So. This was it. The start of my becoming part of something bigger than myself. Something better...ish, than my solo, old-fashioned manly ways. Definitely something different, considering all prior acts of derring-do and brutalization had been done under the banner of self-defense and keeping Lisa and I in the style we were accustomed.

Well, that she was accustomed to.

I was, admittedly, used to much poorer living conditions. I wasn't complaining about how things were now, or anything, but it really was a different world on the other side of the tracks. Still though. As long as I had my way, there wasn't going to be any of that elitism shit in my house, material or otherwise. No sir. If we were going out to eat, we were going out to eat at a Fugly's or something. Caviar was for the fucking birds and there was no difference between a twenty dollar steak and two-hundred dollar steak and… I missed meat.

… I was stalling. I knew I was. The change in clothes to something cheaper, and easier to move in, as well as the extra pair of such just in case what I was wearing met a grisly end, had been understandable. If Hannah was anything like Victoria was, then it was actually kinda necessary. The thing was though, staring at someone's house from across the street for ten minutes wasn't necessary...and I needed to suck this up before Hannah decided that she wasn't going to wait any longer... Or someone called the cops. That was always a possibility.

I'd looked into her eyes when she'd told me that she'd hunt me down like a dog. She hadn't been kidding...and, even if I couldn't speak for her, I really wasn't feeling up to my face appearing on a celebrity porn site somewhere. My heart wasn't ready for that kind of attention. Hell, I could barely handle what attention I was already getting. Most watched Cape Blog fucking what? Damn it, Lisa, you don't just tell that to someone without preparing them! I have anxiety and you made it even worse...and I was stalling again. Fuck.

Plastering a smile onto my face that might have been a little more practiced than any smile should have been, I power walked across the thankfully empty street at a pace that would have, on a normal person, probably have been as good as a full out run. A heavy jog at the least as a lull in traffic, foot or otherwise, gave me the opening I needed to quit being such a bitch and make it to my destination...and it wasn't much to look at. Just a small two-story with a white and black paint job that didn't need replacing for another couple of years. Completely unassuming. Normal even.

It was the most intimidating thing I'd ever seen that hadn't been directly attached to Lisa and one of her less sensible plans. If there hadn't been so much riding on this, I might have cried a little. Instead of doing that though, I forced a stiff upper lip on my face, put my head up and shoulders back, and pounded the pavement like my feet were made of lead. Strong, aggressive, a real go-getter. I was here for a reason and I wasn't going to leave until that reason no longer existed.

I was here to fuck. For America. For the dream. For the land of the kinda free and the really, really big...or something like that. It sounded like something that Hannah would appreciate from me, so that was my mission. Nothing more, nothing less.

I gently rapped my knuckles against the door, the sound that resulted from such more like an outright pounding. Twice, and in rapid succession, before I looked down at myself to see if I was still presentable. Then, I winced when I saw that I'd played up the 'feet like lead' angle a little harder than I should have, the proof of such being the spiderweb cracks in the concrete just under my feet. Some part of me realized I'd need some stand-in for shoes, if only for presentability.

I didn't look back, of course. I'd just see more of the same and it would make me feel bad. Not much point there except if, you know, feeling bad was what I wanted to do. Which I didn't… God help me, how was I even still alive?

I waited a couple of minutes. Just looking around. Turning my head slightly from side-to-side as I scratched the back of one of my calves with a foot. Normal waiting stuff, including the growing urge to either peek into a nearby window to see if anyone was home or to just, you know, leave. The only thing that kept me waiting, besides the threat of getting myself hogtied and used like I was a super realistic sex doll by a sexually frustrated lady of war, of course, was that I could hear movement. Feet. Shuffling, slamming drawers. Someone running around in there, just out of sight...and I felt better. Instantly.

That was the sound of someone who was dealing with things worse than you were. If I was nervous, she was most likely inches away from outright panicking and then hiding under the bed until I went away. That, or someone who had just realized that their house was a total pigsty and they needed to clean it all within the space of five minutes or less. It put me more at ease than I realized at first, knowing that she didn't have it as collected as she seemed either.

It was nice to know that I wasn't alone in being an awkward mess. Simple.

Approaching footsteps, purposeful even, snapped me out of any thoughts of home before they even really started. The chances of it happening again anytime that day went up in smoke when the front door flew inwards and my eyes tried to pop out of their head so that they could get a closer look at Hannah… Hannah and what she was wearing...if it could even be called 'wearing'.

