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Chapter 8: Curiosity

(Dark World - Late Night)

The Dark World, the world of the Shadows, was in a neverending night with the Red Moon high in the sky, washing the city, and everything around it, with red. It almost looked like the whole city was covered by blood. The streets were in complete silence and only a few small Shadows crawl through the empty streets, searching for victims, smelling the air and waiting for an opportunity to strike. Outside of the city, in the Mount Fuji, Shadows of different colors avoid each other and mind their own business.

Deep in the forest surrounding the Mount, the Purple Shadow stare at the huge Red Moon right above him. The Shadow was on his own, completely alone. The Shadow stood there for a really long time until he leaves and walks out of the mount and eventually arrive at a Shrine, an abandoned Shrine in the middle of the forest. The Shadow saw a human corpse in the entrance of that Shrine. The body of a woman with her eyes wide open and blood coming out of her ears. She died trying to escape. The Purple Shadow didn't kill that woman, it was another Shadow. He knew he was in a place he shouldn't be... Another Shadow's territory, but he didn't care, he inspects the corpse to see if the brain was still intact. A sudden noise comes up from behind the Shadow, coming from the trees. The Purple Shadow turn to see the Shadow who kill that person... A White Shadow. Clearly bigger than the Purple Shadow, it was almost 4 meters tall with an almost human-shaped body and a red mask with the number zero on it. The White Shadow stare at the Purple Shadow and keep walking to the Shrine, ignoring it completely. The Purple Shadow then leave and he came, in silence. The White Shadow sit in the entrance of the abandoned Shrine and grab the body of the dead woman with his ridiculously large hands. The Shadow stare at the body an then without reason smash it against the floor repeatedly, clearly enjoying himself. He keeps smashing the corpse until there was nothing else of it besides blood and flesh scattered around the floor...

4/10 Wednesday (Sundaikofu High School - Early Morning)

After what happened yesterday, Kurumi had to tell Hideaki what happens in the other world. They talked in the way to school, away from the group of students so they couldn't hear them at all. Kurumi gives him the short version, she went after Kaede, save her from Shadows and retrieves the girl that disappear. Hideaki was happy that they could get out of the other world with a scratch, but on the other hand, he felt a little left behind.

"Well, what's important is that the girl is safe... Is she, right?" He wanted to make sure.

"As far as I know, yes. Kaede took her to the hospital right after we get out and come up with a story"

"What kind of story?"

"That she found her in an alley, unconscious"

"... Isn't that a little too simple? What if they ask for details?"

"I'm sure she'll come up with something. For now, let's leave it at that. Still... To think those bastards set up a trap and decided to wait for hours until Kaede appear"

"You have to give them credit to come up with something like that... It makes me wonder what are the truly capable of. It gives me goosebumps to just thinking about it"

They arrive at school rather quickly and head to the classroom. The whole place was full of noise, all of their classmates were talking about what happened yesterday and the news about the girl appearing again was now spreading quickly. Kurumi sits down and Hideaki moves to his desk. Shortly after Mashiro enter and greet them.

"Hey! Good Morning" He asks.

"Good morning, Mashiro," Said Hideaki. Mashiro turns to Kurumi who was ignoring him.

"Good morning, Kurumi," He said and Kurumi nodded. "Hm, good enough" Mashiro then go to his desk. "Hey, Hideaki... Yesterday I saw you with Kurumi in the park"

"Y-You what?" Hideaki turn around and Kurumi turn around too, but she stares him in the eyes. "D-Did you hear or conversation or something?"

"Nah, I couldn't. Still, I saw with Kurumi and another girl... I'm curious as to what were you three talking about"

"It's none of your goddamn business, Kurokami," Said Kurumi.

"Don't be like that, Kurumi. It's not like you two were on a date or anything... Or were you?" Mashiro's eyes widen, he didn't take that into consideration before.

"That's... really jumping into conclusion," Said Hideaki. "It wasn't a date. We were just... talking. We met a girl that own an Antique Shop and she kinda wanted to sell us some of her stuffs" Hideaki come up with a pretty good lie. Kurumi was a little impress by that.

"Yeah, and besides, I'll rather be dead before dating anybody," She said

"... That means you'll be available in the afterlife then" Mashiro joked.

