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Last time: some of the Gryffindor first years was hanging out in the lake, neither Remus or Sirius joined in the water. Remus had yet another full moon. Peter learned that hanging out with Frank and CO. wasn't was fun as he had thought.

…. …. …. …. …. …. ….

Its dinner time.

"I can believe that your father actually gave you dungbombs" Sirius whispered surprised at breakfast. The swelling solution were all ready now, James had just received a package from his dad with dungbombs and a letter that said he needed to pay for them, and not tell anyone ((especially not his mom)) that he had gotten James dungbombs.

James grinned, he hadn´t believed that his dad would give him them either. Perhaps he still felt guilty for not being there to set him on the train September the first. Which he really shouldn´t be. He had been a little disappointed, yes, but James was fine now.

"Me neither, but now we can finish operation double-up." He said happily. Sirius smiled a mischievous smile, very mysterious.

They would do it at dinner tonight.

…. …. …. …. …. …. ….

"Sirius?" James called when he entered the dorm. He had been having fun by the lake with the other boys, Sirius hadn´t wanted to join, which was fine, but then he had left without saying anything. James had immediately walked back to the dorm, if Sirius was sad, then he would be sure to make it stop.

Sirius was rather… sensitive, when James talked about the other boys, like befriending them, or just hang out with them. It was really important to the boy that he knew that James wanted him and no one else. James tried his best to show that, but… honestly, he wanted to make more friends.

It was just… he couldn´t leave Sirius, he just couldn´t. They were friends, good friends, and they had something together that James didn´t feel like he could get with anyone else. They were pranksters, true Gryffindors, together, no one else they knew were pranksters too.

"Yeah?" a voice from Sirius´s bed said, he looked expectant at James. Sirius also looked confused, not about James talking to him, it was something else. Something that James didn´t know about and would never know about.

James didn´t have any scars.

Neither had any of the other boys. Sirius had, he had scars from the countless times he had been punished. He had been slapped, starved and locked up in his room for days, none of the other boys had signs after that. Surely, Sirius had planned to jump into the water with everyone else, but then he saw their bodies, completely free from scars.

Which didn´t make any sense at all. All the pure-bloods, half-bloods and muggleborns in the water had scar-free bodies. So, it didn´t have anything to do with being raised by muggles or wizards. He had thought that maybe they didn´t get scars… just slapped and starved.

Though there were no signs of this either.

The moment Sirius saw the others, he felt insecure, he had never felt insecure about his scars before. Every kid was beaten by their parents, but not those? Is it more like a Slytherin thing? That just doesn't make sense either cause then it's not 'every kid'.

Sirius had put all his faith in Lupin, which was dumb. The boy apparently had never got into any trouble at home, and he wasn´t sure what is punishment would be, but he was completely sure that he most definitely wouldn´t be starved.

Which just confused Sirius even more.

"Why did you leave?" James asked insecure. He really didn´t want Sirius to feel bad.

"Sorry" Sirius said truthful. "I didn´t mean to just leave, I just… needed to be alone a bit." He made a half smile to James who returned it.

"Do you still need to be alone?" he offered.

Yes, I really need to think things through. Sirius didn´t say it, he did need time to think about it, but it wouldn´t help his mood if he stayed alone in the dorm. "Njah its okay" he replied smiling, and cheerfully asked "wanna play exploding snap?"

"Yeah" James grinned and went to his own trunk to get the cards, then joined Sirius on his bed.

That was the first night Sirius had a nightmare.

…. …. …. …. …. …. ….

At the same time the house-elves was cooking dinner, at the same time his brother was during his homework, at the same time everyone lived their lives like they usually did. Sirius Black starved. You could blame himself for it, he could just stop making pranks.

He could just stop being himself.

One day ago, almost twenty-four hours ago, Sirius had sneaked some dungbombs under the plates before dinner. Then just before they finished eating, he managed to trigger the dungbombs so they all exploded. Much to his amusement, less to his parent's amusement.

They started yelling and talking about ungrateful children. How he should be more thankful because they provided him food, how he had wasted the food they had so generously given him, (they completely overreacted because the broken plates were fixed with reparo and they weren´t going to eat the little amount of food left). Though because of the wasted food his punishment was being starved.

It was the first time they used that punishment, and Sirius didn´t think he would live through it.

He had been locked up in his room, in the dark, he was used to this, they always locked him up in the dark as punishment. This time was different though, he was being starved.