I hadn't even known that they made tank tops that small. Tank tops small enough to show the very beginnings of the undersides of her perfectly tanned, perfectly shaped, dusky and large breasts. To draw the eye to a woman's torso and limbs, showcasing that the woman currently wearing it had a body that might as well have been made of stone. All sharp lines and contours, broken up only by the rounding of her chest and the curve of her hips where and when it mattered most to accentuate her femininity.

And it was camo-patternedFreaking camo.

My eyes drifted further downward. Down to her stomach and the heavy separation of muscle there, her abs flexed for presentation. Further yet to the thin, black strip of fabric at her waist and crotch whose ambitions at being underwear, or anything that could slow me down, had found themselves forever out of their reach by virtue of being little more than tooth floss...and...and it just wasn't fair.

It wasn't fair to my Orc programming. It wasn't fair to my programming. It wasn't fair to the programming of everyone and anyone who was remotely attracted to women! She was, well…sexy.

… And neither was all of that fair to my shorts, for that matter. I could feel the ticking of fibers popping against my skin when my dick decided to skip half-chub entirely and go all the way to full. That I hadn't been hit by vertigo could only be attributed to the shot of sexually-charged adrenaline that had just hit me right in the heart.

I was going to hit that. I was going to wreck that. I was going to ruin that like God ruined Sodom and Gomorrah, so help me...

"My eyes are up here," She said in good humor, the sound of her voice, loaded with a confidence I was pretty sure she wasn't actually feeling, all I needed to tear my eyes away to look her in the face.

That, I had to admit, was a feat of sheer willpower that I hadn't thought myself capable of...but I was glad that I'd been wrong. Her face, if not as prepared as her outfit had been, was no less breathtaking. Her loose hair was almost wild behind her head, with thin strands of it stuck to her forehead from a tiny amount of sweat.

Whatever makeup had been applied had been done with a steady but inexperienced and hurried hand. Her mascara was slightly runny. Her lipstick hadn't been fully blotted...and the only thoughts I had in my head involved the various ways I could make that better. Most of them involving my cock, of course.

"Why don't you come in?" She stepped to the side with a flutter of her lashes, her voice husky with anticipation as I took the invitation for what it was and fit myself through her far too small door... A definite metaphor for what was about to happen that I couldn't have missed if I was blind and dumb. "Make yourself comfortable?"

Whatever Lisa had paid for my briefs, it wasn't nearly enough. That they'd hung on this long had been a miracle... But, of course, miracles don't last forever. Only as long as you needed them to, a time that was coming fast... That Hannah just kept on walking instead of doing what I'd expected her to do, leading me further into the house and acting as if nothing had changed even as she walked off with a little more sway in her step, was new.

… I liked new. I was pretty sure this was going to go places, yeah, but I just had to say it. Not having someone grinding on me as soon as the pants came off was kind of refreshing in a novel sort of way. Definitely different… Did I already say I liked different? I forgot. The dusky-toned ass I was following to places unknown was kind of making it hard to think beyond some very particular and narrow lines of thought.

I could bounce quarters off of that ass. Half-dollars, even. An ass I could be happy with just grabbing and kneading, an ass that I was going to love watching slam into - or slamming into me, however things worked out.

"I'm pretty sure that it is customary to offer hot coffee for this sort of thing," Hannah mused as our journey ended in the middle of her living room...and forced me to reveal how much of a nerd I really was as I fought back a puerile smile… I felt old now. Old, and immature. That was an interesting feeling. "But, you see…" She turned around to give me a slow shrug. "I'm all out of coffee." A crooked grin. "Such a shame." And her arms were raised high over her head, reaching for the ceiling as her top rode up to her collarbone and stuck there when she let them drop. "Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?"

Women. They drove me to drink.

"... I can think of a few things," said I with a roll of a neck, the sound of bones popping as I took a careful seat on her couch... Bones, or the legs of said couch as it took on a half-ton of weight. Semantics. "But, seeing as you're hosting me, I don't want to be rude."

"Like making the women do all the work, do you?"

"I prefer to think of it as handing you the lead." I leaned forward in my seat; elbows on my thighs and hands clasped, amused as all hell as I noted that, mask or not, her eyes continued to crinkle at the corners when she smiled. "But, of course, I understand that some people aren't able to handle that. I didn't take you for the type."

