This is a work of fan fiction using characters from the Harry Potter world, which is trademarked by J. K. Rowling. I do not claim any ownership over the world of Harry Potter. The story I tell is for entertainment only and is not part of the official story line.


Warning: AU, Fem!Harry, Not bad or good light or dark, sort of a SI.


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I was being squeezed, someone was trying to suffocate me, it was very painful and very dark. And then suddenly I got out of whatever place this is and light hit my eyes, it was painful, my skin felt raw and my vision was blurry, at least it wasn't dark anymore but I couldn't just get used to the light, it hurt my eyes a lot.

"She is not screaming." Someone said.

"Is something wrong with my baby?" I heard a woman say in a worried and tired voice.

"She is perfectly healthy."

I honestly thought I was in a dream and what a weird dream it was.

"Did you choose a name for her?"

"Harriet, Harriet James Potter."

I could hear the smile in the woman voice.

What a weird dream. Harriet..? It is such a weird and old fashioned name. I ignored them and went back to sleep, I have university tomorrow, no point thinking on weird dreams.

The next time I woke up, I panicked I was in an unfamiliar bed. My body felt very different, it didn't respond as I wanted it to and was very uncoordinated, I think I was kidnapped and drugged, I also think they did something to my eyes. I couldn't see! It was all very blurry.

I flailed weakly as my panic increased.

I screamed and cried. I heard very loud footsteps heading towards me.

'Oh my god the kidnappers, what are they going to do to me?!'

I tried to scream at them to stay away but what I said came out in weird noises. Tears of helplessness started going down my face.

"Fawn, calm down." I heard a man's voice say before I was picked up. And if I was thinking clearly I would have heard the panic in his voice.

'Oh may Gawd, I was kidnapped by a giant. He thinks I am a fawn. I am going to be his dinner.' Was the ridiculous thought that went into my head as I screamed even louder if that was possible.

"LIIIIILYYYYYY!" He screamed in a high pitched panicked voice.


Later I lay staring at the blurry blob of solid colour that I knew to be the ceiling.

'I am a baby.' I thought blankly. 'I am a baby.' I thought again, I think I felt my eye twitch. 'I am a freaking baby. Like baby. Baby as in a newborn baby.'

'How did this happen?!' I thought weakly, and a ridiculous voice inside my head popped up 'when a man and a woman-' It didn't continue before I shut it down furiously.

'I am a baby' I thought to myself again.

'I am a baby in the freaking Harry Potter World.' I felt my eye twitch again, vaguely I wondered if it is healthy to have my eye twitch as a baby.

I kept staring ahead at the ceiling till I fell asleep.

After a few days I was calmer, but I felt hollow and blank. I cried a lot in the past few days, I worried James and Lily a lot. I think I was in denial, still in denial. But I was calmer today, I think I am starting to accept my situations. The thought of accepting this made my heart hurt and my eyes to sting with tears. 'Is this real?!' I carefully avoided thinking about my family and friends. Instead I decided to focus on what happened, I went to bed, 'I had university classes the next day, and I fell asleep then woke up as the newborn Harry- Harriet James Potter. ' I am not sure if this is real, a part of me still thinks I am dreaming. But it all seemed so real but at the same time not, it was unbelievable and ridiculous.

I think a few months passed, it is hard to keep track of time when you are a newborn. I could see in the light now, though my vision was still a bit blurry. 'Harry had sight problems didn't he? Or is the bad vision because of my still developing baby senses?' I couldn't say for sure, I honestly didn't know a lot about babies. I also had a lot of crying fits, I thought It was within my rights considering what happened


Seriously who names anyone Harriet?

It is a sucky name, no offence to anyone named Harriet, but it is for me, my old name was more interesting.

'You see, one day I went to bed the next I woke up as baby Harry, yay me.'

It is so weird, I mean aren't those types of character supposed to -you know- die first before being reborn as a self-insert OC? I read enough FanFictions to know I am supposed to be the SI!OC in here and I didn't die, did I?

Well I could be dreaming this all up, I guess I am crazy enough to do it. But why the Harry Potter world?! I am not even a fan, Why not Pokémon? Why not Naruto? Well not Naruto, Naruto is a dangerous world. But Pokémon is child friendly -at least I think so- Damn I wanted Pokémon, I mean enslaving(?)- err capturing Pokémon and making them your friends, yeah very friendly. I swear I will be like Ash and only make them come with me if they want to. Please take me to Pokémon? Anyone?


