Felicity was finally on the way back to the headquarters with Tony. After the press conference they had rushed off to put their plan into action, even if this meant being away for seven days. They had travelled to Tony's mansion in Malibu to meet with Thor, they had finally cracked it and found a way to help him rebuild Asgard, well not Asgard but what would now be known as Asgardia. She hadn't heard from Bucky, but she knew she wouldn't anyway. She had missed him, and it felt like forever since she had seen him.

Felicity smiled as she drove Tony's expensive sports car, she could see him sat there holding onto the side of the car. They had finally cracked it, and they could introduce the repulsor technology to create a place where it was at a junction of technology and magic.

"You know I can see why you like these cars," Felicity said looking over at Tony as they made their way down the long road to the headquarters.

"Eyes on the road," Tony told her, "this is worth more than your house."

Felicity smirked, looking ahead of her "technically that would be my ex house, the sale went through this morning," she could see Tony smiling in the corner of eye line.

She had sold her house and she was surprised at how quickly it went, Tony had organized for her stuff to be put into storage. That was the perks of being Tony Stark"s younger sister, he could really get things going.

"So, do you think Skywalker has found out you're staying yet?" She laughed at how Tony said it, rolling his eyes. She knew that this was a bit odd for him, she knew he had forgiven him. Tony knew that if he had control over his own mind he wouldn't have done it, but it didn't make it any easier for him, but he knew after Thanos and after the team being split up he needed to give him a chance.

"Not got a clue," she told him as they now made their way through the compound, "though isn't it any day that you're gonna be known as papa stark? Who would have thought it, you could change your name to iron daddy."

"Yeah like Pepper would even go for that," Tony laughed, "though my offer still stands."

Felicity rolled her eyes and turned to face Tony, "oh yeah I could imagine it now, is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's Tony Stark's sister, iron girl" Felicity laughed, "not a chance"

Tony chuckled, "says the girl who wasn't going to stay" he winked.

"Never say never," Felicity told him, "though, I think it would suit little one if he took over the suit."

Felicity said her goodbyes to Tony as he made his way to his floor to see Pepper. And she made her way to her own room. She was relieved to be back at the compound after the last week. It has been intense, and she just needed to sleep. Though she knew that would be impossible being that Tony had decided he was going to throw a huge celebration to celebrate this. Thor would be joining them all later this evening and Tony knew that the party would be in full flow. Especially since the Stark name was now back in business. Once she made her way into her new room, she set an alarm and closed her eyes, relaxing on her new bed. She needed her energy for tonight.


He could tell Tony was back as they had been told by FRIDAY to prepare for a huge party tonight. He hated these things, but he found it amusing that stark would use any excuse to throw a party. He knew Felicity would be back too, he just didn't know when they would be back tonight. Knowing what Tony was like, they would probably get back just before the party. It had been seven days since she had left and he still hadn't spoken to Felicity about her staying.

His thoughts were soon distracted when he felt Steve swipe his leg, knocking Bucky straight onto his back. "You know, you could always go knock on her door and see if she's in" his best friend said, standing above him offering his hand to help pull Bucky up.

Bucky took his hand, pulling himself back up onto his feet. "We'd know if they were back. Tony would have made himself known by now" Bucky continued sparing with his best friend. He needed this right now, to blow off some steam before tonight. Before he had to go through the whole uncomfortableness of being surrounded by people who were judging him for his previous actions. His mind quickly wondered back to Felicity, being around her for the first time in what felt like weeks. Since he had called her his girl, she had disappeared with Tony without a word.

After a couple of hours of sparing with Steve, they made their way back to their apartment. "If it isn't my favorite Boy Scouts" Bucky could hear being called out behind him, he turned around and there she was. Felicity was walking a few yards behind them. She was in sweat pants and a vest and he couldn't help but smirk at the sight of her, this was something he was not used to seeing her, especially when walking around the compound.

"Felicity, it's nice to see your back" Steve greeted her, "if you excuse me, I need to go see Sam about tonight." Bucky watched as Steve left them two it, Steve may be some super soldier, but he was a terrible actor. He looked at Felicity who was now smirking at him,

"He's really not subtle is he?" Felicity laughed.

A few moments of silence passed between the two, he knew he needed to say something but he wasn't sure what to say. While he was deep in thought of trying to figure out what to say he was caught off guard by Felicity, she had wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him for a kiss. After a couple of seconds, Bucky responded by placing his hands on her hips and pulling her close to him. Felicity's hands moved up towards his head, she ran her fingers through his hair, deepening the kiss.

Bucky felt slightly disappointed when she started pulling away from the kiss, he wasn't ready for it to end, he had hardly slept since she had been gone. "Bucky," Felicity started, placing her hand on his chest, "I've missed you."

"Oh yeah? How much have you missed me doll?" Bucky smirked at her as her face lit up with a playful grin. Felicity didn't say anything, instead she just grabbed his hand, taking hold of it. After a few steps she unlocked a door and they entered her apartment.

Felicity pushed Bucky back into the wall, her body now pushing into his. "I'll show you how much I've missed you" Felicity started kissing Bucky, her body was pressed against his and he wanted her badly. Her hips were pressing up against his and he was certain she could feel his erection digging into her. He could feel Felicity's hands going through his hair and pulling at it slightly as she made her way down to his neck, kissing it and biting it.

Bucky couldn't take it any longer, he needed the control back. In one quick movement he flipped Felicity so her back now against the door and he lifted her legs up so they were wrapped around his waist, he pushed his hips into her causing her to moan. He looked at her, Felicity was breathing heavily looking wide eyed at him, full of lust. His lips came crashing down onto hers and he used his hips to keep her against the door while her hands were wrapped around his neck. He started making his way down her neck and carried her into her bedroom, throwing her down onto the bed.

He smirked at her as he took off his top, now crawling on top of her. He continued kissing down her neck down to her chest. His hands started lifting her top up and he could feel her arching her back to help him. He pulled the top off her, his erection growing as he saw her two perky beasts. He cupped one beast with his hand, massaging it and playing with her nipple as his mouth came down to her other breast. He smirked when she moaned, bucking her hips into his. He continued making his way down her body, sliding her jogging bottoms down revealing that she wasn't wearing underwear. Bucky positioned himself so he was kneeling between her legs, his hand gently rubbing her nub, she was so wet. "Looks like you were hoping to bump into me doll"

Felicity bit her lip, trying to muffle her moan as she nodded. Bucky had never felt anything like this before, she was so responsive to him. After a while of teasing, he slid one finger inside her and she gasped. He made sure it was nice and slow, teasing her as he did it. "Please, Bucky." Felicity moaned, his erection now becoming more uncomfortable pressed against his trousers.

"What doll? Tell me what you want," he smirked at her, now sliding in another finger, her hips now coming up to match the rhythm.

"I want you to fuck me" Felicity said, looking straight at Bucky. He could see the want in her eyes, Bucky quickly removed his trousers and he saw Felicity's eyes widen when she saw his erection. He positioned himself between her, sliding into her. She was tight and he let out a moan, her nails dug into his back as he now picked up his rhythm, going deeper inside her. She was moaning underneath him and it made him want her more. "Bucky, I'm gonna" she moaned into him, unable to finish her sentence

"That's it doll, cum for me." He told her, his rhythm now going faster. She clung to him as she moaned out and he could feel her release.

He was very happy that she was finally home, with him where she belonged.