"So you think I can't take charge?"

"I don't know," I started in challenge, "how about you tell me?"

She said nothing. Did nothing but give me a look. That look that women gave you when you've just said something stupid and were about to take you to take you to task for it.

The foot that came smashing flat and into my right pec hadn't been what I'd expected at all. It was enough of a shock that her legitimately strong hit, a blow that had about as much of an effect on me as getting hit by throw pillow, pushed me back into my seat. That she rode that shock all the way down, in no way looking as if she were going to lose her balance even as her center of gravity shifted with her foot still on my chest, just made an already hot thing even hotter...and damn if this wasn't a good view.

That thong of hers was riding up pretty high right now...and I was thinking that letting the lady take command, in this case, wouldn't be so bad. Nothing wrong with a change in pace. I didn't have to be in control every time...and I don't think I would be for as long as she could keep that fire.

"I've always preferred showing to telling," Hannah answered coolly, putting words to her aggressively physical riposte as she ground her heel into my chest. "I've come to learn that the lessons I teach stick around for longer that way, you filthy tease." Her lips quirked up into a tight smile, the thin scar that ran there all that was needed to send a thrill through me. Sex and danger, all the same coin. "No one is getting in the way this time, big boy. No one is going to save you from me."

… Well now. Definitely not bad at all.

"Oh, my." I smiled back, the very act carrying all the danger it needed to. If it bothered her, she didn't let it show. Not even a little. "The things you're saying… Should I be worried about my virtue?"

She snorted, snorted at the very idea I had any virtue at all as she took her foot off me and planted her hands on her hips. "Lose the shorts." … Or maybe it was because I had had the temerity to ask something so obvious? "And I'll keep control until the sun goes down. What do you have to say to that?"

"Oh. Not much. Just two words," I sassed back with a drawl as I hooked my thumbs into my shorts, rolled them down and kicked them off to somewhere dark and forgotten. My cock, now suddenly free, slapped against my stomach with a sound not all that different from a drum getting hit; a dull thud. "Yes, Ma'am."

"... If I didn't think that you'd just break out of anything I tried to use to pin you down, I'd have gone and hogtied you by now, funny man," Hannah, the light in her eyes the farthest away from offended that I could imagine, threatened casually as she dropped her panties in delayed mirror to what I'd done, dark corner and all. "But enough talk. We're past that now. Well past that." With a quick hop that had her standing on my thighs and just above my knees, she shooed my hands off with a slap before I could lay a single one on her. "You've got a dick like an unbroken horse and I'm going to treat you like one. Understand?"

Coming from someone without a Brute rating, that should have been laughable. Should have been, if not for the ever-present amorphous green blob at her back, shifting from shape-to-shape and never sticking to one for longer than a second. Going through its options. Thinking. Scheming. Plotting. Deciding just how it was going to fuck my shit up today in the context of this conversation...and if it turned into the Penetrator or something, I was gone.

Had more than enough of that in college...and the relief I felt when the shifting weapon stopped at a bullwhip was shocking in its depth. That she didn't use it when she had the chance, instead being perfectly happy to look me in the eye as she stepped over my dick to press herself flat against my chest, was barely anything to comment on in comparison… That she went then went back and down, leading that drop with her ass to lower my erection with her weight so that she could take a seat on me, was.

Velvet soft. Wet. The feeling of rock-solid muscle moving under a layer of fat that, to me, was just the right amount for her to have.

A twitch of my hands, restless with her so close, got me a warning look.

With her legs tucked in and knees on my thighs as she took her seat near the middle of my shaft… I was starting to get an idea of what she was planning to do. And, there was very little she could do to be any more obvious that she was getting payback for whatever I might have done. The start of her rocking and rolling her hips over the throbbing veins and pulsing mass of my erection, just confirmed it.

She'd just committed us to the path that was the messiest and most teasing sort of foreplay. Intercrural sex. The good ol' slip-and-slide, with me taking the place of the slide. For now, and until she finished, I was primarily here as a vent for her frustrations, it seemed. A living, breathing sex toy with accessories included...with kung-fu grip and powerful thrusting action, to be exact. That was my thing...and hands off, in this case, was going to be a special kind of hell.

That was kind of the point though, wasn't it?