"There's no afterlife, Mashiro"

"Don't be like that. It was a joke" Mashiro chuckle. "Still, I found it funny that you two are actually getting along somehow"

"Well... You could say it just... happen?" Said Hideaki and could feel a couple of stares from his classmates. It was expected, Kurumi isn't a "friendly" classmate and she can be a little harsh from time to time.

"... Let me guess... You buy her with chocolate bars?" Mashiro asks.

"Hey!" Kurumi yell. "Nobody buys me with chocolate! What do you think I am!?"

"... Then what about the chocolate bar I give you last month so you can help me to carry some desks from the Music Club to the Drama Club?" Mashiro asks and Kurumi's eyes widen. She obviously didn't want Hideaki to hear that.

"... Th-That's different"

"How is that different?" Hideaki asks

"We were both forced to do it by a teacher. I was not going to do it but he convinces me"

"... with chocolate," Said Hideaki

"Shut up!" Kurumi yelled.

The homeroom teacher, Satoshi Ikari, then enter the classroom and demand silence. He looked tired and it almost looked like he could fall asleep at any minute. He clearly didn't sleep at all. He scratches his head and yawn.

"All right, silence. The class is starting... Damn, I shouldn't have drunk at all..." He whispers. Kurumi looks at her teacher and smirk.

"Why are you smiling?" Hideaki asks her.

"He got rejected again," She said. "It's kinda amusing"

"Rejected?" He asks. "Like... on a date?"

"Yeah, he has the worst of luck," Said Mashiro. "I feel sorry for him"

"Not me, I think it's funny that he comes with that huge hangover. Are you ready, Mashiro?" She asks and Mashiro nodded. Hideaki looks at them with confusion. "I'm betting 3000 yens that he fall sleep before lunch"

"Interesting... I bet that he won't fall until afternoon" Said Mashiro and they both look at Hideaki.

"What are you two looking at me for?"

"Are you going to bet?" Mashiro asks.

"Why should I?"

"It's funny. Ikari-sensei is known to get rejected a lot and end up drinking, usually coming to school with a hangover. Mashiro and I made this game up and start betting on what will happen to him"

"Once he falls from the stairs and almost broke his arm," Said Mashiro.

"And once he threw up in a basket" Kurumi added.

"Geez... How come he wasn't fired yet?" Hideaki asks a very good question and Mashiro deliver the answer.

"Even in that state, he manages to explain subjects and give lectures. The main reason why he's still around is that he's the Principal's best friend and that makes him practically untouchable. Besides, he's not doing anything wrong... yet"

"Still..." Hideaki sigh. "Aren't you taking advantage of his situation?"

"... And?" Kurumi and Mashiro asked at the same time. "Are you betting too or not? It's funny. FYI, he knows about the bet and he doesn't care at all"

"He knows!?"

"Yeah, that's the best part" Mashiro giggle. Hideaki sigh and decided to play along anyway.

"... Fine, I bet he makes it the whole day without falling sleep" Hideaki said with a smile.

"... Nice one" Said Kurumi. "Still, don't get cocky, I'll win. I always win"

"Over my dead body, Kurumi" Said Mashiro while laughing. Their classmates hear them, but quickly ignore them. Hideaki wasn't expecting this from Kurumi or Mashiro. They seem so... different, yet they seem to be enjoying themselves. Even though Kurumi can't stand Mashiro most of the time. They both are cast aside by the rest of their classmate so it was their way to have some fun. Hideaki was slowly being cast aside too by the fact that he's with Kurumi so he might as well bet with them and make the best of it. He knew that after this Kurumi will ignore Mashiro for the rest of the day so it's a nice change to what it looked like a boring routine.

"Maybe it isn't as bad as I thought it would be..." Hideaki thought.

(Kofu Jonan Hospital - Morning)

Kenji Murata walks down the hallway, heading to the room was the girl that disappear was put in. He makes his way to the room but right outside he saw someone he wasn't expecting to find, Kaede. She was sitting in the chair, waiting outside the room while reading an old magazine. She looks up and her eyes widen when she saw Kenji.

"What are you doing here?" He asks, surprised

"I could ask you the same thing. Although I know why you are here. I hear that this girl supposedly went missing yesterday" She said. "I was the one that finds it laying in an alley. I already told everything to the cops that come here before you"

Kenji didn't knew that it was Kaede the one that found the girl. He sighs and sits next to her, waiting in the hallway with her.

"I didn't expect it to be you of all people... Still, good job of bring her here" Said Kenji.