Being a baby is so boring, so very very very very boring. And humiliating. So, I tried to ignore everything and spent my time trying to remember what I can about the HP universe.

I watched the movies so long ago and I didn't watch the last 2 movies. So let's put everything I know about Harry Potter together. Well Harry is a magically strong boy -I recall him being able to push away a dozen or so dementors- who was abandoned err, put by the school headmaster Albus -something- Door, on his aunt's door steps.

Lily and James die, Peter is a traitor goes to stay with Ron Weasel-something as a pet rat.

Voldemort, Tom-something is a crazy dictator dark lord that wants to kill -what were they called?- normies and normies-born wizards and witches, he was also a sexy charming hottie before he became a deformed snake face.

Ummmm…. What else? There was a giant? Half giant? Sirius -cool and sexy guy- damn he is my godfather is innocent.

Uhhhmmmmm….. ah Sever-something Snape a potion teacher, he was a jerk? Aaaaand a spy I think. He hated Harry's guts because of his father ...well not hated but extremely disliked? Maybe it was a mask? I remember that he protected Harry a few times.

Hmmmm….. what else.. something about a tournament and a Moony(?) Moory? Ah Moody! Some guy poly-something as Moody. Who was Moody?

And Bella-something, she is a crazy and a bit cool but hot lady, she kills Sirius someway thou, which is very uncool and sad.

Harry's connected with Tom through the scar, he was an accidental Horc-x something.

There was something about some prophecy.

And that my dear friends is the extent of the knowledge i know about the HP universe, Yay me! I am doomed. Doomed I tell you. I want a refund! I wanna go to Pokémon!


Let me tell you, did I tell you before? Being a baby sucks. I mean I liked bathes but everything else? Not so much. It was actually very humiliating and embarrassing.

I liked Lily she was soft spoken and talked to me normally, that scored a lot of points with me, I really hated the baby talk -I swear to god If I get baby talked to one more time I will.. I will.. I will.. err.. I will spit up all over them-, I tried not to get attached to her, I really did. But the woman was so genuinely nice that it was hard to dislike anything about her. And the love that I saw in her eyes both killed me and made me so happy.

I mean I wasn't even her child, I felt I took her child from her and it made me so feel guilty and bad. I couldn't not get attached thou, I couldn't not be cold, it is hard to dislike someone when they love you so genuinely. So I decided to be the most loving daughter I can be, at least for this small while, until I actually figure out what happened to me and maybe find a way back. And secretly I decided the first word I am going to say will be Mama. Because that woman deserved to be happy and not Papa because I disliked James in the movies, I don't dislike him now, but I like Lily more.

Sirius was annoying, 'Oh Mai God the baby talk' I wonder if baby talk is a valid reason to go crazy, Sirius was always trying to have a FULL conversations with me IN baby talk, just sitting there listening to him and trying to understand what the hell he is saying drove me crazy and gave me an annoying headache 'I didn't even know babies could get a headache'. One day I had enough, I smiled cutely at him -I called this smile the baby killer smile, I practiced in front of the mirror for max cuteness effect- and lifted my arms up in a silent request to be lifted. He cooed and picked me up muttering even more baby talk, just then I slapped him across the face and gave him my best baby deadpan expression. It caused Moony to burst out laughing.

"I told you she doesn't like baby talk." He said as he doubled over laughing as Sirius glared at him.

Remus, I liked that man a lot, he was second to Lily in my heart, he was soft spoken like her and talked normally to me too. Unlike Sirius who talked to me 'all the fucking time' in high pitched baby talk, and James who was guilty of the same thing 'but at least he didn't speak to me in baby talk all the time'. Sometimes, Remus creeped me out thou, he could tell what I wanted accurately to an uncanny degree, I always wondered if he can tell that I am not a baby but an imposter.

As for Peter the traitor, I always made sure to cry whenever I was with him, I also left Legos in his way -evil laugh- and spit up on him whenever he carried me.