She hadn't been all that coy about how this was going to be, about what her plans were for the evening and how I fit into them. I was her unruly steed, she was my rider, and that bullwhip of hers could get put into use at any time she felt like it… For someone that I'd taken as a submissive through-and-through, she was proving to be surprisingly aggressive. The Orc in me was laughing, roaring, stomping his feet at the sheer challenge this woman represented… And I probably should have finished with getting my psych degree before I started analyzing someone that I'd effectively just met today.

Her fingers, thin yet calloused in that way you'd only ever see on soldiers and athletes, touched upon my collarbone. Spread out on the very lowest parts for stability. For the intimacy that came with the touch of hands on flesh; a different sort from sex in and of itself as she continued to move her waist into me. Back and forward, forward and back, the cadence of her breathing following as close as it could with her every move as she refused to meet my eyes...and if I'd thought she was wet before, she was positively dripping now.

It took no time at all for the 'slip' in slip-and-slide to make itself apparent. Half a minute maybe. A minute and change at most for whatever rough friction there might have been to disappear in its entirety, the only feelings left on my end being the sensation of her lower lips dragging along and clinging to my skin, along with the slowly cooling layers of drying feminine moisture. Moisture that was quickly building up, starting to run down my length in steaming, actually steaming, lines and streams.

I'd never had that happen before. Not that I'd noticed anyway, even it explained some things. Things like how quickly the smell of sex (a smell that seemed a hell of a lot better than it had any right to be these days.) filled any room I was in and how it refused to completely leave, no matter what we did to try and remove it. It had been steamed in. Good luck getting that out anytime soon...especially seeing as I'd been leaking all over the upholstery of this couch since before Hannah had even started...and that reminded me.

Not all of the fluid was hers. Some of it was mine, leftovers from that short period of time where my cock had been free to stand and ooze in preparation for Hannah's incoming ravaging. I could see it in the thickening froth, the sexual lather building up between our bodies as a milky spider web in the relative clarity of her nectar. Like oil and water, refusing to mix...and then she gasped, and even that was gone. Overtaken by a small tide of femcum that refused to stop completely, thanks to her refusing to stop at all.

Pushing past what I could see was a vision-flickering orgasm, something that I'd learned to identify on sight thanks to so much practice, like it had just been a speed bump…she rode it out like a champion. With a deep inhale to suck back the scream as my fingers dug into the fabric of the couch like it was made of marshmallow, yes, but she pushed past it with an effort of will equivalent to my own at that moment as I resisted getting ahold of her and showing her what a real orgasm was. To turn her into a shrieking, twitching, mindlessly cumming mess of a woman that had forgotten what it meant to be a human.

… Wait. No. Too mindbreaky for the moment. Pull back a little. Bad orc. Bad. Not on the first date. That was more of a fourth date thing.

I finished kicking that idea away like a bad football when a now panting Hannah lifted her head to look up at me. Sweaty. Tired…but unbroken and unsatisfied, even as the red glare of my eyes reflected off of hers. Then, on shaking legs and without a word, she stood up. Separated from me with a wet schlick...and a great many takeaway strands, hanging from her crotch in a thick liquid, snapping veil while yet more of said liquid visibly trickled down her legs.

"Are you trying to make a complete mess out of me...or is this normal for you, big guy?" She asked with a lick of her lips and a grin, clearly trying to compose herself after her attempts at teasing me had led to a thigh-melting 'O', the gentle heaving of her splendid, caramel colored breasts keeping me entertained enough to let this play out... Even if that whip was still making me a little anxious.

"What can I say? I'm a complete slob when it comes to gorgeous women. We all have our failings," I teased, waggling my eyebrows the entire time in order to show that I was just being playful...which made the sudden, stinging whip-crack across my heavily muscled abs a complete surprise...

Making a sound that was most definitely not a very deep squeak, I looked down at the thin line of slightly darker green skin that Hannah had just marked me with. It didn't really hurt, she was not playing around.

"I see. That does sound like something you would do, just because you could." Her tone was steady despite her obviously hyper-aroused state but, by the way her heavily dilated eyes watched in fascination as the minor scuff on my green flesh faded away like something that could have been mistaken for time-lapse photography, made the implicit lie of her calm delivery very apparent. "Clean me up then, Moss... A big, strong guy like you must be getting hungry by now."