Sirius was sitting alone in his room, on his tenth birthday. No one had talked with him that day, no one had been checking on him. He could be dead for all they knew. He almost felt like dying, the pain inside his stomach was too much for him to handle. He wanted nothing more than to eat, anything really, or at least just water, Sirius had never thought his throat would ever be that dry.

At some point he had started yelling and begged for forgiveness, but no one had heard him, no one cared enough. It was his own fault, and he should deal with the consequences.

Around his neck was a thin magical rope placed, it was also tied around his bed, this prevented him from moving around the room. Prevented him from distracting himself from the pain in his stomach. The lack of food also prevented him from sleeping, which he dreamt of. Sleeping and skipping it all.

A little knock was heard on the door, Sirius wasn´t sure if it was there or if he was just imagining it, but the door opened a few seconds later. His brother Regulus quietly walked in, looking over his shoulders before quietly as he could closed the door, leaving the light on the other side.

It was pitch black in the room once again.

A little light appeared in the dark, like a little ball, and Sirius saw Regulus holding it in his hands. He slowly made his way to Sirius´s bed and sat beside him. Sirius used his last powers to sit up.

"Here" Regulus said as he gave the little lightning ball to his brother, "Its your birthday present." Before Sirius had time to reach for the ball Regulus let go of it, but it still hung in the air. "It can also float" he explained.

Sirius wanted to say something but couldn´t get a word over his libs. Regulus reached for his pocket and handed Sirius a slice of bread. Which he gladly took and ate in just one bite.

"Don't tell mother or father that I did this" Regulus warned whispering. Sirius nodded at this, he was so thankful for Regulus right now, he would probably have done anything.

"Thank you" Sirius said as soon as he had finished eating the bread. Regulus didn´t answer, just made a little smile. They both knew he shouldn´t be there, Sirius had done something wrong and should be punished for it. Though, with the pain and Regulus´s midnight visit, it didn´t feel fair. He didn´t know how to describe it, it was probably just him.

Regulus quietly walked out again, and Sirius fell asleep. The little ball shining above his head.

…. …. …. …. …. …. ….

He was shirtless, it was all dark, he couldn´t see where he was. There was a long corridor, it could be either Hogwarts or Grimmauld place, it could also be somewhere he had never been before. Sirius ran down the corridor, to go… where ever this corridor did go.

Someone opened a door, and without thinking Sirius jumped right into the light, which he really shouldn´t have done. In the dark Sirius hadn´t been aware the he was shirtless, but behind the door with all the light, he was way too aware of it. Lots of familiar faces, and stranger faces looked at him. And laughed.

They laughed because of his scars. He tried to make them stop, but that just made them laugh even harder. Sirius wanted to go out of the door he had just entered with, but it was gone. The room had no doors or windows, the light slowly faded away along with the people inside of it. One person was left.

'You´re a freak' the black-haired boy yelled. He kept yelling, over and over again until Sirius woke up.

It was just a nightmare.

He rolled over and tried to sleep again. Sirius didn´t know if the boy had been James or Regulus, they both had black hair and the face kind of shifted.

The next morning when a black owl flied over to Sirius, his heart stopped beating for a second. He hadn´t done anything wrong, they hadn´t heard about any of the pranks, had they? When it came closer he could see that it was a normal white letter, and not a red howler. He let out a sigh of relief. The Slytherins from the other table looked curios at him.

"It's from my brother; Regulus" Sirius exclaimed happily when he had taken the letter from the owl and it flew away.

Dear Sirius Black.

Mother and father are furious for you being in Gryffindor, so please, please, please act nicely, at least until after Christmas, so we can get a fun Christmas together. I really miss you here.

Why didn´t you write sooner, I thought you had already forgotten me. (by the way, this is a joke, see I can make those too)

I can't wait till I get to Hogwarts too; do you think I will be a Gryffindor like you? I don't hope so, I don't mother and father to be mad at me.

I have become really good at the summoning charm, a few days ago I managed to summon a book.

Hope to see you soon.

Your brother

Regulus Black.

"Must be kind of nice to have a brother, huh?" James asked when Sirius had folded the letter and placed it carefully in his bag. He would write back later.

"Yeah, sometimes, other times he can be a bit annoying." He told honestly. "And our parents always compare us to each other."