I especially liked the times I spent with Lily, she would talk and tell me her thoughts. Maybe the knowledge that I am just a child, who won't remember what she said when I am older or probably the thought that I don't understand what she says, made her talk. But for whatever reason that she did, I always fell silent and listened to her closely.

She told me about the war, about her friend Sev, how their friendship suffered and how he sided with the dark faction. She regretted that she didn't mend the bridges between them and how she forgave Sev. She told me of her doubts of surviving this war. She told me of how she didn't want anything to do with the war, and that she didn't agree with both sides. Voldemort wanted equality for magical creatures, to allow freedom to use any type of magic but at the same time he was very anti-muggle and muggleborns 'yup muggles not normies I remember now', his followers attacked muggle villages from time to time, he was also known for his cruel punishment that borderlines and -sometimes- go into abuse of his followers. While Albus -something- Door -still didn't catch the guy's name- was very anti-dark, he wanted everything -even if remotely related to the dark- forbidden, he honestly believed that dark means evil, he was the cause of many anti-creature legislations, he also believes that muggles and muggleborns should live peacefully with Magicals and does what he can to turn magical Britain to be muggle-friendly.

Both sides were equally bad, Voldemort wanted muggleborns like Lily dead, while Albus didn't care for people like Remus because of his werewolf status, he actually only helped Remus because his father was a pro-light before Remus got turned. Werewolves and other creatures branded dark haven't been able to attend Hogwarts in decades since Albus went into politics after defeating some guy Grindle-thing.

I honestly couldn't remember the story of Harry Potter well, but I was surprised by what I learnt every day. Voldemort no longer looked to me like a mad Dark Lord hell bent on destruction instead he turned out to be a ruthless and vicious revolutionist. While Albus no longer seemed like a funny and kind old man, but instead a dark-phobe and a chauvinist full of patriotism for the light cause.

Lily and James were neutral; James even went so far as to resign from the auror forces when the war started. Mostly because James is a Potter and the Potters are actually a long line of necromancers, while Lily dappled in blood magic herself, both magic practices were considered to be some of the darkest magics.

The first time Lily heard about blood magic was during her 6th year in Hogwarts, she was curious and started to explore it, even sneaked into Knockturn Alley a few times to get books about blood magic and it quickly became her passion along with Charms and Potions even if she had to study it in secret.

But eventually they were forced to choose a side, Lily's parents were murdered during a Death Eaters' 'Voldemort's Followers' attack, it caused a giant fallout with her sister Petunia and they knew that if Voldemort were to win, Lily's life would be forfeit. So they sided with the light deciding that it was better to be alive and practicing the dark magic in secret than being dead.

Sirius and Remus were both undeniably dark, but they were fighting for the light for the same reason as James and Lily.


James and Lily were stressed, I decided to try to be a good child for them. It is almost been a year since I was born? Re-born? A prophecy came out and Albus Doory came to warm us. We left the Potter ancestral home and moved into the Potter home in the village of Godric's Hollow. James said that it isn't known that the home in Godric Hollow belongs to the Potters and so it is better to hide there for now, especially after my new paternal grandparents Fleamont and Euphemia Potter were killed during the attack on the Potter townhouse.

Lily confided in me that she didn't believe they were going to survive, but she promised that she will make sure I came out of this war alive. I cried a lot when she told me that.

Doory cast a charm called the Fidelius Charm and Sirius was made secret keeper, I didn't understand the whole secret keeper thing but the gist of it is that no one will know where we are unless he tells.

Later Sirius made Lily change the secret keeper to be Peter, he said Peter was the less obvious choice.

Lily was preparing some blood magic ritual, she told me that she loved me a lot but she had a feeling deep down that she won't survive and she planned to use her own death as a sacrifice to protect me. That made me cry again and Lily started to talk to me less, I think that she felt that I understood what she said to some extent so she just stopped.

Instead she talked about other lighter stuff but I was really anxious and that only made my anxiety grow.

Lily was my source of information and being in the dark during such a stressful situation was doing wonders to my mood -not-.

I tried to tell them that Peter was a traitor. But being less than one year old means your vocals aren't developed enough to talk. I tried miming instead but that turned out just as well. I knew Voldemort was coming and I was scared, not scared for my life 'I knew Harry survived so I think I will too- but scared for James and Lily because even if they aren't my parents I really came to love them a lot.