Before I could formulate a proper rejoinder that made sense with half the blood in my body busy doing important things way down south, the chocolate-skinned heroine stepped up and onto the back of the couch with an athletic little hop. Wrapping the conjured whip behind her own neck as she looked down on me (and can I just say that after towering over everyone and their mother's for the past few weeks that the change in angle was a very nice change of pace?) Miss Militia reached down with two fingers and spread her bright pink slit wide open for me to see.

Still dripping with our partially combined fluids, it was easy to see how the pleasure-enhancing aspects of my pre had affected her. It caused her clit to swell into a throbbing pearl of desperate feminine need, and the muscles of her lower abs and inner thighs to tighten. Just enough for it to be visible as the scent of her arousal filled my mouth with drool.

If it was anything like it normally was, that was the only response I could have had. Pussy was delicious.

"Do I need to encourage you more? Or do you get the picture?" Tightening her hands on the glowing whip and pulling produced a surprisingly realistic sound of tightening leather. "I suppose if you need yet more of a reason to get to work, I could always-"

Whatever else she'd planned to say would forever be a mystery to me and the world at large as I threw my head forward, mouth open and tongue extended, and dove directly into her exposed snatch with all the ravenous thirst of a man that had been lost in the desert for weeks on end.

Something between a hiccup and a laugh escaped her lips as the woman I was tongue-fucking threw a leg over my shoulder and half stood over me, half sat on my face while I messily gave her the cleaning of her life...and processed the taste. The flavor that, whenever I thought of her, would be right at the forefront of my mind.

She was spicier than Victoria. Not quite as sweet as Lisa, and not nearly as tart as Amy...but it was delicious all the same. I still wanted more either way and, so, I got it. That was all there was to it as the flexible length of my tongue swept the whole of her outer lips and inner thighs clean in seconds; the more important, deeper, parts something I wanted to get to as soon as possible.

In a move that straddled the line between slurping and sucking, a line that was so blurred as to be nearly indistinguishable when I did it, I did my level best to envelope the whole of her sex with my mouth.

Something that might have been an attempt at more words, pleas for salvation or prayers to a higher power, tried to pass through Hannah's teeth as the single strongest muscle that my body had stole the air from her lungs. All that came out was a series of rapid-fire gasps and gurgling that drove me to greater and greater heights of pussy eating. World-class and around the world. My own form of payback for the teasing she'd put me through.

A hand came down atop my head, grabbing hold of the short hair I'd been growing out in an attempt by her to try and control the intensity of my ministrations…or maybe just so that she wouldn't fall over from the minor sexual seizure she was currently going through. One or the other.

Looking up at the now trembling body of one of the city's most stalwart defenders as she slowly came undone was enough to get my already dripping cock to start leaking like a broken faucet. The living room began to fill with an even greater amount of the musky, powerful scent that Lisa told me had most likely caused the hero in my grip to become infatuated with me in the first place... Having the superpower that was hyper virility was just neat like that, I guess.

"Moss! M-Moss! That's- Oh, oh-" A spiraling suck directly to her throbbing clit and a rough go at carving the letter 'A' big and small into it made her legs go limp and her voice die out before she could complete her thought. It forced me to grab hold of her hips with my hands just to hold her up… Even more or less queening me like this, she wasn't the one in the driver seat anymore, her time in the spotlight done and gone...and something deep within me smirked at the ease of the reversal.

Then again, this was probably pretty close to what her true plans had been all along. Maybe the domineering act was just her trying to get me to step it up? If I'd learned just one thing from forming a sort of harem (Whether it was mine or Lisa's could be debated) of superpowered women, it was that I still didn't understand what girls were planning half the time.

A strong rush of clean, clear, female fluids filled my mouth with the flavor of freedom... Well, freedom flavored pussy anyway, and I slowed my speedy suckling at her canal in order to savor it for a moment or two. Just long enough for the wonderful woman I was devouring to start to compose herself a bit and take a deep breath inward to steady herself as I readied myself to perform some mischief… Namely, waiting for the second before she was about to speak, then shoving every single centimeter of my tongue inside of her that would fit.

In case you didn't know...that was a lot of tongue.

An explosion of air came from between her still painted lips as I stole the initiative right out from under her. A squeaking inhalation followed as I corkscrewed around inside of her like I was drilling for oil. Her head instantly fell back with a moan as she tried to adjust to the sudden intrusion; an act that by my very nature made that a losing proposition from the start. All she could do from there was hold on for dear life as she was devoured by a starving, provoked monster in the midst of a feeding frenzy.

