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The needing evil

Stories can be seen from different views and angles. They are seen differently from different people. There are good stories and bad stories. Love stories and stories about love.

"Remus" Miss Lupin was standing in the door. Despite her young age she looked old and ill, though not as ill as her son.

Stories affect us all differently. Matters on what we have experienced ourselves. A story about someone dying will affect those who have lost their loved ones much more than some who haven't.

"it's time" her voice cracked. Remus closed his book (Hogwarts a history) and stared out of the window. Behind the trees he could see the last orange color of the sun setting. A beautiful view, pink clouds looking like flying candy floss over an indigo colored sky.

These stories are all made up. An author makes it up and write it down for others to enjoy. Then someone makes it into a book. But not all stories are made up. Some of them contains hard, cold facts.

Remus looked up at his mother with yellow animal-like begging eyes "Just one more chapter, I'm done soon, I promise" he hated it, and wanted to stay away from it long as possible. Sadly, he could not choose to stay away from it.

Some stories are called articles. A journalist goes out in the big wide world, experience something, writes it down, for others to read in the newspaper. A good way of spreading news.

"I´m sorry, you have to go now" her voice was just a whisper, six years, and she still wasn't used to it. It's one of those things you never get used to.

In most stories there is a problem, a conflict. It creates the whole story, no conflict, no story.

He groaned. Why me? He would ask himself. Why me of all people? Before slowly standing up and carefully place his book on the shelf.

The conflict can come from a person or the outer world. The person conflict is when the lead role has a problem with themselves, they must act. The outer world conflict is when the outer world forces the lead role to act.

Six years he has been living with this. It hurts the same every time. The boy turned around and shot a tired glance at his mother. Sighing before leaving the room, Remus thought of his life. Is it even worth living?

Sometimes the lead role will make a huge mistake. This mistake causes the conflict or is some part of the conflict. One huge mistake can ruin your entire life.

"I can get out there myself, you just go inside" he said this every time. This was something he had to do himself.

What is a book without a conflict? Boring.

"Are you sure" she turned to look him in the eyes. He gave her a nod. "I will have the potions ready for tomorrow" she looked at him as he wandered into the forest.

If you stand in the corner of a room.

Smells of warm and flowers hit his nose when he entered the forest.

You can see the whole room.

When he sniffed deeper there was a scent of dust and grass. But soon the smells will be replaced with blood and darkness.

Except for the corner you are standing in.

Remus wandered deep into the forest, away from the smell of cars and the sound of traffic. The busy normal life, with normal people.

It's the needing evil.

Even when it was summer, it was cold when the sun got down. He wandered into the middle of the forest, the smell of shadows and the sound of nothing filled him up. A willow now stood before him, he sat down with his back to it. Waiting.

Without sadness there is no happiness. Without death there is no life. Without evil there is not good.

The sun was all down now. The sky turned black and small stars began to take form on the night sky. And somewhere thousands of miles away, the full moon was rising. Bones cracked, screams turned to howls. And a few minutes later there was no longer a boy names Remus Lupin under the willow tree, only a bloody terrifying werewolf.

But just because the whole world seems against you, giving you nothing but, moons, blood, darkness and pain, doesn't mean that the stars aren't shining long away, offering a hand.

Blood… pain… darkness… hungry… blood… kill…

"Remus? Wake up dear!" a distant voice. Remus struggled with the pain. Trying to get to the voice.

Dear mister R. Lupin

I am aware of your lycanthropy…

The pain was awful, rough moon.

as I'm sure you know werewolves is normally not allowed to attend school…

Its based on his emotions. The transformations. Every hope about being normal was cut. Eleven years old, the age which normal people get to attend Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. They would never let a werewolf in, it's illegal.

but what is the fun in being normal? I will give you a chance to study like everyone else. And I will give you a place where you can transform without being afraid to hurt anyone

"Remus do you know what this means?" the voice of his mother rushed Remus away from his dream-like state.

I await your owl not later than 31 August

Your headmaster

Albus Dumbledore

"I can go to Hogwarts" it wasn't a question, it was a fact. Not a hard cold one. More like, happy-can't-even-describe-this one.

"You can educate. You can make friends. You can be a normal boy" tears were forming in her eyes, tears of joy though. Remus couldn´t ruin this for her. Instead he got her into a hug. As normal as a dark-creature like me can be.

It's not her fault that she didn´t understand. She was a muggle. Remus never expected anyone to understand.

Why would anyone understand?

His whole life had been packed with nurses and healers, they tried to remove the curse. But nothing can remove a dark curse like that. Werewolves had been around for centuries. If they haven't found anything against it now, they probably never would.

But the thought of going to Hogwarts, where no one knew about him. Having a nearly normal. It almost shakes the feeling of pain from the wolf away. Almost.

Of course, most of his book will be second-hand, the Lupins didn´t have a lot of money. They had to move often so that no one will ever guess about his lycanthropy. Which resulted in that it was hard for them to keep a job. Frankly he did not care, there was nothing to do about it anyway. Only to accept it.

And he had accepted it, but that doesn't mean he is okay with it.