"But you wont ever be the only kid at family reunion´s" James pointed out bitterly. If there was something he really didn´t like it was family reunions, he loved his family of course, but being the only kid with a bunch of adults… wasn´t exactly what you would call fun. It was like that until James was old enough to pull pranks. He was still alone about it though.

Sirius shrugged his shoulders and thought about the letter. Regulus didn´t want to be Gryffindor like Sirius, he had kind of thought ((okay hoped)) that Regulus would be a Gryffindor like himself, then they could stand up to their parents together.

On the other hand, the sorting hat knew Sirius had wanted to be Slytherin, but still put him in Gryffindor, there could be a chance… unless Regulus would be prepared for it and refuse to be a Gryffindor.

"If a family reunion is boring then you should just prank someone, that's what I always do" laughed Sirius.

James tried to laugh with him, but he ended but making a half smile and pulled a grimace. "I do" he admitted, "but its just not fun when you´re alone" he ended sadly.

"I know how it feels, I might be far from the only kid in my family, but I'm the only one who likes pranks" Sirius told him secretly, James looked up, not at all surprised actually, he had always known that Sirius was different from his family, he was Gryffindor after all, but there was something else too. James couldn´t really put his finger on it, he just seemed so different from the other Slytherins.

On the other hand, Sirius was different from most people. Not many can rock the look of pitch-black and white-pale skin. Even though the boy was only eleven, he still looked better than most people at Hogwarts.

"You can invite me to your next family reunion" Sirius suggested smiling, "as long as it isn´t Christmas. I want to be home for that."

James frowned, but then smiled. "That´ll be cool" he agreed, though he didn´t believe that it would actually happen, anyways it was a nice thought.

He had always been an alone-child, and he had always hated it. James had about zero cousins, so family reunions were really, really boring. Lots of times he wished for a brother, sometimes even a bloody sister. Or at least just a cousin.

Sirius was lucky, he had both a brother and cousins, even though they were all Slytherins. James had no one except his parents.

…. …. …. …. …. …. ….

When James and Sirius received the dungbombs that was so generous given to them by James´s father, they immediately went for the secret passageway behind Gregory the Smarmy. Naturally.

Not many know this, but there is a way where you can deactivate dungbombs, then open them and fill them with whatever you want. In this case; Swelling solution. The pranksters filled as many dungbombs they could before their first class, which was Transfiguration. James´s favorite subject.

Because they were late to transfiguration, the two boys lost ten points from Gryffindor, which they both earned back once the class began.

It wasn´t until their last class, potions, that Sirius noticed that Lupin wasn't there. they boy was naturally invisible, if it hadn´t been for the thing him and James had against it, Sirius probably wouldn´t even know his name.

One thing he did notice was that Pettigrew was alone. He wasn´t invisible like Lupin, though it looked like he wanted to. He had just blown up his cauldron and Slughorn was cleaning up after him.

"Where do you think Lupin is?" Sirius asked James when Slughorn was taking points from Gryffindor because of Pettigrew´s awful potion.

James looked up from his cauldron to look at Lupin and Pettigrew´s usual seats. "I don't know… maybe visiting his ill mother again." He suggested and shrugged his shoulders. It may look like he didn´t care, which he also intended to, he didn´t want Sirius to get the wrong ideas.

"I hope she will be okay" Sirius admitted a little ashamed.

"Me too" James agreed. They hadn´t exactly been what you would call nice to Lupin, but they didn´t really mean him any harm to him. As long as he stayed out of their way.

Once the class was over and they had gotten Gryffindor twenty points ((because their potions was as always brilliant)) the two boys headed for the statue behind Gregory the Smarmy. They filled up the last dungbombs with swelling solution, stuffed their bags with as many as possible.

Under the invisibility cloak the two pranksters headed for the great hall, unseen by everyone. Seeing as dinner hadn´t started yet, the hall was empty. Perfect.

"We´ll put extra many at the Slytherin table, right?" James whispered even though no one could hear them anyways.

Sirius paused. His whole family, cousins and all, was in Slytherin, so targeting them was still really hard for him, also the fact that James seemed to hate them so much. He agreed though, wouldn´t make too much of a difference, would it?

The dungbombs was placed under the tables just like the first time. The dungbombs were all over the Slytherin table, a few on the Ravenclaw table, fewer on the Hufflepuff table, last, they didn´t have many for the Gryffindor table, so they decided to put the last ones in one spot, and then avoid that spot.