Her second leg came up. Pawed at me. At my neck. At my shoulders in what I, at first, thought was an attempt to push me away...until she slipped it over my shoulder. Put it behind my neck and started trying to pull me closer, to push her crotch into my face so that I could get even deeper than I already was.

What she was trying to do didn't really make much difference in this case (Brute ratings are bullshit and I was already touching on spots no other tongue could have hoped to reach.), but it did let me know in no uncertain terms that, despite having gone entirely nonverbal, Hannah was more than fine with how I'd chosen to approach this particular challenge that she'd set for me. The only downside that I could see was that, between her inability to form coherent syllables and her arched-back posture, I wasn't exactly getting a lot of feedback here.

The fantastic angle I had on her heaving breasts from below mostly made up for that though. Seriously. How did anyone over the age of twenty stay that perky? It was like magic or something... Whatever the case was, I wanted to see what they looked like bouncing in time with the pounding I was about to lay out for her.

Pulling away from her twitching insides took a minute or so, a minute well-spent as the vice-like grip that her inner walls had on my extra-long tongue did their best to keep me inside...but, soon enough, I managed to escape it. Not without one last goodbye though, the delivering of one last searing kiss to Miss Militia's throbbing clit that pulled a low and needy growl from her. A growl, and some drunken noises a few seconds later that I was able to recognize as laughter when she sat forward enough to look down on me and meet my eyes once more.

"T-that was…" She seemed to stall out with a shake of her head, her tired mind trying to think of an appropriate point of comparison for a moment before, with a simple up and down of her shoulders, everything below the neck went limp. "I never even considered…" She trailed off as her now languid form slid down from the seat she'd taken on my broad shoulders, forcing her legs to lift and straighten in yet another show of impressive flexibility.

Hannah's calves were still pressed to my collarbone when the tip of my raging prick stopped her slow descent. An event that left me with a lusty heroine all of a centimeter from impaling herself on my massive green shaft...and the hope that that was what was about to happen. "We'll have to do that again sometime. Later." Her eyes crinkled in that alluring way of hers, the heat behind something as simple as that hot enough to burn. "You still have work to do."

With a toothy grin (and when you had tusks like mine that was a hell of a thing), I used the grip I still had on her waist to force her womanly hips into the perfect angle for a devastating upward thrust that would spear her wide open with one blow. A cocky wink and the subtle tension in my shoulders made the gorgeous woman in my arms bite her trembling lower lip and try to prepare for what this meeting had been building up to since she'd left the apartment... I let the anticipation grow for a few heartbeats, then bucked my hulking hips up in a sudden hump that could have split a tree stump in half…and missed.

It was an intentional miss, of course, and her reaction was all that I'd hoped for.

Ready as she was for the punishing insertion that would have ruined her for any other man right then, the sudden rush of hot green cock across her lower lips instead of through them caught her completely off guard. My gigantic purple bell-end of a tip slipped past her hard clit with a flicking action that made the once again weak-kneed woman convulse in surprised pleasure, before the return stroke caused her to audibly gasp in one of the strangest mixes of contentment and disappointment I'd ever heard.

"Well, see, here's the thing about that," I started, nice and slow as her eyes started to widen with surprise and desperation. "If you want to take it all in one go, no doubt what a tough lady like you would want..." Three more quick thrusts across her dripping slit stole any reply she could have made from her lungs before she had any chance to respond. "We need a little more lube. Just a tad." The smirk that crossed my lips was so smug that even Lisa would have been impressed…or she'd have just thrown a pillow at my head. With a brick in it. Or not. She liked to keep me on my toes. "I hope you understand."

A rapid-fire series of meaty slapping noises from the cum-bloated sack that hung just below my Hannah's rear marked the punishing pace of the front-sided hot-dogging I was subjecting her to. A primal soundtrack, the perfect thing to add to the scene... The situation of her clenching pussy gently squirting and adding yet another layer of lube to my length as I returned her earlier teasing a hundredfold. Then she leaned forward again, pressing her forehead to mine as she did so with a dull clonk of bone against bone.

I thought she might have fainted, up until the point where she opened her eyes. That wild-eyed stare wasn't the look of someone that had tapped out...and I really hoped that the flash of red in them was just my own eyes reflected in hers.

I wasn't too sure about that. A problem for another time.