"Still, why are you here?"

"I actually wanted to know how was she" Kaede answered. "That and I have her Student ID. It fall from her pocket and I wanted to at least give it back" Kaede show him the student ID. The name of the girl is Sachiko Mikami. The picture in the ID showed a shy girl with short brown hair, her light green eyes were like jewels in her eyes. Kenji looks at Sachiko's picture for a moment.

"Well, at least I don't have to tell her parents that she showed up dead in an alley. That's a relief..."

"... You were expecting her to show up dead?" Kaede asks.

"No, but considering that she actually disappear in thin air... It makes you wonder. I still don't believe in that bullshit, but her friend was freaked out, too much to be a lie. If she's awake then I'll ask her some questions"

"Y-You should let her rest for a while before starting with the question. Her parents just leave and a doctor is inside. I was going to stay and take a look at her and leave, I have to open the shop. If you really are going to ask her some questions don't make her feel uneasy. The doctors told me she was in complete shock. Who knows what happen to her"

"Sorry, it's just... It's my job and I actually want to know the truth. If she can't answer some questions now I'll come back tomorrow" Kenji sigh. "Still, there goes one, now we have other six people in the same situation"

"Wait, what?" Kaede looks at him in shock. "Really?"

"Yes, we go the call and oddly enough they all happen right at the same time... It makes you wonder, doesn't it?"

"Yeah... It does..." Kaede looks down and got nervous all of the sudden. "How come I didn't hear that before? The Shadow kidnapped all those people at the same time? That never happen before? What are they trying to do? And on top of that... that Purple Shadow was really odd..." She thought. "Why are they starting to get more active all of the sudden? Is it because Kurumi killed that Red Shadow? Or it was already something they got planned from before?"

"What's wrong?" Kenji asks. "You seem troubled by something"

"Oh, it's nothing... I'm curious though, where did that people disappear?" She asks. "If I get to know at least where they went missing then I might have an advantage. I hope that's not too late to save them" She thought.

"Well, two of them were near the Yuki Park, one was in Sakaori Station in the Chuo Main Line, another in Keiyukai Joto Hospital and two students from Yamanashi Eiwa College" Kenji deliver the information with ease. He didn't question at all why she wanted to know. It's not like it's a secret, the news was already talking about it so it wasn't like he was giving classified information. "Still, this is really strange"

"Yeah, it's really strange..."

The doctor came out shortly after and both, Kaede and Kenji, stand up. The doctor talks to both of them.

"She's better, but she's still weak. We also find weird her wounds in her legs. It looked as if she was attacked by a wild animal, but we can't know for sure. She lost blood, but not too much. Still, we should make some studies just in case" The doctor explain.

"I see. I'll make sure to tell that to her parents" Said Kenji. "Something else we should know about?"

"Not really... Besides that and that she's feeling cold, nothing too important"

"... Cold?" Kaede ask. "How cold?"

"She said she was "freezing" even though it's not cold inside. I'll talk to the nurse to bring another bed sheet. You can go in now" The doctor leave and Kenji walk to the door.

"I'll go first," He said and Kaede follows him.

"I'll go with you. I want to see her" Kenji and Kaede enter Sachiko's room and saw her looking at the closed window. She looked nervous, she was scratching her hands. Kenji gets closer to her and Sachiko look at Kenji. She obviously didn't want to be there.

"Hello, Sachiko. My name is Kenji Murata, I'm a police officer. Can I ask you some questions?" He asks, but Sachiko looks down.

"... S-Sorry... But I don't feel that good... Maybe some other time?" She asks, very politely. Kenji nodded and smile.

"Yeah, of course. Don't worry. I'll come back tomorrow then" Kenji turn around and sigh. He really wanted some questions answer but he knew he was expecting too much. "Don't stay too much here, Kaede" Kenji then walk to the door and leave. Sachiko then looks at Kaede.

"... That look you are giving me means that you remember what happened" Said Kaede and Sachiko look down again. "It's fine. You are safe now"

"I-I..." Sachiko looks at her hands, shaking. She then looks at Kaede. "Am I...? I don't think so..."

"It's alright to feel that way. I don't blame you" Kaede walk to her bed and sit next to her. "Those creatures are called Shadows and they are very dangerous"

"Sh-Shadows?" Sachiko asks. "Wh-What are they?"

