I am not really sure where to start this, so I guess I will start at the beginning like my Mum did. That seems best.

Well… the beginning would be how I was born just after Mum and Daddy said their vows. As in literally right after. Their magic was sealed and I came screaming in to the world. That is a story they love to tell. It is pretty funny watching my grandfathers fight over who got to hold me first in the pictures. It usually ended up with one of them stalking out of the photos.

My beginning I suppose is a lot like my parent's was. Except, unlike my Mum, I am not a nobody, not that she ever really was, but she thought so. At least until my Daddy came along. Those two are disgusting together. When they aren't working, which they usually are, they are out on the town or vacationing somewhere.

And they always drag me and my little brother and sister. So not cool. I mean, I love my parents, but they are way too in to each other. Why can't they just be casual friends like most of my friend's parents? At least there would be less snogging.

But let me back up and introduce myself. I am Miranda Lucia Malfoy. Daughter of Alya and Draco Malfoy. Favorite granddaughter of Lucius Malfoy, because I am named after him. He is my favorite relative too, except that he calls me Lucy. I keep telling him I can't be Lucy because I already HAVE a cousin Lucy, but he doesn't stop. Most everyone else calls me Miri.

He spoils me shamelessly though, so I allow him his weirdness.

Grandmama Narcissa dotes on Cissy and Scorpius so it all works out.

Oh in case I did not make it clear, I have a brother and sister. Narcissa Molly Malfoy. We call her Cissy. And Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy. Those two are twins. Mum says it runs in the family, which I guess is true since she has her twin, my Aunt Ginny, and my twin Uncles, Fred and George.

Still, gross, I never want two screaming brats crawling out of my body. When Mum had "the talk" with me, I wanted to join one of those muggle convents Grandad Weasley told me about!

Oh, and I have an archnemesis. Viktor Krum jr. Son of the famous quidditch player Viktor Krum Sr.

It started first day on the train. He was soooo arrogant. Everyone was flocking around him like he was such a big deal. It was his Dad that was a big deal, he was just an annoying first year with an inflated ego.

Mum and Daddy had just dropped me off, and Mum started crying and saying she couldn't believe her baby was all grown up. It was super embarrassing. Daddy told her I would be fine, and she finally let go, but made me promise to write every day.

As if!

But back to the horrible, terrible ego that is Viktor Krum Jr.

It all began with an argument over who would sit in what car. Victoire and Teddy and I had reached the car at roughly the same time as Viktor with his little flock of sheep. Now, a gentleman would have stepped aside and let Victoire and I have the car, but Viktor Krum is no gentleman! He pushed past us and took the car without so much as a please or thank you.

I wanted to go in and give him a good punch, but Vicky grabbed my arm and pulled me into another car. On the WRONG side of the train. Everyone knew the best views were on the right hand side. The left side was the uncool side.

Vicky and Teddy told me it didn't matter, let it go and they sat down to read side by side. Ugggh my best friends are so cheerful they can get annoying. It didn't help that Teddy reminded me that Mum absolutely forbade me to fight with anyone.

I may have a teensy bit of a reputation for that. But let's be serious, if you had as many annoying cousins as I did, you would want to give them a good punch too!

Mostly I scrap with Aunt Pansy and Aunt Daphne's son Leo. They aren't my blood Aunts but they have been friends with my parents since school and we are always over at their house, and Leo is so annoying sometimes. Usually he is OK, but once in awhile he just gets under my skin. Like his unreasonable love of the Chuddly Canons. Everyone knows that with my Aunt Ginny on the team the Holyhead Harpies are the best, but he wants to argue, so we end up scrapping. Nothing serious, I mean I love Leo and all, ya know?

Grandmum Weasley keeps asking why can't I be more like my Mum was at my agent, so quiet and peaceful. Ugggh, so boring you mean!

Daddy says I am fine just the way I am he just wishes I was a little uglier. I got the best of both of my parent's looks. Mum's wavy hair and Daddy's pale blonde. Plus, I have his eyes which Mum says was the reason she fell in love with him. See what I mean? Gross. I can't even enjoy my own eye color without those two acting all lovey dovey.

Worse, most of my family was like that. Family gatherings are one giant snoggy face fest. No thank you!

I spent the rest of the train ride plotting vengeance against that awful Viktor Krum. I wasn't even sure why he was going to school here instead of Durmstrang like his father. Maybe if I annoyed him enough he would run back home.

I stopped sharing my plans with Vicky and Teddy when they laughed at me. Cousins are the worst. And the best. Oh, I don't know. They are my best friends, but they are so not like me.