"Stop…" She panted out. "Teasing me. You..." She sucked in a deep breath with a shudder. "Jerk." Miss Militia's legs strained and her abs tensed hard enough to become visible as she tried to fight. To slip out of my steel-like grip in an attempt to more or less force herself onto me... but it wasn't enough. After a minute or so of her struggling to envelop the dick she'd been dreaming of for weeks now into her desperate, hungry pussy she gave up with a tiny wail of disappointment and her whole body going limp once more. "J-just give it to me already, you big green asshole!"

Something dark and primitive in my hindbrain rose up and sniffed the air at the smell of prey. With a shake of my head, I banished those thoughts back into the recesses of my consciousness, promising to bring it back up during an anniversary or something, and decided it was time to stop drawing this out.

She was ready. I was more than that. At this point, I was just punishing the both of us and masochism wasn't my kink.

"... You know what? Sure. On one condition."

Her head started bobbing like a broken drinky-bird before the last word was even out of my mouth. Without my hands around to keep her grounded, I had no doubt that she'd have fallen over.

"You don't get to stop until I get off. That's it. Not that hard, is it?" What could I say? Getting whipped had made me feel like I needed to take charge of this situation more and, at this point, Hannah was in no state to refuse. True to my assumption, she never stopped agreeing with me. The idea of haggling was probably the last idea that would ever cross her mind. What I was offering to her was more than enough...and kind of what she'd been getting at since the very start. "Thought so."

Hannah, visibly on the very verge of losing her mind as the bottom of her left eye twitched, dropped all her weight on me the very second I let her go. Every physical ounce of her. Every pound of leverage. Every iota of grace that she still possessed, focused on a single point, right between her legs...and there was resistance, just like there had always been. A struggle that would have passed me by if I'd even blinked, done with when the head lurched inside of her sopping insides with a slick pop and an explosion of musky fluid.

That she didn't fall over onto my chest, even as her eyes rolled up into her skull, made her the toughest person I knew right then and there.

I didn't push her beyond that though. I just let her quiver and shake as her orgasms broke over her, no matter how felt about it. No matter how much I wanted to start pounding into the woman on my lap. To grab her hips and truly ruin her...that was fine though. There was always time for a bit of teasing.

"Had enough?" I prodded.

I heard a groan from her, then heard her teeth come together with a hard 'clack'. One arm tensed, flailed aimlessly for a moment, and then slammed down on my chest. It wasn't nearly enough to hurt me...but then it splayed open as she pressed that hand into me. Then the other before she pushed, and stabilized herself with bared teeth and trembling muscles

When she raised her head, eyes looking straight into mine without the glaze I was used to, and I could only let my jaw go slack.

She was absolutely furious. She was still clenching around me, still shaking, sweat dripping down her body as she snarled at me… "I. Am. Not. Done," and growled. She forcibly stilled herself, closing her eyes for a moment.

I didn't shift but to rest my hands behind my head, tilting it up slightly and raising an eyebrow at Hannah as she swallowed.

Then, her legs tensed, and I felt the pressure increase around my cock. Then was when I realized that the woman I was with wasn't just impaling herself on me as the other girls would have. No. Gravity was just a supplement here. She was pulling herself down with her thighs, forcibly burying me inside of her body as her fingernails dug into my chest.

I didn't move. I couldn't move. Watching this, watching the sheer strength of this woman, was more than I could have asked for... And definitely a top-five contender for the single hottest thing I'd ever seen. Every muscle in her body was under strain but still under her command as, inch-by-inch, she pulled herself down what Vicky had once called the Bitch-Breaker. Not once losing control, not once losing focus as she set her own pace.

She paused halfway down, finally opening her eyes to take a look in between her legs at the length still remaining, a length running with our combined arousal as she continued to work herself down. The other girls had almost broken from just the tip...but here Hannah was, acting as if she was offended that she hadn't taken me to the hilt yet.

I didn't say anything, of course, content with watching as her clenching, rippling walls continued to envelop me. I could see the bulge rising in that toned, tight stomach, and I knew that, if her vision hadn't already gone out, as was likely, she could see it too… The feelings were probably what mattered most here though, in the here and now. How it was getting hotter, tighter, smoother. All signs that experience had taught me how to recognize.

It meant I was starting to reach the end of the line. The very deepest parts of her...and she recognized it too as heavy, deep groans came rolling out of her mouth when the head of my cock nudged her cervix. Pressed itself perfectly against and into that tight ring of muscle as if they'd been made for each other...and there she stopped, still supporting herself even then with narrowed eyes and a sweat-drenched body.