"They are monsters, that's the only thing you need to know. Listen, Sachiko, the Shadows used you... I doubt they'll go after you. Still, I will not take any chances. I'll keep a close eye on you and make sure the Shadow doesn't get you"

"Y-You Promise?"

"Yes, just stay calm and don't panic. I'll come back later to see you. In the meantime, I need you to do something for me"

"Wh-What is it?"

"Don't tell anybody about this. You didn't speak with Kenji because you didn't want to tell him about the Shadow, didn't you?"

"... I was going to tell him... But I didn't want to look like a crazy person..." Sachiko looks away. "That's why I didn't want to talk with him... Besides, you enter here. I remembered you, briefly... You saved me... Thank you"

"That's what I try to do... Save people. To be honest... I don't get to save too many people. I'm always late and those I save... They don't last that long..."

"... At least you are trying... That's better than anything..." Sachiko smile at her. That smile was enough to make Kaede happy, at least for a brief moment.

"Anyway... I've to leave. I'll come back in a couple of hours. Don't worry, lay down and try to sleep"

"I'll try... Thanks... Umm... What was your name?"

"Kaede Reiho"

"Nice to meet you, Reiho-san"

Kaede takes out Sachiko's student ID and gives it to her.

"Before I forget, this is yours... Oh, and don't worry about feeling cold. It will go away, Shadows cause that effect on people. If you were a Persona User then you wouldn't be cold at all"

"A what...?"

"Nothing, I'll give you some details later. Just don't tell anybody about this..."

(Jiko-Kagami Shrine - After School)

Shortly after school, Mashiro decides to pay a visit to the Jiko-Kagami Shrine. He at first wasn't so sure about the whole thing and as soon he came out of school he wanted to just go back home and continue the event on the online game, but he was curious and that curiosity make him take the bus to the Shrine that was a little far away, almost outside of Kofu. While on the bus he took that opportunity to play with his handheld console for a while and every five minutes paying attention to where the bus will stop. He knew that the Shrine was at the end of the line and after that, he'll have to walk a couple of minutes before reaching the Shrine. It took him a while, but the bus finally stopped and he was out of it, found himself in almost complete wilderness. He took a deep breath and start walking south, to where the Shrine was, at the limit of Kofu, near Fujikawaguchiko. Mashiro walks and guides himself with the GPS on his phone, he has never been in the Shrine so he had to look up the way.

It didn't take too long for Mashiro to find the Shrine. What surprised him was how huge the place was. The Torri at the entrance was really impotent. He was staring at the Torri so long that he didn't notice the Miko in the entrance. The white-haired girl was crouched, looking at a black cat while smiling. The cat stares at her with intensity and raising his paw to touch her. The girl extends her hand and touches the cat's paw.

"... So Cute..." She whispers and then notices the dirt in her hand, caused by the cat. "... Y-Y-You are... D-Dirty..." Mashiro finally notices the girl and went to talk with her.

"Excuse me," He said and the girl quickly stands up and hide her dirty hand while giving Mashiro a smile.

"Y-Yes? Can I help you with anything?" She said, a little nervous.

"Actually, yes. Is this the Jiko-Kagami Shrine?" He asks, even though he knows he was in the right place, but ask anyway.

"Y-Yes, it is. My name is Satsuki Ito. I'm a Miko of the Shrine" Satsuki introduce herself. "Do you need something from us?

"Yes. Yesterday at night I receive a weird call from this Shrine" Mashiro show Satsuki the phone's history and the number of the Shrine was there. Satsuki was surprised. "It's something weird because I doubt the Shrine has my phone. I've never been here before either"

"That does seem odd. At that hour I, as well my grandfather, were already sleeping. We usually get up really early" She said. "You want to come in and check the phone? I doubt it would help though"

"S-Sure" Satsuki guide Mashiro into the Shrine. While they walk, Satsuki starts a conversation.

"To be honest, a police officer came here for a similar reason," She said.

"Really?" Mashiro got more curious. "What happen?"

"A man commits suicide... and he receives a couple of calls before that. Those calls came from our phone too" Mashiro suddenly stop, feeling that something was not right at all. It all seems too weird and he couldn't help but jump to conclusions. "Is something wrong?" Satsuki asks.

"Y-Yeah... It's just... seems too weird, isn't it?"