Teddy is a metamorphmagus like his Mum was. He can always make me laugh by stretching out his nose or changing his hair color he is sweet and funny. Teddy is a year ahead of us, so he has given us the scoop on Hogwarts. He is Hufflepuff, just like his Mum was. And she was a bona fide war hero. So was his Dad. He lost both of them when he was a baby, but Aunt Andy takes care of him along with Uncle Harry. I guess Uncle Harry is kind of like a father to him. No pressure there. "Oh, my godfather? Yeah, he is the one who took down the most evil dark wizard of all time and now he is the head of Magical Law Enforcement, so you know, not much to live up to."

Victoire comes across as cold and snobby, but I think that is because she is just so pretty. She is actually shy and kind. She can't help how she looks, she is part veela. People judge on the weirdest things. She is really smart too. Like as smart as Aunt Hermione smart. She will be so good in school.

I guess I am smart too, but just kind of lazy. I guess I will probably be in Slytherin since both of my parents were. Teddy says it doesn't work like that, but all Malfoy's are Slytherin. Daddy says anything but Hufflepuff, that he will cut off my allowance if I am in that house.

Mum hits him in the arm when he says that and he laughs and then they snog. I would be in any house he wants if he and Mum could just stop with the snogging already!

Not that I think boys are gross or anything. Most of my cousins are boys. I just don't want to snog one. When I told that to Aunt Pansy she asked if I liked girls then, the way she and Aunt Daphne do. NO! I don't want to snog ANYONE boys or girls. It is gross.

Aunt Pansy just laughed and told me one day I would change my mind and find a boy or girl I wanted to snog. Then to try and prove it she started making out with Aunt Daphne. So rude.

When we finally made it to Hogwarts Teddy had to go off on the carriages which Daddy told me were pulled by thestrals, but no one could see them unless they had seen someone die. He may be pulling my leg. I sure didn't see anything.

Maybe that is a good thing though. I never wanted to see anyone die that was for sure.

Hagrid was there to greet us. Daddy doesn't care for him much, but Mum says he is an old family friend and I have to be very nice to him and not cause him any trouble. Why do people keep saying that? I don't go out of my way to cause trouble for people. It just sort of happens sometimes. I am totally not responsible for how people react to being told how annoying and stupid they are!

The boat ride was pretty fun. And Hogwarts is AMAZING! It was so pretty in the moonlight. I can't believe I get to live here.

The place was bigger than I thought it would be for sure. And I could see the Quidditch pitch in the distance. I couldn't wait to get my broom next year and try out for the house team! I am a really good chaser. Or anyway, Daddy says so. He had hoped I would be a seeker like he was, but I just don't have that kind of focus.

I was also hoping to get on the chorus. I sing pretty well. Grandfather Lucius says so, and he may be biased, but no one else covers their ears when I sing, so it will be nice to have something to look forward to in the off season.

Grandmum Weasley always has me sing the old Celestina Warbeck songs at Christmas. She seems to like my singing too. Victoire plays piano, so the two of us usually entertain the others. It is fun. Sometimes, like at holidays, having a big family is the best.

When we got into the Great hall it was packed! There were so many other people it was a little intimidating. Victoire grabbed my hand and we walked forward with the others.

The old sorting hat that Mum had told me might have a conversation with me, sang a song about house unity and everyone getting a long and a bunch of stuff I was too nervous to follow.

One by one first years were called forward to be sorted. I held on to Victoire's hand until my name was called. I pretended it was because she was scared, but to be honest, I was a little afraid myself.

When my name was called I braced myself and walked forward. I could not miss how the entire hall went quiet when my name was called. Daddy explained all about how he had been forced to be a Death Eater and that some people might judge me for it, and that fighting all of them would probably not help my reputation.

I tried to ignore the whispering. Professor McGonagall put the hat on my head and I waited. "mmm…. Another Malfoy… but different. Brave, a bit angry, but very intelligent."

"Oh yes, Mum said you might want to chat." I whispered.

"Ah yes, the Weasley head but not a Weasley mind. Very tough to place, your mother. But I know just where to put you." I was not surprised. Slytherin was in our family blood.

I was incredibly surprised to hear the hat shout "RAVENCLAW!"

"uhhhh… are you sure you said the right House?" I started to ask, but was whisked away.

I was greeted more warmly than I expected by the Ravenclaws. They were more interested in intelligence than reputations or family history.

I was very happy that Victoire was sorted in to Ravenclaw as well. I was totally not surprised, she is so smart like I said.

I was less happy when the next person sorted was also in Ravenclaw.

Of course it was Viktor. Ugh.