I didn't even blink when one of her hands came up to pat my cheek.

"T-That's a good boy…" She managed to slur. "Stay riiii-" She cut off as she trembled around my cock, chest heaving as she came yet again. "-Right there." Her tongue darted out to wipe away the sweat over her mouth as she replaced her hand on my chest, nearly slipping as she did so when she began to rise, her pussy giving its all to pull me along with her, to keep me lodged as deep in her as it could. She was grunting and groaning with the effort involved, but she still hadn't broken. Still hadn't shattered like the other girls had.

Hannah was in control of herself. She knew herself, she wasn't going to let her own body tell her what to do. The sheer will, the discipline, it was… I can't even begin to describe it.

Bit by bit, Hannah's legs straightened as she pushed herself up, her eyes gradually coming unfocused as she worked her way back up to the head. About halfway up was when she started to flag, nearly falling more than once, only for her to push back that weakness and bear it.

When she reached the top, she wriggled her hips. Adjusted her knees. Sucked in a deep breath...and confronted by the difficulties of trial that she'd taken upon herself. She hung there, panting, thinking...and then she began to whisper. "Alright. T-three…"

… Oh jeez. I think I know where this is going.

"Two." She breathed again. Swallowed as she tossed a strand of sweat-matted hair behind her head.

I readied myself to catch her if I had to. I wasn't about to stop her though. This was her ride, after all.


And then Hannah slammed her hips down as hard as she could, the distance she'd struggled to take at the beginning now gliding into her. It took all I had not to bust a nut right then and there when she ran into my tip with the force of a freight train… How I didn't punch into her womb was beyond me, but Hannah's response to that was nothing short of ecstatic.

And that was what really mattered, wasn't it?

She didn't scream, or shout, or make any noise at all. She just stopped, eyes flying wide open and jaw dropping as her face went slack and tears began to roll down the side of her face. It didn't take long for me to see just the whites of her eyes as she shook, clenching onto me tighter than anyone ever had before while she squirted all over my the lower half of my chest, her curling, lashing tongue nearly falling out of her mouth as she did her level best to absolutely break herself on my cock.

She rose and fell again with a choking cry. Not nearly as hard as before as she almost smoothly moved me in and out, eyes fluttering as she subconsciously found her balance. There was no real thought here. Just the sexual equivalent of fight or flight...where she'd chosen to fight. How she was still moving at all, I had no idea...but she was.

Up, and down, up, and down, breasts swaying in time with her motions as she fucked herself through climax after climax, now and then loosing yet another wave of her juices… And I couldn't help but sit back and enjoy it - the sight of a well-formed woman enjoying herself, allowing herself to relax and find release in the closest thing to heaven on Earth.

I grunted and reached out to her as soon as I felt the pressure begin to build at my base. I was getting close and, hard as it was to believe (ha) she might appreciate the warning.

I didn't even get close before she slapped my hand away once again, instinctively knowing exactly what I'd meant by that action and refusing it with all her heart. The rolling of her hips became a blur, her doing her best to drive me towards the edge while keeping me as deep inside of herself as possible. It was pretty clear what she wanted - what was in my balls to fill her womb and god, I really wanted that too...but that was too much.

"Hannah. That's enough," I said, my voice tense as I reached forward again, this time serious in my attempts to grab her and pull her off even as I lamented what could have been. "You've won. So just - get off-" I yelped when the whip made a comeback, cutting across the skin of my chest twice in a flash of green that broke my focus me in a China shop, if a great deal more messy.

Seizing her and pulling her down to the base was reflexive. What I assumed to be an Orc's response to getting hit, and my sack deciding that now was the time to do its job and pull up into my body. My prick swelled, as good as locking a smugly smirking Hannah into place with my sudden increase in girth...and she said something. Mouthed it at me even as a molten hot deposit of seed came rushing up my shaft and my vision began to white out from just how hard this nut was going to be. Easily enough to bloat Hannah up like a balloon, to make her look like she was nine-months-pregnant with triplets and had a little bit of an eating problem. Just two words that had me welling up with outrage while this was going on.

"I win."

And then she slumped forward onto my chest, flush with victory and more semen than some sperm banks (with yet more to come), and my revenge was postponed for another day...and oh, was that day going to be a day to remember.