"It does. But I bet it's nothing we should be worrying about too much" They went inside the Shamusho and Satsuki show Mashiro the phone. It was an old phone, but it was in pretty good conditions. He picks it up and still works. He then proceeds to dial his cell phone and wait to see if the call reaches it. His phone ringed and hang up. Mashiro then tries to call the shrine from his phone. To his surprise the phone never ringed, he tries calling several times but the phone didn't respond. It was like something blocked the call and stop it to reach the phone.

"That's weird," He said. "Does people call often?"

"We do get calls from time to time, but not that often" Satsuki explains.

"What's going on here?" Mashiro asks. "This is odd... yet interesting" Mashiro was really curious about it. So much that he was starting to wonder about something supernatural happening. Of course, he always jumps into conclusion really fast and as fast as that idea arrives at his head, it left shortly after. It was too crazy. "You should call someone to come and check the line"

"I'll make sure to get in contact with someone" Satsuki smile at him. "Still, this is really odd. Do you think it might some kind of interference?"

"It might be" Satsuki grandfather came in and saw Mashiro with a surprised expression.

"Oh, a young visitor, that's unexpected," He said. "What's your name, young man?"

"Mashiro Kurokami" He replied and he smiles.

"Oh, so you are Natsuki's son. She talked a lot about you when she came from time to time" He said. "I'm Genkei Ito and I was a friend of your grandfather before he died"

"Oh yeah. He mentioned you once or twice. Sorry, I never met you in person. I... don't tend to go out that much. That's why when my mother suggest me to come to the Shrine when I was younger I often said no"

"It's fine. I'm sure you would get bored in her back in the day. But I wish you could've come by sometime, Satsuki could've used a friend" He said while patting Satsuki in the head. She looks away and blushes a little. "Why are you here though?"

"Actually... I got a call from the Shrine last night. A weird call where I didn't hear anything at all, just silence. I came here and find out that I can't call to that phone, but it can call my phone"

"That's... odd. Not to mention that none of us have your number" Genkei point out.

"Really odd" Mashiro shrug. "I suggest Satsuki get in contact with someone to check the phone and the line"

"We will do that" Genkei smile. "You should come back here more often. I would love to have a talk with you. Your grandfather spoke a lot about you"

"Y-Yeah... I bet he did... In fact, I bet everyone did" Mashiro look down. "They shouldn't though. I'm not that interesting at all" He thought. "Anyway. I came just out of curiosity. I might come back next week if I have time"

"Excellent. I'm looking forward to it"

"Y-Yeah... see you later" Mashiro leave and Satsuki stare at the door, then at the phone.

"It's the second person that comes because of a call..." She thought. "Could it be a Yokai? If it is a Yokai then it might try to make contact... I should keep an eye on the phone, just in case" Satsuki look at her hand, still dirty because of the cat. She didn't want any longer and wash it, trying not to look that desperate while doing it. She didn't like to get dirty at all.

(Antique Shop)

Kaede was writing in her journal. She wrote about the ambush and about the girl that was used as a bait. As far she knows, that happened only once before and it didn't happen o her, but to her father. She then describes the Purple Shadow and then makes a little sketch of it. She didn't know what that Shadow was trying to accomplish, if he wanted to he could have chased her and Kurumi, but retreat.

"That Shadow is different from the others... Not only that, but it's smaller for the rest of the Colored Shadows... Mmm... That name is not that bad, still pretty simple though" Kaede then close the journal. "That Shadow was smaller, but it could control the small and weaker Shadows without any problem at all. On top of that, the Purple color leads me to believe it might use electricity to attack. The color of those Shadows kinda gives away their abilities... But not all of them... That White Shadow is a wildcard... Dammit, I wish to know more. For the looks of it, they aren't attacking randomly. Six people disappear at the same time from different areas of the city, that never happened before... What are they planning? Are they going to use them as bait too? Or they are planning something else? If that's true then... Maybe those six are still alive... We might need to act quickly if that's the case. Not only that, they might ambush us as soon as we enter the other world... I'm prepared for anything... But what about those two? I don't want to force them into this, but I need them so we can save them, or at least try..."

While Kaede thinks about the Shadows, Kurumi and Hideaki enter the shop. Kaede put the journal away and receive them.

"Hello," She said. "How was school?"

"Boring" Said Kurumi.

"... Yeah, kinda boring" Hideaki agreed. "How is that girl?"

