate to be your soulmate. You're not a deku. I was being cruel and used things I knew would hurt you. Please say something?

Todoroki [Tuesday; 5:42 PM]: I got my mark from you when I was four. I'm sorry for whatever caused you such suffering. The heart broke the night I snapped at you, and it feels empty, almost numb. I still consider you my soulmate though. We can fix it.

Todoroki [Tuesday; 8:54 PM]: This is getting ridiculous Midoriya. I said I was sorry that I hurt your feelings but grow up and answer me.

Midoriya to Class 1-A [Tuesday; 8:54 PM]: 4-2-10 Ekou Street, Hosu City.

Todoroki heard his phone buzz and quickly looked at it, surprised to only see a location, one that wasn't very far off from him. He knew it was selfish, but he ran off anyway, telling Endeavor to send help just in case.

"Iida… I'm so sorry that I didn't see how much you were suffering…" Midoriya explained sadly, using his crutch to hobble over to the equally injured teen. "I was… concerned with something else that didn't matter. I should have been there for you…"

They'd woken up after a night of healing in the hospital and been harassed by the head of the police, so the air was still tense around them. Todoroki watched as Iida and Midoriya talked for a little longer, both completely ignoring him even though he sat just a bed away.

He deserved that he guessed.

"I'm going to go call Ochaco and tell her we're alright," Midoriya stated, giving a gentle wave at Tenya as he settled back into his covers. By the time he'd gotten to a secluded part of the lobby, however, he was very much aware of Todoroki following him.

Sighing loudly, he turned and gazed sadly at the dual user, once again holding himself for comfort. "Look I already got all of your messages. I get it, Todoroki. Okay?" the smaller teen stated. "You… you don't have to apologize to me…it's fine…"

"If that's the case then why can't I feel anything from our mark anymore? When you were injured by Stain I didn't even get a single prick in my side and I should have. I should have felt your fear and pain but there was nothing…" Todoroki explained, his hand rubbing the cloth over his side.

Midoriya's face contorted slightly in anger, his words slicing into Todoroki like the Hero Killer's blades. "I don't know? Maybe it's because you severed the connection when you said I was useless and that would hate for me to be your other half. I don't get why you're trying to fix it anyway; you got what you wanted. Now it really is just ink on your skin and you won't have to put up with me crying all the time and getting hurt from sticking my nose where it doesn't belong."

"I…" Todoroki started, his eyes catching the scars that marred Midoriya's arm. He gulped, wishing he could reverse time and stop himself from being so foolish and cruel. "Please… we can start over…"

"Look, I appreciate you coming to save me and Tenya. We would have died if you hadn't… but, you meant what you said after the Sports Festival… You really didn't care who your soulmate was and you only feel bad because Ochaco accidentally told you it just happened to be me… otherwise, we probably would have just gone on with our lives so… I think that's what we should do…"

Todoroki felt tears building in his eyes. That wasn't true… He'd said what he did out of anger because he truly had been upset believing that Midoriya wasn't his soulmate. But, with their bond broken, he couldn't express that guilt and desire for redemption nonverbally anymore, and his tongue was twisted in knots. He let Midoriya walk past him and hung his head to cry, accepting his new fate.


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