They left the great hall an hour later, under the invisibility cloak, unseen by everyone. When they were in an empty corridor James took the cloak off them.

"I can't wait for tonight" James grinned exited. "I hope we won't get caught, I don't want to clean some nasty toilet with Filch again" he made a face that showed how disgusting it was. Sirius grinned at him.

"As long as Lupin doesn't find out we should be good" he said jokingly.

"As long as Lupin doesn't find out what?" a snarling voice said behind them. They both turned around to face none other than Snivellus in all his slimy Slytherin glory. Alone.

"Why do you care?" Sirius asked him in the need of something else to say.

"None of your business!" Snivellus spat back, crossing his arms.

Sirius raised his eyebrow and send James a look. They both grinned.

"So, you want to know what Lupin can't know, but won't tell us why you want to know?" James asked, his face clearly showing how much he thought it was stupid. "How dumb can you Slytherins be really?" he laughed.

"I don't know, why don't you ask your little friend." He fired back, satisfied with what he had said.

James instantly took a protective step ahead of Sirius and raised his wand. "Say that one more time Snivellus!" he warned.

Snivellus made a half smile, raised his wand that was already in his hand and lazily pointed it at James. His eyes shined with satisfaction and victory. "I don't know, why don't you ask your little friend." He repeated cheeky.

The black-haired Gryffindor prepared to shoot a spell at the boy in front of him who did nothing to defend himself, just look daring into James´s eyes.


"Mr. Potter!" a stern voice said from behind him, James turned around to face Professor McGonagall, he swallowed. "My office now." He followed her without looking back.

…. …. …. …. …. …. ….

Sirius waited for James outside professor McGonagall´s office. James had tried to defend him from Snivellus, but the slime ball had seen the professor coming that way, and only tried to get James in trouble.

Snivellus had called Sirius a Slytherin. Not directly, but James had raged. It was weird to think about. Its such a small thing to say, it shouldn´t even be offensive. And… Sirius isn´t a Slytherin, he has James and the red Gryffindor common-room to remind him of that.

It was weird.

Sirius couldn´t really put his finger on it, but he felt something clench in his stomach and it hurt. No one had ever, ever, defended Sirius before besides James. A bloody Gryffindor. Which he himself was too. Sirius sometimes forgot that. His whole life he had 'been' a Slytherin. He had only been a Gryffindor for like a month or something.

James walked out of the office, head low.

"Was she harsh?" Sirius asked concerned. He didn´t want James to be sad just before their prank. Or generally.

He looked up as if he had just seen Sirius now, maybe he just had. "It wasn´t too bad" he stated. "She taught me about some 'you shouldn´t attack your class mates' stuff like that, she took twenty points and I got detention tonight. Talk about overreacting" he mumbled the last part.

"Yeah" Sirius agreed, but couldn´t stop the little smile on his face from appearing. "It's dinner time"

James looked at him with a wicked smile.

It was dinner time.

…. …. …. …. …. …. ….

It was everywhere… there was swelling solution everywhere. James and Sirius were laughing their heads off. Everyone around them was covered and screaming and laughing, while the teachers called for order, which they didn´t get.

The students that hadn´t been hit was laughing at the other students. The Slytherin table was having a flip, the whole great hall was one big mess. The two pranksters had waited until the hall was almost filled completely up with students. This was with no doubt their best prank yet.

And what a prank it was.

Frank Longbottom had got something on his nose and it had almost got twice its size. Some Hufflepuff had a head and a hand that was giant. Almost each and every student looked ridiculous. James could have sworn he saw Dumbledore chuckle a little bit before he called for order.

The hall immediately went silent.

He wanted all the students to go in line behind a teacher to reverse the spell. He also asked who had caused the mess, seeing as no one turned them selves in, Dumbledore did a swish with his wand and all the potion disappeared.

Why he didn´t always do this instead of having Filch cleaning up would forever be a mystery.

By the time all the students were back to normal, and all the students was in their dorms or common-rooms. Sirius had completely forgotten about the nightmare he had had the night before.

Dear Regulus.

I never said you couldn´t joke and I'm sorry about not writing earlier. I will "try" and behave myself, but you and I both know that probably not gonna happen.

Nice about the book, I'm really proud of you.

I don't think you should worry too much about what house you are gonna be in, no matter what Hogwarts is a wonderful place.

Hope you write again soon.

Your brother

Sirius Black

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