"She's fine. I went to see her in the morning and I just come back from the hospital again. She remembers what happened, but only a little. I had to explain to her some things and make sure she doesn't tell this to anybody"

"Are you sure about that?" Kurumi asks. "The last thing we need is someone to get in the way"

"She won't, Kurumi. Still, I'm curious about something she mention when I went to see her" Kaede grab her chair and sit down, Kurumi and Hideaki get closer to hear her.

"Did she say something useful?" Kurumi asks.

"Remember that Purple Shadow?" Kaede asks Kurumi and she nodded. "Well, according to this girl, Sachiko, the Purple Shadow was the one that attacks her first"

"... Really?" Hideaki asks. "But weren't those type of Shadow only attacking people that could be Persona Users?"

"Yes, which makes me believe she might've capable of summoning a Persona, but looks like she lacks strength. Still, that Shadow instead of killing her, use her as a bait to lure us there. I think that Shadow wants us death first and is willing to use people as bait. At this point, the Shadows know that there are active Persona Users and they'll do anything to kill us. They know we are a threat"

"They could easily kill us all" Kurumi point out. "Why are they taking their time?"

"As I said, Shadow can travel to this world, but they can't stay for too long, not even the Colored Shadows. They won't take any chances, that's why they want to fight us where they had the advantage"

"It makes sense," Said Hideaki. "Then... What are we going to do?"

"We can't rule out the possibility of those people to still be alive... But we can't simply jump to the other world without being prepared" Kaede cross her arm. "... How are you two feeling today?"

"I'm good," Said Hideaki.

"Me too? Why?"

"We are going today. I want you to go back home, change your clothes and come back"

"So suddenly?" Hideaki asks. "Just like that?"

"It's now or never. We can't wait for too long" Kaede was right, they couldn't wait that long. There are people in danger.

"You are right... Alright, let's do it" Said Hideaki. "What about the weapons?"

"I'll give them to you once you come back. Let's prepare. Keep this in mind, once we are on that world, you two will do exactly as I say" Kade got serious. "Also, there's something you should know... In the worst case scenario... Don't hesitate to leave me behind" She said while looking at both of them. Hideaki wasn't expecting her to say that or even suggesting it at all. Kurumi was as surprised as him. The last thing she wanted is to abandon a person and let it die.

"B-But..." Hideaki wanted to disagree with her, but Kaede stops him.

"No buts... I'm not asking, you will do it if things get out of hands"

"... Are you really okay with that?" Kurumi asks, showing concern over Kaede for the first time. "You are asking us to leave you to die if we get our asses kicked"

"Better me than any of you... Now go, I'll be waiting" Kaede went at the back of the store. Hideaki and Kurumi remain in silence, then look at each other. Not knowing what to say.

"She's taking it way too seriously," Said Kurumi.

"She has her reasons. Her father and grandfather fight the Shadows too... She knows the risks better than anybody"

"... This is bullshit. I might not really know her, or even like her that much, but I'm not letting her die just because she's asking. I'm here to kill Shadows, not to abandon someone to get eaten by those things"

"At least we agree on that" Hideaki sigh. "We are not going to fail. We'll come back from this, all of us"

"Let's go and prepare"

(Velvet Room)

Igor was sitting in his chair, staring at the deep blue void of the room while Annabelle looks at her Persona Compendium, more specifically, her chains. Her annoyed sigh could be heard in the whole room. Something that Igor couldn't ignore that easily, even if he wanted to. He turns to see his assistant with his huge grin.

"Is something in your mind, Annabelle?"

"No, Master. Nothing at all" She lied. "You shouldn't waste your time worrying with someone like me"

"..." Igor didn't say a single thing and resume his position. Annabelle keeps staring at the Compendium until her eye shines for a brief moment. Then her hands start shaking, making the chains to make noise. "... Did you see it?"

"Y-Yes... another future... another outcome... another possibility..." She said while shaking. "I-I fear for our Guest's future, Master"

"Fear not, Annabelle. You should see past that future. Just as there's an outcome when he will meet his death, there's another where he'll succeed. Have faith in him, when the time is right, I'll summon him here and advice him as to where and what he should do. We are here to help him. It's our duty to make sure that he doesn't fail, no matter the cost"

"..." This time Annabelle remain quiet and squeezed the Compendium in her hands. "Please... let it not be that fateful future... Please... I'm begging you..."